Death From Above
Death From Above
Summary: Footage review by the S2, XO, and an MP uncover the culprit behind Jules' death.
Date: PH217 (21 Nov 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Security Hub
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #217
OOC Time: Sat Nov 21 18:03:50 2009

A pair of staggered desks flank the entrance, one occupied during most hours by a desk sergeant, and the other rotates between other personnel. In the back is a bank of monitors on the port wall in a 180 degree view. The arc of stacked flatscreens is under the watchful eye of an MP or three during most hours of the day, and recorded for review otherwise. These monitors are visible from the S2's desk (directly across on the starboard wall) and the station set just in front of them. One of the feeds always on display is a feed of the Brig. Other secure areas have been wired in since warday. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. An armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' and holds the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. A hatch midway through the room leads into the Small Arms Range.

A few extra chairs have been dragged over to the bank of security monitors on the wall. The S2 is perched on her desk with a cup of coffee in hand. A couple of MPs are seated in front of the monitors, as the video from various interviews is queued up on each of the various screens. "Choose a monitor," the S2 says, "If anyone comes close enough to the bars to hand anything over, make a note, watch the prisoner's hands." There's a video playing of the CAG talking to the prisoner. The sound is muted. There's a video of Epi talking to the prisoner. And there's a video of Gresham talking to the prisoner. The other video is running backward from the time the body was discovered, four screens in all.

Praxis wanders into the security hub, taking an appraising glance around the are he doesn't often venture into - but that's not why he's here. It's time to finger some criminals! The XO listens to the S2's little mini-briefing, before he chooses the video of Gresham and the prisoner. There's just something about the pilot fresh meat he doesn't trust. Withdrawing a notepad from one of his pockets, he finds a seat and settles down into it, crossing his legs and training keen eyes onto the screen. "Is it possible to start from frame one?" he inqures to the S2 briefly. "Or will it simply keep replaying?"

Cinder, being the MP on duty here in the Sec Hub and SAR at the moment when the S2 needs eyes on screens is of course recruited to their little video scavenger hunt operation. From the desk near the front door, she drags her rifle and helmet, along with her notepad and pencil and makes a temporary little home at the terminal in front of the video showing Epi and Jules. Before she sits down to study the film in earnest, she's sure to top off her mug, and then gets comfortable as can be in those chair, trying her darndest to pull her feet up there and put her knees on her chest as she cradles the cup and watches.

Salazar is on the same page with Praxis when it comes to pilots, especially new ones. She nods over to the XO, "Sir," then her gaze returns to the screen featuring the CAG. There's a long moment in which she watches it, then she reaches for the controller and FFWDs through. The man never comes within easy reach of the bars.

Praxis doesn't waste any time getting down to business. The greeting from the S2 is returned with a nod, but eyes are already locked onto the moving picture that adorns the screen. And it would appear that immediately upon entry Gresham is coming up close to the prisoner. He quickly scribbles down the timestamp from where he approached the bars separating the visitor from the captive and the continues to observe. "This pilot is within proximity for an extremely long duration." he mutters, speaking to the others yet never turning away from the screen.

"Hmm…in this one, Epi hands over some mess hall jello. Has a bite, but shows the MP on duty. He seems to think it's alright…not poisoned, I guess, since Epi has a bite." The sound of her pencil scribbing furiously is heard in the Sec Hub as she writes down just what she's saying, noting everything from the color of the jello and the approximate size of the bite Epi takes, whether it seems like there's anything in the jello, whether it looks cloudier than normal…any little piece of information she can get. She also makes the note 'Epi in sickbay?' on the notepad to remind herself to check whether Epi went down at any point after her visit.

"I've got nothing on mine," Salazar nods to the XO. She shuts off her video of the CAG, then glances over to the monitor Praxis is watching. "It's always a redhead acting shifty," she mutters. The fourth video catches her attention, and she queues it up to the point after the last visitor leaves, and it's just the prisoner(s) in the Brig with the guard. "The other one is just the video straight through to the body being discovered." She uses the remove to close out the other videos, paused, and enlarges the Vid to four screens, which gives a pretty good view of the Brig itself. It begins to play. Cavalera is escorted from his cell by a pair of MPs who lead him out. No one goes near the bars of Jules' cage. Dover sits at the duty desk playing some sort of solitaire game with a Triad deck. He spills his coffee, dribbling it into his lap twice during the first 20 minutes of video, which Sal has on a faster pace so it takes about 1 minutes to play.

Before the video with Gresham ends, he also makes note that a comic book was exchanged and there was actually a touch shared between the two. What a no-no. Damned redheads. Praxis silently agrees with Salazar by closing his eyes and shaking his head briefly. Shifting in his seat, the XO now attempts to search for anything else out of the ordinary. "Ensign, pause it. Quickly." he mentions suddenly, getting up out of his chair and approaching the screen, squinting his eyes while he points out something on Dover's body. "What's that under Private Dover's sleeve? It's…" Suddenly, a rare occurrence comes to pass: Praxis' face flushes. "It's a triad card. But he appears to be playing solitaire - I do not believe I have been more baffled." Scratching his head, the Captain returns to his seat. "Carry on…"

Deciding that the tape she has is nothing important, since it goes on for quite some time after Epi departs and Jules has her jello, at an accelerated rate, and noting how the S2 puts one particular video up on all four screens, Cinder drags her chair over and camps out there. For a good while, she watches, watches it through once, and thinks on something; her brow is furrowed a little. The second time through, when Jules sits up, appears to talk, and stretches out. "There…what's that? Can we get sound at all?" She doesn't ask the S2 to pause the video…she just hits the button herself. "Look, she's lying there, with that comic, then she sits up, and looks like she's saying something. Then she stretches out, but I don't think she is. Look at her hand." Cinder points to how she stretches…it's not the normal upward stretch, with slightly splayed and clawed fingers, but rather, more of a flat palm presented toward the ceiling, and less stretchy looking.

