Crash And Burn
Crash and Burn
Summary: The deck is alive with the sounds of crashing vipers.
Date: PH 36 (May 25th, 2009)
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The dogfight outside the ship is drawing to a close. However, things on the Hangar Deck are far from calm. Their job is about to start all over again. Completely fore to aft, deck members stand ready. Their forms shuffle nervously around their positions until the Vipers recover. Vendas is leaned against the wall by the stairwell with two fingers rubbing each temple while she takes long slow breaths.

Castor is one of those forms that is in a shuffle, however, the pilot is making his way to Vendas. He gets close enough to ask, "Is everything alright, sir?" His tones are concerned but not overlyso nor does it seem like an attempt to brownnose. He then jokes, "Or is it just putting up with stupid pilot tricks?"

Vendas lifts her eyes briefly and looks back to the deck plating. "Migraines. Been trying to stomp this one for hours and its finally disappearing." She takes a long breath and her hands drop to her side. "Nobody should be pulling stupid pilot tricks in combat. I'll lop asses off at the neck if that happens." She tries for a smile but its uneasy. She's probably worried about the pilots outside.

Castor is in his flightsuit in case of emergency, normally, he flies CAP while the pilots in the air now are sleeping but today he is on standby in case of emergency. "Migraines are no fun, I'd recomend a stiff drink, sir though that may create more migraines." He takes a moment to look at the hangar bay, he adds, "I reckon those pilots will be fine, sir. They are the best of the best." He says in hopeful tones and the way he says it seems to show a sign that he really believes it, "We might be rough around the edges off duty but in a bird…well, in a bird we are manficent."

It's been another long and exhausting day for Cygnus. Nothing new there. His schedule of late has been consumed with duty in the Chaplain's office, and his usual quick stop off at sickbay to check on the wounded. From there, it's his ten mile run and strength training, which finally leaves him time for his daily run through the simulator at the end of the day. Which appears to be the direction Mac is headed in right now. On his way through, he notes the CAG speaking to Castor and stops to render a crisp salute. "Evening, Major. Tinman."

"Stiff drinks are the last thing I need with a migraine. I need dark, quiet spaces." The Hangar Deck is brightly lit and the sound of dropping tools and occasional shouts echo around. Probably something she's had to learn to cope with. "And I'm aware of how good the pilots are, Tin. Don't worry. I fly my share of CAP's. And I've instructed my share of pilots." There's a bit of sly smile before she taps a few fingers to her brow for Cygnus. "I hear good things, Lieutenant. They true?"

Castor gives a sympathetifc look to the major before he offers as a joke, "Well, I'm sure we can get the deck gang to pad the walls of a room with black foam." He then looks over at Prophet and asks, "Prophet, hitting the sims?" He also throws in, "I've been hitting both the Raptors and the Vipers cross training and all. I frakking hate being called a nugget when I fly the Raptor sims." The word nugget comes out of his mouth with a certain acidity.

Cygnus can't help but grin a bit at Vendas' words as his chin tucks downward into a sharp nod. "They should be, Sir. Been working as hard in the gym as I have in the sims and at my billet. I haven't been taking your requirments lightly, Sir." If nothing else, Mac has certainly applied all of his effort and focus into becoming flight ready once again. "The Captain wanted me to get back up to speed on my flight skills ASAP, and I'm doing my damndest to do so." His sociability, on the other hand, has been lacking, a fact which Roubani had pointed out just the other day, unfortunately something, somewhere, had to give. All of the extra time has seen him in essence pulling double shifts which has left very little time for rest and relaxation around the ship. A grin is shot in Castor's direction, "I was just starting to head there, actually. Been taking on more difficult programs every time I've gone in."

Vendas slides a glance to Caston. "I hope you have that training approved by Captains Marek and Legacy. You'll need their approvals to actually get the official quals done. I have to do final sign-off, too. I won't be easy so here's hoping you're not taking it easy on yourself." She gives him a little smile and adjusts the collar on her flightsuit. Looking to Cygnus, she nods. "He's good to tell you that, but you've gotta want the slot. Don't forget it. If you two want to hit the sims, go ahead. I believe the airborne Vipers are about to drop back in. I'm suspecting wounded." She eyes the medical teams standing nearby.

