Day by Day
Day by Day
Summary: Harrison and Thea enjoy a meandering discussion.
Date: PHD 146 (9/12/09)
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[ General Lounge - Deck 3 ]-------[ CEC Kharon ]—

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #145 OOC Time: Thu Sep 10 17:37:25 2009

The primary place for the crew to come relax when off-duty, this room is also rather large by requirement. Divided into two areas, one for officers and the other for enlisted, by a series of vertical V-shaped structural supports, this room has couches and chairs that have been worn in over the years by various crews. There are snack machines sitting along the back wall that offer a variety of edibles such as cheese doodles, nacho tortilla chips, and bagged pretzels for example. Other machines offer soda of a few specific types. A counter runs along the back as well that keeps a coffee urn going twenty-four hours a day. Each side of the room has some tables with magazines and other reading available for ready consumption by crewmembers.

-=[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear ]=---------

It's a quiet evening in the lounge, and Thea's in her off-duties, sitting back near the coffee pot in a comfortable chair, a book open on her lap.

Harrison enters from the corridor in his off-duties as well, rubbing his hands on a rag as he heads for the coffee pot. "Evening, Cap'n," he greets as he passes.

Thea glances up and offers the man a warm smile. "Evening, Lieutenant. How are you doing this evening?" She reaches out, scooping up her cup of coffee and cradling it in both hands.

"Can't complain," Isaiah replies after he grabs a cup of coffee. "Looking to schedule some sim time so I can get back in the swing of things."

Thea laughs softly and dips her head. "I can imagine. You should be getting there fairly soon, though. The sims stay busy, but not packed. Going to be doing some gym time as well?"

Harrison grunts as he drops into the chair across from her. "Double PT. I have to go back through basic with all the new recruits. I guess I'll be in pretty good shape by the time the CAG lets me back into the cockpit of an actual fighter."

The Captain winces slightly and laughs, shaking her head. "Ouch. But it'll be good for them to have an actual pilot working with them," she hazards after a time. "I take it you had your meeting with Marek?"

Harrison spreads his hands as he settles back into his chair. "Yeah. I can sleep in my berth again, but I don't get to be a pilot again until he thinks I'm ready." He pauses, taking a moment to look into his mug. "I can't blame him."

She dips her head slightly. "Yeah. We can't afford to lose any birds to people who aren't ready to fly them. It will be good, however, to have nuggets and work with the new folk. It provides a little…" Her eyes go distant for a moment as she searches for the word. "Hope, I guess."

"It's welcome from any corner," Isaiah admits quietly as he takes a sip from his mug, apparently accepting the sludge as something nourishing for the moment. "I guess I'm a little frustrated, though, because in all my years serving, I've never managed to be assigned as a pilot." He sounds rueful, and he even shakes his head during the last part. "I guess I'll get my chance soon enough, though."

"Marek's a fair man," Thea reassures Harrison quietly. "He watches out for his people and tries to do his best by them." There's something in her voice, though, a hint of some emotion that isn't there long enough to be identified. "Red berthings. You're gonna have fun in there," she comments, lips twitching a bit.

Harrison's brows arch. "Do I want to know why?"

She can't hide a grin, not even behind her cup. "They're a lively bunch," is all Thea will say.

Harrison gives her a look as if he doesn't buy it, but that he also realizes he can't push it any further. "As long as I don't have any half-naked drunk folks climbing into my bunk, I think I'll be okay."

"You'll have the half naked, and naked, drunk folks," she assures him. "Though climbing into your bunk? Well, they tend not to. Not unless they think there's an invitation."

"Well, at least sex hasn't gone out of style, then," Isaiah offers with a very small grin. "There's hope for us yet."

Legacy just groans slightly at that. "I think you'll get to hear more than you ever wanted to," Thea comments with a crinkled nose. "It certainly hasn't gone out of style."

Harrison eyes her for a moment. "Head down to the dispensary and see if they've got any earplugs left. Righto."

