Cubit For Your Thoughts
Cubit For Your Thoughts
Summary: Castor brings Marissa a present - a few gifts from Aquaria.
Date: PHD 138
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The Mess is much smaller than it should be, a series of curtains have been set up to divide the room as a temporary home for the Kharon's civilian guests. Beds have been set up and there isn't exactly a lot of privacy but people are trying to make the best of it. Off in the front a very lucky family who has managed to survive is trying to care for their toddler who is crying, a newly wed couple is currently holding hands as they are thankful to be together, at another bunk a man who seems to be growing a beard in a torn suit is drinking heavily since he lost his family, and there are many others here each with their story. On the otherside of the mess military men and women enter and exit as they eat meals. Some of them take their meals elsewhere others sit and eat in silence as respectfully as they can.

Outside the civilian curtain, Mimi sits at a table with an empty tray and a half-empty glass in front of her. The table is otherwise unoccupied and empty. She seems to be lost in thought, though glances at the wall clock and her obnoxiously-colored timepiece hint otherwise. There's no sign of 'MacGillicuddy'.

Castor Leda enters into the mess with a purpose in his off duty uniform, he has just come back from late night CAP and is now showered and clean. He begins walking into Messville as he calls it in order hopefully suprise a recent visitor to the Kharon. He has in his hands a small box wrapped in brown paper and tied together with twine - this is the closest he can make something look like a gift. As he walks in he spots Mimi and he smiles as he moves to her table, "Cubit for your thoughts." He says as he slides the package to her, "And something to brighten your day."

Mimi blinks and glances up at the sound of Castor's voice. "Morning, Tinman," she says, managing a warm but slightly dispirited smile. "You look spic and span… just come off duty?"
She smiles at the sight of the package, but declines to open it immediately. He did ask a question, after all. "My thoughts… honestly, I was thinking about what's behind that curtain." She nods towards the curtain dividing the room, through which can be heard muffled replicants of the sounds inside. "Just… so many people who've lost everything, or everything but each other. It's not very many, and you all in uniform aren't very many, either." She lifts her eyes to his face, wide and questioning and… sad. She's capable of that, it seems. "Are we it? All that's left of Twelve Colonies?"

"I did just come off duty." He says with a smile, "And you get three points for being observant." He then acctually digs out a cubit which he slides in front of Mimi in an effort to bring some levity to the moment, "We are not all that is left of humanity." He offers with honest and compassionate tones, "We know there are survivors on Scorpia and we are in contact with them. Most likely we will send any survivors from here that don't sign up for military service back to Scorpia. The people are safe there high up in the mountains and we are in contact with them." He then says, "And I don't know specific numbers but we are alive and that means something. It means we are special just for surviving and coming this far." He then says, "Though outside of the you, the XO, and myself may be the only Aquarians on this ship."

Mimi manages a faint smile, a hint of her usual self. "Thanks. For the points and the package. I'm sorry if I don't seem properly grateful this morning… I really want to be."
The news is some comfort. "Of course… you're right. Even if we don't know how many are left, that there are /any/ left is cause to be happy. Or at least grateful. Maybe we'll find some people on Aquaria, if we happen by. It's worth looking, I think…"

Castor nods his head and he continues speak in calm and supportive tones in fact he opens himself up a bit as he says, "I'm not a religious man, that is, I don't believe in the Lords but the fact that we survived tells me something greater than ourselves has brought us this far." He then smiles, "And maybe command will allow us to sweep by Aquaria and look around." He then adds, "I doubt all of humanity has died out since every planet has high ground to fall back too." He then adds, "And you don't have to apologize to me. We are all processing through this. For those of us on this ship that has been a long while."

"I hope so. If people survived on Scorpia, maybe the Deep Colonies on Aquaria pulled through. We can hope," Mimi ventures, perking up a bit more. If there are people everywhere, though, I don't know if this ship will hold them all. It's already pretty crowded with just the Scorpians, and the people off that ship."
She leans close and gives Castor a quick hug. "No… I won't talk about depressing things anymore. I should open your present and thank you properly." She smiles and looks down at the package, slowly and carefully beginning to work the fastenings loose. Even paper is a precious commodity these days, after all.

Castor blushes only slightly at the hug and then he looks at Mimi as he says, "I'll listen to you talk about anything you'd like, Mimi." He then watches her face as she goes to open the package, "I listen to a lot of people so if you ever need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on you can count on me." He says this in simple but honest tones because if anyone is Kharon's own cheerleader it would be Castor but for now Castor is waiting to see if he can make Mimi happy.