Castor seems a bit suprised that Vendas doesn't know he has been crosstraining. He does offer, "Training's approved, sir." He says with a slight Aquarian accent, something from the country. "I figured with it being the end of the world and all that crosstraining might be a good thing." He then looks over the hangar deck and gives an absentminded, "I try do my best, sir." He then snaps back into the real world before he looks over at Cygnus and offers supportively, "Well, it will be good to have you back on CAP again, Prophet."

Cygnus' demeanor shifts intantanously to something for more ponderous as a frown skitters across his features to knit his brows together. It had been on the tip of his tongue to reply that he did indeed want that slot. Enough so that he'd work harder than anyone could imagine to earn it. Now, instead he intones his question in a soft, concerned voice, "Our birds ran into trouble out there?" As much as he'd been looking forward to his daily sim time, all of that is outweighed by the concern he feels for the possible incoming casualities. It's almost an addendum when he nods to Castor, "Thanks, it will be good to get back out there."

"Very well, Lieutenant. When Legacy and Marek are satisfied, I'll get the notification." Apparently the CAG doesn't stick her nose too deeply into the daily business of the squadrons. The Major glances to Cygnus and nods. "What I heard in CIC is that they are engaged. No details yet."

Wolf-3 moves to land piloted by Fingers takes it like a champ, no stranger to bumper cars. There's a screeeeeeeeech as her viper's forcibly moved by Spider's, though at least neither of them go flying off the other side of the deck. The strain is too much for the poor thing, and Wolf-3 ends up with a major structural defect… upside down.

Spider, of course, loses his engine number two at right about that point. It shears off, ripping a good portion of wing with it, and instead of strafing in for a gentle landing on that moving flight deck— he slams right into Jupiter and deflects off her undercarriage. Talk about dropping the ball. His viper skids to a stop nose-down, with a few deck hands already running in with firehoses. At least Kai knows how to make an entrance.

Castor takes a moment to watch as the ships land, he takes a moment to count each ship and make sure no one is dead. He may not believe in the Lords but he does lower his head for a moment and he closes his eyes for a moment and he holds his hands together, it looks almost like the man is praying, then again, he might just really have to go to the bathroom, either way he'd deny he was praying. He then opens his eyes at the crash and he does another head count. A look of panic on his face at the damaged ship. "Frak me!"

Wolf-7, Roubani's Viper, had been towed in by a raptor. What's left of Wolf-7, anyway. The raider is literally a wreck, the stink of machine oil and sparks following it in a thick cloud. A good deal of the body is ruined, cut apart, blown in, and shattered, the cockpit damaged to the point where it looks like one would be hard pressed to even find the pilot in there. Raider guns - they ain't just for scrapin' paint.

[Intercom] Sheridan says, "All Vipers recovered. Jump prep commenced. Prepare for jump in thirty seconds."

Kassia comes running up to the flight deck half a sandwich in her hands, she comes to a halt not far from Castor. "What the Frak." She says softly as Wolf 7 is pulled in. "What happened Tinman." She says moving towards the other pilot. "Did everyone make it." The urgency of her question is reenforced by a shake of Castor's shoulders.

No sooner had Vendas said the words, than two of the birds come crashing - literaly - into the hanger, and Cygnus' eyes go wide. There's not even a moment's hesitation before he's following after the deck crews to offer assistance if its needed. It looks as though, perhaps, he's done something similar before, because he does a damn good job of not being a hinderance or in any way getting in the way of what needs to be accomplished.

Samantha pulls her Viper to the side, avoiding the fire and making for a rather smooth landing despite it all. The moment the deck crew is popping her hood, however, she's out and running for the other, no doubt wounded pilots. Sam doesn't have a scratch on her… the curse, or blessing, her family gave her still strangely in tact… never spill blood in war, just watch all her friends die… She didn't think it was true, but after tonight… She curses, continuing to run, even as the fire suppression teams are doing their job. She's just there to help with extraction, helmet now off, hair pasted to her forehead with sweat.

