Down The Frakking Drain
Down the Frakking Drain
Summary: Antics in the Red Berthings send Martin and Samantha's to painful levels. Fighting ensues.
Date: PHD 41
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[ Red Squadron Berthings - Deck 1 ]-----[ CEC Kharon ]
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #41 OOC Time: Fri May 29 20:08:50 2009

The hatchway to this room has a top-down stencil of a Viper Mark Two painted across the entire expanse, the rear end of the Viper at the bottom of the hatch. Once inside, the berthings are typical of Viper squadrons throughout the fleet: Two lines of bunks are mounted against each wall with another one built into the wall at the other end. The room's gray walls and the empty space surrounding the bunks hold framed pictures of Vipers in action and depictions of the Cylon War of forty years prior. There is also a hatch in the back the leads to a private Head for these officers. Even here, the dark blue curtains hide away each individual bunk from the goings-on within the common area which is centered on a large oak table, though the surrounding chairs are standard navy.
-=[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear ]=---------

All is dull and quiet in the Red Squadron Berthings. With little to the drama at least on Martin's end lately, he's been rather well rested despite a harrowing CAP schedule. Currently off duty, his bunk's curtains are open and he's propped up in the space he's been known to share with Case. Legs up against the wall and crossed, he's laying against his pillow with a magazine in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Light music plays from an earbud hanging near his ear to provide ambience, rather than actual heavy listening.

Matto chases Poppy at— well, not quite full-tilt, but there's a decent amount of tilt involved. He laughs as he goads her along with a silver-striped juggling pin, chasing her all the way to Marty's bunk, "Dude, guy! I brought you proof! The Poppyflower yet lives!"

Chased into the berthings, Poppy turns around to look at Matto while she's still running - perhaps confused by his cry. Unfortunately, this sends her tumbling over the table in the center of the room. Thankfully, athletic and acrobatic ability allow her to roll across it and land harmlessly on her feet … now with a barrier between her and her pursuer, "What?"

Leaning out from his bunk with a smirk, Martin was somewhat prepared for some sort of antic today. Glancing to Matto and then Poppy, he smiles sweetly to them. "One moment…" He says, leaning back into his bunk. "It's good that I finally got to see you around since mess the other day Poppy. I decided that I don't know you, so you can't hold this against me." He says, leaning out with a piece of paper elbowed between a rubber band. He lets the projectile fling at her.

Eddie meanders into berthings, because she lives her afterall. Where you hang your hat, and all that shit. She's in a 'mood', but then again, when is she not? The scowl on her face seems firmly etched, and her dark features lend easily to this whole brooding things she has going on. Maybe the levity in the room will rub off on her, or maybe she's here to rain on their parades. Either way, she skirts the current antics on the way to her locker.

Matto ducks to one side, then barrels around the other side fo the table, drumrolling on the edge of the table with two juggling pins in one hand and one in the other as he flushes Poppy out to head around toward the bunk in question, "It's time you went to see how the other half lives, Poppyflower," he chuckles. "What up, Marty?" he offers, in more a conversational tone than an inquiring one, since Marty's meant to be getting to know the Poppyflower. "Hey, Mooner," also added, and he chucks a pin up spinning toward the ceiling, cresting and falling only to have another trace its path upward almost simultaneously in the beginnings of a cascade.

Poppy darts her head to one side, dodging the little flying projectile. Her brow furrows as she looks between Martin and Kissy, clearly more confused and possibly a little irritated than amused, "What the … ?" When Matto offers the explanation she nods her head slowly, "Ah. I see. Hi, then."

"Son of a bitch I missed. I had that shit planned all gods damned day and …" Martin smacks the side of his bunk, slipping out of it with a shake of his head to reach out to try to grab Mooner in a mini headlock as she heads by. "So I've been camping out in here all damn day what have I been missing? Any word on whether or not I'm gonna be making a pie or was that ball in my court?"

Filing in from the head, comes the rather tall Lieutenant Hale, with a towel over his arm, and glad in his dark under-roos. Someone just got down showering and so it goes to explain why one would sneak about in skivvies and looking slightly wet. Only slightly "Oi, watch it.." comes a voice barking out as it seems we have Raptor folks and all flooding the bunks, never mind flying paper projectiles. "Seems we're popular t'day…" or at least the berthing is.

Matto catches the cascade after a turn or two and reaches behind him to set the three of them on the table, where they fan out into a semicircle. "We have to form the pie army, first, I think. Spread the word," he grins, pushing up onto the table to face Martin's bunk, one foot lifting to plant on a chair. "Rabbitrabbit," Kissy reduplicates in Hale's direction.

Eddie grimaces as she's caught in a headlock, at least he hasn't gone so far as to noogie her yet. She hangs limply by the crook of Martin's arm, "Pie?" She asks dryly, waiting for him to release her. Impatience wins out, so she digs a finger into his side. "Release me, heathen." She says flatly.

