Drank Your Drank (Part 2)
Drank Your Drank (Part 2)
Summary: What starts out as a quiet gathering in one of the storage rooms evolves into an Epic Party. With moonshine. And strippers.
Date: PHD141
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Kharon - Storage

Matto gives some vague attention to the show being put on, though he's distracted when Kitty talks to him, eliciting a grin, and even more so when Nadiv trips over him: he gives a short 'yipe' and scoots forward to try to help catch the tipsy snipe and get him settled back on the crate next to him with minimum of injury. "Hey, you okay, there?" he asks, laughing, though, the while, at the sort of drunken look he's got going. He takes the bottle of booze, then, and swigs some of it eyes watering, through burning— though it doesn't stop him taking another sip, "Holy crap," he laughs, "Darling!" he calls to Willem, "Did she tell you the news?" he grins impishly over, taking a third sip before his eyebrows contract, "That's even worse that that… what was that stuff at the triad game?" he wonders, passing the bottle along to Nadiv, should he desire a topping off.

Thorn simply points Hale in the direction of Matto, who's now in possession of the bottle; he rolls his eyes at Timon's proclamation. "This coming from th' daft sod who was lying on 'is face in a puddle of alcohol not that long ago." He smirks at Kissybear. "Same shit, Kiss. Well, not exactly the same… every moonshiner on Aerelon makes his shit a bit differently, but…" Thorn gives a wave of dismissal. "You know."

Sure, Roubani is up for some more DRANK. From how unsteady his eyes are, he's probably lost count by now of how many he's had, his arm bumping Matto's as he holds out a cup. Not his original cup. Who the hell knows whose cup that was a while ago. "Fine…" He laughs a bit at the look on Matto's face as he DRANKS that DRANK, leaning over to spy Kitty. "Ajtai…hi." Finger wiggle-wave. Hi!

Timon leans against the wall, gasping for breath, arms pressed between his back and the bulkhead, his blues drenched in sweat and alcohol. "Careful guys — it's strong," he adds by way of warning — not that such a warning might be entirely necessary. "Really — really gets to your head — and Thorn — it was comfortable down there. Better than Fleet-issue mattresses — " His sentences are shorter, now, and come only with some effort. "Somebody have a cup?"

Kitty watches, trying to get a feel for all of this; she's still getting used to the feeling of being accepted by everyone here and the fact that they're welcoming her to a party like this just…it's odd, she'll leave it at that. "Alright, give me a frakking bottle," she says abruptly to whomever is closest, not really noticing if someone has in the midst of this confusion. She then turns and smiles at Roubani. "Hey, cute stuff. Hell, look at you. Nice to see you have loosened your collar a bit"

"What news, Kisseus?" Wil asks Matto drunkenly as the erstwhile 'bachelor party dancer', Bangbang, is looked away from the moment as she stops undulating in her half-unzipped flight suit and takes a break, fanning herself and yawning. She looks faintly bored, but bemused.

Rebound continues. "I mean, eh. There's a lot going on." He snickers. Snickers more. It's almost uncontrollable. He reaches for the bottle covetously.

Matto leans close to pour out some more of the bottle into Nadiv's cup, "Say when, dude," he instructs him with a grin, and, once when is passed, he keeps pouring a little ways, "Share? So we can pass on the bottle," he reasons, taking another little slup and then lifting up the bottle, "Who's looking for this? Babydoll?" she was the last one he heard crooning for it, so there it goes.

There was some noise echoing down the hall, and a whisper or two of 'something' Sam thought she heard so, of course, she had to go hunting. Fully dressed herself, fortunately, in her BDUs, boots, the usual casual duty gear, the infamous Case pushes the hatch open and peaks her head in, smirking…"…Party and I wasn't invited?"

"Lambkin!" cries Timon from the wall, giving Case a smile that looks altogether delighted. "Sheepfrakker was looking for you!" This is said with an expansive gesture to Thorn. "Or should I say — Rosebud, was it? And forget the cup — just put my name in line for that swill. I'll wait."

Matto calls over to Willem once the liquor's been sorted out: "Perz asked if I'd be her maid of honor," he cackles a little, finding the circumstance on the funny side after a slug or four of the jolly juice. "She promised I wouldn't have to wear a dress," he adds with a giggle.

Roubani's hand goes clumsily to his collar, feeling the buttons. "I didn't want to get it dirty," he tells Kitty with a lazily charming (albeit unsober) grin. He waves a hand quickly as the liquor sloshes into his cup. "That's good, that's good! Ajtai's turn." Then he makes a peal of laughter at Matto's announcement to Willem. "Thank the gods. Pink isn't your colour."

"Gimme that," Thorn orders, reaching out for the bottle from Matto before anyone else can take it. He takes a long pull, then takes out another cigarette and starts chainsmoking. Party on, Thorn. His eyes widen as he notices the new arrival. "Samantha!" Thorn takes a few steps over and somehow manages not to poke her with the business end of the cigarette as he enfolds her in a hug. His head darts back to shoot a baleful glare at Timon before he turns back and lays a kiss on Sam's lips. "That's right, I kissed her," he announces to the group a moment later. "And if you don't like it… frak you." Yeah, someone's hammered.

Suddenly, Wil's attention is drawn away from Matto momentarily, his question left hanging. His mouth drunkenly opens a bit. "LAMBKIN!" He's a little late on the uptake, maybe. It's probably all the DRANK he accquired. In the meantime, Bangbang, having less of an intended audience, meanders on back towards one of the crates and starts ripping into it. Maybe she knows it's contents. Ensign Wallace is like a ferret.

Back towards Matto, Willem just blinks. "Heh. Hahahahaha! She did? She tossed that out there. But?" He forgets the liquor for a moment and throws his arms around the Madman in a totally bromantic hug.

Lambkin. Hee. Roubani almost chokes on the mouthful of burnsauce as he starts laughing again.

Samantha didn't -quite- expect that welcome, but she's not gonna complain about it. Sam grins widely, leaning into the kiss, careful to avoid that cigarette or spilling his booze… but she shan't turn away. "Hey, Rosebud…Good to see ya too. You're -drunk-… and that's not fair. Where's mine?" She asks him with grinning green eyes before turning back to the room, giving Matto a half pout…"no dress? I have no clue why we'd put you in a dress, but it sure as hell would be fun… and hey… " She gazes to Timon, blanking on any sort of witty nickname… "Timmy." Sure. The others get a warm, surprised wave.

Hale blinks as he looks back to the madness, and well all the others stuff going around. Instead of saying anything to Thorn, he just tilts his head, as if to say Seriously bro? but Bro speak might be down due to booze consumption. "Whose got th' bottle?" Hale's asking aloud, because dangit someone needs some drank.

Matto gaks as the bottle's swiped, but laughs as it disappears into the party again, leaning his shoulder to Nadiv's as he grins over the comment. Then he's getting hugged, and he topples back a little way before leaning forward again into it. "She did! It'll be great, it's going to be a great time, congrats, dude," he tells Darling Willem as he snugs him good and proper.

"Frak, Kissy! Bottle!" Kitty's not a drinker but the bottle Kissy hands her is quickly grabbed and drank out of, the ECO making the mistake of guzzling her first mouthful. *glug*glug* "Crap!" She sprays a bit into the air and whomever has the misfortune of standing next to her, the fine mist of cheap liquor hanging in the air, making the room smell all the more like a cheap bar. "Shit, someone….frakkin' warn me next time!"

"Wait a — wait a second there, Rosebud on the Thorn of — " Timon can't quite come up with the words to finish that. "Shouldn't you hope she doesn't like it, so the 'you' in 'frak you' refers not to any of us but to — " Arms gesture helplessly in the air, hands spinning round and round in his attempt to find the necessary words. "Quod. Erat. Demon — Demon — CRYBABY." Ivory takes the hit: he's as good at dodging alcohol as he is Cylon projectiles, it seems, which is to say he absolutely sucks at it. "My uniform."

"I told you it burns," Roubani informs Kitty with all the gravitas he can possibly muster at this point. He wipes the side of his face, which caught quite a bit of the fine, fine DRANK mist. "It even burns skin. Dear gods."

"Kwitcherbitchin', Ivory, your uniform is already frakked," Thorn mumbles, rolling his eyes at the pilot. He turns back to Sam, but not before glaring at several people. They know why. Lambkin, hmph. The bottle, he suddenly realizes, is gone from his hands. "Um. 'Round here somewhere, I expect, it is," he tells her. "Be back about soon enough. In th' meantime though…" He hands her a cigarette. "'spect you want one of these?"

"Geh! It does!" Kissy notes, lifting fingers to his face and then leaning down to wipe his cheek on his bathrobe. "Does this vintage have a name, yet? 'Cause if the Ambrosia's run out, we just started swilling the Acheron," he suggests.

"Frak yes… and what the hell is this… Lambkin stuff?" Sam inquires, somewhat accusingly, of the room in general. She gives a bit of a yelp as the booze shower comes, but some how being the most sober person in the whole room…possibly one of the most in the whole squad, she manages to duck most of it. She then reaches out to finally take the offered cigarette, slipping it between her lips and leaning over for a light from whomever is fastest. possibly thorn.

