Dinner and a Show
Dinner and a Show
Summary: Typical Mess Hall nuttery.
Date: PHD050
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Kharon - Mess Hall

Roubani is sitting at a table with a bowl of soup mostly forgotten in front of him, dressed in drab olive fatigues with the jacket unbuttoned at the top. His right arm is still nestled in its dark blue sling, the white plaster now bearing a curious half-bracelet of thin-sharpied flowers. Daww. He's reading some technical printout with a calculator nearby, eyes slightly squinted at the corners as though a need for reading glasses might not be far off in his future. There's a streak of some sort of grime across his temple, which he hasn't noticed.

Castor steps into the mess, he signs for his meal and then he moves to get his standard military issue meal. He smiles softly at the thought of warm food, today is mystery meat, rice, and sliced vegetables. He then takes his tray over to Roubani as he takes a seat. He doesn't say anything at first, not because he is being rude but because he is hungry and he needs to eat. He does after a time look over at Roubani, and makes a sweeping motion to his temple, "You've got a spot there." He then offers a napkin to the Ensign. It seems the Jig has no sign of hostility at being called out by the Ensign the other night. Must be an Aquarian thing.

Roubani's dark eyes come up from his work, regarding Castor blankly. There's a person in front of him. Wait. He blinks, glancing around as if he'd utterly forgotten he was sitting in the mess hall. Whoa. He clears his throat, accepting the napkin at the very tip, and absently brushes at the edge of the dirt that he can't see. "Thank you, sir," he says, soft-spoken as usual. A glance at the napkin to see if he got the dirt. He didn't. "Things alright, then?"

Castor looks at Roubani, "Not quiet, Poet." He points again on his own face showing exactly where to rub. "Lost in thought, Poet?" He asks as he double checks to make sure that Roubani does get the grime off. He then takes a moment to scoop up a spoonfull of rice which he eats and swallows as he takes a moment take a drink of water. However he looks again to make sure the grime is gone.

Roubani shakes his head. He moves the napkin, wiping at the indicated spot. It ends up smearing the grease rather than getting it off, but a glance at the napkin shows black so he sets it aside. After folding it neatly. "Not really, sir." His tone today has some caution, as though he weren't quite sure what to expect from the Lieutenant. The man's answer clearly confused him, though. "Things…aren't alright?"

Castor picks up a new napkin, "You still didn't get it." He pours a bit of water out of his cup and onto a napkin and if Roubani doesn't resist he gently works the grime out, "What isn't alright?" He asks as he attempts to get Roubani's temple clean. He then says, "And if you aren't comfortable talking to me you can talk to another officer but you know, don't bottle it all in."

One hand in a pocket, yet back still ram-rod straight, it is easy to tell Randy isn't quite off duty yet or just got off duty by the lack of relaxation in her posture and blank facial expression, but the young MP just runs her free hand through her hair, moving to head over and get the meal for today. Eyeing the items on the tray with delight. Yay! Food! Or something like that but then as she walks away a bit and just stands there, husky blues sweeping over the various individuals gathered in the mess she has to figure out where to sit. That's always the catch.

"I don't know, you said 'not quite'." Roubani answers. The last thing Castor says gets a confused, "Pardon?" And might have gotten more, except for the fact that Castor's reaching at him. His shoulders shrink away, face turning away from the attempted touch. It's fast, definitely reflex, and a quickly-given apology sounds quite embarassed. "I'm sorry…I'm sorry, sir, I've got it."
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Castor lets his hand get stopped, "Oh, well with the end of the world and all things are never quite right." He offers, "Sorry to confuse you. I was making a joke." He then begins eating again as he stops to look over at the popo he pauses as he acctually pauses as he sees someone in blues however he stops for a moment to give Randy a wave.

Roubani sighs quietly. Some people really do manage to make you notice how abnormal you are. "I apologise, sir…" He murmurs again. Spoon picked up, he puts his focus down on his bowl, giving the liquid an awkward few stirs.

Sen doesn't really work on a 'shift' persay, mainly because it seems she's almost always on duty. She practically lives in Dress Blues or her yellow snipely coveralls. Today, she's dressed in the latter, as she meanders into the mess hall to refill the coffee cup that dangles from the crook of a finger.

Randy is being waved at, she stands there a few moments with her tray and blinks before carefully balancing the tray on one hand, holding it half way against her chest so she doesn't drop it. This allows her to use her now free hand to return the wave with an awkward little grimace, quickly putting it back where it came from to hold her tray so she can go back to scanning the room.