Poppy is bemused to say the least. Moving to find a wall to press her back against before crossing her arms and watching the scene - she is far from comfortable around Viper jocks and it shows plain as day.

"….aaaaaaaaaaaAAarrhmotherfrakkin.." Martin leans to the side, keeping Eddie in the headlock as he tries to get away from her nail. "…the frak mooner what'd you do get a damn manic?" He drags her a little bit towards Matto, waving to Hale as he goes. "You're comin with me you dour motherfrakker…none of this GODS damn did you draw blood?" He crooks his head to look as he lazily tries to kick Matto in the side of the leg.

Samantha steps into the room JUST at the moment, having heard Martin from down the hall and come running… to see this. She isn't breathless, only having jogged a few feet, but she's definitely ruffled looking, eyes wide and worried though they turned to stunned and a bit perplexed as she haults just inside the hatch… watching.

"Eh, How goes it Kiss?" comes Rabbit's reply with a grin thrown in before he is moving to his locker. A hard lean in, lock's messed with before he is popping over the door and towel is tossed in as he reaches in for his off duty greens legs pulled in and pants rolled up, before he is looking back to Martin and Eddie. "How goes it mates?" and then cue the tanks being pulled on with his tags in rapid succession.

"Ow!" Kissy cries out, but he's laughing, so it can't have hurt -that- bad. He drags his other leg up onto the table, close to his chest, "I got kicked, is how it goes. What'd I ever do?" he snickers, refusing to e drawn into the fray for the moment, though he looks more amused than alarmed by the scuffle.

Eddie would normally openly gawk at Rabbit getting dressed, because mixed berthings doesn't mean she has to be cooth. But unfortunately, she's getting drug around by Martin like a rag doll. "I'm going to do worse then draw blood…" She mutters darkly, though the threat is lacking any real merit, when the hip throw she tries to accomplish leaves Martin still on her feet and her flailing like a fish out of water.

"You didn't do anything Matto…I'm just…NNggnh" Martin grunts, almost getting thrown over as he manages to hang onto Eddie's head in the headlock, laughing as he reaches out with his left arm and slaps Hale on the back of his head with a loud 'THWAP'. Being Morale officer for the evening it seems, Martin starts to drag Eddie towards Poppy with a menacing look in his eye and a broad grin in Samantha's direction. "I'm just…mad Martin. Mad. I'm bored and I decided that I wanted to be the giant mutant fish that attacked Picon. Get over here Poppy." He smacks Eddie on top of her head, knowing full well this is gonna somehow result in him getting hurt.

Samantha folds her arms, leaning her shoulders back against the edge of the doorway and just SMIRKING. She isn't tapping her foot, but she's close. She doesn't speak, but she observes, that impatient ball and chain look in her eyes except for the hint of amusement behind it all. Martin may or may not be in trouble, it seems Case hasn't quite decided yet.

"I'm okay over here," Poppy mumbles, hugging herself with one arm while threatening to bite her thumbnail nervously. She gives Kissy a 'What the hell is going on?' look from the corner she's standing in but at least she hasn't fled yet.

Matto giggles rampantly, now, at Martin's explanation, "Be careful of the tentacles, Poppyflower!" he calls, relaxing some with one leg crossed over the other as the threat from the mutant fish passes along toward a new victim.

Kassia pops her head into the Viper Squadron bunk room and alsmost wishs she didn't. "Well, looks like everything is normal." She says slipping in, she goes to stand near Samantha, also leaning near the door. "So what's happening here?" She asks, going to lean her side against the wall. "And more importantly who's winning?"

Eddie is still trying to wrestle her way out of the headlock, and failing miserably. He's got some strength on her, and more importantly, leverage that she can't seem to break out of. She tries once more to throw him, but the smack on the head was the last draw. Hmm. Interesting view she has here, all bent over and crooked on his arm. So what's a girl to do? She starts unbuckling his belt buckle, that's what.

"Wh…wha no no no no.." Martin laughs, growling and hanging on to Eddie's head in the headlock as he laughs aloud, hopping a little bit and wiggling, trying to get free as he continues to somewhat hop-walk back towards Matto with a wide eyed look at Samantha. He's having a hell of a time it seems causing a large amount of havoc in the berthings. "Say I'm boss, Eddie. Say I'm boss. Hey Kissy, check this out!" Martin laughs, turning on his hip to try to kick Matto square in the ass with his tennis shoe.

"You bloody just thwap me, Black?" And then he's reaching down for his socks before he is coming over with the slam shut of his locker. Boots as always are sitting up in his bunk, however he isn't joining in on the wrasslin just yet. Instead he is sitting at the table, to wrestle on socks.

