Dead Letter
Dead Letter
Summary: Eddie tells Roubani about her brawl, and some favours are returned.
Date: PHD022
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Kharon - Pilot Berthings

The door to Eddie's locker is open, some of the contents pawed out of it and spilled onto the floor. Resting on top of the metal case is a small bottle of little white pills with her name on the perscription label. The Ensign, however, isn't immediately seen, but one only has to follow the sound of cussing to find her. She's standing at the bank of sinks, if only to try and see what she's doing in the mirror. Slowly, she's attempting to wind a pressure bandage around her ribcage, the normally fully clothed woman is standing in fatigue pants and a sports bra for the occasion. Scars on her arms and abdomen are left out in the open for the world to see, but she has more immediate concerns, like trying to truss herself up with only one good eye. The other is partially swollen and a nice shade of bruised this morning, her bottom lip is split as is the skin on her knuckles.

Roubani hasn't been in berthings much the last two days or so. The night before last, his bunk went undisturbed almost the entire day. At some point last night, though, he did come back for a couple hours, as evidenced by his state now. In T-shirt and sweatpants and with a thin navy-issue shower robe on over the clothes, he comes into the head carrying what are presumably shower items in a closed mesh bag. Earlier than he has to be for morning CAP, the head's deserted but for him. And, he sees, her. "Hey…"

Eddie stops her fumbling with the roll of the pressure bandage, glancing up to find his reflection in the mirror instead of looking over her shoulder. "…Hey." The powers of conversation are not great with this one. At least not this morning.

Roubani dumps the little bag at a sink. Something makes a rattling sound deep inside some container. Her state of undress doesn't seem to bother him, his eyes kept averted more in a polite manner than an awkward one. "What happened to you?"

Eddie sucks at her busted lip for a moment. "Someone chose to say the wrong thing to me on the wrong day." She ducks her head a bit, lowering her gaze so they don't catch each other's eyes in the mirror. Starting to wrap her ribs again, her fingers lose their purchase on that material and it slips from her grasp, unravelling as it drops to the floor and bounces once before completely unfurling. "Frak."

"I think perhaps part of you also just wanted a fight," Roubani says, giving the lip of the sink a flickered half-smile. He turns on the tap and runs his hands under the warming water, then looks down as her bandage goes falling. Wiping his palms against the robe, he kneels down and starts collecting the cloth's end.

Eddie gives a bit of a laugh, which ends with a pained sort of sound and a hand to her abused ribs. "Yeah, I won't lie and say it didn't feel good to wail on that frakker." She watches him gather the material up, her mood sombering quickly. "He had it coming." Is murmured.

Roubani rolls the bandage as he stands back up, the rolling bringing him steadily closer to her with a shuffled step or two. He keeps his eyes on what he's doing as he asks, "Was it that…that private?"

Eddie presses her back teeth together, the line of her jaw tightening. "There were two of them, you'll have to be more specific." As he winds closer, she keeps a hand pressed to her side, holding what little progress she was able to make from being undone. But it's sloppy work, when you try to do it yourself and it hurts to raise your arms.

"I suppose it isn't my business." Roubani's gotten to about six inches away from her skin, bandage neatly wound. He kind of stands there after that, not backing away but not exactly offering to get any closer either. "You aren't in the brig, so that's good."

Eddie inhales deeply when he's close, as if that has some calming effect on her. "CAG came and signed me out. I'll be back in, if they press charges. Two assault and conduct unbecoming. Which private, Nadiv?" She asks, a little more persistant this time.

Roubani sucks his teeth softly, obviously not wanting to be too direct. "The…one you told me about." There, that's plenty vague.

"Oh!" Realization dawns on Eddie, "No. No, it wasn't him. Two I've never really met before. Hope not to again. I got lucky, next time it'll be me that's hamburger. Here." She holds her hand out for the roll. She could obviously use help, but she's clearly hesitant to ask for it.

Roubani hesitates, looking down at the cloth. "It would wind correctly if I walked around you, maybe. You could help keep it tight." Lame resolution, but he's trying.

