Dh Meeting Day 107
DH Meeting - Day 107
Summary: Department head (or proxy) meeting to discuss the state of the ship, projects, and security.
Date: PH 107 (03 Aug 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Ward Room
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #107
OOC Time: Mon Aug 03 19:17:04 2009

This is another large room used for meetings between the Senior Officers as well as for holding reception dinners and other formal activities. A single long table of typical military issue for the Ward Room is set in the middle, while more are kept in a small closet to the side. High-backed chairs run the length of the table. Against the short length of the room at the Fore end is the line of Colonial flags in yellow brass bases, representing each colony at the same precise height. Running the unbroken wall on the longer side is a line of pictures of various men and women, all wearing either Colonel or Commanders' insignia. Below each photo is the name of each of the Kharon's commanding officers and their date of service aboard. Along the wall that falls Aft is a trio of screens that provide status reports from various departments on the ship.

"No, sir. I apologize, sir." Note to self: don't ask so many questions. Praxis resides in the ward room, sitting in the seat pretty much next to Sheridan, Knight and the CO were just finishing up a conversation when the time for the Department Head meeting started to roll around.

The Ward Room is in it's typical preparations for a meeting. Glasses of water at the seats for each of the Department Heads. Sheridan is at the head of the table, files opened and reading glasses on as he seems to have reimmersed himself in the material. The Lieutenant is off to his immediate right. The Commander simply comments while flipping to another page in the file, "Good."

Sen enters a few moments before the apointed time, spiffed up in her dress blues instead of yellow coveralls. She's even tried to tame the grease under her nails for the occasion. The ChEng moves a step or three into the room, before snapping a salute. "Captain Eos, reporting, sir."

Kai steps into the ward room not too far behind Sen, and right on the dot of twenty hundred hours. Ok, so he's about thirty seconds late. But give the man a break, he just got in from a CAP not ten minutes ago, and had to both shower and change before pounding deck to the meeting. His boots are polished, pins and wings shiny enough to blind the unwary, and he throws up an immediate salute upon crossing the threshold. "Commander, sir."

The hatch swings open to admit the representative from Marine Country, the shiny new S2, now with 98 percent less bullet holes. She steps inside, flicks an imaginary bit of lint from her sleeve, and Ensign Nikos slips in about twelve seconds after Marek. She nods to those present, and slides a few steps in before she offers a salute. Not to be left out, you understand. Salutes all around!

Sheridan glancing up from the file the pages get put back in order the folder is closed. Pulling the reading glasses from his nose he takes his time carefully folding them and setting them on the file in front of him. Looking to the last entrant, the Commander's brow visibly furrows as he looks to Ensign Nikos. Watching her as he lifts his hand in a light salute to return to those entering he breaks his gaze and the furrowed brow subsides as he simply comments, "Everyone take a seat. We haven't had one of these in awhile and it seems that lets your departments get a little free to create lots of paperwork and files for me to review." With that he slides the small stack of files near him off to the side to his left as he adds, "Lieutenant Praxis will be joining us for this meeting."

A little bit bewildered beneath the surface, Praxis is careful to have been prepared even if he was told to stay at the last minute. From one of his pockets he withdraws a small notepad and places it upon the table, its little pencil friend being laid down beside it before Demitros folds his hands on the table. Jade eyes track all who enter into the room, a subtle nod offered in the direction of anyone to locks eyes upon him, but otherwise no overt interaction made with any of the department heads. As his name is mentioned, his expression and demeanor remains unchanged from the static iron default.

Kai drops his salute, and makes his way to one of the unclaimed chairs. Which, as luck would have it, is right opposite Demitros. He slides in, and drops his notepad on the table in front of him before patting down his pockets for a pen. The TACCO is given a distracted nod, and a twitch of his lips that probably suffices as a smile.

Sen lowers her salute as they are invited to the table, unshy about taking a seat close to the Commander. She slips a chair out and folds herself into it silently, slipping a folder of her own on the table in front of her. The ChEng does little nods of greeting to the others before settling in until she's addressed or feels the need to interject. Politely, of course.

Salazar moves forward to take an empty seat, after sharing a bit of eye contact with Sheridan. She tucks in close to the table, hands folded. If she's uncomfortable, it doesn't show. You can bet your ass she is, though. A person who spends most of their time in the trenches has to adjust to the room full of brass.