"Nope…that was Matto." Martin replies

Samantha laughs quietly, pulling a pack of cigarettes out of the side of her slacks and tapping one free. apparently, she's content to stand and watch, letting the rest of the berthing teach her man a lesson.

Poppy is … horribly confused. And as such, begins to edge towards the hatch.

Getting drug around by your neck isn't really that comfortable, you know. Martin can wiggle and waggle all he wants, but /he/ is the one that has her as a captive audience, and it just so happens he can't twist away from her reach for long. "Boss? I'm the one about to show you one of the many reasons I'm called Mooner." Fingers continue trying to achieve her goal, which is to pants Martin.

Matto backs up onto the table, knowing well enough to be wary, by now— but still catches a foot to the side of his leg, and he scrabbles back into the center of the table for safety's sake, looking back toward Samantha and cocking a grin, "He's pretty flexible, huh? Poppy! Come on up here, it's safe. I hope."

Hale cocks a glance back towards Matto for a moment, before he is looking to the younger Black and Mooner a wrasslin. Still not interrupting, the LT remains where he is as one sock is placed on and then the other. Silence as he is still watching the going on before he is looking back to Matto "You wanna wager whose gonna win this one? Could put ten on Mooner…"

"I have nothing to hide. Nothing to…damnit Eddie…" Martin laughs aloud as he's forceably trou-dropped mid-hop. Stumbling a little as he almost trips over his downed pants and shoes. Eyes bright, he looks to Sam and laughs as he raises his hand. "Okay damnit enough of this Jupiter nonsense…" He chuckles, moving his hand to start with the noogie on Mooner. It's going to be a test of wills. "Who's THE BOSS EDDIE?!?!? WHO?!?!"

Poppy busts out some sleek gymnastics as she bounds across the space towards the table with two steps and flings herself up alongside Matto, peering about at the chaos, "I am genuinely confused."

Noogies? You think after noogies Eddie is going to stop at just pants? Her fingers curl around the material of his military issue boxers, giving them a slight tug as his last chance. "How about…bets on..whether or not Martin's flagpole is at full or half mast…"

Matto flings an arm around Poppy's shoulders, leaning there to casually observe the jock fight. "Ten what?" Kissy quirks a brow at Rabbit with a look of mischief, then laughing aloud as Martin's pantsed. "Show him who's the boss, Mooner. Spank that thang," he calls out, all jocular. "The viper jock in his natural habitat, Poppyflower. Just get to high ground and hope to avoid any stray blows."

Samantha's shoulders stiffen just a bit at Eddie's words, eyes slightly narrowing, but she keeps quiet… watching Martin and then the rest of the room, lips pressing around her cigarette as she breathes deeper, a bit faster…

Matto flings an arm around Poppy's shoulders, leaning there to casually observe the jock fight. "Ten what?" Kissy quirks a brow at Rabbit with a look of mischief, then laughing aloud as Martin's pantsed. "Show him who's the boss, Mooner. Spank that thang," he calls out, all jocular. "The viper jock in his natural habitat, Poppyflower. Just get to high ground and hope to avoid any stray blows."

"Good idea," Poppy says quietly, tucking her knees up so she cna hug them to her chest. After a moment, she gestures at Martin, "Is that the one you said was asking about me?"

Martin can't seem to keep up with his noogie-ing while trying to slap Eddie's hands away from his military issue boxers. Twisting and kicking a little to try to get her away, Martin laughs aloud and lets go of the headlock, grabbing the back of Eddie's tanktop. Pinching her brastrap, he yanks hard and falls in the other direction, tripping over his depantsed sweats and tennis shoes, falling to the floor with a loud timber-esque noise amidst a fit of giggling.

Hale keeps laughing from where he is. A nod to Matto "Eh, Y' know that problem that bloody Cat was talking about last night?" a raised brow as he speaks on through the grin "That'll make it worse mate. I can jus' see blokes quivering in their bunks, sheets bloody tight." Now Martin is depantsed and trying to de bra Mooner. And its now that Rabbit is staying put- not getting into this bloody mess.

Squak! ACK!, "Shit!" Eddie proclaims, getting twisted up with Martin and some how ending up piled atop him like a game of pick up sticks gone wrong. For a moment she just lays there, sprawled on top of him, trying to catch her breath and do a quick mental assessment for broken pieces parts. After a brief pause, she tips her torso up slightly, a palm on either side of Martin's head as she braces herself. "Huh. Who had their money on full mast?" She says casually. She and Dash are crumpled together on the floor, nevermind the fact that Martin has his pants around his ankles and Eddie is looking thoroughly flushed, if fully dressed.

"Wha?" Kissy wonders in Hale's direction, the two wayward Black Squadroners huddled together for protection in the middle of the table. "Yeah," he replies, then, to Poppy. "Scared?"