Kassia slowly makes her way into the mess hall her hand going up to cover a yawn, she sleep walks towards the service line and barely acknowledges what is being placed onto her plate. "Thanks." She mutters, as she turns away to look for a seat, plenty of people in here today.

Roubani's face is slightly red, the kind of air when you figure you've done something wrong but can't quite figure out what it is. He goes on stirring his soup, oblivious to the various wavings and greetings going on.

Leda takes a moment to look at everyone who has suddenly made thier way into the mess. However, as he spots Kassia he gives a slight smile and a nod. He turns back to Roubani and he says, "Anyway, Poet, I was thinking of putting on another talent show if you were interested?" he then eats a bit more of his rice as he eyes his mystery meat. As soon as he swallows the rice he picks up a sliced carrot which he begins to eat, what, pilots need to have good eyes and the carrots help. As he spots Sen he offers, "Sir." He keeps track of all the brass in the room.

Sen raises her coffee cup as she passes on the way to the urns. "Lieutenant." She greets, then takes stock of who is sitting with him. "Ensign Roubani." She then goes to fill her cup, leaving it black like a good little Colonial Military officer. Eventually she returns to their table, and stands. "How goes things?" She asks, making conversation while she gets her caffeine on.

Roubani clears his throat softly. "Like someone to take names at the door or something, sir? I would help if you needed." His eyes glance up from the soup then, noticing Sen. His face brightens a little bit, a slight smile pulling at his mouth and he straightens his back a touch. "Captain Eos." He raises his unbroken left arm, flashing two fingers in an exuberant (for him, anyway) V-for-victory symbol. "Eilsennbug 99784, mirrored. I win."

Kassia goes to find an empty table somewhere at the back, she slides her tray onto the table then her ass into a seat. She faces the room her back to the wall, and just begins to eat.

Randy finally makes her way to an empty table not far from the hub of activity via the pilot types as she settles down, setting tray down and fidgeting with a few utensils for a few moments before taking a deep breath and sorta hunkering over her tray ala people who have had siblings or others who might take your food. Then she begins to eat.

Castor takes a moment to look over at Roubani, "Yeah, that would be great if you don't mind. Any help would be appreciated." He then takes a moment to look at Roubani as he hears the science and his head goes a bit off. He then takes a moment to look over at Kassia and study the woman for a moment before he tucks down into his mystery meat. Frak, if the man doesn't need a drink right about now, not that he seems to be acting on his impulses for once. As Randy sits down he offers to Randy, "So, anyone been breaking the law?" He says in teasing tones.

While Sen's apparently busy trying to figure out how to respond to Roubani's stunning technical wit, the Ensign lowers his hand and takes a quiet bite of soup. His eyes flicker to Kassia and Randy, who seem to have decided to sit somewhere else.

Sen smiles at Roubani over the rim of her coffee mug. "Score one for Ensign Roubani." She takes a quick sip of her coffee. "And here I just get to figure out why the toilets in the foreward head on deck two suddenly stopped working. Ah, the glamorous life I lead."

Randy freezes when she's addressed, cheeks stuffed with food like a lopsided squirrel and an eyebrow raises slowly. There is a pause before she looks from person to person at the other table then finishes chewing what's in her mouth and running her tongue over her front teeth with a tiny shake of her head. "No su-" She is quick to clear her throat to bring back up that vocal mask of her natural accent to offer in the gender neutral affectation. "No sir. Not…seriously and the like…"

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Roubani gives his CO a dubious look, raising an eyebrow. "I would sympathise, sir, if you did't have absolute right to assign it elsewhere. Not that that was a hint, mind you." He qucikly raises his cup, hiding his nose and mouth behind the rim.

Castor looks at Sen, "Wait the toliets on deck to stopped working, sir?" He then takes a moment to add, "Uh, you may want to put on a mask when you go in there, sir. I might have left a suprise." He then takes a moment to look over at Randy, "Well then, I reckon you've been keeping us all honest. I'd hate to think about dishonest folk slipping about and making trouble." He says in the same teasing Aquarian tones, clearly from the country himself. He looks at Randy, "Are you from Aquaria by any chance?"

Kassia just sits and eats alone at her table, her fingers automatically feeding the food into her mouth. She spots Roubani looking over towards her, and slowly slides her eyes off him. Not wanting to make eye contact, perhaps?

