Henry Rollins
Henry Rollins as Dmitri Alexandros
Name: Dmitri Alexandros
Alias: None Known
Age: 30
Hair & Eyes: Brown, Brown
Faction: Resistance
Position: Survivalist
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: Evenings
Timezone: Central

Biographical Info



Sgt. Cyrus Alexandros was a marine marksman, on the ground during the Battle of Tauron. After the battle, he retired with commendations and awards, and promptly emigrated all the way to Scorpia and out of the knowledge of most who knew him. On Scorpia he was mostly known as 'that crazy guy who lives out in the woods' given his aversion to the city, especially after his wife Samantha was killed by an accident at work. PTSD doesn't make for a stable home life. He died a few years back, leaving his son alone.

Dmitri's extended family doesn't really even know he exists, nor particularly care, at least as far as he knows. He's okay with that.


Schools are for decadent city folk. Dmitri was home-schooled, and actually surprisingly well. Most of his education was hands-on, though, so he missed a few of the more esoteric subjects that schools teach like 'last century's famous poets' or 'trigonometry'. Oddly enough, this has never actually been a problem for him. Go figure.


Aside from being the 'son of the crazy guy out in the woods', Dmitri's only really known to the people in the few stores he hit on occasion when he went down to the city for supplies, and the smugglers who occasionally used his and his father's place for drops. So unless you're a shopkeeper or a gun- or drug-runner, you probably don't know about him. Or possible a bartender. He did occasionally come out've the woods to hit the bars, when they still existed.

Distinguishing Features

  • Tattoos along both arms, up the shoulders and across his back.
  • Truck
  • Dawg
  • Attitude


  • Sleeps with his eyes open. Creepy.
  • Can eat just about anything edible without any stomach trouble. Even burritos.
  • Has a small gallery of paintings at his cabin, mostly landscapes. They're his.


  • Can shoot you.
  • Can punch you.
  • Can sneak up on you.
  • Can drive you somewhere.
  • Can repair your car.
  • Can stop you from bleeding. Maybe.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Picture Details
Cerberus. He's a good dog. As far as Dmitri's concerned, he's worth more than the entire rest of the Resistance, but that could just be the borderline personality disorder talking.

Timeline of Events

Day #14: Finally finds some survivors. They appear to be led by a cop and 'Old Man Harkins'. Begin to look for meddling kids + dog.



  • Painting
  • Attractive wilderness vistas
  • Hunting
  • Cerberus


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