Poppy stares wide-eyed at Eddie and Martin before turning back to Kissy, "Very."

Samantha was attempting to have the patience of a saint, but then Samantha doesn't buy into religion at least, so she doesn't know much about saints, truth be told. The comment about Martin being at full mast seems to be the snapping point where Samantha just stalks across the room, grabs at the back of Eddie's shirt and tries to haul the woman up just enough to toss a rough right cross straight to the jaw. Yes, with her already bruised hand. It seems Eddie is not the first thing Samantha's punched this week.

Samantha is dead quiet through it all. No words, no laughter.

"Not me, Ensign." called out as Rabbit is keeping appearances, and slightly shielding the Black Squadroners from the crumpled too. Though at the sight there is laughter coming from Hale and now he is moving to go and clamber up to his bunk. Like he said, he's bloody not getting into it- that is his mantra, stay out, stay out. Not to say Rabbit doesn't like a good tussel, but after a shower right ou-

"What th' Frak?" comes the next words from Hale as he is left half hanging on the steps up to his bunk and at Case's movements. Well this got serious.
"Oh shit fuck!" Kissy exclaims at the sudden shift in mood, drawing Poppy back with him to the far side of the table protectively.

Vendas plods lazily into the berthings in her off-duty garb and stops, looking around and settling on Eddie and the mess surrounding her. Her eyes go wide. The smile that -was- on the CAG's face drops when Samantha throws her right cross. "What the SHIT is going on in here?!" she barks, eyes wide.

Martin immediately starts to scramble when he feels the angry yanking of Eddie off of him pulling desperately at his sweats to get them back on. Kicking a little bit, he proposes a bodily hazard for the two women to trip over as he barks up at Sam and Eddie. "WOAH WOAH WOAH STOP!" He grunts, trying to get re-pantsed.

At first when the hands are on her, she figures someone is just trying to help her to her feet. In fact, Eddie turns and cracks a smile to whoever is being the good semaritan only to get the expression wiped off her face by a sudden and unexpected fist. She crumples to the side of Martin on the floor, easily displaced, a hand to the ridge of her cheek bone. Dark eyes blink up at Samantha, while she has trouble remembering just what day of the week it is, "..the frak?" She echoes Hale. Still too dazed to realize the CAG just hit deck.'

Samantha drops Eddie the moment she lays out that single punch, her hand numb with firey pain that blossomed a heartbeat after she hit Eddie. But it felt good. For about a second. Now she hears Vendas' words and the internal wince actually crosses her face also. She swears, turning an about face and snapping to attention. "Sir!"…Yes, she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. At least she'll show respect.

"Kissy," Poppy says quietly, eyes wide at the chaos, "Can we go now?"

Hale is down, even as Martin is coming between Eddie and Sam, but his big body is coming up behind Martin in order to catch Eddie and help her up, He'll straighten once he's got the Ensign off the ground and not, well crumpled over. "Come on' Mooner.." muttered softly. Maybe he should have gotten in the mix, however there was no telling someone was about t' get cold cocked. "Crike.." said out again. Berthings tense? Yeah you could frakkin cut it with a knife now, it seems.

Matto twists his legs around to plant them on the floor to the other side of the table from all the havoc, andhe settles back with his back toward the table to let Poppy climb on, piggy-back. "Yessum," he murmurs quietly.

"Apparently you all need lessons on how to frakking behave like adults." She staring right at Samantha, though. Vendas slowly turns her eyes around to the rest. Eddie and Martin were laughing. That's noted. "Everyone as you were, Case - Hallway. Doublefrakkingtime." She steps back, turning on her heel and moving to the corridor and expecting a certain someone to follow.

Samantha tries to swallow back the sudden tightness in her throat, only a touch of guilt now beginning to show through on her face. She flickers a look back towards Eddie and Martin, still a flash of anger crossing her suddenly pale features as she watches the woman so darn close to Martin. She breathes through it and nods, "Yes, sir." Before stalking back outside after her CAG at the woman's command. She doesn't look back again. She doesn't dare.

Martin gets his sweats on and hops to his feet. "Sir I take full responsibility!" He grunts out, hopping to his feet quickly, moving as fast as he can towards Vendas with his hands up in a 'hear me out' kinda pose. "We were all getting kinda rough sir but I started it and…" He starts, trying his best to talk the situation down.

Eddie gets pulled to her feet by Hale, not fighting his grasp. She takes her weight off him once her feet are beneath her legs again. "Thanks, mate." She murmurs to Rabbit, fingers ruefully touching her cheek, then she pulls them away as if to see if any blood is on her fingers, then goes back to touching the pinking flesh. "Anyone get the license plate of that mack truck?" She asks lightly, not pissed in the least. At least. Not right this moment. Give her a second.