Sheridan leans forward resting his forearms on the table, slowly interlocking his fingers together he slowly looks around the table starting with Kai, "We have a small list of items we need to cover. An upcoming mission. Some people who are in the brig." Eyes slide to Sen, "A small little virus outbreak that I have just gotten more information on." And finally he looks to Salazar, "Then our latest to join the ranks of information gathering. Most importantly who is about to enlighten me as to why her CO is not present at this meeting. Ensign?" The final comments seem much sharper when his eyes lock with the Ensign.

Praxis Demitros would return the smile to Kai, but to a more miniscule magnitude than even the subtle twitch of the CAG's lips. He of course ceases the greeting with his eyes alone when the CO begins to speak, nodding once for every topic that is placed on the table. Each of them he has some small stake in, as a matter of fact. The TACCO feels it prudent to scribble these down, just so he can keep his hands busy.

Pen retrieved, Kai begins making his own notes with a soft scritch scratch of ballpoint on paper. None of that fancy fountain shit, where the pilot's concerned. His eyes briefly lift when the Commander's attention passes over him, then slide to Salazar.

Oh, yes. That question. Salazar tips forward slightly in her seat to respond, nary a lock of hair out of place. "The Lieutenant requested I attend as proxy, sir." Short, sweet. The Ensign does not venture theories or explanations beyond this. Dark eyes meet the Commander's, and Sal waits.

Sen opens up her folder when the virus is mentioned, but it's not to be addressed first. She's merely preparing. Her hand smoothes over the hexagonal paper, as if it might have creased in the short journey up here. Silent as she looks from the Commander to Salazar and back. It's as if she's seen Salazar for the first time, and a brow ticks up slightly when noticing the woman's tattoos creeping out of her uniform. Huh.

Sheridan eyes close slowly, "Very well. I will address that on it's own. Since I wasn't planning on you being here, that will make some slight adjustments." A glance to Praxis is brief then he pulls a file from the top of the stack and sets it in front of him. Pulling the folder open he picks up his glasses and slowly unfolds them setting them on his face. Riding low the allow him to just glance down while his eyes peer over the rims towards the Department Heads, "First off. I have a pilot in my brig. A civilian in my brig and I don't have any answers as to why they are there. Since it appears my Sheriff is incapable of finishing an investigation in a fairly timely manner I have picked through the files and located the Ensign here.." His hands flatten and motion towards the Marine Representative, "Ensign Salazar Nikos is our new Intelligence Officer. She reports to Lieutenant McTiernan but is the conduit of any secure details that relate to the security of this ship. If she says someone sits in the brig, then they sit there." Eyes glance to the Ensign once again as his tone sterns, "They will have a reason for being there." The gaze is brief as he passes a glance to Kai, "With that said I am sure most of our current guests in the brig will be released, but that is up to the Ensign and the Sheriff to determine." A slow glance around to those present, "Any questions about the Ensign and her new duties?"

Praxis' eyes drift to the new officer in question, looking her over. He barely recognized her in that uniform. Ears are actively listening to the description of Salazar's job, though perhaps at the mention of our 'guests' in the brig of being released a bit of a twinkle in Demitros' eyes is present. A subtle nod of approval is given to the Ensign, and Praxis clearly states, "No questions, sir." And he did try hard to find questions to ask.

Kai's expression doesn't change as the Commander looks his way. He isn't writing this down; a Captain in the Colonial fleet navy who doesn't know how this kind of thing works, by now, probably shouldn't be a Captain in the Colonial fleet navy. "No, sir," he murmurs quietly, pen flipped absently between his fingers as he watches Sheridan's face.

Camille steps into the room, still in scrubs, apparently fresh from sickbay and smelling like antiseptic even with the surgical gown off. She's got a clip board clutched against her chest and her reading glasses on, red hair sloppily pulled back into too many pins to count, frizzed from being under a recently removed cap. "Sirs. Sorry. Surgery went longer than expected. Everything's fine but my bloody schedule." She gives an apologetic smile.

Sen gives a slight shake of her head, and a simple, "No sir." Though she's mentally playing connect the dots with the stars on Salazar's face. Maybe they make a pretty picture, like a unicorn or a bear riding a unicycle. Never know until you try. The ChEng glances over as Camille briskly enters, hiding her smirk by taking a sip of her water.

Evidently the Ensign has no question about her own duties. 'Get it done' was the short version of the job description offered yesterday with the box containing pins. She leaves a pause in which to let the others speak. Nothing? Dark eyes move around the table to each officer in turn. A slight nod is returned to Praxis. When it's clear no one is likely to speak, she notes, "Lieutenant JG Leda will be released tonight. An informed recommendation will be filed on Cavalera by end of week."

