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Kayvan Novak
Kayvan Novak as Cyrus Korosti
Name: Cyrus Korosti
Alias: "Asshole."
Age: 31
Hair & Eyes: Dark hair, olive complexion, & dark green eyes.
Faction: Resistance. I think.
Position: Engineer. Hacker. "Enthusiast." Closet
Colony: Aquarian mother, Gemenese deadbeat dad, moved to Scorpia for his teenage years
Play Times: Frustratingly Random
Timezone: Time Zone

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Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Dr. Alyssa Odessyeon. One of the first people who wasn't a feral asshole after the bombs fell. A fellow Aquarian. Military but she's thrown in her lot with us. Respectable, I guess. She's good enough at what she does and doesn't frak around beyond that so ultimately I don't have any kind of beef with her even though I don't know her well.
Lieutenant J.G. Nadiv "Poet" Roubani. Military takes all types, I guess. Quiet guy, I met him, as quiet as he is he's insightful, personable, and frakkin' hilarious. What, don't you believe me? A few conversations we had just told me he got it. Aurora watch out for him. Next time he shows up, I'll have a spray can anyway.
Andromeda Reed. A lesson in how a complete disaster can bring out the best in a select few people. She's competent, respectable, and works her ass off. If any of these people have deserved to survive(and the Gods know this, but not me), I would say she's on the top end of the list.
Jade Tenna. A lesson in reverse. Useless. I don't have the patience to dig beneath the surface. We pretty much sneer and snort at each other which is pretty bad when you're both one of the last group of, say, under a hundred people left.
Angel. Another one for the 'pushy hayseed bitch' category. She's snapped at me twice. Snap at me again and you can fix your own frakking comms relay. Seriously. I hate Scorpia. I hate Osprey, and I hate most of these choads I've been stuck with. I can't believe authority has been ceded to a stuck-up teenage girl. WHAT?
Daphne Graystone. Apparently Picon's surviving Quorum delegate. I recognized her immediately. And the moment I recognized a surviving remnant of the failed Colonial government, I had this sinking feeling in my stomach. Like the one bright side to the end of the world just got snatched away from me. For some reason she hasn't figured out how much I utterly loathe her, the state apparatus she was part of, and pretty much everything she supports. Oh well.

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  • Competence.
  • Thinking outside the box.
  • The Goddess, Sweet Lady Aurora.
  • Artemis. Kinda.
  • People getting what's coming to them.
  • Animals. Secretly. Shh.


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