Delta Factor
Delta Factor
Summary: Eddie recovers from heartbreak in berthings.
Date: MD047
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Red Squadron Berthings

Eddie is sitting at the table. Well, more like half slumped over it, with head pillowed on her arms. Her face is obscured in a mass of hair and the fabric of her sweatshirt that's zipped tight to her throat. Life of the party she is not.

Roubani drifts in from the hallway, dressed in his off-duties. There's a pencil stuck behind his ear, halfway hidden in his dark hair. The bruises on his face have gone from nearly black to a sickly mottling of purple and yellow, nose still splinted but lip fairly healed. He starts towards his locker, pausing when he sees Eddie at the table.

"Godsdammit," Eddie mumbles, when she hears movement. "Gimme five more minutes. I left the boots outside the hatch." Which should normally stand for occupado, but it seems Eddie's not using the privilege for what the Holy Boot is intended for. She leans up, making a swipe at her eyes which are red, "Oh. It's you. Sorry Rubix." Eddie mumbles, and tries to clean up her face.

Roubani blinks slowly. His eyes drift towards the hatch and then back to her. "I'll get you a washcloth." Bypassing the table, he starts for the head.

Eddie continues wiping at her face with her sleeve, "Yeah, thanks." Its quite clear she's been crying, and the berthings seemed a safe place to do so while the whole ship is on shore leave. With shaking hands, she pulls a cigarette out of her pack.

Roubani emerges a minute later with a washcloth. Wrung out, it's still hot from the water he'd run it under. He settles down in a seat with some space between then, setting the folded cloth down on the table.

Eddie waits until his hand has well retreated before she reaches for the wet cloth. She uses it to clean away the old remnants of mascara from underneath her eyes. "So what's shaking, my main man?" She asks in a gravelled voice.

"Captain Marek told me to remain on shore leave, so I suppose I'm being a rebel," Roubani replies, a little drily. "What about you?"

Forcing a bit of a smile to her lips, Eddie starts folding the washcloth and tossing it back to the middle of the table. "Disobeying an order, I dare say your even more of a rebel than I am." She leans back, pushing the chair on its back to legs and tucking her knee against the table's edge to keep her teetering there. "Quiet evening in." She explains, while focusing attention back on lighting a cigarette.

Roubani draws one foot up onto the chair, wrapping his arms around his shin. "Oh. It's not because of um…Guido…is it?"

Eddie just makes a noncommittal 'mmm' sound while taking a deep drag of her cigarette. Out of respect for him, perhaps, she cants her lips towards the ceiling with the exhale. "So why you ditching out of shore leave?"

"Because Marek threatened to make me run till I collapsed if I did," Roubani says, then clears his throat quietly. "I kind of wanted to see if he'd really do it. It's awful, I know."

Eddie pushes a dark brow up on her forehead. "Glutton for punishment." She says quietly. Eddie moves her knee, letting gravity overtake the chair, it clatters back to the deck knocking loose a bit ash from her cigarette which dusts her sweatshirt. A hand fishes into the pocket of her fatigues and she withdraws a pass card with 'Coral Reef' imprinted on it. Tossing it towards him so it skids across the table. "Why don't you go hide out there, instead. It's paid up through the week. Pod two twelve.

Roubani looks at the key for a moment before he picks it up, turning it over in his hands as he settles back again. "It would sort of defeat the point." He runs his finger over the hotel name. "Why did you book a hotel?"

Eddie pulls the cigarette from her lips, the paper leaving her lips dry which she rewets with a pass of her tongue. "I want to defeat the point. Don't need you getting in trouble. Go. They have movies. You like movies, don't you?" No, no answer as to why the hotel was booked in the first place.

Roubani smiles a little bit. "It's okay. I can't sleep in places I'm not used to." The excuse might be real, might not. "Why don't you use it? I'm sure it's easier to have a little privacy there than here."

Eddie doesn't look like she believes it. Not one bit. The flare of her nostrils punctuates another exhale of smoke, "Must be a bitch to get a new assignment then." She says dryly. "I didn't want to be alone. Least not all night. You don't have to sleep, just stay up watching flicks and eating popcorn."

Roubani looks a little confused for a moment. He glances at the keys and then back at her. "Would you rather have quiet? I'll go if that's what you want."

Eddie shakes her head, and goes so far as to reach across the table with her hand open but not really lunging for contact. "No." She says briskly, then lets her hand relax back against the table as she straightens back up. "No, not yet. I just. Don't want you getting in trouble with Marek, that's all."

Roubani shrugs lightly, putting the key back down. "I'm not afraid of Marek." His voice is quiet as he says that, but not weakly so. "Everyone's so determined to force me to change. I'm not going to pretend I did."

A smile tugs at the corner of Eddie's lips. "So what is it you /want/ to do then?" She asks quietly, her voice pitched low in a tone reserved for Chapel or conspiracy.

Roubani hesitates. Clearly his clever plan was not thought all the way through. "Well…I don't know. I thought perhaps I'd just read."

Eddie purses her lips for a minute. "Then read. I'll cover for you." She says simply, hitching her head towards his bunk behind her. "I'll keep the boots out. Anyone tries to open the hatch I'll just start moaning really loud."

Roubani smiles, looking guilty that he did. "Well…I mean. I don't have any new books or anything. I'd just be reading things again. Oh." he snaps his fingers gently. "I want my pages back. It was the sister. I bet it was."