"You might ask them about permanently turning the hearing off," Thea says with an impish smile, though it fades into a regular one soon enough. "I think most of the drama's over. At least for now."

Wonderful. Inter-berth drama is Isaiah's idea of a good time, and the distaste he feels is rather visible on his face. "Maybe I should come stay on the black side, unless you've got drama too."

"The drama crosses bunks," Thea says with a quiet sigh, suddenly looking a little older. "The trick is, however, not to sleep with someone someone else in the wing is already screwing. And duck." She adds that on as an afterthought.

Harrison folds his arms over his chest as he considers that. "I guess I'll have to get a list of who's screwing who and post it so I don't cross any lines."

"Let's see," Thea says, relaxing back in her chair. "Case is with Komnenos. The Chaplain is with Timon Stathis. Other than that, I can't think of too many others you'd need to worry about, truth be told. Just be careful. Some of 'em bite."

Harrison makes a vague gesture with his cup. "I'm not planning on messing up anyone's sheets anyway," he remarks idly. "So I should be pretty safe."

"It's the end of the world," Thea says quietly. "That seems to be everyone else's excuse." There's that wrinkled nose again and she takes a sip of coffee.

Harrison rolls his eyes at that. "When we're all in the infirmary with a strange rash, that'll make the end of the world less appealing."

"If only it were that easy." Thea shifts in the chair, tucking her leg beneath her. "You'll see an uptick in bunkhopping when someone dies. It tends to run in cycles. Luckily it doesn't get TOO bad."

Harrison takes a sip from his mug before he offers a small grin. "That's good. I value my sleep."

"Mmmmm. Sleep. Seems like we don't get enough of that around these parts. I tend to hide in the tool room if I'm really in need of some and can't get it." The Captain brushes her hair back out of her face, putting the mug aside so she can wrap the hair up in a messy twist.

Harrison watches her for a few moments, lips twisting downward into a frown. "The tool room? Why there?"

"It's quiet," Thea says softly. "Familiar smells. The beds suck," since, well, they're crates. "But the atmosphere can't be beat."

"Alright," he replies quietly. He doesn't really buy it, but he's not going to pry either.

She's quiet for a time, studying him, then offers a bit of a smile. "Not too many people go in there," she tells him after a time. "It's quiet and…safe. A place you can hear yourself think."

Harrison nods to that, taking a moment to look into his mug. It's as if he's searching for what to say.

"I clean tools when I need to think," Thea admits. "If I'm hiding, well, there are some other places decent for that aboard."

"Whatever keeps you sane, Cap'n," Isaiah replies quietly.

Without thinking, Thea replies, "Some days, I rather imagine that sanity's overrated."

Harrison looks up from his mug, his lips twisting into a definite frown now. "Yeah, I suppose so." There's more than a little bit of acid in his voice, though.

Her face flames as she realizes what she's just said. "I'm sorry. That was insensitive of me." The cup gets put aside and the book closed. "On that note, before I shove my foot further down my throat, I'd best take my leave."

"It's okay. I'm sorry that I couldn't hold my shit together." He looks back down into his mug. "The last thing I ever said to my dad was that he was a fool for thinking the Cylons would change, and that I hoped he'd live to realize it. Fraking toasters killed him first, and that was the last thing I said to him." He looks back up from his mug, and there's a tear brimming in his right eye. "He died with that being the last damned words he heard from my mouth, and I can't ever take it back. Sanity is not overrated — trust me, as horrible as this all is, you'd rather be here." A beat. "You're like the closest thing I have to a friend on this barge of the damned, Cap'n. Don't run away on my account."

Thea hesitates for a moment, then sinks back down into her seat. "That frakking sucks," she says simply, quietly. "I'm sorry to hear that about your father. I'd like to think that now, though, people who are gone know what was in our hearts."

Harrison waves a hand before he manages to shake it off. "Yeah, I hope so." He fades into silence for a moment, then adds, "This means I get a free pass when I offend you the first time, doesn't it?" He's clinging to his humor, it would seem.