Sheridan looking up to late entrant the Commander simply nods and motions to an empty seat. Eyes slide to Sen as he comments, "Captain Eos, you will be up in a second but first Lieutenant Demitros is going to enlighten everyone here as to what he discovered. Keep in mind that nothing here leaves this room about this discussion. If it does I will let the Ensign conduct her interrogations on the Colony outside military regulations to determine who released the information." Leaning back in his chair he glances to the Lieutenant, "Lieutenant, tell them what you told me before the meeting."

Kai spares a brief glance for the arriving medical representative, then returns to his notes. Something's jotted down in a margin and circled briefly, probably denoting that he needs to return to it later. Then his attention's squarely on Praxis.

Camille says nothing else, having given her explanation before crossing over to settle in at the table, her clip board laid out before her and legs crossing neatly. She settles into attentive silence otherwise.

Sen slips a pen out, clicking it open. She flips open to a blank page in her folder, ready to take notes if necessary, and should there be anything new discussed.

Lieutenant Demitros tracks Camille as she enters, both of his brows raising while she drifts in, but as soon as he hears his name from his immediate left side, the Tactical officer snaps his head in Commander Sheridan's direction, nodding ever so slightly in acknowledgement. When all of the attention in the room is turned onto him, Knight begins to speak. "As most of you are certain to know, Kharon's systems have been victim to an attack of malicious software; a virus which is of a much more sophisticated make than the one previously encountered by Captain Eos and Lieutenant JG Roubani." He takes a moment to pause, eyes flipping to everyone in turn just to ensure they are paying attention to him. "Since discovering the initial symptoms of the virus, I have been making an investigation along with my Countermeasures officer and Mr. Roubani from Engineering in order to understand the infection and determine its origin. Today, we have reached several conclusions: First of all, the infection did not originate from Engineering. Secondly, Lieutenant Tanner ascertained that the infection was the work of someone within the Kharon who had access codes to CIC terminals. And with my own reviewing of the access logs, I had discovered that the navigation console had been tampered with and the ship's network had been established three times; one for each time Kharon had experienced an anomaly." Praxis reaches to grab a quick sip of water. "In short…we think the source of the virus came from within CIC itself. It is likely the virus spread through a briefly enabled network. Roubani and Tanner are still currently at it." With all of that said, Demitros looks back to Sheridan, wondering if the TACCO had missed anything.

Sheridan listens quietly then leaning forward just slightly in his chair his hands rest in his lap, fingers interlocking as he looks to Sen, "Captain, do you have anything else to add?"

Nobody wants the Ensign to conduct the interrogations outside of military code. Salazar's expression doesn't even shift, dark eyes impassive at the merest hint of torture. Funnin' the Brass is worth a little creepifying rep. Those eyes flick to Praxis as he's prompted. The words he drops on the room prompt only stillness from her. After a moment, she sits back in her chair. A traitor among us. Hm. Get the rope.

Kai's brows raise slightly at what he's hearing; a good deal of this is probably news to him. He scribbles a little more on his notepad, and remains silent. He just flies the vipers; the tech speak is alien to him, for the most part, though it doesn't take a genius to realise the implications of what the TACCO is saying.

Camille's poker face remains mostly in tact for the time being, listening to that report, blinking in Praxis' direction. She gives him a small nod, taking just a few notes to bring back to the CMO… but not speaking otherwise. There is a line of quiet worry in her gaze, about the only thing she can manage not to hide.

Sen exhales slowly, shaking her head. "My best mind, Lieutenant Roubani, is on the task. In addition to Lieutenant Demitros' report, we conducted an investigation as to the electrical fire in Engineering that occured simultaneously with the black out. There was a diode missing from one of the main relays, causing it to overload when the voltage spiked. That's typically not something my men overlook, sir, in installation or repair. After a week, we were able to repair the damages to both the main engine and life support, but secondary and tertiary systems will take a bit longer. This is the third instance we've suspected that someone with clearance has committed acts of sabatoge. The first being the original virus, the second the missing item we removed from the hull, and now the missing failswitch. Reports of suspected crimes have been forwarded to Gunnery Sergeant Steele."

Praxis watched Sen as her lips moved, taking in every bit of information and finding it prudent to write every bit of it down, or at least everything he could manage to keep up with. A compilation of all information could be useful in determining the big picture. Get the rope, indeed..