"I'll remember, Tinman… Leda… Castor… just which one is your /first/ name, anyway?" Mimi asks, laughing a little at herself. "I can't get anyone to tell me!" And as she asks, her fingers slow, but continue to work by feel on the package until she looks down a second later. Slowly the package comes open…
Two books, one an atlas of Aquaria and the other a collection of sea-lore (almost like fairy tales). A bottle of soju. An old-style razor and honing attachment. A hand-held vanity mirror. A pink, long-handled hairbrush, a bit gaudy but very functional all the same. A couple of sets of underclothing, one matched. Even a small box of rice and seaweed candies. Mimi's eyes widen, and she laughs and glomps the flier. "Oh, it's precious… thank you so much!"

"Castor Leda, Lieutenant Junior Grade, my callsign is Tinman. Though you can call me Castor, Cas, or Cassy if you would like." He then seems odd that no one would tell Mimi his name since he is fairly well known on this ship, then again it could be others being funny on behalf of the Viper Pilot. As Mimi inspects each thing Castor's smile grows wider and wider. "A bit of home. Some of it is mine personally, the other things I had to do some serious scrounging for." He then adds, "The bottle of soju is my last one though I think you might like it now more than I would." He then he says, "It is a welcoming gift." He doesn't mention how much work went into getting everything but he wanted Mimi to have it all since adjusting to a new life can be difficult and in Officer Training he was taught that even small bits of home can help bring a sense of normalacy to a place.

Mimi follows the hug with a kiss on the cheek. "So sweet… and they have you flying Vipers instead of working on morale? Somebody screwed up!" She smiles as she picks up and examines the articles, one by one. The razor and its kit are set aside, still on the paper, then the hairbrush. "I lost mine /weeks/ ago… it's been everything I can do not to have my head turn into a bird's nest. Oh, thank you so much for that."

Castor smirks, "You aren't the first that has said I should be reassigned to morale, fortunately I'm one of the few pilots who has never been hit once in combat." He then says, "Oh, I thought you might like the hairbrush, I noticed you didn't have one when you got out of the shower the other day." Aparently, Viper Jocks are the observant type. He then says, "So, I figured you might need one…I hope it isn't to girly." He then adds with a bit of a tease, "Unless you wanted girly which in that case I meant to make it girly."

"If it has bristles and a good handle and lasts a while, I don't care if it's glittery silver," Mimi replies with a smile. And a wink. He meant to do that, yup-yup. The books are looked over next, with a cry of delight at the collection of stories. "I couldn't get these at Calypso. Oh, that's wonderful!"

"Well, I'm glad you like it." as he gets a wink and a smile a big goofy grin settles on his face. As Mimi looks at the books Castor says, "Those are from my own collection. They aren't in our library here on the Kharon." He then adds, "We have a library here full of books, movies, and music. It isn't a bad selection acctually." He then adds, "Though I thought you might want to read something from home."

"You were right. Thank you so much." Mimi smiles at Castor again, hugging the books against herself before setting them aside.
Next in line is the box of candies. "Whoa… Cas, where did you /get/ these? I had some in my bag when I came, but they were stolen within two days." She sighs, glancing back at the curtain. "S'not like I wouldn't have /shared/ or something."

"Those, I got them from Aquaria. Well, I had them sent from Aquaria right before I was reposted to the Kharon." He says, "They aren't the last of these candies but I've got others." He then smiles, "So, if you need some more let me know." It would apprear that Leda has lots of things squirlled away, probably since he was homeless as a child and it leads to unique behaviour as an adult. "I'd say we could start an investigation into your stolen candy but to be fair they have bigger things to look for right now." Like who in the frak put a bomb in his locker.

"I'm not worried. If they needed 'em worse, I would've been fine with letting 'em have my stash," Mimi says. "I just wish they'd asked first."
Next up is the underwear, functional athletic-style garments. The dark girl smiles, looking over the lot and holding up one pair of panties. "Purple… my favorite color. How'd you know?"

"I…" he says, "may have glanced as you were changing the other night. I noticed most of the flowers in the floral print you were wearing were purple. So I guessed it was your favorite color. I'm glad to know I didn't get it wrong." He then muses softly, "Color of royalty, you've got a sense of style about you, Mimi." He then says, "And those were easier to get the second time around." He then adds, "Not that I'm a perv…I was just once given the task of finding matching sets for a certain woman on this ship. An officer." He says, "I got a lot of red cheeks, a few offers, and eventually I got what I wanted. This time, it was easier since people realized I wasn't being a perv."