Legacy snorts delicately. "Yep, you've got it," she says after a moment. "When I offend, I try not to do it intentionally. Usually."

"Yeah, me too," he offers lightly. "S'okay, Cap'n. I still like ya."

"Black Cat or Thea, off duty," she says softly. "Rank…" Her head shakes a little and she looks past him. "One or the other works."

Harrison sits silent for a moment, then clears his throat. "I like Thea better."

Thea smiles a little at that and dips her head. "Thank you. I'm kind of partial to it myself." Yes, there's a twinkle in her eyes.

"It's a good thing, too. It'd be hard to go through life hating your name," Isaiah teases.

She sticks her tongue out him, laughing quietly. "Very true. And it's better than some of the things I've been called."

Harrison drains out the mug and places it gently on the table. "You do have a reputation as a cruel taskmaster to maintain."

There's a quiet groan at that. "I'm pretty sure half my riders think I'm a cream puff with breasts," she replies, a hint of her usual humor surfacing.

Harrison leans back in his chair and gives her a frank appraisal. "No, you're not a cream puff with breasts."

Legacy laughs quietly. "Nah, I'm just a cream puff," she replies teasingly.

"Like a cream puff would take a shiner like the one you had without much in the way of complaint," Harrison fires back with a brief smile. "You're just like everyone else: your own worst critic."

Thea blinks at him for a minute, then smiles sardonically, snuggling herself into the chair. "And a martyr, if some of my friends can be believed."

Harrison lifts his mug to peer into it, then lowers it as if disappointed that it's empty. "I haven't seen it, but I haven't known you all that long. At least you're not as bad off as that poor bastard who was trying to find another toothbrush."

She just groans quietly at that, shaking her head. "Gresham. One of mine, as I found out later that night. One of my new nuggets." And this is why they pay her the big bucks, after all.

Harrison winces. "Well, hopefully he'll grow out of being a sad sack."

"Maybe," Thea says with a little smile. "I'm inclined to give a little bit of latitude, given that he just lost his whole ship. But we'll see how things go." Yep, another worry on her plate.

"No wonder your sleep in the tool room is better," Harrison observes lightly. "Heavy is the head that wears the crown, or some damned thing."

The Captain falls quiet for a time, then nods slowly. "I didnt sign on for some of this, but it's stuff that has to be done."

Harrison offers her a wan smile. "You haven't killed any of your subordinates yet. That's probably a good sign."

Thea gets a haunted, hunted look on her face for a moment, then shakes her head. "Not intentionally, no." Of course, she DID order some to their deaths. But who's counting?

Harrison glances at the chrono on the wall. "I'm sorry," he offers quietly. "Is that my free pass?"

She shakes her head after a moment, looking blindly down at her cup. "I lost a couple Riders not too long ago. They'd been with me for awhile." Her tone is rather quiet. "I still miss them."

"Sorry," he replies quietly. He clearly feels like a complete ass at the moment.

"Not your fault," she says after a time. "It's just that…" Little cracks have been appearing in the Captain's facade as they've talked. And now the first bit of water seeps out of the dam. "It's been a very difficult few months, for quite a few reasons."

"If you need to talk, I've got a couple of ears. They listen pretty well," Harrison offers quietly.

Thea's quiet for a bit, then shakes her head. "Not now," she tells him with a tired smile. "Maybe later. I'm still processing everything. Sometimes someone has to stand alone."

Harrison nods to that as he leans back in his chair. "Offer's open." Enough said.