Poppy climbs onto Kissy's back, burying her face into his neck and letting herself get carried away from the crazy.

Vendas points a finger at Martin as she walks to the exit. "Throttle back, Lieutenant Black, before you start swimming in as much deep shit as your -friend- Sam just cannonballed herself into." Nope, she's not happy. "Stand fast in here." And with that, the Major is out the hatch.

"No problem." Hale's looking back as the major and Case are heading out before he is a looking back to Martin "Dash." comes his voice, barking up for a moment "Just leave it." Or basically, let Sam go and get her lumps from Vendas, she'll be back in here or off t' the brig. A shake of his head, waiting to fall out till the major and Case have left. "Bloody frakking shit, mate. What's up Case's ass?" Or for those who don't speak Leonithian slang 'Why did she punch Eddie across the jaw forthwit?'

"Ssssssssssssssssssssssssshit." Martin says, the last of his words coming to fruition the moment the door closes. Reaching to the back of his neck, he rubs it and turns looking back to the room and giving Poppy and Matto a cheesy, nervous smile. "Show's over…for the moment." Martin comments, heading to his bunk to grab a cigarette. Pulling one out, he nods to Hale and gets lost in thought as he lights it. "Y'allright Mooner?"

Eddie gives an indignant sniff, before her chin raises a hint. Ahh…there's that good old Eddie ire. "Where the frak does she get off?" She cranes her head around to see who's left after that mess. "Someone's panties sure were in a frakkin' wad." She locks eyes with Martin for a moment. "Booze. Better start pouring before I take that shit personal."

Matto gets his arms hooked under Poppy's knees and then turns to collect the juggling pins before they roll off to the floor. "Stand fast… that isn't code for we have to stay here, is it?" he just checks, looking to Eddie with concern, then to Martin, "Yeah, you know, Marty, that was -pretty- out of line. You were just playing around. That was a blow landed in anger, and no mistake," he points out, leaning his head back to cuddle a little against Poppy in what he hopes to be a comforting manner.

Hale is shaking his head as he looks back towards Poppy and Matto for a moment and there is a sigh, and back up he is moving into his bunk to find that Philosophy book of his, already needing something to clear the mind. My How shit just slides about. "You okay?" offered back to the two Raptor squaddies.

Poppy remains wrapped about Matto, content to be carried even if they aren't leaving just yet, "I'm hungry."

"Oh I'm pretty sure we're all gonna get yelled at in a few." Martin says, pulling a bottle out of his locker and taking a pull from it. Grunting as he breathes out the fumes, he hands the bottle to Eddie and leans against his bunk to drag off of the cigarette. "Yeah I think I've gotta stay here. Chances are they're right outside the door and with how Vendas was looking she's liable to kick the first person's ass that walks out the door." Martin replies, staring off into space for a few more moments. "Yeah…she was mad." He nods his head a few times. "Real mad."

Eddie takes Martin's bottle, moving a short distance away to click open her locker. She rummages around until she finds a glass, then inverts the glass thing over the top of the bottle as she moves back towards the table. On the way? You can damn well bet she's going to steal Martin's cigarette too. And even then, the score isn't even close to even. "Really. You would have think I frakked you in the storage closet." She says dryly, oddly bemused by the situation. "I'm not going out in the hall. No way in Hades am I running that gauntlet." She says to Matto and Poppy.

"… yeah, I think we'll just sit tight here for a few, Poppyflower," Kissy bends his knees and then straightens them, tossing Poppy shortly upward as he carries her on his back, standing there looking vaguely like a refugee, trapped in a strange land, carrying his only valued possessions with him, lost and confused. "Anyone have any grubthings?"

"Tends to happen when people go brainfrakked and start sockin squaddies left an bloody right?" A look is given back to Martin for a moment, form where he is sitting in his bunk, book up as his place marker is removed for a moment. "Seriously, Dash. What's her frakkin deal?" From what he can tell on how th' night moves, you two have been getting on splendidly, as one way to put it..And Rabbit is waiting, obviously.

"Wh-.." Martin protests as his cigarette is stolen, and then when Eddie comments on storage room antics, he flattens his lips and gives her the 'I disapprove' look. He huffs inward and sighs, running a hand through his hair. "Yeah I'm not going out there either. She was looking at me when she told me to park it." Martin looks around the room at the assembled pilots (and Eco, for Poppy's sake). "I dunno. I'll have to talk to her. Probably shouldn't get into it." He says, grabbing a cup and heading over with Eddie towards his stolen bottle of liquor. It's all code for not wanting to talk about it. Something's gotten him tense. "Hey puff puff give, damnit…"

Legacy slides into the berthings, shaking her head slightly. "What. The. Hells," she asks, standing there in her off duties, hair bushed out as if she were napping. There's even a pillow crease on her cheek. "Why, in the name of all that's holy, is the CAG standing out in the hall with shreds of Case's ass in her teeth?"