Yep, there's alarms going off, medical teams racing through the hangar bay, and a few very, very battered looking birds accounted for. Poet's looks to have taken the worst of the beating, smoking heap that it is. And Spider and Fingers look to be only slightly better off— the fomer quite literally slammed into the latter on their landings, due to one of Kai's engines starbursting into a hail of pretty colours, and the ricochet that followed. The squadron leader, currently, is getting his battered self unharnessed and hauled out of the smoking wreckage of his fighter while a crew hoses it down in foam.

While the deck and medical crews scurry around to take care of the incoming pilots, the Major stands at the edge of it all. Her arms fold and she looks across the three hangar bays at the Viper carnage. The woman is visibly concerned but she didn't fly this one. So, in her flightsuit, she stands by waiting for each one of her pilots to emerge from their individual craft. Even those who have to pee.

Legacy comes out of her Raptor at a fairly quick pace. She was one of the last ones in after making sure Roubani's viper was towed. Ok, she came in and went right back out again - staying out until everyone else was back. Once she came down, though, Thea was sliding down the ladder, all but ripping her helmet off.

It's taking a number of deck crew and pneumatic equipment to force Wolf-7's cockpit open, with an awful screech of tortured metal. Along with the cockpit comes part of the left side - wasn't supposed to be a gaping door, but it is now. Man, that's a smoke stench if you ever smelled it. Phew.
Nine loiters in the Raptor, unstrapping the cartons of supplies that were never opened, much less availed of, on the trip. After a while she peeks quietly outside, taing stock of the situation in peace.

Samantha stays back, her arms folded across her chest, watching this all with clearly worried sick eyes. Duty over… she's now just worrying about her friends.

Castor looks over at Kassia as his shoulder is moved, "I'm not sure yet but it looks like it might be bad, Flash." He points to the countless crews running in to fix things and save lives, however, he stays close to the major. The puppy dog pilot does keep his eyes on the pilots as they are pulled out or as they climb out, a look of relief is given when he see's Samantha pulled out safely. As action stations are suddenly called for the Jig waits to see if he wll be called into launch as he also is in his flightsuit and was previously on standby. He notices Legacy come out and Leda makes a note in his head that two people have made it.

It might take a few for Jupiter to get righted and removed from her upside down viper, there's no bitching coming from her cockpit. Could be her comms are down. Good thing, though, the Deck's good at what they do. She should be out of there in a little bit. In the mean time, headrush!

Cygnus does his best to help the deck crew pry open the cockpit on Wolf-7. He's not even certain who's bird it is, not that it would matter one way or another. The only thing that's important in Mac's mind is that one of his fellow pilots is in there, and needs to come out. He's peripherally aware of the Condition change, but since he's not currently active status the change doesn't really affect his ability - or willingness - to help.

Kassia turns slowly away from Castor her hand going to her mouth, as the usual positive woman, looks very negative right now. "Lords." she breath, seeing the wreck of Roubani's fighter up close now. When Legacy comes out she rushs over to the Squadron leader and says. "Ma'am, anything I can do." She says going to relieve the woman of helmet and anything else she wants to hand over. She was left out of this one also.

Samantha carefully steps over to Castor, and Kassia, if the woman lingers close at all. She nods towards the ships, her voice, quiet, controlled, if a touch sick sounding…"Black Cat towed Poet back in… Spider and Fingers were doing fine… until his engine blew…" She nods towards each damaged ship as she gives the report, loud enough for the CAG to hear also… so everyone at least knows which crewman is in which dying Viper.

[Intercom] Sheridan says, "Jumping in three, two, one.. Jump Complete. Secure to Condition Two until further notice."