Mimi giggles. "Guess it's my own fault for stripping in front of everybody like that. Even if it /was/ a unisex head. But I guess everybody on board is going to see my bloomers sooner or later, with that kind of bathroom. And I don't think you're a perv." She grins and kisses him on the cheek again. "Or if you are, you're a very nice one." She runs a finger over the material. "Ooh, Motionweave… nice taste /you/ have. I'll have to remember to wear these under my flight suit when I get one."
She picks up the mirror, glancing at both sides. "Wow, what a find these days. Perfect for looking around corners, under doors, inside lockers when pranksters are around, into high crates, and, of course, at yourself when you feel the need to pretty yourself up." She turns it so it reflects his face to him. "And showing you the most generous person on this ship, too."

As Castor gets another kiss on the cheek he blushes again slightly and get gets a moonstruck look on his face though he manages to hold himself together, "Well, we all kind of get to see each other naked." He then says, "And I pay attention to what is said around me, I was told motionweave was the best to go. Aparently it makes being trapped in a small ship for long periods of time slightly more bearable." He then listens to all of the uses for the mirror some of which he hadn't though of and this causes him to make a catalog of uses, which is to say, he might be getting a mirror soon himself. He then blushes in deep reds as she shows him an image of himself, "I…" he isn't sure what to say, "just wanted to see you happy, Mimi."

Mimi looks at the man for a long moment, then at the bottle of Soju. She slowly picks it up. "Cas… would you mind if I put a condition on accepting this?" she asks softly, her face growing thoughtful (neat trick, for Mimi).

Castor nods his head slowly, "Whatever you would like, Mimi." He says as he studies Mimi's face and he notices the thoughtful look, this could be a make or break moment for Castor. "Name your condition."

"Well, you offered to meet up some night and talk over drinks…" Mimi pauses, swallows, and finally speaks again. "I want this to be the bottle for the occasion. It's a wonderful gift, but soju is better shared."

Castor nods his head and slowly nods, "I would like that very much." He says, "Since it might be the last bottle on this ship." He then says, "And you name the time and the place and I will be there so long as I am not on duty or on CAP." Leda is internally doing a happy dance but for outwardly he is smiling and blushing a little.

"Hmm… if it's the last bottle on the ship, maybe we'd better invite Kitty and her brother to share," Mimi suggests, a little mischeivously. "I'm free most of the time these days, except for trying to chase down the CAG. Unless someone comes by to see me, or I go to find something to do, I'm free most of the time. I don't think finding an evening will be a problem."

Castor nods his head, "Well, if you promise to be cool, I'll let you in on a secret." He says as he leans in, "I'm trying to help Kitty get together with another pilot…see the way it works is pilots can date other pilots but only if they are in opposite wings. So Red Squadron can date Black Squadron but no Red on Red or Black on Black. Kitty is in Black and she is interested in Martin Black, a pilot in the Red Squadron. Maybe we should invite them to join us?" He says with an even more mischeivous look on his face. "Though Pandorian is…unique." He then looks at Mimi, "The other day, he thought I was trying to insinuate that I wanted to sex up his sister. Remember, when I was asking if she like peanuts in her chocolate?" He then chuckles, "For a half second I thought he was going to beat me down." He then adds as a disclaimer, "Marines always beat pilots, well, on the ground at least."

"Oh! Sure, that'd be great!" Mimi looks like her usual, enthusiastic self already. "I don't think I've met this Martin Black, though… what's he like?"
She blinks, hearing that, and claps her hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh. The man next to her almost got turned into glue, after all. "I think I need to have a talk with Pandorian. Maybe he'd listen if it was a girl speaking to him. Less of the rar-rar male competitive hormones involved."

Castor chuckles, "Marty? He is a lot like his sister, emotional, loyal, volitale but kind hearted…" He then says, "And suprisingly funny." He then grins, "No need to talk to him. I explained everything rationally and everything worked out." He then leans in, "Besides if he touched me I am an officer and I could have called MPs on him, which I wouldn't have to do, especially since Kitty would have whipped his ass from one side of the Kharon to the other and then back again." He adds, "Pandorian is a good mountain of man and he has a good heart though he isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed."