"Quod. Erat. Demon. Crybaby…" Kitty echoes Timon while laughing, the DRANK going to her head - she's not tipsy but she definitely has her inhibitions lowered already, that one drink helping her to loosen up greatly. "I like that, Ivory." Yeah, she's oblivious to the fact that Ivory's uniform is going to reek for a while as she is now looking at Poet, leaning in close. "Uhm, sorry." Aother drink and then her arm's jutted to the left, offering the bottle to whomver wants it next. "Oh hey, Sam," she says after catching the sight of her. "Good to see you."

"A scar for the ladies, Poet!" calls Timon, who has apparently recovered motor function to sidle up to Rabbit — though he makes sure to brace himself against the wall as he walks. One fist is drunkenly extended, awaiting a pound. "Psst," he whispers, altogether more loudly than he intends. "PSST." His arm drapes itself around Hale's sturdy shoulders as Ivory uses the Viper stick as a brace. "These fine gentlemen have convinced me to take your advice — to listen, sir, to your words of wit and wisdom and — " The Raptor driver pauses to breathe, the smell of DRANK on his breath. Then, not entirely quietly: "GET IT BOY!" This is accompanied by — horror of horror — something akin to a hip gyration. Or maybe that's him losing his footing.

"Just because you asked?" Bangbang's voice comes drifting from the pile of crates, as she produces an old soy sauce bottle that's been corked and amateurishly sealed, coming back as she meanders over, still in her 'work clothes' as it were, walking towards Hale. "Here it is, big guy."

Meanwhile, Wil just beams at Matto, his whole expression says 'smashed' and he leans on the man to keep his balance before standing straight and proper. Wil just looks over at Timon and 'tsks'. "What you get for dressing for the occasion, sir." He smirks at Thorn and Sam together, Roubani, Kitty, the others, and glances back at Bangbang as she tosses the bottle of what looks like cheap rotgut at Hale.

"A scar for EVERYONE ELSE there, Ivory," Roubani calls back, watching Timon's demonstration with a mix of fascination and horror. He pulls his cuff over his hand and clumsily reaches over to wipe the rest of Matto's cheek off, nose wrinkled against trying not to snicker. "I suspect," he says, utterly dignified, "From what I have observed beign shouted to and fro, that the vintage is simply and aptly called 'Drank'."

For his part, Thorn sees the incoming shower of booze an instant too late, and sputters as he gets yet another rotgut shower. Dammit. "Um, don't bloody ask," Thorn manages to Sam. after a moment of verbal stumbling as he hands her his lighter. "Dammit, Bangbang, y' drop that shit and it's your arse!" he shouts in protest. He's very serious about his alcohol. "Who cares what th' frak it's called," he snaps at Roubani. "It'll get y' drunk!"

Rot gut caught with one hand. See, Pyramid is good for something right? besides beating the snot out of Aerelon every time in the finals. The cork bit out and spat down some where, because using his other arm is entirely out of the question as Timon has now saddled up. See he's trying to keep his bro up by holding onto him. Though once the gyrating begins there is a faint frown from Hale. "Well. Uh thanks.." a brief pause "Don't gyrate on me." Now cue rot gut being slugged down. "Oh good news mate." a hiccup, there barely towards Timon "She said th' big words-" though Timon is not as caught up as Willem is, which is then directed with a "HEY WIL SHE SAID TH'BIGWORDS."

"We can see that, Thorn!" Roubani calls back.

"Impossible!" shouts Timon from his position by Rabbit, a mad little grin on his face. "It comes conjugated? I drink, you drink, he drinks; I drank, I drank, I drunk — I'm drunk!" And space is cold.

Matto snrks. Like a giggle tried to erupt from his nostrils and got stifled somewhere in his sinuses, which are, thanks to the Drank, very, very clear. "Drank," he comments, the word sounding far too funny to him as he undergoes grooming at the hands of the Poet. "Bibamus, mea Lesbia, atque amemus…" he mutilates the beginning of a poem for his own giggles.

Samantha is confused. It's a drinking party but… it's a -nerdy- drinking party. She stares at Timon. "Conjugated? Don't you gotta pay whores extra for that? I didn't know you could do it with alcohol." She really might be that clueless, or might be playing it up rather well. She gives him a brief wink then as she lights up the cigarette and hands the lighter back to Thorn, staring at him with a smoke. "Yanno, a gentleman light's a lady's smoke for her. Hrumph." And she still hasn't tried this 'Drank'… she watches the few bottles around the room, green eyes covetous.

The hatch to the storage room opens, and the sound of a lunch cart being wheeled into the room can be heard. The man who is pushing the lunch cart seems to have been made disproportionately fat due to a pair of well-placed pillows under his chef's jacket. On his head, he wears a duty-issue chef's hat, and on his hands he wears a pair of heavy duty oven mits. The outfit is complete with a white apron that's straining under the bulge of the pillows. Hiding his face, he silently wheels the cart into the room to the front of the group. Reaching for the lid of the lunch cart, the man opens it to reveal a small set of speakers hooked up to a music player. Suddenly, the man turns his face to the room. A piece of paper has been taped to the man's face, hiding all but his eyes. Actual human hair has been glued onto the paper, making a faux bushy mustache.

"AAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY, Who-ah ordered the beefcake!!!?!?!?" He man yells out, hitting play on the music player. A loud, pulsing dance beat starts to play.

Roubani is laughing. Giggling, really. Let's just call it what it is - giggling. He finishes cleaning Matto's cheek off and brushes the cuff-covered wrist along the hair at matto's temple, then turns his attention back to the (now officially named) DRANK. A big swallow, and suddenly his eyes go wide over the rim as the hatch opens. Holay shit.

"Um, I would, but I might've just burned y'r eyebrows off instead," Thorn mutters abashedly. He flicks the lighter open, striking the wheel; his hand isn't exactly steady, though, and the flame dances about. "See?" He shoots a bleary eyed look over at the latest newcomer, gaping with a bleary eyed expression on his face. "Uhh… what th' frak…"

Matto leans into the brushing, quieting down a little bit even as his eyes shimmer with a drunken mirth, fixing on the Poet's for a moment before they pivot to the corpulent chef coming in the hatch, mouth dropping open and the corners twitching violently downward as he tries not to grin. Just tries.

Kitty hmmms and then turns around, anything she might have said to anyone at this moment lost as she hears the arrival and following announcment from the Mystery Beefcake Man<tm>. "Shit, I am not drunk enough for this," she whispers to herself as she slumps to the floor, looking scared as hell. "Uh…yeah. Wow."

"You're a genius, Kissybear — " exclaims Timon in delight. In rapid succession, he disentangles himself from Rabbit, bounces off Bangbang's NOT-bouncy parts (thank the Lords for that), careens off the wall, and ends up — somehow — next to Poet, Matto, Kitty, and — beefcake?! "I think you have the wrong number," he mumbles senselessly, until his words are drowned out by a throbbing DUM-da-DUM-da-DUM-da –

Samantha is about to say more but then… she just turns towards the door, wide eyed, staring at the new entrant and trying to figure out if it is who she sinkingly suspects it is? She takes a long, deep drag of her cigarette, leaning back against the wall now, settling to watch the show and entirely too sober for it.

Well. That's a lot to chew on. "NUNC EST BIBENDUM, FRAKKERS!" Wil raises his arms triumphantly after giving Matto a gracious bow of his head and prances up towards Hale, grabbing that soy sauce bottle. "Big words? Which ones, huh?" Well, he grabs -at- it. Staring over at Thorn, he just tosses out, "MM MM BITCH!"

Meanwhile, Bangbang is just standing there in her skivvies, arms crossed looking contemptuously amused at the horror that Chef Beefcake has unleashed upon the place.

Oh. Wil also just stares, openmouthed. The bottle of drank is forgotten for the moment.

Roubani forces down the large swallow of burning liquor and immediately claps both hands over his mouth, watching Martin's entrance. Don't bust out laughing, don't bust out laughing.

Said soy sauce bottle is quickly, rapidly SWIPED by Timon from Rebound's limp hand: Ivory's in that wonderful state where he'll think he's not drunk enough for anything. This gulp goes down with some difficulty, but it does go down eventually — and it's with a satisfied pansy-roar that he pushes it back into the man of honor's chest.

Hale blinks just long enough to look back towards the Beefcake train which has simultaneously just rolled in and perhaps towards the others does Hale look. "I did not order that one mates." He only paid ONE STRIPPER not TWO. The question then becomes who is the mystery male stripper.

Matto busts out laughing on Roubani's behalf, leaning back and slinging one arm over Timon's shoulders, the other arm trying to weave around ehind the Poet's back before it reverses course and crosses over his own abdomen, holding his stomach as his sides start to cramp up from the laughing, punctuated by the odd snrrk.