Kai isn't putting up much of a fuss, as deck crew work to extract him from the mess of his own viper. It's not quite on the level of 'smoking crater', but he's definitely put a few new 'racing stripes' in the flight deck. At least, that's what he'll vehemently call them later, when asked. A pair of shoulders is hauled out finally, the rest impeded for the time being by a hissing, spitting console that's complaining vociferously about the removal of its pilot. Or something.

Legacy looks at Roubani's bird, face losing its color. She stays out of the way, which is probably a surprise. It takes a moment for her to register Kassia's question, but her head turns, finally, and she offers the woman a faint smile. "Pray, Flash," she says softly. "Poet's bird is hurt badly. We don't know about how Poet is just yet." Thea lifts her eyes toward Vendas, searching for the Major, even as she puts a hand lightly on Kassia's shoulder. Reassuring Flash or reassuring herself?

Castor looks over at Samantha and gives a thankful nod of appreciation though he stays close to Vendas as well as Kassia speaks he does follow up with Vendas, "Orders, sir?" His voice strangley calm as is his expression, it seems all of this carnage is putting the puppy dog pilot to sleep and bringing out the cold Tinman in his personality.

Kassia nods her head slowly towards Legacy unashamed tears pricking at her eyes, as she looks back over towards the damaged fighterd. "I'll be doing that." She says, comforted by the older woman's touch, she's scared right now, right down to her toes. With an effect she takes a deep breath waits, and tries to calm her fears.

You can tell that something bad has happened when the medi teams have notified the Chaplain's office about something on the deck. And here he comes dressed still in his duty blues, Stoll slightly in place, only held there it seems by somethong on the jacket. Still the Padre isn't exactly prepared for the sight he sees upon coming up to the deck. A slight shake of hishead, and he makes sure to move out of the way of a passing medical team, as well as the deck crew. In one hand the small and thick black book remains. The Book. Ajax looks over, he knows if any are DOA, he'll be motioned to, before they go to bag up the body. But right now? Right now he is silently praying, as the movement of lips can be descerned. Please gods, do not let them need him tonight.

When deck crew have Wolf-7's cockpit forced and broken open, medical can finally get to it. That would indeed be

Roubani, or at least one might guess so from the head of dark hair. Really though, nobody's body should bend /quite/ like that when it's being lifted onto a stretcher. It's kind of sickening. The Ensign's quite completely knocked out, which is probably good since being hauled busted and bleeding from his viper would likely qualify as 'very unseemly'. As the medics start precariously down the ladder, two small beads tumble off Roubani's flightsuit and make clacking sounds against the deck, mostly inaudible in all this din. They'll little and wooden, from the ripped band of prayer beads that was around his left wrist.

The CAG is in her own world. She briefly meets the eyes of the other pilots, nodding to Samantha's report. There's a steeled determination in the woman's eyes not to lose her head. Eventually this was going to happen. But there's something there in her eyes that is screaming. She's just -staring- at Roubani's Viper. When Castor asks for orders, she nods towards the damaged birds. Specifically Roubani's. "Grab those beads and put them someplace safe."

Samantha stares after Roubani, about to move for the beads… but then the CAG gives orders to Castor and she just stands by, watching Roubani with distant, quiet eyes… she clearly wants to go over and help, but she doesn't interfere, when the fire surpression teams and medics are the ones who can do the most good. Report given, she remains quiet now, all of her jokes and teasing gone, helmet off, gloves resting in it. She's even forgotten about the bruising on her right hand, which has deepened black and green now… So much more matters than little stuff like that.

Knowing Roubani is a man of faith, Cygnus is already bending to retrieve the beads, carefully tucking them into the pocket of his duty shirt. Already he's inwardly petitioning the Lords - Apollo in particular, in deference to the wounded pilot - with all of his heart and soul. The strangely bent frame is alarming in the extreme, and he hopes against hope that the young Ensign will pull through this crisis.
Nine's features remain passive, quiet as she watches the extrication of the pilots from the shipwrecks. The Bee Sting recalls to her a broken puppet in her uncle's workshop, parts all higglety pigglety, moving as they oughtn't.