Sen is standing near the table that Castor and Roubani occupy, enjoying a cup of coffee while still on her feet. She's in her yellow coveralls that means she's getting down and dirty today. "Last I checked, you could still operate a plunger with one hand, Ensign." She teases lightly. At Castor's suggestion, Sen delicately wrinkles her nose but doesn't comment.

Kai steps into the messhall dressed in his blues this afternoon, top flap down and effectively hiding both pins and wings on his uniform. He's minus a coffee cup today, but has an important looking folder tucked under one arm. Pilot and folder are headed on a trajectory toward the food queue, the former with his head down and his hands in his pockets, as per usual.

Randy sits at a table near the table where Castor and Roubani sit, and she's busy shoveling food into her mouth and chewing enthusiastically. She loved food, but that use of accent makes her pause with another cheek full of food to blink and shake her head slowly, wiping off her mouth and coughing. Taking time to chew and swallow she offers softly. "I do mah best sir." Letting her natural accent slip as she frowns a bit. After all, she works hard to try to hide that accent. 'FREEZE! PUT YER HANDS UP YONDER!' isn't very intimidating…really after all. "Aquari-well my ma might've had relatives there, or maybe my pa, just not sure. But not me."

Castor spots Kai in his on duty uniform and even though the Jig is off duty he snaps to attention throwing up a salute. "Captain."

Roubani glances at Castor, then back at Sen. A smirk at the ChEng. "I'm certain I could manage to break the other arm just to get out of that, sir," he teases her gently. He glances at Randy and Castor at their conversation about Aquaria, listening briefly in that way that someone who knows nothing of Aquaria would listen.

The ChEng smiles congenially at the MP speaking with Castor before her gaze slides back to Roubani. "Soon you'll be typing with a pencil between your teeth. At which point I'm going to take a picture and mock you until the end of days. Did you know that one pencil has enough lead to draw a line seventy miles long?" She asks, throwing out a random fact before taking another sip of coffee.

Castor takes a moment to listen to Randy speak before he says quietly, "Well, for half a second I thought you were from Aquaria, country fishing styled folk that we are." He then looks at Roubani noticing the look, "And should you ever want to know about Aquaria, Poet, let me know." He then takes a moment to eat his sliced vegetables. He pauses to look at Sen, "Really, Cap?" He asks as he tries to figure that one out, "Would that be a strong full pencil mark or would it get progressively weaker?"

Kai glances over at the conversation going on at a nearby table, and in doing so, happens to spot the salute thrown up by one of his pilots. It's returned in an abbreviated fashion with two fingers to his temple, and a twitch of a fleeting smile given Castor. "At ease, before you choke on your food, Leda." Then he's off to grab a tray, folder set atop it.

"Did you know, sir," Roubani answers Sen, mildly, "That there were exactly two companies that acknowledged the 'left-handed pencil', one on Canceron and one on Caprica? The text was written in reverse orientation on the side." There's something about his voice that says he might be full of shit. But MAYBE NOT. His eyes flicker up to Kai and they linger a moment before he offers a small smile. Then to Castor, "Did Aquaria have left-handed pencils, sir?"

Sen tilts her head slightly at Leda, considering his question. "I suppose you'd have to make sure the pressure applied while making the mark was consistant in order to get an accurate reading of how long of a mark can be made. So in this instance I'd say, it would stay the same until the lead ran out. Which is actually not lead at all, but a mixture of graphite and clay." Her eyes narrow at Roubani's suggestion, trying to work out the mechanics of that in her head. Huh. Interesting.
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Kassia looks down at her plate after a few moments to discover all her food was gone. She was so focused on the scene infront of her she took no notice, she forced her attention on a few of the newer faces like Sen and Randy.

Castor curses softly, "No, frakking left handed pencils on Aquaria but frak me if one of those wouldn't be interesting. I mean how would it be different from a right handed pencil." He shakes his head as he offers, "We did have left handed paper though which was good for me on account that I am left handed." He then takes a moment to study Sen, "I'll keep that in mind, sir, it could be something to try out if we ever get to a point where we can test that." He then looks back over at the MP, "You have family on Aquaria though? What part?"

Kai might have spotted Roubani's smile. Or he might not. His own lingers a moment or two more and then is smoothed away again, as he busies himself spooning limp vegetables and rehydrated potato onto his plate. A cup of coffee follows, filled to the brim so that it sloshes a little when he moves it onto his tray. And then.. then, he's detaching himself from the line and looking for a table.