There it is! Thorn takes a step into the crowd, his hand snaking out and coming back with the bottle of DRANK<tm> gripped tightly. Looks like Willem's been jacked for the booze. "Y' look like y' could use some of this," he announces to Samantha, a not of drunken triumph in his voice. That, however, is right about when Mr. Beefcake begins his routine. "On second thought, so kin I," he mutters, watching in horror and he takes a long pull from the bottle of moonshine before he hands it to Samantha. "Drink up," he advises. Looking at the waning level of alcohol in the bottle, he leans in to whisper in her ear. "I have another one where that came from." That's for her ears alone, boozehounds, so don't start looking around.

"AAAAAALLLRIGGGHHH!!! SO Who-uh the birthday boy aaaahhh?" The man says loudly, bellowing across the echoing storage room. Slowly, he starts to dance, moving his hips with the music. Clapping his hands once, he starts to girate his hips. Of course, the clapping is dulled by the fact that he's wearing oven mits. Looking over the crowd, his eyes fall on Thorn, and starts dancing in his direction. "AAAAaaaahhh you looka like you the birthday boy!"

Roubani's hands push up over his alcohol-flushed face, fingers splittings into two V's through which his dark eyes peer out with a bit of a squint at Thorn and the "mystery man". A barked laugh gets smushed into his palms, making a silly sound.

"Buy-one-get-one-free-night at the red light district?" offers Timon, who sways back and forth as the deck sways around him — "Thanks Kissy," he says, right in Matto's face, no doubt giving him a blast of licorice and whatever that DRANK is made of. Wormwood? "And HEY HEY HEY." This, altogether too loudly, to make himself heard above the pounding bass and skittering synth lines — "Price! Not Rosebud! Price!"

"GIVE ME THAT, 'ahhhhvory.'" Wil slurs as he leans over and makes a grab for the booze/soy sauce/moonshine bottle as Timon grabs it, trying to grab back at it. "Rabbit, I don't entirely believe this was NOT your idea." His red-cheeked face is still locked on Mystery Beefcake Man. "Uh. It's -his- birthday." He says, pointing at Timon. The most obvious, nearby target.

At being outed, Wil just punches Timon in the arm, ineffectually. "Ass."

Bangbang had stopped dancing, but maybe some shred of professional pride kicked in as she now has competition. Still in her GLAMOROUS fleet-issued underoos, she starts going at it to Beefcake man's beat. It's a dance-off. WHO WILL BE SERVED?

Kitty slouches a bit when the guy starts dancing, trying to make herself as small of a visual target as possible. "I need more," she whispers to her compatriots, looking frantically to Kissy and then Roubani, her expression on the verge of panic. Does she know who the guy is? No, nor does she have any idea who it might be, but that doesn't negate the need to erase this sight from her mind'd eye by any means possible.

Samantha accepts the booze. Gods, she needs the booze! She needs it. She screws the top off and takes a long gulp of the stuff, her throat not numbed to it yet, so she practically chokes on the rot gut stuff, blinking against the fierce burn before she chases it with… Well, another swallow…"Gods…what -IS- this?" She asks the room at large, words trailing off as mystery stripper approaches Thorn to whom she's standing quite close.

"Donkey," says Timon to Rebound, laughing hysterically. "At least you're not a sheep!" Tears would run down Ivory's face if — you know — he did the whole crying thing.

Matto is going to die in about five seconds, his face a bright red from laughing, which is now coming out as more of a wheaze than anything else. He snrrrrks and snrrrks to try to get air, then laughs all the harder as Nadiv goes and makes farting sounds against his palms. 'Cause that shit's funny. When he finally manages to gasp in a real breath, he uses hisnewly gained air to whimper feebly to Nadiv that more booze is requisite.

Wil riffs on this suddenly. "Hey Sam! You got any sheep ears in your locker?" It was worth a try, right? Spread the trolling around. Oh no, our new 'male entertainment' just got wind of him. He looks onwards towards the mystery man in horror.

The Mystery Chef Stripper raises his hands in thank you to Timon, motioning for the crowd to get his attention. "AAAAAYYY!! Birthday boy. When I-ah say birthday, you say BOY! READY?!?!?" He calls out for audience participation. "BIRTHDAAAAYYY!!!!" He calls out, motioning for the crowd to yell back. Egg-beathing his hands around eachother, he starts dancing towards Willem. "AAaaahhh you'sa spicy birthday boy! Tell-a me, what is your name…AAAAAHHH?" He says, planting his foot on the side of someone's chair, annoyingly girating his crotch towards Willem.

And that does it. Roubani bursts into helpless laughter, forcing air out of his lungs that makes him bend over his knees. His breathing makes a loud whooping sound and he struggles up long enough to shove his half-full booze cup at Matto's chest. At the same time making the mistake of peeling eyes open to look at the 'stripper' and Willem, which cracks him up even harder.

Castor enters into the storage bay and his eyes open wide as he spots all of this as he gives a patented 'th frak (tm) look and a then a confused but pleasently amused, "Huh?" He simply stands there for a moment trying to let all of this process because some things need a moment to soak in so that they can be fully appreciated.

"Um. Over there." As Mr. Beefcake approaches, Thorn points over at Willem with a wicked smirk on his face. "Rebound's the one." He gestures rudely at Willem with an incongruously friendly smile at his mention of sheep ears. "That, m' dear, is alcohol, of course," he says to Samantha. "That's the shit half of my home town cooked up in their bloody basements."

"Engagement — " clarifies Timon, looking for a brief moment like some teacher in front of his blackboard. One finger gingerly taps Myster Chef on the shoulder. AHEM. "Engagement," he says, a little helplessly — and then, giving up, he hollers "BOY" with whomever else is dumb enough to follow the man's directions. "You think Lambkin is into the roleplay?" he shouts to Thorn, punching Wil hard on the shoulder. "She's the little lost lamb, you've got the — you've got the — the crook — "

Samantha looks over to Willem, giggling a bit as she finally chokes past the taste of her booze…"frak no… Jus' a bunny tail… and Matto's got the ears!" She gives Matto a smirk, since he does have her precious ears hostage! And then she pulls on more alcohol, apparently needing to catch up. She looks up to Kom, coughing through the burn, her throat still not used to it…"it tastes like losing your virginity…sans lube."

"MY NAME IS CASTOR LEDA SIR!" Wil says, in faux-military call-and-response style towards Chef. He recoils in a mixture of drunken bemusement and slight horror. Ok, Sam's statement earns a cough, too. There's a lot of coughing going around.

"I FRAKKING NEED SOME MORE DRANK," Kitty calls out suddenly, the volume of her voice competing with that of Fatty McBeardy. "Where's a godsdamned bottle!?" She does't move, still sitting down on the floor, just about curled up in and around herself, a near fetal position. Looking at Kissy, she mouths 'what the frak' to him.

Matto keeps his shit together just long enough to take a timid sip from the boozecup, before that last 'AAAAAAAHHHHH?' gets pronounced and the sip dutifuly spit out again on a new wave of laughter. Some of the liquor in the cup sloshes forward and splashes onto his lap. Which is totally fine, until, you know, it's not. "Ah— ohh— crap— that—- ow," he keeps on laughing, though, despite the burn, as the jinx gcontinue to just get higher and higher.

Bangbang starts gyrating. And snorting again as she edges up over towards Samantha, giving her a wink. "No lube? You were just DOIN' IT WRONG, El-tee!" She pauses as she lounges against a crate, picking up at her discarded flight suit. "Frak I hate these shorts. Wish I knew what happened to my LUCKY pair." There's a faint growl to her words.

Roubani wipes tears out of the corners of his eyes, coughing and unable to stop. Especially as Matto manages to spill DRANK in his lap. "Ajtai!" He calls over. "Kisseus has the cup, quickly, before he melts!"

"WHO HAS MY TAIL?" comes Rabbit's roar from somewhere as he's reaching for a bottle. It seems he and kitty are both looking for the same golden calf. A look shot to the ECO and there's a puzzled bit across his face, as if trying to place the woman. "Who the frak are you?" Yeah Hale is slowly, or rather since the rotgut is working, coming into the sauce.

A glance to Willem and Abe's laughing before rubbing his head for a second "Ohh OH the WORDS." well of course Rabbit's trying to update his mate her "She told me." Yeah well and then the rest is lost in a drunken slur as Rabbit stumbles towards and into Willem.

Castor looks over at Willem as he name is shouted out, he throws up a salute and shouts back, "MY NAME IS WILLEM PRICE, SIR!" He then looks at Kitty as she shouts out for a drink and then Sam talks about lube and Leda just begins to chuckle as he says, "So this is what it is like to be around me when I'm drunk and everyone else is sober." He then looks at Kitty and then to Willem, since this should be interesting.

"AAAAAAHHHH, Castor Leda? Very sexy birthday boy name yaaah?" The man says, pulling off his apron and tossing it towards the lunch cart. Lifting his shirt, he pulls out one of the pillows and sets it on Wil's lap. "AAAAHA! Birthday boy engagement! Very special! BIRRRTHDAY!" HE calls out again for crowd participation and then turns, waving his ass in Wil's face. "He lika the birthday! YEAAAAH!" He says, pulling off his shirt, careful of his mask.

