Don't Frak With Panda
Don't Frak With Panda
Summary: Castor learns first hand just how protective Kitty is of her brother.
Date: PHD 177 (10-12-09)
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Castor sits quietly in a corner reading over his rules and regs and for his part Leda has made a HUGE mistake. So what does Leda do, whine, cry, break down in tears, no he hits the frakking books to study his ass off while he waits to hear from the CAG about his punishment. This means Leda is quiet and introspective and not in a mood to frak around.

Kitty's been scarce since the night Panda called Martin out in the mess hall - outside of CAPs and the occasional meal she has really not been seen much. She hasn't even been seen in the berthings, having staked out another place to sleep. It's only because she's hungry that she comes here, intent on hitting up the vending machine for something to eat that won't require her to hit the mess hall, so intent on her self-imposed mission that she doesn't notice Castor right now.

Castor looks over at Kitty sheepishly, "Hey, Kitters, we need to talk." He says simply and honestly. He isn't in the mood to mess around at this moment.

"Huh…?" She turns slowly, hand in pocket while she fishes for change, her eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Yeah, sure. What's up?" Quest for coins complete, Kitty slips them into the coin slot in the machine and takes the time to pick something out before she turns to face the LT, candy bar in hand.

Castor looks at Kitty, "Kitty, I called your brother out…on his stance with wanting to fight Marty…I did so wrongfully since I was off duty and he was on duty and an MP officer came out to join us." He then frowns, "Captain Legacy saw this and now I've got to meet Kai to which bad things will happen." He then says, "So my point is I wanted to stop Martin from his fight with your brother to save Martin and your brother…instead I learned I have to let people make flaming mistakes of themselves."

There is nothing but silence from Kitty as she unwraps her snack, the woman not speaking at all, at first, the only indication that she has heard him being the darkening of her expression as he goes on. "I only have one rule that I ask people to follow," she murmurs just before she takes the first bite of her chocolately-nougetty goodness, "And that's do not frak with my brother." Mouth full, her words are a bit muffled but should still be understandable. "I get it…that you probably felt like it was your right and your obligation to do so since you're a Lieutenant now but if you ever do that to Panda again…call him out like that without good cause and without doing so via proper means…I will encourage him to press charges. Do I make myself understood, sir?" Another bite is taken, this time not saying anything while chewing.

Castor takes his lumps for a moment and then he says nothing not a godsdamn thing. Instead he grows cold, he has been told not to be a hall monitor and so he walks away from this, "I will not bother in the affairs of your brother ever again." His words take a slightly distant quality as if to say he is worried about other things.

Kitty's eyes lower and her head bows slightly, her own sign of having troubles other than this. "I am sorry." Clearing her throat, she looks up at him and murmurs softly, "You've changed, Castor. I don't know what's going on but you have. And I don't know if I like it." Losing her appetite, the candy's tossed in the trash, left mostly uneaten. "Wish you were the old Leda. At least you seemed to have your head screwed on a bit tighter."

Castor says, "The old Leda yelled at your brother when he was on duty and I was off duty. The old Leda stuck his nose in the affairs of Marty and Panda when he shouldn't have because sometimes people need to fail so they can learn." He looks at Kitty "Hate me if you want because I did my best for you and your brother and in the process I learned that people need to fail and I have to walk away from that."

"No, that's not the old Leda. The -old- Leda was before the promotion, Castor. The person I met after coming here from the Demeter." With her hands now empty, Kitty fold her arms under her chest, her shoulders just about up around her ears now as the tension grabs hold of her, drawing her muscles tight. "Hate you? Wow, here I was thinking you knew me pretty well but I can see you don't. If you did you'd know it'd take a lot more to get me to hate someone." Sniffing, she gives him a slight glare before adding, "I'm just disappointed," that said with very little emotion to her voice.

Castor pauses for a moment, "Kitty, let me make this clear, I love you and I love your brother…except for when he talks about Delann's ass, then I want to break his jaw…but for the most part I love you both. However, I felt that calling Marty out into a fight was a step beyond." He then frowns, "However, I should trust Marty to do his thing and I should trust your brother to do his. So, I give up…I'm letting fate take control."

The Lieutenant does nothing to endear himself to her by mentioning how he feels about Panda having mentioned Marissa's backside, the mere speaking of wishing to do him bodily harm not helping in the least. "If you had any idea about who and what my brother is then you'd understand. So perhaps you should actually try to get to know him before passing judgment?"


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