Lieutenant, JG Marius "Prophet" Cygnus
Lieutenant, JG Marius Cygnus
Jared Leto
Jared Leto as Marius Aaron Cygnus
Name: Marius Aaron Cygnus
Alias: Mac
Age: 33
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair, blue eyes
Faction: Navy: Support
Position: Chaplain
Colony: Tauron
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Timezone: Central

Biographical Info - A Brief History

Early Days

Marius Aaron Cygnus was born an only child on April 19th almost thirty-four years ago in Hypatia to Balthazar and Euphegenia Cygnus. Balthazar was a prominent priest of Ares, while Mac's mother was former colonial military engineering corps. The two met during the aftermath of the Battle of Tauron during the subsequent rebuilding of the war devastated city. The two fell in love and married and Euphegenia subsequently retired from active service.

Marius was a happy child, drawn to art and music, and understandably so, the more spiritual paths in life, considering his father's calling. Gifted with a clear, melodious voice, he often sang at his father's services as he was growing up, and he been the child of any other parents, may well have pursued a career in music as his life's path. Even though his life was geared in another direction, Mac still found time to front a band during his days at Kobol Colleges, becoming somewhat of a long haired rebel. A look that ultimately suited him.

Growing up, Marius found himself somewhat conflicted. Balthazar had hopes that his son would follow in his footsteps and become a priest, while Mac, himself often felt drawn to a far more militaristic path. An agreement was reached between father and son that stipulated that Mac would complete a degree in both vocations before ultimately deciding which course in life to follow.


-Master of Arts, Divinity - Kobol Colleges
-Master of Arts, Military History - Kobol Colleges
-Colonial Naval Academy - 21st in class
-Advanced Flight School - 3rd in class

Military Service

Out of flight school, Marius first posting was with the Columbia's Air Group, where he gained a reputation as a level headed pilot with a natural gift for the stick. While thought of as somewhat eccentric by many, A bit of a quiet loner, his reviews were all very positive and his superior officers were more than pleased with his performance. During his time on Columbia, he occasionally displayed an uncanny knack for blurting out a completely random piece of advice to his fellow pilots that would later in the day prove to come true in some manner. A small reminder to someone to watch their three, who would later avoid some type of danger from that exact position. It was this strange and intermittent habit that earned him the call sign of Prophet.

More recently, Marius had been promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant and had been transferred to the battlestar Solaria's Air Group. His career seemed completely on point until the past few months when ambiguous ‘health concerns’ (see dreams, below) began to surface. Much to Marius' dismay his active flight status was revoked, until such time as his health issues were corrected, along with temporary reduction in rank to Lieutenant JG, until such time as he's restored to active flight status, pending the discretion of his direct superior. Taking under consideration the fact that Marius' service record had been exemplary up until that point, rather than discharge a valuable officer who may recover, Marius has recently been reassigned to administrative duties in the Chaplain's office. The irony of his situation is not lost on him, considering his father's longtime desire for him to become a priest. Along with the reassignment, comes a new post: the Kharon.

After a rocky start aboard Kharon, Marius was nearing requalification as a pilot when Lieutenant Ajax Crydel, the ship's Chaplain took his own life. Recently ordained himself by Crydel, Cygnus now currently fills the post that was held by his predecessor.


Prescient dreams have been a hallmark of his life, since a young age. At first these dreams were infrequent, and indecipherable to so young a mind. They would carry suggestions and hints within them though. Sometimes warnings as well. Simple enough when Marius was young: the knowledge of where the family dog ran off to, or the warning that his aunt would be injured in an accident. During his second year of Divinity, a recurring dream began to haunt him, a new occurrence, really. Previously each dream that Mac had been given had featured different topics and circumstances. One night each month, over the course of a half year, Marius would experience dreams of horrific destruction. At first he was wont to shrug them off, telling himself that they were simply a subconscious manifestation of all his recent studies of the battles of the Cylon War. He'd never questioned the dreams given to him before, but his mind found these particular dream visions to be incomprehensible in their scope. When his course work shifted focus during the next semester, the particularly bloody dream subsided.

In the year leading up to the Holocaust, Marius' more haunting dream resurfaced. Bloody, nightmarish visions of untold destruction and loss that never quite clarified enough to be understood. At first the dreams only surfaced here and there, allowing Mac to shrug them off. During the past four months the occurrence heightened to a state that he could no longer hide, however. Finally, the disturbing dreams escalated to the point of leaving Marius shaken with night terrors on a nearly nightly basis, which began to affect his performance on the job.

The Gods, however, seem to have a sense of irony, and since Warday, the nightmare has faded away (having at last come to pass), finally allowing him to get some rest.


- Openly gay.
- Fronted a band in college.
- Keeps his acoustic guitar with him on assignments.
- Wears eyeliner when not required to be in uniform.
- Was ordained as a Brother by Ajax not long before the former Chaplain's death.
- Priest of Ares


- Music
- Theology
- Piloting


- Lords of Kobol - Bear McCreary
- Dogs of War - Pink Floyd
- Battle of One - 30 Seconds to Mars
- The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars
- Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf
- Sleep - My Chemical Romance

On the Grid

Kharon Family

-Mia "Ember" Castaine who has become his 'adopted' little sister.

Known Associates

-Lieutenant JG Typhus "Typhoon" Yuuri
-Lieutenant Fenris "Mudguts" Valasche - served in the airwing together on the Battlestar Solaria


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