Timon's found something interesting to do while the party devolves further: dropping to his knees, he's busying himself trying to pick up ambrosia-stained cups from the ground, stacking them on a massive crate before making a move for the bottle that either Thorn or Rebound has — who can keep up? Then, he's pouring generous shots into each one, sloshing quite a bit onto the floor as well. "Oi oi!" he shouts, trying to get everybody's attention. This may or may not be successful, of course: between hot-ensign and decidedly un-hot-chef, the frazzled-looking Ivory cuts a decidedly lesser figure.

The coughing is contagious; Thorn has a sudden fit of his own, and it's not from the chainsmoking. Another evil glare is shot at Timon, though it could have just easily been Samantha's lube comment. More DRANK<tm> solves the problem, though, and another slug of the stuff burns its way down his throat. Thorn is the one with the golden bottle, it seems, and he's guarding it protectively. "I'm not a frakkin' delivery service, Ajtai," he growls. "Come and get it if y' want it, eh?" He absently offers the bottle back to Samantha, standing next to him. Or at least he would if a certain drunken pilot hadn't jacked him for the bottle.

The mystery man, strangely, has a tattoo of a video game character on his arm, a scar on his right arm, and newly healed shrapnel scars on his back.

Matto manages to at least get one good swallow out of the cup before he holds it out for Kitty to get hold of, "Ah— fak—" he laughs aloud, finally deciding it'd probably just be best to get out of his trousers entirely. This would be at about the time, of course, that Timon gets down on his knees in front of the crate.

Kitty flails a bit and then lunges, uprighting the cup as she leans over Roubani's legs. "Hey now, Kissy. I believe that's a party foul you committed there." A heartbeat, "You should clean that up," she adds, clearly not thinking. Once she's certain that the cup and the cup's holder are alright she turns and looks at Thorn. "Frak you, bitch. I should make you get on your knees and bring it here." And as she protests she stands, a contradiction in actions. "Excuse me." she say to her friends while getting to where she can walk aroud limbs and bodies, her path taking her past Leda on her way to Thorn. "Oh hey, Castor. Come join in on the fun."

Wil's head's practically spinning at all the activity and he -might- be a little slow on the uptake. If the mystery man's identity were a Cylon, Wil would have been shot to pieces. Or eviscerated. Or a million other horrible things. He just glances wide-eyed up at Hale for some reason and says, "Oh." There's a bit of a drunken smile here but whatever else involving sheep play, a half-naked Bangbang, drunken pilots or Gods know whatever else. He blinks at the invading chef and then something maybe clicks. "Huh? What? NO PURPLE CAPE FOR YOU!" He picks up the deposited pillow and smacks the mystery man in the ass twice and once over the head with it.

Willem adds, for effect. "SAY MY NAME, BITCH!" as he smacks the chef again. "WHAT'S MY NAME?!"

"Gosh that girl's got a MOUTH on her," Roubani pronounces loudly as Kitty gets up, sounding beamingly approving of this. He blinks then, staring at Willem. "So does that one."

Samantha half sobers as she sees that tattoo and those scars. It IS who she thought it is. There is a faint wince on her features, but she just flickers a glance over to Hale and grins…"I got your tail, Kissy's got yer ears… I think yer fallin' apart, old man!" She calls over to him with a husky voice laugh, sinking down onto the crate next to Thorn to sit/lean. Tired… and not quite drunk enough to push through it.

Scrambling to get away under the assault from Wil, the mystery man stumbles to pick up his removed clothing. "WHAAAAA Dis is not-a the Pellegrini Birthaday!?!?!?" He suddenly protests. Stumbling away from Wil, he quickly gathers everything at the cart and starts to race away from the group. "TIIIIIIME TO GOOOOO!!! BAI BAI!"

Bangbang's making her way through the group as she edges up to Kitty and hip-checks the ECO before continuing to wreak havoc on the crowd at large. As Roubani shows off his Morality Police badge, she gives him a bit of a leer and a wink. "Maybe you like that, Lieutenant? Yeah, I'm talking to you LIEUTENANT ROUBANI!" She doesn't even wait for response.

Roubani turns BRIGHT RED.

"Before this gets entirely out of hand — " calls Timon from the ground, kneeling in front of the array of cups — each a little less than half-full. "Lest we forget the purpose of this grand occasion — a toast — " Yeah. Ivory doesn't have the lungs for this, or the voice — by this time, he's basically screamed himself hoarse. "To Price and Persy," he mutters to himself, raising a cup and pouring it into his mouth. And then said crate is pushed out of the way of the fray as he moves to rejoin the fun, his obligation as nominal host fulfilled.

Castor starts to speak to Kitty and then he see's Willem use extreme force in hitting a man with a pillow and he then says, "I'm not sure if this is fun or lunacy…then again there is a thin line between the two." He looks at Kitty, "You looking for a drink?" He asks quietly as he begins to let his fingers move around a corner. He then reaches into a crate near by him and he pulls out some vodka, it is half drunk, did Leda hide that there…yes, yes, he did. Was he coming to get it, yes, yes he was. He hands the bottle over to Kitty, "Drink it all if you want. I'm not drinking anymore to get drunk, I made a promise."

At Dash's outing and sudden retreat, Willem just bellows. And sputters, and laughs. "DASH." He drops the pillow and applauds. And looks towards Timon a second. Sheepishly. Sheepishly without any of the expected sheep jokes in reference to Thorn and Case's proclivities.

Thorn is too busy howling with sudden laughter at the scene with Willem and Chef Beefcake to offer Kitty a proper retort as he usually would. He does, however, manage to gasp out something regarding someone's questionable parentage and their proclivity for questionable sexual practices in between gasps of laughter. His spirits are slightly dimmed, however, by the fact that he has no DRANK. He does notice Timon's array of cups, however, and he hops up unsteadily to grab a pair, one for him and one for Sam. He also manages to come away with the bottle, too, which he uses to top off both cups.

Roubani coughs quietly, quickly following Timon's toast with a still-burning face. He struggles up to his feet, calling on the heels of the raptor pilot, "To Willem Price and Persephone Tanner. So to be…the Prices…the Tanners…something or other."

Kitty turns, her trek to where Thorn is halted as she shakes her head, a little more sober than she was a second ago. "Wil told me something in the laundry room. I can't remember the exact wording, but it was something to the effect that we need to find joy in what we can. Even in the absurd or, in this case, the insane." The bottle of vodka is taken from Leda and it's opened but she doesn't drink from it just yet as she's now processing the fact that the stripper who isn't Bangbang is infact Dash. "What the….gods."

Bangbang dances around Kitty and Castor now, having gotten a token rise out of Roubani. Maybe there is one more leer in the young man's direction. She looks up towards Castor. "Hey, Tin. Big guy. Gotta hollow leg, tinneroo? Wanna dance?" Yeah. By the way, she's in her underwear.

"Toast!" Kissy cries out in agreement with Ivory, pants at his knees and getting kicked down to the floor by now. At least he seems willing to keep his underdrawers on as he wavers to his feet for the toast, grinning askance at the Poet for all his blushing. "For ever and always," he appends to Nadiv's toast, for his own part.

"So say we all, Kissy," cries Timon, face aflame — "And to good friends, and good times, and not remembering any of it!" The man does an abrupt u-turn to grab another cup after Thorn does his thang. This isn't taken down just yet — for indeed, he sways forward and backwards yet again, tipping most of it over onto whatever unfortunate is nearest. "I stole that line from a movie," he confesses needlessly.

Roubani has his cup raised, and just happens to look…down. "Kisseus Matto!" His voice exclaims, the way your mother's might. "What happened to your pants?"

Samantha holds up her bottle of booze…"To Pookie and Mrs. Pookie!…Who the hell knew mister clueless would get hooked up first before all of us?!" She grins, her toast done in the best of love

"Or at least the next two years until they start having to fire pilots out of the launch tubes because the Vipers are all frakking junked." Wil says, wryly. "I think that was just it, though." He says over the din, having maybe a confessional moment. WITH EVERYONE HERE, completely inappropriate. "That's why we're kind of jumping the gun here."

Hale manages to get a bottle of something. Hell it might be actual soy sauce given all the rotgut being passed around. And up goes his own bottle of Uncle Vanya's DRANK. "T' Willems and Persaxony." Hale's own accent just blurring words right out. "Long love, long life. A good husband. A gran' wife." Ahh there you go, an old Leonisian toast for you there Rebound, and then a bit of cheers as he is soon moving to take a slug of whatever it was. And a good portion goes down, before Poor will is having another shower, as he is looking back towards Matto "WHAT KIND OF PARTY IS THIS?"

Willem responds to all of the toasts with an imaginary cup of drank in his hand. NO DRANK! He looks about, sourly. "Thank you, people. Now WHERE'S THE BLOODY BOTTLE?"

Kitty pauses in her trying, and failing, to figure Marting out by raising her bottle. "To the happy couple!"

Leda looks over at Bangbang, "Well, now, an invitation to dance from a half naked woman…" He looks at Kitty, "To the insane then…" he then looks at Bangbang "Why not?" He then grins, "So what kind of dance is this?" He says as he waits to see what sort of trouble he just got himself into.