Poppy rests her chin on top of Kissy's head, looking out at the pilots as though they're strange alien things. When Legacy enters she is in mid-yawn, quickly attempting to stifle it and slipping down off Matto's back to stand off to the side with her arms nervously crossed.

"Please do mate, I don't want my jaw knocked if I snap your ass in th' showers.." and cue the other Captain popping in. Hale looks from his bunk as in breaks Black Cat and there is a glance back towards Poppy and Matto, if there was a chance to break and run, could this be it. Still he is remaining there with his book in hand. "Bit of riff-raff sir." one way to put it, and that is all Rabbit is willing to add on the subject. At least right now.

Matto taps a juggling pin in some vague show of anxiety on the edge of the table, looking up toward his Captain, "Space Case forgot there were a couple of intermediate steps in between 'everything's fine' and decking someone," he reports, edging over toward her as if to hitch a ride on her if she happens to go back out again.

Eddie settles into a chair at the table, waiting for the possibility that the CAG will call her out, too. But if she's going to wait for the ferry man to courier her across the Styx, she's going to have a drink first. With Martin's cigarette between her lips, she flips over her glass and fills it with his booze. "Case decided I was just too damn pretty and needed another bruise." She smirks around the cigarette and turns her face so that Legacy can see it, a nice red ridge puffing up on her cheekbone. "Sir." She adds by way of greeting, then takes a long drag on the cancer stick and offers it out to Martin, filter first.

Martin's eyes blink at the mention of his ass being snapped, giving Matto and Eddie a wide eyed look. Watching Poppy straighten a bit as Black Cat enters, Martin tries his best to look like he wasn't pouring a drink when the Captain asks her question. Straightening a little, he clears his throat. "We were just roughhousing a bit, sir." Martin tries to sound responsible, taking a drag off of the cigarette and pouring himself a shot's worth.

Thea starts to say something, but Poppy's actions catch her up short and she just blinks owlishly at the ECO for a moment, brows pulling together in a 'what the hell' look. She shakes it off after a moment. "I think we've got another few minutes before the coast is clear," she says quietly. "Sure it wasn't your sparkling personality, Mooner?"

Apparently Martin has never been in a locker room beyond basic, or so Rabbit will take the look. A flip of a few more pages before he is glancing over to the Captain. After all, who doesn't like reading. Reading is safe, reading one cannot get hurt. "Really sir- Just some rough housing that I think got taken too badly." a look to Cat and then back to the book.

Eddie twirls the glass of liquor for a moment, before picking the glass up, tapping it on the table once, then shooting it back. With a grimace, she looks back to the Captain. "I'm certainly not going to pretend I can win a Miss Congeniality contest. No biggie, all is fair in love and war." And the likelihood of Eddie pressing any charges are slim to none. Finally she looks back to Matto, "I got ream of crackers sitting on my mattress. You're welcome to them." She hitches her head towards her bunk, belatedly.

Matto is not as convinced as the viper pilots that this wasn't a big deal, but— viper pilots will congeal into a mass when poked. He doesn't add anything else for the moment, just lifting his hand to 'slam' the juggling pin down on the edge of the table, sending it bouncing up and flipping through the air before he catches it again. He looks over his shoulder, then, to Poppy, "Crackers?"
Taking his own shot of liquor, Martin takes a seat and waits for the inevitable. Taking another drag off of the cigarette, he offers it back to Mooner as he looks in Thea's direction. "Yeah we were all just having some fun and Eddie got smacked. It was just one of those things I don't think it's a serious thing. We were all laughin…" He tries to downplay it, covering for everyone the best he can like someone caught cheating in high school. "How have you been?" Oh the subject change attempt…

Poppy shakes her head, only murmuring in reply, "No thanks."

Legacy lifts a shoulder delicately and offers the rest of the assembled a bit of a smile. "I ducked in here to escape the ass chewing going on out there. Kissy, Poppy, if you two want to head back to our berthings, I can likely provide cover." A hand waves. "Whatever happens in here stays in here. Not my problem unless it deals with one of my pilots." Hale gets a wry grin.

Matto turns his head back toward Poppy, then tips it faintly back in the prior direction in an effort to catch her eye, both eyebrows rising subtly.

Hale will not be ratting one way or the other, besides Vendas saw what happened, no need to rehash it. A grunt and the book is closed and sat down on the bunk again as he is dropping to the bunk floor with a thud. Lips licked before he is going back over to his locker, leaning into the door, and popping the lock. There is a rummaging back before he is turning around with a small possibly half metled candy bar. A snap in half before he is offing in the direction of Poppy and Matto. A look back to Legacy and Rabbit chuckles "Your chicks are fine..They were just casual observers..'