"I…" The woman's quiet for a bit. "I fell in love with someone twelve years ago. We had two years together. It had to end and rather than make him end it, I walked away. It was a mistake. I found him again after ten years. And the feelings were still there. They'd always BEEN there. I stopped dating almost five years ago because no one was him. I met him again and…it won't work out. He got over me. So I started dating again. The first man I dated, the only one, ended the relationship without telling me. It wasn't until I saw him with another woman that I knew." A sip of coffee disappears. "The position I wanted in the Navy was taken from me. I found out I had a daughter - who is now dead. I've lost several good pilots." It comes bubbling up. "And that's just scratching the surface." Finally she looks at him, a bit helplessly. "You'll be sorry you asked."

Harrison takes a few moments to digest that. After all, it's big. "The head docs say it's good to let it out. I'm not sorry I asked."

"I know," Thea says with a little smile. "Problem is that I HAVE let it out, to a certain extent. And now I'm stuck. It didn't help."

There's a smirk from Isaiah at that. "Well, if you can't talk it out, and they can't beat it out of you, what does it leave?"

"Simmering," Thea says with a wry little smile. "And alcohol."

Harrison just shakes his head in amusement. "I'll keep those in mind."

"So, that's why I tend to hide out. That and I'm tired of listening to all the frakking going on when I can't get anything better than a man who'll stick it into anything." Bitter much?

Harrison eyes her for a few moments, then clears his throat. "Go on. Tell me how you really feel." A beat. "You'll just have to find someone who hides out in the tools with you. That's all."

Legacy snorts delicately at that, then smiles wryly at him. "Somewhere, someday. One of my friends told me I needed to not define myself by having a man."

"It's true," Isaiah offers with a smile. "Your friend is wise."

Her nose crinkles a little and she grins at him. "It's not the having a man that I want," she says quietly. "It's being intimate. I miss it." The smile fades after a moment. "Actually, all I want is, for a few minutes, to have that illusion of safety. I have to provide it for so many other people, but I can't find it on my own."

Harrison considers her for a few moments, then nods in agreement. "That I can understand. I think it's the one thing that we all really want."

Thea's cup is now empty, so she doesn't have that to fall back on. "There was no one for me for almost five years, and I decided to move on when I realized it wasn't going to work out with him. It's like being a vegetarian who finally chooses to ahve a few bites of bacon, only to be told she can't have it anymore and is wrong for wanting it."

Harrison wrinkles his nose before he eyes her. "I guess the only answer is to offer to frak you in the tool room," he offers lightly.

The poor Captain just stares at him for a moment, clearly not sure she heard him correctly. She blushes, and curses her pale skin. "How about we hold that offer until we know each other better," she asks, head canting to the side. There! There's a smile!

"I got a smile out of you. That means that the mission is accomplished," Harrison offers with just a hint of victory in his tone. "You're one damned hard woman to cheer up, you know?"

She can't help but laugh at that, one hand going over her mouth. Yes, it's a true laugh. "So you shock me into laughter," she teases, head tilting to the side.

Harrison waves a hand at her, unable to keep his smile under wraps now. "Well, hell. It was the last thing I could think of that might get a smile out of you aside from stripping to my skivvies and singing a song as the MPs hauled my sorry ass to the brig."

Annnnnnd, there go the giggles. The staid captain actually giggles, hand still over her mouth. She gives him a look for a moment, assessing, then grins. "They'd have had to wait a few minutes, I think." Rolling to her feet, she holds a hand out. "Can I get you a refill while I'm up?"

Harrison offers her his mug. "Please. It's a fair enough payment for a good, ol-fashioned giggle fit. It gets all those endorphins or whatever they are flowing."

Thea laughs quietly as she heads over toward the coffee pot. Her earlier malaise seems to have lifted, for now. "There's nothing in the world like a good laugh," she calls over her shoulder. "Speaking of, a bit of warning about the Triad tourney. We get a little…raucous. There will likely be truth or dare."

"If Leda's there, I'm not playing," Isaiah replies with a bright smile. "I've seen what that guy can do with cards."

Returning, she offers him a cup. "Tinleg's damned good with them," the Captain replies. "But I'm better." Oh, yes, just a hint of smugness there. "There's a bottle of ambrosia in the pilot's booze locker that says so."