Matto giggles, face flushed with liquor and eyes shining deviously, "-I- happened to your pants," he informs the Poet, leaning in to nab the toastbooze from him and take a sip from it.

"Chef Matto!" says Timon, eyes widening again — and they're absolutely bloody bloodshot. "The accent, please — " And then, to Rabbit: "How much did you have to pay him?"

"T' Mister and Missus Persephone Tanner! Slainte mhath!" Thorn booms, mixing his Standard and his Mierce, a moment after watching Chef Martin's sudden retreat. He snickers, hoisting his cup high, spilling a few drops on his arm in the process. He scowls, but remedies that particular problem by taking a long swill from the cup. His eyes widen at Roubani's comment. "It's a bachelor party, Kiss, not a no-pants-party!" He takes a drag from the cigarette, shaking his head.

Not long after the fast escape of the mystery chef stripper, Dash comes walking into the party in his off-duties. Still wearing the sling over his arm, it appears that his hair has entered a bed-headed state. Upon closer inspection, it's an uneven haircut done up with gel to appear 'edgy'. Cigarette in his lip, he steps in to see the toast. Walking in the rear of the group, he finds a seat near where Matto and Roubani are. Blinking at Matto, he scoots his chair a little more away. "What? Male strippers? Gods you guys leave no stone unturned…"

"The kind you pay for, Tin-tin. Whatcha got to trade?" Bangbang says, coyly as she steps awa from Castor. "You gotta outbid Rabbit. He's a baller."

There's a pause and then Kitty looks at Bangbang as she does her little thing around Castor and her, Kitty blushing. "Uh.." Now's a good time for hooch and it's with no small amount of joy that she drinks some vodka while ogling Matto while he's sans pants.

If Roubani wasn't red before, he is now. It's quite obvious how he'll die one day in the not so distant future - aneurysm. "I…have…" INSERT WITTY COMEBACK. In his head anyway; his throat just makes a loud 'Hmpf' noise. "So there!"

Hale is straight pimpin' yo. As for Matto not having pants there's a bleary eyed look back over from Willem, whom he has a grip of, or so he's assuming, to Timon. Flattened eyes and another swig of the bloody bottle as he was called for. "I didn't..This is all free mates." Which there is a slight bit of relief, BangBang is one pricey lady. TREAT HER WITH RESEPCT. Another slug and a nod towards Dash who comes in after a minute "Make do with what you got, right?"

Willem just glances over at Matto. Momentarily, as the toasts and well-wishes fly in. He absorbs them with drink-induced ease as he finally goes towards Thorn. He's gettin' the booze, empty cup in hand. He doesn't seem really shaken by Matto's pants-lack though, to be honest. He's just utterly used to the man at this point.

As Dash rolls in again, Wil smirks. "I don't know. But that man was absolutely -dashing-." "Rabbit. You're a catering master." He drawls across the way. Slurring a little.

Leda looks at Bangbang for a moment and then he looks at Rabbit, "A baller, eh?" He then considers what is on his person and whatever else he may have hidden around here in this room. He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out his last, very expensive, hand rolled Aquarian cigar. "Aquarian, top quality, and it is the last one that I know of on this ship." Apparently, Leda was planning on coming to get the vodka for a trade and then smoke the cigar after that. "Is that expensive enough?" He then winks to Kitty, "Go on, drink."

"Shit, I've got cubits." Martin smirks to Hale, laughing and offering Rabbit a fist to pound as he looks around the place. Spotting a half-drank bottle, he picks it up, sniffs it to make sure it's not a trap, and drinks some of it. Leaning back in his chair, he grins and salutes Wil with his bottle. "Congratulations, brother." He calls out, nodding to the man with a cheesy grin on his face.

Matto is, again, still wearing underwear, which is more than he usually wears in berthings. He's even got his thigh-length barthrobe on for added modesty. Just no pants at present. He grins, a playfully wicked sort of grin as Nadiv tosses back the inaudible witticism, though he does tie his robe shut all the way, in deference to the party.

"I'm shopping where Rabbit's shopping," avers Timon, slipping over his words more than a little. Despite himself, his eyes are drawn to Matto's legs, which he regards with something akin to — criticism. "The priestess' are better," he declares, after a while.

"Pfft. That shit smells like Shirt after shoreleave." Bangbang holds up a hand. While it's a tempting offer, she appears fairly, well, disappointed. "I'm gonna get me a new pair of drawers." She starts muttering with her usual grumpiness as she strolls back to her flight suit.

"Thanks. Dash. Thanks." Wil finally says, practically exploding from good humor. "Purple cape it is."

Roubani narrows his eyes at Matto, altogether and completely unthreatening. "You finished my cup, didn't you." Now that, that was threatening. He snorts quietly at Timon, then calls gaily over the man's head. "Hello Dash!" Accompanied by a happy hand wave.

Samantha takes another deep gulp, but she's gone a hint quiet from the moment Dash has come in. Just a bit awkward. She still leans against the wall there, half smiling, listening to everything that's happening around her as the booze lulls her into an odd exhaustion. Maybe she IS too tired to get drunk.

Leda smirks at Bangbang, "Fair enough. Besides, I'm too hot to handle." The he looks over at Willem and then to his cigar and in typical Leda fashion he looks over at Kitty, "Cover me." He then walks over to Willem and offers the cigar to Willem, "Congrats, to you and to Fallout." He says with a smile, "I wish you both a lifetime of happiness." He then looks over at Sam and he notices that indeed she looks tired but he doesn't say anything about it as he waits to see what drunken Wil does.

Kitty looks at the bottle one more time and then recaps it. "I'll drink some more later," she says to Castor, finally exhibiting a bit of self-control, albeit a bit late as she's pretty tipsy from what she has drank before this. "Thanks, Castor. Appreciate it."

Matto lifts the cup and swirls it around, demonstrating that it's still some quantity of full. Maybe not full enough to get to the whole half-full-half-empty debate, but there's a healthy bit still left. He tosses a pout toward Timon, but otherwise steps toward the glaring snipe to drape an arm over his shoulder, lifting the cup between them.

Thorn, for his part, is quite drunk at this point; but that just makes the alcohol go down easier. He takes a long pull from his cup, looking over at Samantha. "Hey. What's th' matter, lady?" he says, his words slurring slightly. He slides down the wall into a seated position, reaching for her hand that seems to be whoa, moving all over the place. Finally, though, contact is made, and he gently pulls, inviting her to sit.

Grinning to Wil, Dash takes a long pull from the bottle and then turns his head to look at Roubani. "Hey Poet!" Dash grins, saluting him as well with the bottle. Grinning cheerily at the man, he visibly relaxes in his chair to settle in for a night of fun. Only a few sips in, he's definitely got some catching up to do. "So what'd I miss so far?" He asks Poet loudly.

Samantha lofts a brow, watching Thorn's hand waver like that with a good bit of a smirk and a half chuckle. She holds her hand out and still, waiting for him to finally catch hold, before she sinks down onto the floor next to him and leans her shoulder against his. She takes another small sip of the booze, even if it's definitely not sipping alcohol, and half smiles…"Nothin'. Just tired…ain't sleepin' well. it happens. You havin' fun?" She murmurs to him gently.

Getting an arm around Roubani's shoulder is harder than it looks, he being so unsteady on his feet by this point that he nearly topples Matto over in pursuit of the cup the man's got. And finds it incredibly funny to boot. "Thank you." He does, to his credit, manage not to spill as he drinks, brown eyes kind of swimming in their sockets to look back at Dash. Man, the room is SPINNANG. "Ahhh…ball bearings, sheep, fountains, screaming, rosebuds…uh….pricks…" He ticks off on his fingers, woefully oblivious to implications. "Not particularly all associated, of course. And Price getting married, naturally."

"Yeah. I'll bet. That's what I heard." Bangbang shoots back at Castor, coyly, as she stoops to retrieve her flight suit. Of course, everyone gets a show, but they've gotten one already. She strangely heads off into the corner to throw the thing back on.

Hale chuckles back towards Timon "You're straight rolling, yo.." said back towards Dash, as the fist poundage is accepted. Currently still drinking the remainders of the bottle in his position for a second. A cough and he's just grinning. A look back over towards Wil as Dash moves on, and there's a shake of his head. "When's th' ceremony mate?"

Wil's nose wrinkles as he catches the drink in his cup. Pretty nasty stuff, as he downs a gulp. Gasps. Reddens. So the cycle continues. He grins back at Martin a moment later and then turns to Castor. "Lifetimes are under warranty lately. But we're trying." He says, with a strange sense of sobriety because, frankly, he's not. "Thanks, though. Thanks. And I'll pass on the smoke. I quit, man."

Willem amends, a little languidly at Hale's question. "Y'know? We haven't even thought of that yet."

Matto gets really quiet for the moment, just smiling almost solemnly to himself as he listens to Nadiv go on about rosebuds and pricks, stumbling a little as he's tackled for the liquor and surrendering it in favor of settling back down on the crate, his giggles having passed, a more sedate sort of intoxication setting in as his brain swims through alcohol and his limbs go all languid, his eyes thoughtful.

