Do not buck the CAG
Do not buck the CAG
Summary: CAG bulldozes Yuuri and there's questions about trust
Date: PHD05 (April 23)
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The Sim room is quiet save for the brewing of coffee in the machines. Seated at a table is Yuuri, brows furrowed as he continues sketching into a notepad, a book and five shapes made from foil surround him atop the table. While most of the crew has been in mourning or looking for other things to take their mind of the situation, Typhys has been reading flight manuals constantly, drawing the new versons of Cylon aircraft, and modeling them from gum wrapper foil. The black bags under his eyes have a new color of blue from the bridge of his nose accompaning them. He's worn out and stressed, but not about the attack.

The seated viper jock stops the pen, setting it down. He reaches down and pulls out a flask from his sock, opening it and pouring a clear liquid down his throat. Fingers thrum along top of the table, the icey jades closing as he starts to muse again.

Vendas steps into the sim room with a lockbox in her hand, the contents sealed inside the fireproof container. She glances to Yuuri, then does a doubletake. She stops midstride and turns to look at the flask in his hand. Her empty hand extends. "Lieutenant, give me the flask." Vendas has been scarce since it went down, but when she's been seen, like now, she's in her flightsuit. And her face just went rather impassive. Probably not a good sign.

Yuuri looks back over his shoulder at the Major and rises from the chair, offering a brief salute before taking a few steps and offering the flask to Vendas, "Thirsty sir?" His brow arches inquisitively to the woman and he stands at ease about a foot from her.

The Major takes the flask from him and sniffs it. Once. Twice. Her eyes lift to the Lieutenant before she walks over to the sink and turns the flask upside down. "Lieutenant, if I catch you with a flask - even just carrying - in a Condition other than Three, I will have you reassigned to the Deck for one month with a revocation of flight status. You wanna drink water? You drink it out of a frakkin' glass like everyone else. Are we crystal clear?" Once emptied, she extends it back to him.

Yuuri stands dumbfounded at the order, his brow still quirk, "Yes..sir" He continues to look at the Major, "It was my grandfather's when he served." He takes the flask back and kneels, sliding it back down into his sock. Before rising he adjusts the end of this pant leg, "Permission to speak freely sir?"

Vendas stares at him, his reasoning for having it not seeming to effect her at all. "Fine, what's your piece, Lieutenant?" She doesn't wait for the answer, instead moving around him and heading for a locker near the end of the room - one of the many. She pulls out a large ring of keys and begins counting off before moving to stick the right key into the padlock.

Yuuri just walks back to the table and settles back into his chair, "Nevermind it's not important." He's put off by the Major's attitude and figures it must be a Kharon thing. He takes the pen and finishes the 3-D design of the Cylon Raider.

Vendas opens up the locker and puts the lockbox in on a shelf and shuts it. "Lieutenant, I need to know who I can count on in this wing and who I cannot. Playing games with keeping water in a flask is a sure sign that I can't take the pilot seriously. Being drunk on duty and/or in an alert situation is something that I have no-shit seen kill pilots." She turns and looks at him for a moment and turns back to the locker, clamping the padlocks back and shoving the keys into a zippered pocket in her flightsuit.

"You can't trust me because I brought a flask of water to the sim room to study these new Cylon threats. I flew just fine during the engagement. I go over that day in my head all the time. And for what? A Major to claim she can't trust someone that -IS- dedicated to this post?" Yuuri remains seated, yup it's getting to him. "You ask how can you trust those in the wing. How can we trust you to make the right call if you only know us on paper and we only know you during briefings?" His knuckles whiten against the pen, "All I had to go with was what I saw, nobody told me a damn thing what they were. Intel dropped the ball on this and they continue to hold back stuff from those who go out and risk their lives?"

The hatch opens, allowing the entrance of another of the Viper jocks from that engagement. "Typhoon, Major." Fen greets, keeping near the wall as she moves to catch herself in case she gets another dizzy spell. At a safe enough distance, she comes to and salutes, waiting.

Vendas quirks her brow and looks Yuuri over skeptically. "Wow, child, you really have a burr up your ass, don't you? How about you throttle back before you fly yourself into someplace dark and stank." She crosses her arms, nearly smirking. "Personally, /Lieutenant/ I don't give two fraks what you think. I know who I know. And if you don't think you can trust me then you are welcome to take off your pins and go happy-ass yourself off to a different department where you can claim whatever you please. But try and buck the CAG like they aren't anyone to trifle with?" She smirks. "Good Gods, who tought you military protocol? A dog?" Vendas pushes off the locker and looks towards Fenris as she waves off the salute. "As you were, Fen." He eyes then look back to Yuuri. "Nobody told anybody anything. You aren't a special case. Now its probably in the best interest of your career to quit questioning the command structure or their decisions. You'll get the information when /Commander/ Sheridan is damned well ready to give it."

Yuuri closes the notepad slowly. "Yes sir." He rises after gathering his figures and notepad. He has a lot on his mind but keeps it to himself. 'Take off the pins' Now that is an idea that has crossed his mind since the attack. He's just a pilot, expendable right? "Is that all /sir/" He asks not making eye contact with the CAG.

Conflict. Bad. "Do you trust me, Yuuri?" Fenris intones in that tone of hers, turning her eyes toward him though her face doesn't leave the Major. Her hand unobtrusively alights against the wall as it comes down from the salute, though she waits for an answer before she proceeds on any other track.

Vendas nods. "Yeah, as far as I'm concerned." She seems somewhat relaxed about the matter, folding her hands behind her back. She falls silent as Fenris asks her question, turning her eyes to the younger woman.

Yuuri starts towards the hatchway and glance up at the clock then back at Fenris. He remains silent as he continues to pass by his wingman. His jaw is clenched, knuckles white as a Merk II holding onto the notepad. He just about looks ready to completely lose it as he reaches the hatch and turns to Fenris, fire burning behind those icey jades. "I.." He starts but doesn't finish, slipping through the hatchway.

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