Sheridan nodding slowly he looks to the Ensign briefly then glances between the Lieutenant and Captain, "I want you both to work closely with the Ensign. Give her and her people whatever access they need to root out this saboteur and whomever is helping them. If anyone is found directly helping them out, they are getting charged the same as if they did it themselves." Looking to Ensign Nikos, "Congratulations. You just got busier. I suggest you button your other files up and make sure this is your top priority." Looking back to the Captain he nods slowly, "Pass on my thanks to your men who helped root this out, including yourself for not needings someone to hold your hand and tell you to find the problem." Looking to Praxis, "Same to you and Lieutenant Tanner. Get a full report to Ensign Nikos immediately and if she starts slacking off on solving this, find me." Finally looking over to Kai he coyly grins. Yes an actual grin from the Commander, "Since you have had a pretty quiet couple days of popularity you have an upcoming mission. We are starting to chart path towards a former mining colony for a tylium run. This will be a standard recon and retrieve run if we like the recon reports." Picking a file up from the top of his stack he slides it over to Kai, "This should be fairly routine as of late, but I don't feel like doing more SAR runs for my Raptors and their crews."

Ensign Nikos merely nods. Her attention shifts briefly to Sen and Praxis. Man hunts. Her very most favorite thing.

Kai is silent while the Commander converses with ChEng, TACCO and S2. Just the scritch scratch of his pen on paper, eyes lowered to his task. When Sheridan addresses him directly, however, he looks up just in time to spot the shit-eating grin. Rut roh. "Understood, sir," he answers evenly, dropping his pen and sliding the file closer. It's flipped open while the man continues to speak, and perused lightly. "And I agree. I'm concerned about the number of casualties our raptors are returning with. I'd like to start running them through a refresher on boarding op procedures, along with the marines." There's no passing the buck, and no excuses being made. The CAG's voice is clipped and bland. "I'll coordinate with Lieutenant McTiernan, sir, if you approve."

Praxis acknowledges his job regarding the virus, the saboteur, and coordination with Ensign Nikos. "Yes, sir." he replies, appearing to have no problem with getting that particular investigation underway and out of the way. And then of course for thanking his people; a nod to confirm that. When Sheridan starts to regard Kai, especially about a new mission and the wing's history of recent casualties, Demitros is quite attentive to that issue, as well. While often overlooked, this particular issue is his concern, as well. Eyes center upon Kai, nodding slightly at his proposition even though the CAG wasn't directly speaking with him.

Sheridan nodding slowly, "Do it. I am tired of funeral services lately." Glancing up to Camille he finally states, "Lieutenant, any update from Medical?"

Camille looks up to Sheridan, shaking her head quietly. "Nothing major, sir… everything was mainly in Sergeant Elder's report. Sickbay is… cleaned, again… and everyone's out of the ICU, at least. Those who can recover are… well on their way there. I hope to have an empty sickbay by the end of the week." She gives her best little, almost hopeful smile with that. She knows she probably just jinxed herself, but the woman is trying to look encouraged.

Sen gives a bit of a nod to Sheridan, then her eyes roam the other participants as each department is addressed. She's back to being quiet, but no doubt the gears in her head are grinding out something.

Kai's tight expression could indicate that he, too, is sick of funeral services. Or it could just indicate he neglected to make a detour by the Head, before arriving for the meeting. Either way, Sheridan's agreement affords a "Yes, sir," in response, and something jotted down on his notepad. He returns, thereafter, to the mission objectives that were passed across to him, with a subtle nod toward Praxis in return.

Salazar stays quiet as information is bandied about, presumably absorbing it in that way she does. The Ensign has no notepad and takes no notes, but her eyes are focused.

Eyes linger on Camille for a few long moments as her words flew across the table. Then they flip to Kai and his rather strange expression. And then back to the Commander as if he was to say, 'is that all?' However, he remembers that he had written down all the topics of discussion. Newp. Nothing really else.

Sheridan nodding slowly he glances towards Kai, "Alright. Captain Marek, anything you wish to bring up?" Seems the Commander is not a fan of actual acknowledgement. Just getting through it all.

Kai flips the folder closed, and sets it aside with his notes. It'll be pored over tonight, indubitably, after his shift's over. "There was something, actually, sir." He shifts from his study of the TACCO opposite him, to the Commander himself; he doesn't seem at all nervous about looking the man in the eye. "One of my pilots, Ensign Edwina Morales, was present in the hangar bay at the time of the recent shipboard blackout. Lieutenant Samantha Passi, discovered her unconscious at the entrance to hallway C7H, and suffering from a head injury." He leans back in his chair slightly, pen turned slowly between his fingers. "I know my pilots, sir, and Morales isn't one to trip over her own feet like that. I haven't received a report from medical yet-" His eyes slide to Camille, then back to Sheridan. "-though I believe the matter may be of interest to Ensign Nikos." Which says it all, really, from his perspective.