"I think I need to sit down," Kitty comments suddenly. "Take it easy, Castor. I'll see you in a bit." A bit wobbly, she weaves her way back to where she was sitting only to pause about five feet away when she sees Dash. "That was all sorts of wrong," she admonishes him although she's smiling when she does. "Seriously frakking wrong." The bottle of booze she had been given is uncapped and drank from, the vodka having a much nicer burn to it than the DRANK. "What the hell possessed you to do that?"

"Gods damn, Poet. I've been stuck in the laundry all night and I had to check up on my arm at sickbay. I'm sorry I'm so late this is blackmail city…" Martin replies to Poet. Hearing Kitty's voice, he turns and grins up at her. "What the hell posessed me to to do what?" He asks, blinking a pair of adorable, sweet, innocent eyes in her direction. "I just got here, Katherine…"

Castor takes the cigar back and says, "Well, to as much happiness as you can get." He then looks over at Bangbang and winks but says nothing more. He then moves back over to Kitty and he says, "Seriously, how long has this been going on?" Leda tucks the cigar away now since he might trade it later. He then looks up as Kitty speaks, "Oh, uh, take it easy." As he is handed his bottle Leda goes goes to take a seat by Matto as he says in a soft singsongy falsetto, "Marty is in trouble."

Roubani beams a smile at Martin, looking even moreso amused at the innocence he tries to pull over on Kitty. Sipping the booze again, He blows out a long, dizzy breath between pursed lips, letting go of Matto's shoulder so he can plunk down on a crate for a minute.

"If I wasn't, I would be now," Thorn mumbles firmly as he leans over to peck Samantha on the cheek. Um, that's just the DRANK<tm> talking. Right. "But I was before, soooo… no worries." He grins. "Though I'm feelin' a little tired m'self…" As if on cue, he yawns. There's a shake of the head as he tries to jumpstart himself. His eyes blink several times in a rapid fire staccato, and he looks back at her with a bright smile.

"A while." Wil says, succintly, snickering into his cup. "If you're talking about this. If you're talking about the Illustrious Lt. Tanner, well. There's a story there. It's a small star system." His lips quiver upwards into an uproarious smile as he starts off towards Martin a second, and Kitty. He says, almost chidingly towards Kitty, "Relax. We're just all having fun here."

Timon looks up from the floor as Castor's voice goes all high-pitched — so he wasn't passed out after all. AND Y'ALL THOUGHT YOU WERE SO LUCKY. More crawling, in an attempt to bring himself over to people he knows — and the booze they're holding, though he's going to stay far, far away from that. "It's nice against the bulkhead," he mumbles incoherently before resting somewhere beside Poet and friends, head tilting backwards before his skull rings against metal.

"Oh?" Kissy wonders, head leaning up against the bulkhead as he half-listens to Castor singing to him, the rest of his attention lingering on the Poet and the people arrayed beyond him.

Hale frowns a little there "You all need to figure that out mate." said back towards Willem, and a pat to his shoulder "But there's time. Also, Sen sends her grancatulations." or rather congratulations. And now Hale's moving to find a chair or something to lean on as the rotgut has won out. "Man, I wish there was a loo down here…I'd so bloody break the seal right now.." As it is, Hale shall hold it.

Roubani reaches over and gently pats the top of Timon's head. There there, Lieutenant.

Samantha stares down at Thorn, smirking deeply… "Come on. Bed. I'm goin' to bed….I'll tuck ya in too, if ya like. But… i ain't a party girl tonight and ya'll are having too much fun." She smiles to the group quietly, before ducking over in Willem's direction and leaning over to kiss his cheek. "Congrats, Will…said it before but… can't think of anyone more deservin'. You'll be happy."

"Oh Wil, I am just teasing him," Kitty says quickly over her shoulder, smiling. "But he said it wasn't him so that's the end of that." Hale's heard and damnit, there goes her face, nice and red once again. "Uh….shit." Scrunching her face, she drains the last of the vodka which will be her undoing in roughly three minutes.

"Break the seal?" asks Timon, blinking. "Well that's a new idiom." Then, on a whim, he's ruffling Roubani's hair with his own hand, soaked as it is in alcohol. "Sheep like to be combed," he mumbles to Thorn — "stroked on their fuzz, or fur, or wool. But not sheared. So you know."

"You too, Rabbit. You too. I bet there's more gossip come CAP-time. But I appreciate your ability to withold bodily fluids. Besides, water recycling. You know how it is." Wil winks at Hale cheerily. "And yeah, I know. We need to figure out the big things." And he gets accosted by Sam, moments later and just turns towards the other pilot, grinning a little stupidly. "I don't know if I deserve anything more or less than anyone else. But in honor of everyone having a good time, I'll shelve that discussion. I'm happy with this one little thing, which is not so little at all." Trailing off again, he glances between Thorn and Case and makes a "Baahhh-ehhh-ehhhh" sound, turning back to wink at Ivory.

Bangbang's gotten her flight suit on, with nothin' but skivvies underneath, it's half-unzipped. Not quite regulation. She ambles over towards the crowd and sits on a crate, lighting up a cigarette.

Roubani smirks at the hair-ruffle from Timon, so drunk by this point that his usual Don't Touch Me alarm bell doesn't go off. Nope, he's in a bit of a heap there on that crate, fingers poking at his pocket for a cigarette for a full two seconds before forgetting about the impulse. His hands clap loudly at the end of Wil's little speech. "To Price and Tanner!"

Castor looks at everyone drunk and it brings the biggest smile to his face, because for once he is the sober person in the room however he watches Kitty drink and he whistles softly, "Ho boy." He says softly, for now, Leda seems to be enjoy the chaos going on around him. As Roubani speaks Leda lets out a, "So say we all."

"I think we'll be right puking after breakfast and CAP mate." Hale offers with laugh as he simply just sits down. See, see how good a friend your section lead is. He's willing to push the G's and throw up with you later tomorrow. "Remember t' get some water into your body tonight.." Apparently someone has managed to do this before and come off it as fine or fine-ish. A grin back towards Willem. "Live it up, mate. Sometimes you only get married…" and Rabbit trails off for a moment before he is slowly rising. "Scuse me mate."

"I'mma punch th' shit outta y'r face," Thorn mutters over to Timon with a bleary eyed scowl before looking up at Samantha. "Awright, awright," he sighs. "Any much more an' I'd probably start tryin' t' find a marker an' draw on people's faces." He looks fairly tired himself, anyway, even if he maybe isn't on the verge of passing out like some of the lightweights in the room. "Read me a story, too?" he asks Samantha with a wide grin.

Chuckling, Martin glances at the passing BangBang with confusion, not quite understanding what her part is yet in all of this. Is the party going in that direction? Confused, he years Poet's shout out and raises his bottle. "PRICE AND TANNER!" Martin calls out, muttering, "issa birthday…" under his breath. Standing, he looks to Kitty and assesses her status. "Woah, hey there cowgirl you gonna be allright?" He asks, reaching for the empty bottle.

Rebound's wink is returned with a tortured, pathetic attempt of Ivory's own, though he does manage to waggle his eyebrows ever so slightly. Then, he's clapping along in time with Poet — or at least he thinks it's in time with Poet; actually, it's … not at all. "What Nadiv Roubani said," he declares, saluting Thorn with one hand.

Roubani dissolves into helpless laughter as the chorus of his and Timon's clapping synchronises…and goes awry…and synchs up again. When Physics Majors Get Trashed.

Catching Martin's glance, Bangbang gives the man a little wink. She leans back and puffs a smoke ring.

Samantha stares at Willem, giving a little glare…"I dunno what the frak this sheep thing is… but if you keep it up, I'm goin back to Pookie all the time." She leaves teh teasing little threat hanging in the air and turns, giving Komenos a small smile and a nod, letting him follow out, but she doesn't take his hand or anything. At least she's trying to be respectful, it seems. "…Yeah, yeah… A man walked into a bar, he said ouch. Story time over." She can be heard muttering as they head out of the room.

"Bye-bye, Lambkin," titters Timon, not unlike a giddy schoolboy. "Lead her home, Thorn, and straight on 'til morning."

A last "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" comes from some corner of the room.

Kitty hoists up her 'dead soldier', her own addition to yet another toast. Thankkfully it is reached for as it teeters, not falling from her hand but it comes dangerously close. "Yes, I am fine," she slurrs to Dash, "I just don't drink often. But thought I'd go ahead and do so tonight since we all have a frakking reason to celebrate for once."

"Khaire!" Kisseus calls out slurredly— Thracian? In any event it breaks his little bout of silence, and he turns his head agaisnt the bulkhead, looking to Nadiv, there, at close quarters, giving him a more sedate smile than he's had all night.

Another round of toasts and Wil just raises his cup. "Bahhh-ehh-ehh." Wil says towards Sam playfully. He smirks at Thorn as well. "Thanks for the shine, Thorn. And thanks to you both. For everything."

Some moments pass, and Willem gets thoughtful as he absorbs Martin's words, Roubani's, and Kisseus', the last getting a little browquirk of what may be familiarity? "No. Thank you all. Every single one of you here." For the moment, he even looks like he means it. He's a HAPPY DRUNK! Aw.