"That shit." Salazar mutters, eyes on Dover for a moment as Praxis points out the card, eagle eyes zeroing in on that detail that, while inconsequential in regard to this particular investigation, is surely going to affect young Dover's future Triad winnings. "Nice catch, sir." Someone owes the S2 smokes, perhaps? Dover, Dover, Dover. She resumes the tape until Cinder speaks up. The S2 clicks a different button after Cinder pauses. The screen fills with Jules in mid-word, apparently talking to herself. "She usually sits there quietly…" Sal glances down at the remote, keys in a sequence, and zooms the image in more, zeroing on the hand. She clicks on the sound, and it takes a moment, but the pixels resolve at the zoomed rate. The track begins playing with it. It goes a little something like this:

Jules speaks on the monitors to something in her hand: "You're a beautiful little creature. Are you? So thoughtful." Some pulsing comes from the body of the thing, a reddish light under its belly. "Something to ease the transition would be appreciated. I'm scared." She holds in her hand a small mechanical robot. It looks sort of like a spider made of small spare parts.

Praxis doesn't know whether or not to feel pride at catching Dover in the act or not. Being as work-oriented as the XO is, he completely excises the occurrence from his memory and focuses on the task at hand. Looking sidelong at Cinder when she notices something, jade eyes quickly flip to the video to see what the MP is talking about. "Excellent observation," Demitros intones when the picture is zoomed in. "What is that, and where did it come from?" the XO inquires, perhaps the most obvious query one could have asked in this situation. "There was no mechanical spider found in the vicinity, was there? Suppose it could still be traversing the vessel at this time."

"Well…if it's a spider, and she's holding her palm like that…maybe it came from the ceiling?" Cinder looks at the S2, and the XO in turn, her brows raised a bit. Seems as likely as anything else to her, why not get their opinions on it? "And…does it run itself? Is there a remote? It seems to understand her…or am I just going crazy here?" By this point, Cinder isn't sitting anymore…she's standing, leaning over to get her face pretty much right against the monitors.

"What the frak." Salazar leans in, though it's entirely unnecessary given the size of the mechanical spider on the screen. Leaning in to see the details is not necessary. Sure, it's a little blurry due to the enhancement, but still. "I hate spiders. Why is it always spiders?" Don't ask for the story behind that small outburst. The woman probably wouldn't share anyway. She glances over at Praxis, and stares at him for a moment as he mentions the thing could be and probably is still running around the ship. She glances back to the screen, finally, as Cinder speaks up. "Something that small is most likely run on remote. It doesn't look cylon." She shakes her head slightly. "I'll have a copy forwarded to Engineering and Deck." She slides off of her desk, puts her coffee down, and moves around a couple of chairs to type something into the console, and print a screen capture. She zooms out a bit, then starts the video playing again to see where the thing goes. "Once we see what happens, we can zoom back. Ozymandias had a vent above her cell. It's the only way in or out." The video proceeds, with the blonde prisoner talking to the machine while it flickers a light over her skin. Talk, talk, scuttle. Salazar retreats to her desk. Tactically relocates to her desk, rather.

Praxis folds his arms tightly over his chest, a large degree of scrutiny being imparted on the thing. He looks to both Cinder and the S2 as they make their speculations, and then Demitros weighs in. "I think I saw a series of flashes emit from the spider. We can go back a slight amount at a later time and determine whether or not there was a particular pattern." The XO was always looking for patterns and hidden meanings behind everything. "I'm not certain I like the implications of the spider being remote controlled. If that's the case, then someone on board here is obviously responsible for this, because I sure do not see any remotes on the prisoner." Demitros is slightly by the notion of someone making mechanical arachnids to communicate with prisoners. He waits to see what else they can see.

"Yeah…that's not good," Cinder comments, extremely astutely. Her deed done for the day, she leaves it in the hands of superior officers, before drifting back to the first terminal she was sitting at. "Guess these notes are no good, huh?" She tears them off the notepad, and balls them up, attempting a sweet pyramid shot…that falls pretty far short. "Frak…" she mumbles, taking her rifle and helmet with her as she heads on back to the desk by the hatch.

The video continues on, revealing the bug's eventual injection of Jules, her death, and it skittering retreat from the cell. The origin of entry appears to be from the vent. All in all, the stuff in the cell went down quietly, without Dover (the cheater) being any the wiser. There is nothing else that stands out on the vid. And so the hunt begins. "I'll have conversations with the two from the other videos if this doesn't pan out. Thank you both for your help." She checks the printout, scrawls something on the back, and sends a corporal down to Engineering with a memo.

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