"Okay… um, who is his sister? I haven't met /her/, either, I don't think," Mimi replies, trying not to smile. "But he does sound good for Kitty. Let's invite 'em. Soju's good for inducing heart-to-hearts."
She giggles, thinking about that. "He'd be fun to get to know, as a friend. Not to mention easy on the eyes; all those muscles…"

Castor thinks about soju and home and he begins to laugh, "Seriously a cubit and a half for a bottle…best thing ever. For heart to hearts and for just goofing around." He then looks at Mimi, "Jupiter Black, another Viper jock like Marty. She and Marty are very much a like." He then gives a sly grin, "Both of them are good people though, I even got some rum from Jupiter the other night for folding her laundry after she was sparring in the Laundry with a marine." He then gets a small but slightly jealous look as he says, "and Pandorian, he might be all muscle for all I know but muscle with heart."

"Jupiter Black… I definitely don't know her. But I'd like to change that, with her and Marty both." Mimi smiles at the thought. "You'll have to invite him, but make it any time you like. I'll be there."
She giggles at the look on Castor's face when he speaks of Pandorian. "Oh, dear… Cas, you're the clingy type, aren't you?"

Castor looks at Mimi for a moment and then a laugh comes out, he can't hold it in, "I'm not the clingy type. It is just…I'm a single guy and my ex-girlfriend slept with at least four other men." He then says, "So, I'm just a bit off from that." He shakes his head, "I'm not clingy, just, cautious." He says with a bit of a smile. "Sorry." He then says, "And Jupiter and Marty are good people, though getting them both in the same room is a rare event." He then says, "Though Marty, Kitty, Pandorian, you, and myself…I could arrange that."

Mimi grins. "I'm not interested in Pandorian /that/ way," she replies giving Cas a hug. "Right now, I'm not interested in /anyone/ that way. I get the feeling my life's going to be going through some serious changes in the near future, so trying to start a relationship would be a world-class bad idea." She tightens the hug a bit. "Not that I'm not tempted…"

Castor hugs back and he gives a squeeze back, "Well, if you ever get tempted come and call on me." He then thinks about it, "Though starting a relationship when your ready might not be such a bad idea. Trust me, flying CAP and going on missions can be the roughest of the rough and it wears on people." He then makes a small request of his own, "Though…if you don't mind, I'd like to do a little tempting."

"A little tempting…" Mimi's smile starts small and grows slowly. "I'm probably going to regret saying it, but tempt away." She's careful to push her small collection of gifts aside.

Leda nods with a small smile and a nod of his head, "A little tempting." He then says, "Careful though, I might just sweep you off your feet." He then changes gears and his tones move from playful to honest as he says, "And if you need anything else let me know. I don't mean that as a play as much as I'd like to see you settle in with the things you need. I have a knack for finding things." He takes a moment to add, "And to be fair, I'd like to see you settle in smoothly since military life can take some adjusment."

"I'm a pilot, remember?" Mimi teases. "I'm /used/ to having my feet off the ground, so you'll have to do better than that!" She settles down and smiles at Cas. "And I believe you. I think you've got everything I need as it is, but I won't forget. And honestly, I'm not a half-bad finder myself. Maybe we should keep in touch about that… maybe form a network?"

Castor suddenly switches gears again, the man has a mind like a bicycle apparently, "We should start a network." He says, "Seriously, we could start a trading network." He then studies Mimi, "Or you and I could partner up in order to find things for others. Maybe for a small fee?" He then says, "and I'm glad to see I covered the basics for you." He then says, "I tried to think of everything you might need."

"Hmm… scrounging consultants!" Mimi giggles, but she's obviously thinking it over, too. "Could be fun. You thought well. I can't think of anything else."
She slowly wraps up the parcel again, setting her blanket-roll bag on the table to slip the package inside. "But I won't forget what you said. And starting a group for this kind of thing would be a great way to help people on board."

Castor chuckles softly, "Scrounging consultants, I like it." He then says, "And you know what that could be a fun idea and a way to help a lot of people on board. Mostly I've been making trades for others and asking for nothing in return. I do it because it keeps me sane and because we all need help, even me, sometimes." He then looks over at the package, "If anyone takes one item from that let me know. So I can replace it and I can tell the MP's to look out for a thief."

"I'll remember," Mimi promises, rolling up the blanket roll again. She turns back to the conversation, smiling at Cas. "Even if we do it for nothing, just helping out would be great. But a small fee would mean we could make better deals for stuff that already has an owner."

Castor looks at Mimi for a moment, "You know what, yeah, that might be a good idea, so long as we explain what the fee is for as opposed to personal gain." He then rubs his jaw, "Mimi, you are brilliant you know that." He gives a huge beaming smile as he says this, "Seriously, why didn't I think of this?" He thumps his forhead.

And Mimi is suddenly called away leaving Castor alone.

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