Oh good, something to slump against. Roubani's shoulder meets Matto's shoulder, with a distinct lack of support from several key bones in his back. His head's against the wall behind him, and his eyelids keep threatening to swim closed. Spin, spin room, spin.

"Frak you all, and t' all a good night," Thorn hollers as he heads for the door, cigarette dangling precariously from his lips. "An' you… Mr. Tanner." There's one last shitfaced grin directed at the crowd before Thorn is out of the hatch.

Martin laughs as he's winked at by Bangbang, the still mostly sober pilot points at her and makes a funny face. He mouths 'itsa your birthday?' to her, giving her a grin back. Setting Kitty's bottle somewhere safe, he motions to maneuver her in the direction of one of the chairs, hoping to get her to sit down. "Well your Gyro's lookin a little wobbly there, Kitty, sit down and keep me company while I get my drink on? I've gotta catch up."

"We're free-riding on your happiness, Rebound, is what we leeches are doing — us, like lampreys, on the rotted underbelly of society." Somehow Timon manages to come up with words like that when he's totally trashed. Frakking geek. "What will your almost-wife say when she finds out?"

Castor watches as everyone couples off and he chuckles, "Well, this is where the rumors get started from." He looks at Matto, "Which reminds me what did I miss?"

Wil tosses a little faux-salute towards the departing Thorn and Samantha, making a kissyface at them. And then, well, what else could he do but comment on Timon's statement? "Things like this are foundations of civilzation, Ivory." the ginger-haired pilot notes as he edges over past Matto a moment. "As I once told dear Kisseus Matto here. Although I think we were talking about shared, specialized labor." His nose wrinkles, as he starts swilling some more HOOCH. "Still, this counts."

"I do parties, Dash. You ever thought 'bout bein' a magician? I can be your 'lovely frakking assistant." Bangbang cackles in a husky voice as she smokes.

Matto's eyes likewise threaten to close, and he rests his cheek against the crown of Nadiv's head, nuzzling on into his Drank-scented hair, humming at the smell, arm managing to rise enough to drape over the Poet by his side. Then, there are all of two people talking to or about him, and he peeks up, drunken-eyed, "Buh?" he wonders.

Kitty sits down per Marty's insistance, apparently not the kind of drunk that is argumentative and is in fact the kind who is a happy one. "Don't drink the DRANK," she warns. "It might render you ster….sta…er…unable to have children." There is a second where she looks sidewards at Matto and Roubani and she falls quiet, a whistful look to be found on her face.

Roubani drifts one eye open as someone goes past, glancing fuzzily up at Willem. Almost the full extent of his consciousness, though the sound of Kitty's voice makes him cough out a hoarse laugh.

"Our own little floating city in the sky," Timon sings out, voice scratchy, head lolling forward to rest on his still-damp uniform. "Or — city in the clouds? That sounds better, I think, that does — clouds, and civilization, and new foundations." Wide fingers fiddle with the wings pinned to his collar. "To a new start, then, Price? In this frakking metal box — cold and freezing and bombed to shit out there — but home — " His voice fades to a low murmur as he tries to remember what he was going to say. This fails. Miserably.

Castor looks over at Bangbang, "Funny story, I made a living as a magician." He leaves off the part where he did it on the streets to make money but he did TECHNICALLY make a living as a magician. He then looks over at Matto as Matto walks away and he smirks, "Well, put, Matto." Whoa, playing with drunk people is fun and this is a first for Leda. He looks at Kitty, "Sterile. Or you could say you'll rip his balls off."

"Nah I found some of this ambrosia." Martin replies, taking a moment to show Kitty the bottle. Taking a long pull from it, he sets the bottle down on the floor near his feet. "So how's it been here, Kitty? I'm way frakking late." He asks for a sitrep as he lights his cigarette. Taking his bottle back up, he laughs and turns his gaze to Bangbang. "Well…I do have magic powers from time to time." He returns back to the girl in the flightsuit on the crate. "Can you do the 'tadaaa' pose?"

"I bet I can make somethin' disappear, Tin-man." Bangbang grins wolfishly at Castor as he speaks. "Speakin' of balls." She blows a smoke ring.

An afterthought, Bangbang rises slightly and twirls her hands in the air and hip-bumps, striking a pose for Martin. "Whaddya think?" She pauses, considering her future career on stage.

"Mmmm-hmmmmm," Kissy agrees with the Tinman— whether he understood what was going on is another matter. He lets his head lean back on top of Nadiv's, Dionysus and Ypnos calling in unison.

Raising his own cup towards Timon, Willem suddenly laughs heartily, as something the man said clearly rings with him. "Y'know, good old Acacius. I said at that memorial, I dug up that old quote about human existence being a shared thing. One man's experience blesses or taints anyth.." He trails off, clearly boozed to Hell. "What was I saying? Oh yeah. One man's experience blesses or taints all of mankind. At least. Shit, that's how I -thought- it went." He stammers just a little bit, clearing his throat.

"I'll remember later. Anyway, yeah. It's, I guess these silly little things were always done for a reason. But you're right. To a new start. Or a graceful end. In either case, we're here and we have what little we can hold on to to make that City a little closer to an…" He shakes his head, blinking his eyes wearily, slurring his speech. He just takes a shot. "Yeah, Ivory. Yeah."

Castor looks over at Bangbang, "Ah, yes, your panties went missing." He shakes his head, "Wasn't me. Though if you tell me more about them I might be able to help you find them." He says good naturedly but also trying to make sure that despite his reputation he had nothing to do with this, he trades, fast talks, and scrounges why? Because he isn't a business man. He is a business, man!

"It's been a party," Kitty drawls with a slight grin. "Been nice, though. Kissybear and I had come here to talk a bit only to wander in on Bangbang giving the guys an eyeful while they were getting utterly frakked up." It's a short recounting as that's pretty much all that's been going on as far as Kitty knows. "How are you feeling?"

Roubani's eyes open blearily, watching nothing in particular as Willem and Ivory go on. Nor does his head move to jarr the weight of Matto's cheek on top of it. "Shared human experience in the right ear," he murmurs fuzzily. "Panties in the left. I do not know what this means."

Timon merely nods along in time to Rebound's speech — or, more likely, finds himself doing his best to keep his head above the water in which he feels like he's swimming. "It means we've found a small measure of normalcy, Poet," says Ivory at length: "Normality? Is it normality? Normalcy — whatever. Something that can't be stamped out, blown out, nuked out — well — maybe nukes, but — " His laugh comes with a couple of hiccups. "Peace in war," he concludes, in a thought that probably makes sense only to him. "And to a graceful end."

"When people share panties, it taints all of mankind," Kisseus summarizes for the Poet. "But it's still kind of fun."

"Eyeful? Lieutenant?" Bangbang says, suddenly with a shred of eloquence. "You have any idea how much shit these boys see in the Berthings on a daily basis? I dunno what it's like in Black Squadron, but Red, we got our own little daily show goin' on. I'm surprised they notice or care." She chuckles as she stubs out her cigarette in an empty cup. "Then again you've got the parade o' naked people. And Flash." She seems to count silently in her head as she addresses Kitty further. "Ok. You people win." She turns over towards Leda with a vulpine smile. "Yeah. They 'went' missing. I'm sure. They're purple."

"Graceful end," Kisseus raises his voice a little bit to cast in his agrement with Ivory's toast before he gives a big yawn.

"Or — I like — " Hic — "Matto's better." Timon slow-punches the air next to Kissy, trying in vain to meet his shoulder. "To — to a kind of fun."

"Normalcy," Roubani offers to Timon, mumbled. "Isn't it…ah, well." He smiles sleepily at Matto's explanation, closing his eyes again for the moment.

"I'm feeling really good. I got some of that laundry done and got cleaned up before coming here. I'm gonna try to get back onto duty soon. My back itches a little but what the hell, it's no big deal." Martin replies, taking another pull from the bottle. Nodding in agreement with Bangbang, he laughs. "Yeah, Red Berthings is a damn temple of filth. If you ever go in there, knock first. Am I right or am I right, Bang?" Martin grins to the female on the crate. "Oh, and yeah, definitely perfect on the tada factor."

Leda looks over at Bangbang, "Purple you say?" He then notes that some people might have seen him giving a civilian a package and in that package there was a pair of purple painties. "Was it a thong, hip hugger, or full cut?" He asks mildly curious as a finger idly reaches back to touch a crate behind his head.

"How," asks Timon, finger stabbing the air, "the FRAK does he know that?" It's as if he's just registered Leda's presence in the room. "And why — " The man pauses to allow himself time for some air-sucking laughter. "I'm not meant to know why, we're not meant to know why, and somewhere somehow the gods are scribbling in their tablets."

"I never told you, I don't think." Wil looks over at the drifting Roubani and Matto with a small, sly smile as it were and glances back towards Timon as he waxes poetic. "Or did I? I met Persephone before I left Libran. Lyusandium was rather big, but still one city." He waves his hand dismissively as if banishing one small detail or relegating it to non-importance. "Wait. I did tell you, didn't I?" He blinks at Timon's interjection, trailing off. Whoah. He just looks over at Castor, the Panty Pimp.