Eddie quirks a little awkward smile. "Sure." She takes a step back from the sink, lifting up her arms a bit. "Nadiv?" Her voice is quiet again, keeping the conversation low as voice seem to echo in the head. "Did you run into some trouble a while back? Some of your stuff get vandalized?"

Roubani unravels some of the bandage back out, starting around Eddie like a maypole. He's careful with the winding so it's tight but not /too/ tight, disappearing around her backside. "It's happened a few times."

Eddie turns her face slightly, pressing her unbruised cheek against her shoulder so she can watch him for as long as possible. "A notebook?" She ventures, fishing for information.

Roubani pauses to think, then gently tugs at the bandage to tighten it up around her back. "Someone threw liquor all over one once. I suppose about a month and a half ago."

Eddie takes a sharp intake of breath, holding it and riding out the sudden jag of pain in her side. It's not like she's any stranger to pain, but she much prefers when she's the one in control of it. "Let me know if it happens again? It shouldn't, but it might."

Roubani is silent for a while. Her shoulder in the mirror hides the frown that forms on his face. "I…why?"

Eddie tenses a little bit, if only defensively. "Those fellows I ran across last night. They were bragging about it." A pause. "So I shut them up."

Roubani doesn't say anything at all. He tugs at the strap of bandage to tighten it, then steps around past her shoulder again. The bit of leftover cloth is offered, now just needing to be clipped in place.

Eddie must feel a little chastised by his silence, her face ducking to examine the material now wound around her ribcage. "Thanks." She mutters, carefully taking the end to avoid his fingers and using the metal claw clip to secure it down.

Roubani turns back to the sink, turning the water back on. He holds his fingers under the flow, testing the temperature. "Do you think I can't take care of myself?" The question doesn't seem attached to what she just revealed, per se. It sounds like an independent query.

Eddie works her jaw back and forth a few times, as if chewing over that question. "You weren't there. And I wasn't going to sit idle and let someone mouth off like that about my friend and wingmate. You're twenty something years old, if you couldn't take care of yourself, you wouldn't be here. Anybody else would have done the same frakking thing." Even if she sounds a /little/ bit too invested in this.

Roubani sighs. "I'm supposed to be angry with you. And frankly, I rather am." Having soaped up his hands, he's busily getting dirt out from under his fingernails. "But I can't say I wouldn't have been the same if someone did something to you, so I'm just going to shut up."

Eddie really only focuses on the first part, that he's angry with her. "Angry. At me." Her voice sounds a little shakey with emotion, her hand reaching out to snap her tank top off the lip of the sink she was occupying. The recent scabs on her arm have faded into just pink angry marks, so she's not as concerned with schlepping on her heavy sweats. Its a struggle of fabric as she tries to get it over her head, without really raising her left arm much.

"Yes," Roubani says, flicking water off his fingertips. He picks up a washcloth nearby, finishing the job on his nails one by one. "But I guess moreso at me. I shouldn't be so weak and helpless that you have to hurt yourself for me. I'm sorry you had to do that. I really am."

Eddie steps up closer to him, her own ire raising. "Stop apologizing. You're not weak and helpless godsdammit. But I /am/ going to do right by you. I didn't have to fight those guys. I wanted to. I got some godsdamned satisfaction out of beating the shit outta that one guy. You want to be angry, be angry at them. Not you. Not me. They're the asshats. C'mon.." Her voice softens, if only by a few degrees. "What's a few bruises between friends."

Roubani exhales slowly through his nose. He's clearly still not at peace with having let someone fight his battles for him. "Fine. I still wish you hadn't gotten hurt. Were they able to give you something for pain, at least?"

Eddie pulls her lips into a thin line, taking a step back. Whatever she thinks she reads on his face, doesn't leave her with warm and fuzzy feelings. "Some pain pills, but I don't need to take them." Infront of her own slice of sink again, she leans forward towards the mirror, examining her shiner for a moment before starting the tap to brush her teeth.

Roubani is silent for a while. His thumb taps the sink edge, other hand still holding the washcloth. "You said…mouthing off. What did they say?"