Sheridan nodding he glances to Camille, "Get her the report." A side glance to Salazar, "Get your Sheriff on it. This may be part of our larger issue." Finally a glance to Sen, "Captain Eos, anything you wish to bring up?"

Camille nods curtly, reaching down to her folder and searching through for the most recent medical files she did bring along, just in case they were needed. She slips out a copy of Eddie's, handing it across the desk towards Nikos silently, the injuries fully listed there and the woman's recovery times.

The ChEng glances up again as she's addressed, Sen's eyes focusing on Sheridan. "Just that I lost two good men in the debacle that occured in sickbay. But my men are resilient sir. And we'll fully cooperate with any investigation Ensign Nikos needs to conduct." She pulls out a sheaf of paper from her stack, also handing it over to Salazar. "The names of who had access to the secure locker the piece of technology went missing from." Of course Eos' name is among them.

The S2 looks to Karim, studying the CAG for a moment as he notes one of his pilots was injured. Her attention immediately shifts to the doctor. She nods, and flicks a glance at Sheridan. "Sir." Quiet acknowledgment. She reaches for the report as it's slid over from Camille. Her hand shortly flicks out to accept the one from Sen as well. The paperwork grows. Salazar manages to take it gracefully. Just think fondly on the rain of Centurion bullets on the surface of the planet, Sal. You can get through this. Her eyes scan down the list, then she shuffles it aside to flip through the report. Each page gets less than five seconds look. Speed read. Flip. Scan. Flip. Scan.

Praxis centers sight back on Kai while he imparts this piece of news he had no idea about, eyebrows quirking out of pure interest. The Lieutenant must have been far too engrossed with the virus to hear of that particular event. When Nikos is mentioned again, a flash of pity is given to Salazar; she's got a lot of work to do, although perhaps with a tinge of envy as it's more exciting than sitting at a computer with his ECM officer. Hands interlock once again and come to a rest on the table.

Sheridan glancing around the table he looks between the two Lieutenants and the Ensigns, "Since you three are not officially Department Heads, now is your opportunity to take advantage of our attention if you have anything you wish to bring up." A glance to the Captains as he leans back in his chair momentarily to listen.

Camille gives a small smile…"it's not really a concern, but I'd like to thank the crew for the blood drive, sir. They did an excellent job and our supplies are completely restocked, at least for another few months. It's something we should do regularly, especially at a time of war." Camille commends gently, her smile warm and immediate…utterly earnest about the matter. She's proud of the crew, that much is clear,

"Negative, sir." Praxis responds in a formal fashion as he is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to voice his opinion in a meeting. However, since he pretty much reports directly to Sheridan; he's got plenty of opportunities to state the concerns of him and his people. So it's not too much of a loss here. At Cam's mention of the blood drive, the iron features break for a genuine smile.

No sympathy, no envy, are apparent on the CAG's austere features. Information imparted, he falls silent again and contemplates a few of the notes he's written while the others converse. Copious amounts of paperwork are relatively new to the stick jockey, too, whose administrative skills often run this side of roughshod.

Salazar merely shakes her head in the negative. No issues, no concerns. If McTiernan had any, she clearly did not pass them on to her S2. The piles of paperwork really aren't that bad. It's all the signing and filing that gets you.

Sheridan nods slowly, "Alright then. I want to thank everyone for their time. Most importantly for their sacrifice and keeping you keeping their morale in tact." Looking around to everyone respectively before finally commenting, "I am sure you all have plenty to keep you busy. Dismissed."

Camille stands up, giving a curt nod to the man. "Thank you, sir." And with that, she turns upont he ball of her foot, heading out the door smoother and quieter than her late rush inside took place. At least she's got the majority of notes for the CMO…

Sen gathers up her papers, filtering them back into a nice neat stack before closing the folder over them. She nods crisply to the Commander, slipping to her feet for a proper salute before she follows the others out.

At the 'dismissed', Kai immediately gathers up his papers and clicks off his pen. It's tucked away into a pocket of his blues jacket, chair scraping the floor as he pushes to his feet somewhat gracelessly. There's a glance sent Praxis' way as he departs, and possibly a mental note made to corner him later. "Sir," he intones in parting to the Commander, salute offered before he too heads for the hatch.

"Sir." Shit yeah, Salazar has things keeping her busy. Steele's handwriting is worse than an epileptic squirrel on stims. She rises from her chair, tucks her new paperwork under her arm, and starts cataloguing the order of things in her brain. One assumes.

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