Drarelle "Leo" Leodus
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Drarelle Alex Leodus
Name: Drarelle Alex Leodus
Alias: "Hammer"
Age: 27
Hair & Eyes: Brown
Faction: CMC Kharon Marines(CMC, Navy: Deck, Navy: Air Wing, etc)
Position: Marine XO
Colony: Leonis
Play Times: Evening or Requested
Timezone: Est

Biographical Info



Drarelle had one sibling, a sister who lived on Leonis, she died of cancer as he was entering the Military. He has his parents, two cousins, one being a Marine Lance Corporal sniper on another ship, and an aunt and uncle, his grandparents have passed on both sides.


Drarelle attended a college on his home colony. He took an extended route in college, choosing a major in Military History. He studied often, leaving little time for extra-curricular activities, although he did participate in debate club and an archery club. His years in college left him educated and sharp, he was part of a Cadet Corps, becoming the Battalion Commander his senior year and becoming a Senior Instructor. He earned his degrees in Military Science, becoming one of only a few cadets to receive Battalion Commander. His degree in Military History focused on the historical aspects of the Military.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Upon swift entry into the military after college, Drarelle took over for a platoon leader that had failed to lead his platoon correctly. Receiving orders from high brass, he was first assigned as the platoon leader but was later transferred to a morale officer position for a brief period until he was reassigned to another Company. He was promoted two years after entry into the Military as he took on a difficult supply liason position, he spent a few months in the position earning numerous merits for outstanding work, before being assigned to a combat unit where he served a year in numerous peace keeping and training missions where he lost a friend to a terrorist bombing of his, he was relieved of his command and was recently assigned to a new position as XO on Kharon, where he took his new position with strong determination.

Distinguishing Features

Muscular, Grim faced

On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events



  • Working with his hands. Good Marines


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