Eddie pauses with her toothbrush halfway to her mouth. "Doesn't matter." She thrusts the bristles into her mouth, working over her teeth brutally for a moment so that when she spits, it's tinged red. "Called you queer."

Roubani's face goes slightly ashen, as though a twinge of nausea had poked him in the gut. "I guess that's a common insult." He clears his throat quietly. "I /still/ wish you hadn't gotten hurt, but. Thank you."

Eddie mutters, "Whatever." Before continuing on to brush her teeth, her shoulders hunched up around her ears, the curve of her spine marching up to form a perfect ridge through her tank as she leans over to spit again, then rinse her mouth.

Roubani is still staring at the drain. He rubs a clammy hand over his cheek, drawing in a breath to straighten his shoulders. "Right, so now you'll be angry no matter what I do." He picks up the shower bag off the edge of the sink, wrapping the cord around his arm.

Eddie pulls a towel to her lips, gingerly patting them dry. "You were angry first." She reminds him. "I was just trying…hell. I don't know anymore. Maybe I wasn't even thinking straight. That's pretty common for me, right?" She turns to face him, leaning a hip against the sink.

"I changed my mind," Roubani answers her first statement as though this were a normal occurence. "You intimidate me, alright?" Wow, blurt central there. He hadn't meant to say it, but once it's out it's out. "I…listen to you talk and I think gods, if it ever comes down to it I'm not going to be able to do what you do. It has nothing to do with you, it's about me, and…it shouldn't be."

Eddie throws her towel up over her shoulder, "What do you mean, do what I do? Get drunk, get the wise idea to send my dead daughter a birthday card, run across some punks making fun of the guy I…I'm friends with. Fly off the handle, and end up in the brig and likely grounded until I can breath right again…or…are we talking about something else?"

Roubani swallows gently and shrugs. "You can let go."

Eddie gives a long exhale and deflates. "Not of everything." Her eyes close for a moment, as if she's trying to stop the world from spinning. "Couple more screaming sessions in the storage closet'll do you good."

Roubani hehs quietly. He doesn't say anything for a while, then, "It's Saddie's birthday?"

Eddie holds up her fingers, three of them, and gives them a twiddle. "In three more days. I know it was stupid. But I always send her a card. It's the least I could do. Never know how to sign the damn thing though, so it's always blank." She shrugs.

Roubani gives her a very small smile. "It wasn't stupid."

Eddie's bottom lip protrudes slightly, or maybe it's just a trick of the light or the fact that it's still a bit swollen. "First, she's toasted into a pile of ash. Second, there's no outgoing or incoming mail, because there's no one out there to even give or receive post. And third…well. I don't have a third."

Roubani nods a few times, taking all this in. "What if you burnt it?" He asks quietly. "I know it sounds silly but…at least it wouldn't sit there in the post. And if you wanted to write something on it this time, nobody would see it." Except Saddie, maybe…but he doesn't voice something so intangible.

Eddie studies his face for a moment, though undoubtedly she knows most of his features by heart now, after being on the boat with him for a few months. Slowly, she cracks a grin. "I don't think they'd let my ass back in there to get it."

Roubani smirks a little bit. "No, I shouldn't think they would. But I suppose I could get it for you, if you wanted."

Eddie eyes widen just a bit, rounding out so they sort of take on that puppy dog cant that they teach little girls when they're young. "You'd do that?"

Roubani smiles, the expression just barely touching the corners of his dark eyes. "Sure. By now I certainly owe you a good deed."

Eddie tries to put on a brave face, a mask of being the cool and suave person she pretends to be. Maybe she succeeds, maybe she doesn't. "Hey, if we're talking payback here, maybe I should hold out for something better."

Roubani barks a soft laugh, holding up his hands. "Forget I said anything. It's the goodness of my heart and nothing more."

Eddie spends an awkward moment when she's not really sure what to do with herself. Finally she just settles for kissing her fingertips, then patting the sink nearest him. "Thanks." She murmurs, then, "Go take your shower, Nadiv."

Roubani looks down at the sink rim for a time, then gives her an almost apologetic smile. "I'll stop by the post after CAP," he tells her softly, then turns to head - fully clothed - into the shower stall area.

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