Creeping Familiarity
Creeping Familiarity
Summary: Something is strangely familiar between Lt. JG Jupiter Black and Lt. JG Typhys Yuuri
Date: MD052 (April 15)
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The bunks are quiet this time of night. Often, after a mission, the pilots are gathered in the rec or elsewhere getting a little happy post duty time. Jupiter is stretched out in her bunk, curtains open, her boots on the floor beside the bunk below her. She's fairly fresh from a shower, dark hair drying in a tumble of curls. She rests on her belly in the bunk, almost burned down cigarette between her lips, a book open against her pillow.

The sound of water from the head stops, foot steps can be heard walking towards the bunks. Yuuri enters wrapped with a towel around his waist, water still trailing down his body and onto the floor. He walks bunk their bunks and squats, pulling out the drawer and snagging some extra sweats.

The soft sound of a page turning can be heard from above. It's the dry sound of a book page, not the crinkle of a magazine. Jupiter glances down only as the body below stops so close to her personal space. She turns her blue eyes to the towel wearing pilot. Her eyes are appraising, the glance is brief. "You're dripping all over the floor."

"Better the floor than you right?" He looks up, icey jades making eye contact with the woman. With a brush of his hand, he sends the water still within his hair at Jupiter grinning devilishly as he holds the pair of pants in his free hand.

"You drip on me, you might lose something imp—." Jupiter glances down at her book as droplets rain down lightly across the text, staining the paper temporarily darker in spots. She flips it closed, a finger marking her place. She looks down over the edge of her bunk at Yuuri again.

Those icey jades break with a wink as Yuuri starts to pull up his briefs under the towel. He's leaning on one leg, hand steadying himself on the midsection of the bunks trying to pull his pants on. "Imp?" He questions, in a taunting manner.

Jupiter stares at the other pilot for several seconds. Her thought process isn't readily apparent, but it could be she's thinking about shooting him. Possibly in the face. "Who the frak are you, and why are you standing this close to me?" She's like the welcoming committee for those that everyone hates.

Yuuri doesn't respond right away, looking down and finally pulling his pants on. He looks back up at the young woman, "Lt. JG Typhys Yuuri, new transfer from the Eclipse. Morales' section lead during the Op." He ducks into his bunk and grabs a pack of cigarettes, flipping two out and extending his arm to offer one to Jupiter. "Looks like I crash below you."

Jupiter takes them both. "Yuuri." She gives the Jig an appraising look, this time her eyes focus on his face. She looks at him pretty hard, eyes slightly narrowed. "You from a military family, Yuuri?" She reaches up to fish a lighter from the little shelf on the wall above her pillow, stashes one cig, takes the burned out one and stubs it into a little ashtray there, and lights the other fresh one.

Yuuri's mouth opens as to object, but remains silent the silence turning into a chuckle as he hangs the towel on the curtain rod. "Could be, does it matter?" He tries to dodge the question, flipping another cigarette from the pack and pulling it out with his lips. "Who the hell are you?" He mumbles, lighting the fumarella with a silver lighter and tossing it onto his bunk.

"It does. I served with a Yuuri before my transfer here. Hardass, gambling problem, lazy eye." Jupiter takes a drag from the smoke, and tips her head slightly to blow it toward the ceiling. "You come up on the heels of an Admiral, or you got chops? Either way, they're getting busted."

Yuuri laughs and sits down on his bunk, pulling the cylinder can over and ashing into it. "Rear Admiral Yuuri?" He takes a long drag from the roll, blowing it up at Jupiter, "Don't believe in heels and chops? Well sooner or later you'll figure that out."

"I masturbate a lot. I hope you're not a light sleeper." With that, Jupiter rolls over into her bunk, and resumes reading, as is evidenced by the sound of a page turning. "Got earplugs if you need 'em."

That totally catches him offguard and he chokes on his next drag from the cigarette. As Yuuri's hacking dies down he stands and opens his locker. "You leave the curtain open when you do it?" He asks, reaching for a bottle of green liquid. "Just lemme know if you want a back massage, I'll put my foot against the ceiling of my bunk a few times." He settles back down and the clank of glass can be heard from within his bunk, followed by the pouring sound of liquer.

Jupiter's a moment in answering. Could be she's in the middle of a passage. "Sometimes. Depends on how lazy I am, an' how much I had to drink. You might be useful after all."

Yuuri rolls his eyes, "Well I was gunna ask if you wanted a shot of Ambrosia, but don't need you thinkin' I'm gunna climb up there." He chuckles and pounds the shot, ashing his cig in the cylinder and exhales with his tongue slipping between his lips.

"I don't frak where I sleep." Jups slides an arm under her head, and puts the book down, resting it on her belly. "I hear Case is easy, if you're looking that way."

"Which way is that? I offered a shot of Ambrosia." Yuuri smirks more to himself than at Jupiter. "So you want a shot or not?" He holds the glass and pours the green liquid nearly to the brim, lifting it up to the side of the top bunk.

Jupes reaches over to take the shot with the hand still holding the cig between her fingers. She steeples them over the glass. The offering of booze and smokes seems to have calmed the caustic attitude somewhat.

"How'd you get this assignment anyways, family?" Yuuri asks, his hand still waiting for the return of the glass. "And you can keep that smoke, but if you want more Brosia…glass stays down here. Got me?"

There's no response for a moment, though after a few seconds, the empty shot glass re-appears, dangling over the side of the top bunk by two fingers, held just within reach. "… Shotgun transfer. Didn't ask for it. Figure I pissed someone off, and this backwater mission is the most annoying thing they could come up with short of flight instructor."

"Nothing wrong with a flight instructor.." Yuuri responds dryly, his hand taking the glass and refilling it, taking it down quickly. "You want another?" He asks while inhaling another drag.

"You end up a flight instructor, you may as well turn in your wings and grow desk ass." Jup rolls her eyes, and slides her arms behind her head. "No, I only drink to excess when I intend to do something that might end in pain."

"So you don't masterbate rough?" Yuuri ask a bit louder than before, ignoring the comment about a flight instructor. He pours another shot and throws it back, brushing his lips with the back of his forearm.

"That's what partners are for." Jupiter shakes her head slightly. "I haven't come close enough to dying to be willing to bunk down with anyone on this junker."

"Well atleast.." Yuuri coughs and butts the cigarette out. "Atleast we agree on that. I'd rather be on a damn battlestar." He caps the bottle and rises, putting the Ambrosia away in his locker and setting the glass next to it.

Mutter. There's a quiet mutter from above, and it speaks volumes. "I look at it this way. This junker probably has less security cameras."

Yuuri rests his crossed arms on the top bunk and stares at the woman, "Hands off the Ambrosia..and one other thing, you never answered my question. Who are you?"

"I don't keep my hands off of anything." Jupiter smirks. "Lieutenant JG Jupiter Black. Formerly of the Orion's Air Wing." She turns over onto her side, and shoves an arm under her pillow, patting it into shape a little. She faces Yuuri. "Callsign's Fingers. I guess you know why."

Yuuri's lips match the smirk, his icey jades looking at her a few minutes longer, "Fingers huh?" He chuckles and disappears into his bunk, "Double-edged callsign, fancy." His foot slams against the ceiling of his bunk, "Sleep well Black." He turns over and clicks the light off.

Jupiter grunts in reply. And that's it.

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