Harrison considers that as he lifts his mug to his lips. "Maybe I'll stop in."

One leg tucks beneath her as she settles back in the chair, cradling her mug of sludge. "It's a fun time," she allows with a grin. "Cut throat competition. I think we may have at least one strip triad game."

"I've gotta admit that I'm horrible at Triad. I never could get the hang of the damn thing," Harrison grumbles over his mug. "I may just watch."

The Captain then does something rather unofficerly. She sticks her tongue out at him. "I'm going to be running a few practice sessions ahead of the main event," she tells him. "So you can get your ass kicked in private."

"What an offer!" Isaiah exclaims before he leans forward. "I'll have to take you up on that, because I don't know shit about Triad."

Legacy laughs softly and nods, reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ear with one hand. "It's a fun game, kind of relaxing. The truth or dare is even more fun when you're listening in on it."

Harrison crosses his arms over his chest and settles back in his chair. "Give me an example."

"Mmmm," she murmurs, considering. "Well, there was this one truth or dare game where we all found out how a coworker felt about his CO. He'd had a bit to drink, someone dared him to tell the truth and, well…" Her lips twitch a bit. "The punctilious, supercilious, pus-ridden son of a syphyllitic whore with no personality and the hygeine of a diseased, retarded racoon was, unfortunately, standing right behind him when he answered."

Harrison snorts. Thank god he wasn't drinking, or he may very well have drowned on the spot. "…the hell? They must make some damn good hooch on this boat, or he can't hold his liquor."

"This was at another posting," Thea tells him, eyes twinkling. "Of course, on this boat we had the incident where one of the crewmen, ah…" How to put this delicately. "Well, he didn't just dance out of the closet, if you get my meaning. He came out of that closet in full flame. Didn't just burn the closet down, he took the whole damned house." Pause. "I mean, FUH-laming."

Harrison takes a sip from his coffee as he mulls over his answer. "Well. At least he left nothing to the imagination."

"It was the black eye-liner," Thea murmurs, as if imparting a secret.

Harrison coughs, trying to keep the laughter inside. "Well. Sounds like a hell of a time, then."

Thea smiles softly and shakes her head. "We've had some good times on this boat, believe it or not. We all tease and joke. Sometimes a bit…too much."

Harrison smiles at that and gestures at her with his mug. "Well, you're still smiling, so there's no way it could have been all bad."

"It's a typical ship," she tells him, shaking her head. "And, for all the bullshit, I'm glad to be here."

Harrison puts his feet up on another chair. "And that's what important."

"So, tell me a fact about Isaiah Harrison that I don't know," she says, smiling over at him.

Harrison considers that for a few moments. "I considered becoming an engineer when I first got into OCS, but I figured I'd rather be a pilot like my grandfather."

"What kind of engineering," Thea asks with a smile. "I ask because, well…my big secret is that I like to do my own repairs and maintenance on my raptors when possible."

"Working on a big ship, probably with the FTL engines," Isaiah replies quietly. "I've always been interested in what makes them go."

Her smile softens and she nods, once. "I started as a viper," she admits. "My father had me in sims when I was 12. It was my birthday present. I got to use them during the down time. When I made it to the academy, though, they switched me to Raptors about 4 months in."

"Are you glad you stayed with them?" Isaiah asks, curious now.

"Yeah," she says, smile broadening. "I love my Raptors, the way they move. They're natural now. Dependable. Vipers are flashes in the night. Raptors are the slow, steady lights. How about you? Do you like Vipers?"

Harrison considers that for a moment. "It's a good feeling knowing that I'm the point on the spear, you know? I'm standing between the ship and the enemy, and they're going to pay a heavy price to get through me." He takes a thoughtful sip from his coffee. "I enjoy flying. I missed out on a lot while I was exiled in the middle of frakking nowhere."

"Well, now you have your chance to get back there," Thea tells him softly, smiling. "You have another chance to do what you love. That is…a powerful thing, I think."