Eddie smirks deeply, her face rather animate when she actually lets emotions filter out. Wordlessly she reaches out and sets her cigarette on the edge of the ashtray, then gets to her feet and crosses the short distance to her locker. The dozen or so pages are pulled off the top shelf. For a moment she stays frozen looking at them, as if unsure whether to relinquish them. But a deal is a deal. Finally she makes it back over to him, holding the pages out for him to take. "But you'll never guess /why/."

Roubani sucks his teeth quietly, reaching up for the sheaf. "Because he ripped up her book?"

The smile softens on Eddie's lips but remains instead of fading away quickly like it normally would. "Ha ha." She says flatly. "Wouldn't that be appropo." Just as he's about to take them, she pulls them back away.

"Wouldn't it just." Roubani frowns as the pages are snatched back. "Hey!" He pitches forward in his chair, making another grab.

Eddie dances away a few steps, then holds them out, then withdraws them again. "Smartass." She declares him, but taunts with the pages nontheless.

Roubani has the decency to look stricken. "No, I'm not!" He sniffs and eyes the pages, standing up before he realises he's doing so. "Give them here."

Eddie waggles them, even as she's stepping partway around the table to put a little bit of distance and an obstacle between them. "Come and get 'em!" Waggle waggle. At least this time it's pages from a book and not some part of her naked anatomy.

"Oh come /on/." Roubani hesitates, but it's his BOOK she's got there. He's pretty fast as he comes darting around the table; must be those long legs of his. "Give them HERE!"

Eddie folds them on the crease that remains from the original time she shoved them down her shirt in the lounge. Tucking them behind her back, her chin raises defiantly. "Gonna make me?" The sparkle of mischief in her eyes is unmistakeable.

It was only a matter of time until Roubani realises this might result in bodily contact, and he seems to drift backwards a little. He sets his hands on his narrow hips, eyeing her. Eye. EYE.

Eddie pulls the pages out from behind her back and tosses them on the table. Fun's over. The smile is gone. "Sorry." She apologizes, but for what? For taking the pages originally? For trying to play a game? Or for being just like everyone else, and goading him into change. Whatever the reason, her hands are thrusting deep into her pockets and she looks as if she's trying to figure out the fastest way under a rock.

Roubani collects the pages and slips back into his seat, almost cradling the pages. Poor things. After a long moment he looks up and kind of smirks. "You're getting soft."

"Getting soft?" Eddie asks, that brow peaking on her forehead again. "Soft?" With laughter in her voice she walks over to his chair, a foot planted behind the rear leg, and a hand on the back of it. The intent? The tip him over backwards. He's sturdier then people believe, he'll surely survive a little topple.
<FS3> Roubani rolls Reactive: Success.

Roubani's feet shoot back as the chair tips, dumping him into a crouch on on the floor rather than flat on his ass. He stands up quickly, pages tucked in the crook of his arm. "Soft and slow."

A finger points in his direction, but more importantly, it's menacingly waivering at him. "Soft. Slow. Those are famous last words. I could touch you, and you'd faint. Then I'll just dump your body out an airlock." Threat, yes. Empty, absolutely. Carrying his body all the way to an airlock would be a bother. Eddie's teasing him obviously, but she's getting mighty near him with that finger.

Roubani hmpfs. He ducks away from that encroaching finger and leans down to pick up the fallen chair. There's a beat that separates his next train of thought from all the previous ones. "Do you feel better now?"

Eddie looks at her finger like it's a weapon of mass destruction. It gets tucked away in her pocket along with the hand its attached too. "Not really." She reaches for her cigarette, "Why'd your dad pop you, anyways?" Totally off tangeant.

Very off tangent. Instead of sitting down, Roubani suddenly finds other things that need straightening around the table. He shrugs, without looking at her. "He gets that way."

Well, its something Eddie's clearly had nagging at her. "But this time you knocked him down a peg?" She asks, coming close again, if only so her voice doesn't carry.

Roubani settles into his seat, reaching for the pages sitting on the table. "Things don't change."

Eddie leans a hand into the table, looming over him for a second as if about to say something or do something or… she pushes off, letting the moment pass like another exhale of smoke form her lips. "Nah. Guess they don't." She murmurs, starting to pad off towards the hatch. Her boots are out there, afterall.

Roubani folds his arms on the table, settling in, apparently, to read the pages she'd torn out of his book. He lets her get nearly to the hatch before he comments, "Got caramels in the post. They're on my bunk. You can have some if you want."

Eddie still opens the hatch, leaning out into the hall to retrieve her boots. With the laces hooked over her finger, she's coming back inside, drawn by her sweet tooth, apparently. "Who sent 'em?" She asks, as if that has any bearing on her consuming them. "Won't mess anything up by snagging one?" She asks, on her tiptoes by his bunk like a vulture waiting to pounce. Anyone else and she wouldn't have second thoughts about diving in, even if they had hangups about personal space.

"Friend," Roubani says vaguely, as to who sent them. "It's okay, take a couple. I haven't counted them yet." Clearly, once he counts things then it gets harder to disturb them.

Eddie reaches in to take one of the little squares. "Just one." Apparently concerned with her girlish figure. "Some friend." She murmurs, unwrapping the little cube and popping it into her mouth. The wrapper gets relocated to her pocket and her boots to her locker. As she's climbing into her bunk, she comments off-handedly, "For a physics buff, I would have thought you believed in change. You even have one of those little triangle thingies to represent it."

Roubani lets her go to bed without opening that kind of can of worms. As her curtain shuts he keeps reading his recovered pages.

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