Damon Cavalera
Gary Dourdan
Gary Dourdan as Damon Cavalera
Name: Damon Cavalera
Alias: Ghost
Age: 25
Hair & Eyes: Black Hair, Green Eyes
Faction: Resistance
Position: Difference of Opinion
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: M-F 6p-11p, Weekends Scattered
Timezone: PST in spring, MST in Fall

Biographical Info


Twenty-five years old on the day that the Cylon Holocaust occurred, Damon Cavalera was enroute in a small bus belonging to the Highway Patrol. Inside was a police officer named Frank Dobrin and a driver. The police on the opposite side of a locked cage and Damon in the back, handcuffed to the floor, they were enroute to the penitentiary where Damon's execution that evening would be carried out. He was to be hanged.

That was, of course, until a freak accident occured. Alongside a mountain pass a few kilometers from the Resort and Harkins' Lodge, a loose boulder the size of a semi tire fell loose from a cliff above and began to tumble. It crashed into the front passenger side tire of the bus, sending it spinning off. Out of control, it fell at full speed into a ditch and began to roll. When all was said and done, both of the officer's were dead, and Damon's handcuffs were just loose enough that he could free himself. Taking his chance while he had it, he replace his clothes with Officer Dobrin's and took what supplies he could. Fleeing the scene, he made his way to where the story of the Resistance would begin.

Cut back nearly three years prior. Damon Cavelera was a former gang member turned slowly developing crime kingpin in the mean streets of Scorpia's capital. Selling guns and fenced goods while working laundering through a cooperative agreement with some of the blue collar crime families, Damon was completely anonymous to the press. The cubits flowed in daily and what was once the life of a poor street gamer turned into VIP rooms in nightclubs and fast cars. Between the age of 18 and 22, he'd killed fifteen men in cold blood, but inside of these deaths there was a strange sort of street honor. The people he'd killed were either always in self defense, or were in response to needs of the crime world. He'd kill a man for selling him out or ratting to the police, but he left the innocents out of it. This is what, in a way, protected him.

So imagine his surprise when he goes to purchase a Leonis Storm Carbine from a fellow arms dealer named Carlos Rikken and it ends up being a murder weapon. Carlos Rikken gunned down a pregnant mother with the rifle knowing that Damon would want to test fire it before purchasing. When the police received an anonymous tip and found Damon with the gun in his trunk and gunpowder residue on his hands…that was it. It would have been life in prison had the woman not been pregnant. Rikken went on to take over his organization, and through his treacherous ways and eagerness the body trail was followed directly to the warehouse where Rikken and half of Damon's old crew (many of them friends) were gunned down in a firefight with the police.

After two years of failed appeals…Damon had done little more than work out, and slowly come to accept his death.

Now…he has to accept being alive.

(OOC Information: The news of the woman's death "Mirelle Lios" was largely mourned, sparking a short lived series of protests from the people outside of the courthouse calling for his execution. While not making Colonial news, it was kept local to the capital city and happened three years ago. Largely forgotten by the media save a few newspaper articles near the day of his execution, he was black bagged on his way out of the jail to avoid vigilante threats. It's very old news, given how violent the Scorpia ghettos are, and the reminder of his execution was a byline in the newspaper at best.)

It was hard to hide the "thug" factor from the survivors at first. Some of the more perceptive ones immediately drew concern about his role as an "officer", while others seemed to him to view him as a crooked type cop. Distant, socially brutal, and dark in mood he was surprised to find an old acquaintance from his gunrunning days, Salazar, to have survived as well. To increase tension, she knew he was a murderer. There were many a night of quiet tension as the two of them wondered if one would kill the other to protect their identities, as Damon knew her to be a criminal as well. Finally reaching some sort of agreement, Damon began to trust her.

As the tense weeks at the cabin went by, before long a small band of raiding escaped convicts attacked the survivors. A few of them were actually on Damon's prisoner transport. Gunfire was traded from both sides and Damon didn't fire a single bullet. Instead he carelessly dove into their ranks with a homemade 'shiv' and started cutting them to ribbons. One of the raiders, a female, nearly outed him as Damon Cavalera before he cut her throat. What respect he earned from the survivors that day was matched with a side serving of paranoia. It takes a strong man to kill another in defense, but murdering with a knife is another story.

He managed to make it 71 days without being noticed. That ended abruptly the day the marines and pilots from the Kharon crashed on Scorpia. A new survivor by the name of Dell recognized him from the papers. Much to Damon's surprise, Phaistion defended him as being loyal to the good guys, and with small bits of explanation he was allowed to keep his weapons.

Seems his belief in humanity just got a little brighter.


Damon never speaks about his family, not even to his closest associates. Those with access to his police file would know that his parents abandonned him as a child and he was raised by an aunt. The aunt died of alcohol related asphyxiation when he was twenty.


Dropped out of highschool at 16. Everything else he learned, he learned on the job.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Both his police file and people that know him would confirm that Damon is a dark spirit indeed. He's a professional, and he's calculating. He never takes unneccesary risks and he's desensitized to death. However, for both functional and perhaps personal reasons, he's allegedly (until Mirelle Lios) never killed anyone who wasn't a criminal themselves. There was no evidence to support this otherwise during his trial, so he was left without a leg to stand on.

Distinguishing Features






On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Faces I Know
Salazar Nikomedes Nikos. Salazar used to deal me tools of the trade back in the day, and her and I lost track of eachother when I went into the system. She doesn't take any shit and I respect that. Seems to have grown more of a conscience since then, and could be the best ally I've got. Trouble is, she's a creature of habit. She could rat me out for her own gain at any time, and by the looks of things with that conscience of hers…wouldn't feel too bad about it.
Homer. This guy's pretty honest, I respect that. He might be a little naive. When him and I met he was throwing attitude about my smoking, and thinks I'm a thug. Good. I'd rather have that working relationship. The other day he said I was a thug, but a good thug to have around. Sounds like we understand eachothers' positions real well.
Daphne Aris Graystone. A Quorum member. I was pretty surprised to see her, and she's pretty lucky to be alive. The problem with management sort is that they have this sort of experience coming in that they can't help but have that edge of ego about knowing how to organize people. It's a totally different game though, and for her sake I hope it works. If not I intend to do what I can to keep her alive. She's smart enough to play her cards face forward it seems…for now at least.
Achilles. If I were to make a list of people that I'm likely to have to kill in the future to self preserve, the idea would form simply because of this person's existence. He's either insane, stupid, or a little mixture of both. He's going to get someone killed and it's not going to me. Doubly so, I'd have no qualms about taking him out before the fact just to be safe. This would have been done within the first ten minutes of meeting him if I were in charge, but I'm not. I've got to keep an eye on him. He doesn't seem a killer though. He seems a coward.

Timeline of Events



"…shoulda stayed on the bus, bitch." To Bunny, an escaped convict attempting to kill friendlies at the Lodge…right before he cut her throat.


  • Fast Cars
  • Rare, expensive assault rifles with multitudes of attachments
  • Expensive Cigars
  • Pyramid Games
  • Pyramid Cheerleaders
  • Women that can dance and fight
  • Spicy Food
  • Sugarcane based alcohol (aka rum)
  • The late evening, when it's quiet and dark.


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