"If I can convince the CAG that I'm not completely cracked." He pauses for a moment, then notes, "Although, judging by the ready room, they're probably pretty much ready to accept anyone that can fly without crashing."

Thea's quiet for a moment, studying him. "Give Marek a chance," she says softly. "I think…once you two get to working together, things will work out just fine. You give him a chance, he'll give you one."

Harrison nods slowly, focused on her. "I will. It's just frustrating to wait."

"The wait will make your first trip up all that sweeter," she promises him. "It was hell after I was shot. I HATED waiting. It was even worse back before the war. I was flying a training mission and something happened. I ejected as my bird went down. It blew so hard and so hot that SAR reported back they couldn't find a body. Took me a week to get back."

"I, for one, am glad that you're not exploded," Harrison offers quietly. "Who else would I drink coffee with in the middle of the night?"

"Exactly," she says, nodding solemnly. "I mean, who else would I share my innermost secrets with, on the pain of looking like a complete incompetent?"

Harrison's brows perk in obvious mirth. "I guess I'm better than a diary."

"Most definitely," Thea replies, lips twitching -ever- so slightly. "You talk back."

Harrison puts his hand on his chest. "I don't know if I should be offended or delighted."

"Yes," she says simply, giving him a sage nod.

Harrison grins brightly at that. "Then I am both."

"Does that mean I owe you another one," she asks, grinning over at him.

Harrison just eyes her across the table. "You may. It depends on if I have to shock that smile back into life again."

Lips purse slightly as she considers that. "You might need the AED paddles next time," she warns. "Especially if you spring another one of those comments like you did on me."

"Whatever has to be done," he replies with a slightly odd look that clears after a moment. "If I'd actually meant it, I assure you it would have been far more suave."

The smile flickers just a tiny bit at those words, and she covers it with a sip of coffee. "I have no doubt," she murmurs.

Harrison leans forward slightly. "In all honesty, I respect you too much to just up and say, "Hey, let's go find a closet and get naked," you know?" he murmurs. "You deserve better than to just be propositioned, and if I read you right, you have more self-respect than a lot of the folks on this ship. You're good people, Thea, and I'd much rather you trust me than to think you're nothing more than a great pair of tits in my eyes."

She's quiet for a moment, her eyes lowered for part of his speech, though they track to his face about halfway through. "Thank you," she murmurs. "Sometimes, though…" It would appear she's struggling for the words. A hand waves, finally, and she shakes her head, giving him a crooked grin. "Nevermind. I'll just take the compliment."

Harrison peers at her. "Sometimes what?"

Thea bites her lower lip for a moment. "I had a man tell me he loved me. And I was replaced soon after by someone he could have. I had another man swear he wanted to make it work with me, only to forget to tell me he was dating other people. And I had a man tell me he cared about me and would screw me, quite happily, no strings attached. No strings because he said he'd never date again. What he didn't tell me, and I found out later, was that he wouldn't date -me- again. Sometimes a woman wants, and needs, to feel desired."

Harrison leans back once again, taking on a thoughtful look for a few moments. "Well, then, there's always the tool room." He doesn't quite look certain about what he should say, though.

She laughs softly and shakes her head. "Thank you, but no," she says, tone gentle. "I'm nobody's pity frak." He was right, she does have more self-respect.

Harrison smiles outright at that. "Like I said, you've got self-respect. You're good people." He stands after draining away the sludge in his mug to go drop it in a tray. "You really should smile more, though."

Legacy laughs quietly and shakes her head. "To be honest, Harrison," she says quietly. "I haven't had a whole hell of a lot lately to smile about. This has been a nice change."

"Well, then, I'd better brush up my corny jokes," Isaiah replies as he heads for the doors. "But for now, I think I need to find my bunk and fall into it. It's been a hell of a day. Have a good night, Thea."

Legacy sketches a salute. "Sweet dreams, Harrison," she calls after him. "Get some rest."

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