Matto is silent, now. But he doesn't remain so for much longer, a vague snorting beginning in his throat like an irritated horse grunting into Nadiv's hair.

Kitty turns and looks at Leda incredously, something getting her attention. "Wha…huh?" Clearing her throat, she continues to watch him while speaking to Martin, her attention divided. "Hmm…oh. Itching. That's to be expected. Got stiches before and they itched something horrible for a while before they were removed."

Roubani completely misses Wil's small, sly smile, his eyes being closed. One brow kind of arches hearing Timon going off in the fuzz. And then Kitty talking about itching. Buh.

"Purple?" Martin blinks at Bangbang, his brows knitting together in a look of concentration that slowly finds its way looking towards Wil. Brain exploding inside of his skull, Dash shakes his head slowly. "Either I fit right in or I'm corrupting people." He adds, looking to Castor. "DUDE, the hell!??!? Women's underwear encyclopedia over there. Not that, you know, I don't know all that shit." Martin laughs aloud, leaning back in his chair to shake his head at Kitty. "As far as I'm concerned anyone caught stealing lingerie that uses it for something other than what it's designed for should have his ass beat down."

"You may have told me once," says Timon, deep in the zone. "Or you may not have. If you told me and I didn't listen, does that mean you told me at all? Does telling require understanding? Or is telling without understanding just — talking at — or — nobody's listening, or at least they shouldn't be." Finis.

"Panties are supposed to be nice to masturbate with," the drunken Ajtai blurts out, "Especially the silky ones. Heard it's supposed to be nicer than lotion and tissues." With her attention on anything but self-censoring, that statement just going without ay kind of editing, not that Kitty realizes what it was she just said.

Leaning forwards, Bethany Wallace, 'Bangbang' to some, just stares up at Castor. "What're they in your imagination, big boy?" She snorts, challengingly enough as she turns towards Martin and just gives him a knowing wink. "Last time the guest of Ginger Honor up there brought a 'guest' over," she snorts, "she was dimly horrified by me trying to pound the shit out of Ensign Porkins in the head until Captain Marek got all cranky and ruined our fun. You know how it is."

Bangbang also just raises a hand towards Kitty. "Whoah. Should I be lookin' at YOU, Sister?" She smirks, more amused than anything else, after this outburst.

"Shit don't even ask me about the last guest of honor I had…" Martin murmurs, chuckling inwards as he tips the bottle to his lips. Taking a few gulps from it to speed his process along, Kitty's words reach his ears. Suddenly, he makes a panicked sound and sprays alcohol all over the place. Bending over, Dash starts couging, trying to clear the burn from his windpipe. It might have been something Kitty said, yes, but that doesn't stop Bangbang from getting drenched.

Someone keeps turning the volume up on the Kissybear until his usual sort of jackhammer is rattling along on the top of Nadiv's head. He's down for the count, seems like. Boy could never hold his nail polish remover.

"I guess I told you enough." Wil starts towards Timon. He's got that stupid look on his face that the other man has seen. "Yeah. I'm not sure either of us realized what we found. I -thought- I recognized her." He starts to say something else when Kitty's little revelation drifts through the air and he simply coughs. "Huh. I never thought of that." He shakes his head, firmly.

Leda looks over at Kitty and then to everyone else and so he begins to address others, "Okay, first off, my imagination isn't what is on the block here I'm asking because I did recently trade for a pair of purple panties, I want to know the cut, to make sure the trade was legit. If it turns out it was your pair, then I'll point you to your theif and try to get your panties back." He then looks at Kitty, "Kitty, I didn't need to know that…either drink more or cut yourself off." He looks at Matto, "Sharing underwear….I…yeah…" He then looks over at Martin, "And Marty, you should know by now I never steal, I might be slightly shady with some of my trades because I don't ask questions but I never steal. And I happen to keep tabs on where everything is on this ship and who has it because you never know when you might need to trade or ask someone for something." He then grins, "Now, let us come back to the first order of business, the cut, please." It would appear Leda has a reputation to keep up.

The snoring, which also has the added feature of vibration power, half-wakes Roubani up every so often, his eyes ungluing and then starting to drift closed again. Martin's spraying Bangbang with liquor has the same effect, also causing squinting. The heck?

"Remind me," says Timon idly, "never to use that tub of yours, Atjai, should it ever materialize out of air." A look at Wil, a look at Leda, a look at Poet and Kissy, and another long look at Leda — and Timon, for some reason, is pushing himself up from where he's lying by the bulkhead, spinning a bit as he stands. "Something I have to do," he mutters, shaking his head furiously to clear it of the fuzz — only to nearly topple over again. Whoa. "Something I got to do before — " The thought fades away on his tongue. "Happy days, Rebound," he manages, before stumbling over to the hatch.

Bangs gets sprayed. She CACKLESHRIEKS and leans over to smack Martin on the shoulder. "Just for that, you're cleanin' this shit!" She points to the front of her flight suit and leans back, staring at Castor for a moment or so. "Rule number one o' the black market, babycakescakes. Stuff always comes from somewhere." For some reason she snickers playfully. Now the woman just seems amused.

"Yeah. Well. Yeah." Wil says, slurring drunkenly as he downs the rest of his cup, staggering once as Ivory heads off. "Wait. Before we go. To Timon the LION Stathis. And his Lionness. Who apparently pounded the shit out of Thorn." He collapses helplessly into a fit of laughter.

Roubani smiles a bit at Wil's good-bye to Timon. Granted, his eyes stay nicely closed. Everything's funny right now. Won't be so much in the morning, but thank the gods for RIGHT NOW.

Kitty winks to Timon and then grins. "Yeah, yeah…" she semi-retorts but stops there, unable to come up with something creative to conclude that with so she simply waves to him while trying not to laugh at Bangbang and Dash. "You know, I think it's time for me to go, too. Not feeling too hot."

"Beat the shit out of Thorn," Timon corrects slowly. "Pounded — pounded — that's — well, friends, that's INAPPROPRIATE." Ivory clicks his tongue against his teeth. "As far as my alter ego goes — we do another one of these, I might just — " And with a pathetic imitation of Martin's wild hip-gyrations of earlier, he cackles aloud before stumbling out the hatch, closing it behind him with a SLAM.

Leaning back up from his coughing fit only to get smacked, Martin can't help but laugh. "I'm sorry I'm sorry…" He coughs a few more times and pulls off one of his two tanks, offering it to BangBang. He's assuming she meant give her something to dry herself off with. "That just…Gods…caught me by surprise. Sorry Bang…" Dash backpeddals. "No go on, Tinman, I'm kinda interested now." He laughs, turning his head to check on Kitty, he gets a concerned look. "Need help getting back to your berthings?"

At some point Roubani manages to get up as well, elbowing Matto awake and sending him off on his way. And thus the Poet shall slink out, with a stumble in his step.

Bangs smiles sweetly at Martin. "I'm gonna go change into something a little less ridiculous." She gives him a look, promising revenge later. Or maybe not. "Scuse me, fellas. And girl."

Leda looks over agt Willem, "I think the moment is over with, clearly, Bangbang realizes I'm not the thief. However, I will say this, if you need something for the uhh, wedding night, just let me know what you need. I make NO promises but I'll do what I can to help." He then looks at the door since it was slamed. He then looks back at Wil to see if he has a request.

Wil meanwhile, is left there holding a cup as another one bites the dust. Another two. He edges away from Bangbang warily as he catches Castor's comment, blinking. Coughing. "Um. Thanks. I am racking my brains for what I'd -need-, but I'll think about it, Leda." His lips twitch upwards as he buries them in his cup. And with that, he just settles onto a crate, tiredly. Drunk. Unsteadily.

Kitty stands and stretches, causing a few joints to creak and groan as she does. "I'll see you guys later." She tussles Dash's hair and gives everyone a hug before she goes to sleep the drunk off.

"Good night, Katherine. Good night. And, er. Thanks. Thanks for stopping by. Remember what I said, right?" Wil says, calling off towards the redhead as she departs. He looks back towards who remains, attempting to keep track of who's here and who's slipped out. Failure. His drunk head spins a little.

Castor, the sober person in the room finds a back and he starts to clean since someone is going to have to make sure this place is nice and tidy, maybe it is a wedding gift or maybe he just wants to look out for friends in the room…then again he might be scrounging for left over booze. He then watches Kitty, "Dash, tomorrow, get her some water."

Not too drunk, Martin's still sitting in his chair watching the room slowly bleed of people. Scratching his head, he takes a look over the passed out people and slowly rises. Another pull from the bottle is taken, and then a nod is sent towards Leda. "Yeah I was thinking that myself. To be honest, I'm still sober enough I should just start putting water by their bunks…all of these bastards."

"Hahahaha. I'm partly responib…Repon." Wil begins, slurring the words and attempting to get it right. Third time's a charm. "Responsible! Damn it!" He snickers uncontrollably as he glances over at the other people who are fading. "I'm jus' going to rest a few minutes. Y'know how it goes." He pauses a moment. "Thanks, Dash. That was — hilarious."

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