"The text was reversed," Roubani repeats for Castor's benefit. "You know, instead of up like this…it went up like this…" He makes two vague hand motions that attempt to illustrate the backwards orientation. Which really is the same motion, with his wrist just tilted a different way. Gods help the spatially challenged.

Sen grins fully now, a laugh given to the depths of her coffee cup. She's draining it quickly, so if the goal was to come in here and get something for her trek back to Engineering, she'll have to refill again before leaving. "Back when I was younger, they would just rap on your knuckles with a ruler until you learned to write right handed instead of south-paw." She also walked up hills both ways to school.

Castor pats a spot open beside him for the Captain, "Over here, sir." he says indicating the open spot to Kai. He then turns to Roubani, "Ah, yes, that would make my handwritting more efficent in ways you wouldn't even begin to know." He then slowly looks over at Sen, "Hey, did that on Aquaria but I was stubborn and all." He doesn't mention the few years he skipped out of school.

"Hunh." Randy is very eloquent from where she sits with her food, which is almost gone at the rate she's tucking it away honestly. She's listening intently even if she doesn't have much to say.

…but she does offer softly and barely audibly, not wanting to interrupt the flow of conversation. "I don't rightly know sir, my pa only really mentioned it when he was whipping me for taking the teacher's ruler when she left the room so /she/ couldn't hit me no more for not doing my times tables." Randy might be making a joke. It is hard to tell, because she goes back to eating.

"Well, it wasn't…meant to…" Roubani flushes slightly red at Castor's sarcasm and clears his throat. He has a sip of tea.

Kai had clearly been intending to slink off and find an empty table, or as near to it as can be managed in here. But just as he's about to turn away, Castor has to open his mouth. Damned pilots being friendly. His eyes flick away, then back, and he starts over after a moment's hesitation. "Afternoon," he greets the table at large, followed by his tray being set down, and the chair next to Castor claimed.

Kassia eyes Kai as he makes his way over towards Castor's table, the young pilot seems to be in a grumpy mood and not really wanting to join in. As Kai sits she lets her eyes fall briefly to Castor then off again. Her coffee mug is picked up and she sips the sweet milky stuff, eyes the room in a hostile fashion almost.

Sen's smile grows a bit when fellow brass occupies the same airspace. "Marek." She greets, using his last name instead of equal rank, because that's just how she rolls.

Castor looks at at Kai, "Cap, we were discussing the merits of left handed pencils, paper, and evil ass teachers hitting southpaws on the hands." His eyes glance over toward Kassia for a moment and then back to the group. He then says to the MP, "Ah, that is a shame, I miss my days on Aquaria where folk knew how to throw a right proper shindig."

Roubani puts his tea down, looking up from his tray as Kai sits. He then starts glancing at hands. Sen's. Castor's. Kai's. His own right hand is defunct, so who knows if he's left handed by nature or by necessity. His handling of his pens and other utensils looks naturally left-handed, though. "I think all the southpaws were duly banished to the Kharon," he remarks, drily.

"Captain." It's murmured moments before a forkful of limp vegetables are slid into Kai's mouth. Because that's just how he rolls. Spotting Kassia seated at a nearby table, he darts her a small smile. And speaks across, with his mouth still half-full, "Try adding some sugar." To the coffee. Castor's comment earns a sideways glance as he digs into his potatoes.

Randy idly twirls a fork between her fingers, head tilting to the side as she stares off at nothing in particular, probably thinking about home as she just nods slowly and looks thoughtful.

Sen wiggles the fingers of her right hand. "Not me. I learned my lesson. I write with my right now. Oddly enough though, I screw with my left." A pause. A slight tilt of her head. "Screw…driver. Screw driver. I use a screwdriver with my left hand." Yes. That's what she meant. She clears her throat uncomfortably. "Right. Well. Back to the salt mines. Everyone?" The ChEng cheers them with a raised coffee mug.

Castor says softly, "Yes, Captain, we all knew you meant screwdriver." He then raises his glass of water, he is a jig and jigs have to follow higher officers such is their lot in life…well, it is the military so such is everyones lot in life. He then takes a moment to look over at Kai, "Sir, I'd like to talk to you sometime, sir, nothing important but something has come up that I want to talk about when you have a moment."

Roubani gives his new CO a look that's somewhere between 'shame on you' and 'I'm trying not to burst out laughing'. He picks up his tea, burying the entire expression behind the rim of his cup.