Samantha steps back into the room, looking somber and quiet, thoroughly chewed out no doubt. Her right hand is held close to her body, the already damaged knuckles crying out now. She pauses as she hears Vendas' voice once again behind her, frowning slightly… "…for what it's worth, Mooner…I'm sorry…" Is all Sam actually says. She's not even looking at Martin.

Poppy holds her hands over her stomach for a moment, shrugs her shoulders once and then nods at Matto.

Eddie takes the cigarette back from Martin, because somehow sharing seems more economical. She settles it between her lips, taking a long drag of it as she draws herself to her feet. "Guess that's my cue." She says, exhaling a long breath of smoke, dark gaze locked to Samantha as she holds the cigarette back out to Martin for him to take. "No you're not." She says simply to Case, before passing her on the way out to the hall to meet Vendas.

"Frak…" Martin says, pouring himself another shot as he can hear Vendas' angry calling. Turning to see Sam entering. Taking the cigarette back, he stands and turns to Sam, reaching out for her. "Hey…Sam…" He says quietly, looking towards her hand and stepping closer to her. "…hey you allright?"

Hale is looking over towards Samantha with a confused look for a moment as he is still there offering half of the candy bar towards the pilot and eco. And then he is looking over towards Martin. The Oh shit meter is reading on the high on the critical levels. "That's frakked if the Ensign gets chapped for you knocking her Case." and Rabbit will leave it there.

Matto looks briefly to Rabbit and holds out a hand in gentle refusal, looking back toward Poppyflower keeping his eyes on her as he quietly draws his chin in and to one side.

Samantha nods simply to Martin, heading to her own bunk, not even stopping near the man. "I'm fine." She tugs her locker open with her left hand. Hale gets a frown…"She's been cajoling…" she seems about to go into some sort of rant, and then she pauses. She takes a breath and nods slowly. "No, you're right. It's frakked. I doubt she will be." She states simply, looking back into her locker for her off duty sweats. No flight status, no duty…

Poppy shakes her head at Matto, rubbing her arms as she stands there and looks generally miserable.

Thea studies the room and the mood for a moment, then turns toward the door. "I'm going to brave the gauntlet. Night, folks." And with that, she's gone.

Matto looks up from his moment of telepathy with his ECO when the Captain leaves, and he reaches out with an arm to try to gently herd Poppy after her.

Looking towards Hale, Martin bites his lip and then offers Poppy and Matto an apologetic look. The tension in the berthings is thick enough to laser-slice with a tree trunk. Watching Sam walk away from him, he pauses for a moment and then steps towards her locker. Lowering his voice again, he takes a drag off of the cigarette and offers it to her. "Hey…I'm sorry I was trying to get everyone to unwind…"

Samantha waves the cigarette off quietly, "No, Martin, it's okay. My own damned fault for starting any of this in the first place." she strips out of her BDU's shirt, just her sports bra beneath, and tugs on her tanks instead. Once that's done she shimmies out of her slacks and pulls on the pair of black sweat pants she had rested on her bunk. She rolls down the top of the waist, letting it rest comfortably though there, before shoving her uniform back into her locker. "…Everyone, relax, continue as you were. I'm out of here, I promise." She states flatly, turning to head for the door.

Hale just stares back at Dash for a moment, before he is pulling the candy bar back, and undoing the wrapper. A chomp of th' chocolate looking stuff, and he is looking down to his socked feet. Only when Samantha speaks up about cajoling does he shoot the other Lieutenant a look. Something he learned from his Coach and then he is moving to sit down at the table, hand up through his short hair before he is eating quietly. "Where you off to Case?" asked with a look over his shoulder he has money on the Hack.

Poppy follows along when pressed to, feet shuffling.

Martin stops, blinking at Sam with a tilt of his head. "What kind of bullshit is that, Sam?" He says with a shake of his head, continuing to follow after her. He seems to have forgotten the audience for a moment, going into argument mode as he stomps after her. "Gods damnit Sam look you lost your frakking temper it's not the end of the damned world. You shouldn't walk away from everything the moment it gets complicated…"

Samantha tosses a look to Hale across her shoulder before glancing down to her black and purple hand. "Sickbay. Hand finally hurts enough that avoiding it is… probably not a good idea." She admits simply before looking back to Martin as he's going into argument mode. She's not. Most emotion is just gone from her face. "Martin, if we don't stop it now, and one more shitty little incident like this happens…The CAG and Marek are gonna stop it FOR us… and I'd rather that not on our records. So… bed is made. Lay in it." She snaps those last words, just slightly, then moves to go again.

"Told you to frakkin see to that earlier Case, Hope Vendas isn't yanking your ass off rotation." Hale's looking back up and taking another bite of candy bar, before he is looking between Martin and Samantha. And now he feels awkwardly stuck in the middle. Oh boy- so then he is looking back to the hatch, silently praying he's next on the chew out wheel, if anything just to get out of this room.

