Picon Delegate, Daphne Graystone
Eva Green
Eva Green as Daphne Aris Graystone
Name: Daphne Aris Graystone
Alias: Daph, Ms. Graystone
Age: 35
Hair & Eyes: Black Hair, Gray Eyes
Faction: Colonial Government
Position: Quorum Representative from Picon
Colony: Picon
Play Times: Late nights EST
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info



"Everyone has made mistakes, my family some of the greatest. We made our money originally on the black market, or so I've been told. Something underhanded, dirty, shameful. It cursed our name for a long while. My father carries it, and his father before him. We've spent a century trying to make up for the sins of our ancestors, starting with serving in the war 50 years ago. I guess that's really when we went from wrong side of the law to the right, or at least this branch of the family. We're a -large- family, you have to understand. Hated, or loved, we certainly have always done what we could for the our people, my grandfather and father included.

"My grandfather, Michael Aaron Graystone, retired from military service 15 years ago, a decorated Admiral out of the Cylon war and about as large of a hardass as you could find in the Picon Academy. My father practically stepped into his shoes and was promoted to Admiral three years ago. They both were born on Picon and returned to this planet when their careers permitted them. They love the military, truthfully. It's not just making up for past mistakes, it's something they've found passion for doing. But it's also something they'd never let their one and only daughter do. So, I was not permitted to inherit a passion for the Colonial Fleet. I did the next best thing. I went into politics.

** Note, the Graystone name contains no affliation with the Graystones of the Caprica TV series. It's just a strange concidence!


"Of course, being on the Quorum wasn't always the plan. It started with a degree in Colonial History, specializing in the military. I'd heard so many stories growing up, been surrounded by high names, ranks and men talking about missions and the valiantry of the Cylon war that I felt I knew the stuff already, I might as well get a degree in it. Maybe I could teach students the great stories of fallen men and heroes that helped make our colonies what they are today. But then I got to thinking - I didn't just want to teach it. I wanted to help make it too.

"So, I applied to law school right out of university. I moved from Picon to Caprica for this, wanting to see where it was all happening. It turns out that was the best move of my life, even if I missed the quieter, oddly militant, stalwart life style of Picon. The University of Caprica's law school was both the best and hardest time of my young life."

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

"My career in the Colonial government hasn't been that long. Four years of dedicated, passionate, hard service. Four years of making every meeting five years early and never letting a single lock of hair fall out of place. Four years of passionate speeches, debates, and promising words about a future full of peace. And I do think it will happen. We have to put the Cylon war behind us. It's been almost fifty years, a half a CENTURY, since our own experiments came back to haunt us. They are gone now. We have to stop fighting among ourselves. We have to stop feeding the military like an active war is around the corner. I grew up on Picon, I know the paranoia that runs through the heart of the colonies and I wanted to put it to rest once and for all. So a year ago I started to campaign for election to Picon's seat on the Quorum. I didn't know if anyone would listen. Apparently, they did.

"The beginning of my campaign was a startling whirlwind. I didn't think I'd actually succeed in getting voters on my side. My platform was one of peace, of putting the military to rest once and for all. It seems more people than my family were tired of fighting. I gained an office, support, even a secretary. With the support of Markus and a long but passion driven campaign, I was finally elected as the delegate from Picon to the Quorum of 12. I've been in office 2 months now. Not much has changed. I've found the Quorum to be a bunch of passionate people screaming at each other about a lot and getting very little done. It's frustrating. I hoped I could truly make a difference, but now I'm wondering if anyone is listening at all. It's getting hard to sleep past dawn again. Maybe things will change. They have to. That's what I promised the people. I can't let them down, and I sure as hell can't let myself down either."

Distinguishing Features

Ice gray eyes, occasionally thinning hair, a perfectly prim wardrobe that is NEVER out of place or unpressed, and a gift for passionate rhetoric which can sway the masses.


Daphne Graystone is descended from Admiral Michael Aaron Graystone II and his father, the long retired Admiral Graystone I. Her grandfather was a hero in the first cylon war, but her whole family is rumored to be descended from some very rich black marketeers. Some say they are making up for past sins.

Daphne is rumored to never travel anywhere with out her secretary Markus and her psychiatrist, Dr. LuRush. Why she keeps the men so close is not known but they did seemingly help her win the campaign.

She owns a very sleek sports car of the newest year. She's often seen driving it alone at the highest speeds possible. It seems to be her one true way to relax.

The Delegate from Picon seems to present herself as nearly perfect. She never has a hair out of place, her suit rumpled, and is strangely 5 minutes early for everything.


Political Rhetoric, Colonial Law, Colonial History, Military History, Philosophy, Driving, Precision

On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events


"I believe in an era of peace. I believe that in another fifty years the Colonial Military will no longer be needed. Everyone in the colonies can go to bed at night safe, sound, no longer living in paranoia of those machines coming back to haunt us. They're gone. They're not coming back. We have TRULY achieved peace. We just need to stop looking over our shoulders in terror and start looking to the future! And I plan to show you the way."


  • Her sports car
  • Handsome men in pin stripe suits
  • Gin
  • White fabric
  • Peace gatherings and collections


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