Kai doesn't even need to comment on that. And so he doesn't. Thankfully for everyone at his table, no doubt. Coffee cup lifted, he meets Sen's eyes for a moment over the rim as a healthy swig is taken. Then it's back to his food. "Sure thing, Leda. Got a bug up your ass?"

Sen flashes a wink to Kai. Or is that to Roubani? Hard to tell, and she's not sticking around the clarify. Off she goes, in her bright yellow jumpsuit to do what she does best: Rid the world of crime and save innocent babies. Wait, no. Just engineering foo.

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Castor looks over at Kai, "No, sir. No bugs…just wanted to jaw with you about something relating to my cross training, sir." He then takes a moment to look at Sen and then to Kai and then he refrains from any comment because it would set him as grounded or on KP for years. He then looks over at Kassia for a moment and takes a moment to look at his water. He then says, "It is a pity you don't drink Cap, cause I've got a nice Picon Brandy squared away and it needs to be drunk at some point, however you are on duty, sir and it so it will wait until some day that you are ready to drink."

Tea, sip. Roubani exhales softly through his nose, setting the cup down and turning it gently with his fingertips. He glances at Kai under his brows at that last from Castor, then idly at Kassia. Because she's there. And quiet.

Kassia screws her nose up at Kai. "I have three in already, anymore and my teeth would fall out." She comments with snirt and leans forwards rather then leaning her chair back against the wall. Castor is totally ignored, his looks her way not acknowledged in the least.

Kai sets his coffee cup down, and wipes the back of his hand across his mouth. Because he's just classy like that. "I've got about an hour between lunch and CAP, if you don't mind some walking with your talking." And possibly some Captain getting nekkid. Though he doesn't mention this. "I appreciate the thought, Leda," he adds in regards to the brandy. On his next forkful of mashed potato, he slides Kassia a mildly curious look. Which travels back to Castor after a moment. And finally, back to his food. It's safer there.

Roubani is back in quiet mode. The darkhaired Ensign's social batteries only last a little while before they have to recharge. His eyes flicker back and forth between the people around him, rim of his cup in front of his face mostly keeping his expression private.

Castor looks at Kai, "Sir, I'd love a chance to talk to you." He the adds as he looks over at Roubani, "Because we all have things we need to learn or feel out." He then takes a moment to look back at his watch before he says, "And sir we all have things we need to make out late into the night, which means nothing given we are in space."

Kassia finally tried of the soical scene she's not really in, gets up and moves towards the hatch she dumps her plate refils her cup and makes her way out.

Roubani arches a brow a little at Castor, perhaps interpreting that as patronizing. He just sips his tea. Table's emptying quickly, but it doesn't look like he's getting up just yet.

Randy watches people leave or prepare to leave with a slight arch of an eyebrow as she finishes the last traces of her meal. Poor meal, it never stood a chance. Cleaning off her table and stacking things on her tray, etc.

Kai is finishing off his food, in the meantime. Someone, some time, must've taught him to polish off everything on his plate, since that seems to be what he's intending to do. "Corporal," he murmurs politely to the departing marine. It sounds affable enough, though eye contact isn't made.

Castor stands and moves to give his empty tray into the KP staff to clean up. After all, the soldier cleared his plate. He thn offers softly as he stands, "Captain Marek I need to take care of business." He then steps out of the room to move back to sim practice.

Kassia heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
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Roubani glances into his soup bowl, assessing whether or not he wants to eat the cold dregs. Apparently the answer is yes, as he puts his teacup down and tips his soup bowl. No wasting these days. Next to him are some work papers and a hefty calculator to help crunch numbers - even if he rarely uses it. His pencil is, as usual, lost in his hair near his ear. One day he'll go shake out his head and ten separate writing utensils will likely come tumbling out.

"Go. I don't want to hear the details while I'm eating." It's delivered rather drily from the Captain, around a mouthful of string beans. The potatoes are polished off shortly after, and he washes it down with a swig of coffee. "Time to drag my ass around the sky for a few hours," Kai adds to Roubani, while gathering things back onto his tray. "Enjoy your.." His eyes flick to the papers. "..numbers."

"Take care," Roubani murmurs to Kai, keeping his eyes down on the more convenient papers on the table as though he didn't quite want to risk eye contact. "And I always do."

Kai smiles a little. "I think the conventional farewell is 'good hunting'. But I'll cut you some slack on account of being an engineer, now." Rising with his tray, he watches Roubani a second or three longer before turning and weaving off through the milling afternoon crowds.

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