"What records?" Martin says with a shake of his head, reaching out to try to grab Sam's arm. "What gods damned records? What you think anything we do here is gonna go against our applications to war college Sam? Look okay that was frakked up. I understand. It got frakked up, I understand but gods damnit girl there's no where to walk away to…" Martin narrows his eyebrows. "…just don't okay? I'll come with you to sickbay like we planned…"

Samantha rolls her eyes towards Hale. "Already taken off, Rabbit…and not because of the hand." Yes, she's been turfed of duty for this. No, she is clearly not happy, and the pain in her hand, as WELL as breaking up with the man whom she rather clearly loves is making all of this even worse. She shrugs away from Martin. "I've got it covered. Just… leave me alone, Dash." She states flatly and then, unless someone physically stops her, she is going to out the hatch. They might be able to do it verbally too, but the words better be damned good.

Hale is looking between the two as it seems the break up is taking place, and he finishes that candy bar, in rather quiet order. PLease, pay no attention to the tall pilot at the center table. "Gods, my frakkin' luck." mutters Rabbit and is then looking to the hatch, literally trying to will the major to call him out, or something. Let these crazy kids have their love fight. He wants no part of it.

Martin stops walking after Samantha, letting her head towards the door. "FINE." He blurts out with a shake of his head, turning to drag off of his cigarette with a bitter look on his face. Turning back towards the table, he sets his glass back down and pours a double shot's worth of the liquor. "Oh quit your bitching Rabbit…" He scoffs, shaking his head as he lifts up the glass, quickly tossing back the liquor.

Samantha is out with that.

If Eddie entered berthings like a storm cloud earlier, she's working up to a full blow storm of epic proportions now. She doesn't even /look/ in the direction of anyone who still is silly enough to be lingering around in the open. She had to shoulder past Samantha to get in here, that's bad enough. She heads straight to her locker and pops it open, pulling out a small toiletry bag.

"Frak off Dash." comes the reply over to the younger Black as he is getting up and moving back to reach for the book on his bunk. A look over to Eddie when she is entring and getting the bag, brow raised, but at the same time he knows for certain he's not going to ask any questions. No Rabbit's good on this one.

"Yeah whatever man." Martin says back to Rabbit as he turns to watch Eddie head over towards her bunk. "Hey Mooner, what happened out there?" Martin asks, stubbing out his cigarette and lifting his head in her direction.

A glance given to Dash, and Rabbit is shaking his head, before he's looking to the Hatch, yeah he is going to take his bloody chance, and get out of dodge before the rest of the smoke clears. Something tells him he does not want to be here for either answer and such. So he is now slipping back out quietly.

Eddie turns back towards the hatch, headed in that direction instead of the Head, which is odd considering she looks ready to go hope in the shower or brush her teeth before rack time. "CAG said if I so much as fart in your direction, and Case happens to be standing down wind, my ass is grass. So it's been nice knowing you, kid."

"Frak the CAG." Martin says with a shake of his head, sighing and moving to lean against his bunk with his arms crossed. Looking to the ceiling as his shoulders thump against the wall, he crosses his arm and sighs, closing his head. "What a frakkin gods damned mess…so what the frak did the CAG all say?" He lowers his head, looking to Eddie. "That's absolute bullshit…"

Poppy pokes her head through the hatch, which is quickly followed by the rest of her as she avoids the meeting going on in the hall, "Martin?"

Eddie smirks ever so slightly as Martin looks in her direction. "Just that I'm a trouble child, and if I do anything to create turmoil in your little marital bliss, it'll be the last straw. It's alright, Dash. Gotta learn I can't win 'em all." She crosses towards the hatch, her voice dropping to a grumble. "Woulda been nice to at least get on the score board though. Take it easy."

Martin just watches Eddie walk, a lowering to his brow that betrays the settling in of a foul mood. Sighing out a cloud of cigarette smoke after lighting one, he looks to the sound of a new voice. Finding Poppy at the hatch, he lifts his eyebrows to her and speaks quietly. "Yeah?"

"Did you want to come over to our berthings?" Poppy swiftly hops out of the way to let Eddie get past, wringing her hands in front of her, "I … " She pauses and decides to hold off on the explanation, "We thought you might like to come over?"

Eddie glances over at Poppy as she passes, shaking her head. Sure, /he/ gets the olive branch.

Martin looks to his bottle and reaches out for it. "Hey Eddie." He calls out, stepping over with his pack of cigarettes. She disappears before he's able to offer her the bottle. Feeling a bit sheepish, he looks to Poppy and nods quietly. He glances back to his bunk and then to her, nodding quietly. "Yeah…yeah I think I should probably get away from here for a while." He smiles softly to her. "Lead the way?"

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