The Aquarian pilot nods his and moves with a sort of detatched calmness as he begins picking up the beads as fast as he can, Castor may not be a fan of the Lords but he does he does treat Roubani's fallen beads with a certain amount of respect, the respect comes not from the detached face that he makes but by the fact that he reaches into a pocket on his flight suit and he wraps them in a clean white hankerchief. He then scans again to make sure he hasn't missed one bead.

Kassia at the sound of the beads turns her head to watch them fall, she can almost sense time stand still and warp around her. She's about to go grab them, when Cygnus steps forwards instead. A bow of her head, her own prayers going to the gods.

Thea's attention turns to Kai's bird now, expression impassive as she watches them cut him out. Nothing's given away - for once.

Ajax raises his head up for a moment as prayers continue, though eye is on the action now as it seems Roubani has been extradited from his Viper. Still he remains out of the way of the other pilots, as well as the Medics. In truth he is looking for the nod to come over. Until then he says nothing audible…Nor does he move. He is not about to throw himself into the middle where he might not be of any use.

Trying to navigate the suddenly busy hangar deck, are another pair of medics headed for Jupiter and Kai's wrecked fighters. They don't bother with 'excuse me's', but seem more inclined to shove their way through, where there's space. He's conscious, that much is clear. Well, breathing, anyway, if severely disoriented. There's blood all over one side of his head, and caking one side of his flight suit— and probably the body under that flight suit too, no doubt. But he seems to be in one piece as the medical team tries to get him strapped down on a gurney, if.. protesting. Mildly. He wants to see to his pilots, of course.

Roubani would no doubt be heartwarmed that someone picked up little things like prayer beads for him. The kodak moment will have to wait, though. Medics are efficient little bees - though they don't sting, sorry Nine - as they get their cargo down to the deck and carry on for the exit. His eyes are closed and complexion decidedly unhealthy, and with the medical crew around him it's hard to tell if he's breathing. There's no DOA pronouncement though, and that's got to count for something.

Samantha walks slightly over to the protesting Kai, letting him at least get a glimpse of -her-, not that she's the one to be worried about. She smirks a moment, trying to bring a smile to his lips, "Permission to speak freely, sir?" She calls over the chaos, doing her best to possibly distract him so the medics -can- get him pinned down.
Now that Roubani is safely in the hands of Medical, Cygnus moves on to help with the next extraction. He can already see that the Captain has been pulled free of his bird, and he heads on to the last remaining Viper, standing somewhat impatiently aside as the teams work to get it right side up. The inward litany of prayers never ceases, though there's no outward sign of the fervant petitions which are issuing silently from him.

Castor walks over to Cygnus and he opens the clean white hankerchief to show the beads, "Give me the beads, Prophet. I've got orders to retrieve them." His voice still detatched, still though there is something about the way that he is holding the hankerchief carefully that gives a feeling that these beads mean something to him at this moment beyond orders.

Kassia simply watches what else can she do, she's neither preacher or medic, swollowing she steps back a little moving from under Legacy's hand, the woman's helmet is taken and she's going to place it back into the Raptor, if only to distract herself. Nine is spotted and she gives the woman a quick smile. "Hey you ok?" She asks.

The Padre is keeping himself focused on Roubani's team as he's not been waved over by the others. However, Roubani's team is also the most focused, so there has to bee a good reason for the Chaplain to be looking there. So far no nods, nor pronouncements, so that does count for something. Here is praying and faith that the gods can see Roubani through this. Medicine, like anything in life can be a gamble in the roughest times. Ajax wait.

The bees are orderly. The orderlies are bees. Soon enough the parts will be put in order again, and as to stingers, Nine knows well that Sickbay has no end of sharp pointy things to inject their ambrosiae. Her black eyes look faintly vacant as she gazes upon the hive, and it takes her a moment to realize she's being spoken to. She looks down to Kassia from the opening of the Raptor, looking briefly frightened before she nods her head silently and slips her head back on inside the bird, retreating to the stores of Engineering supplies.

Castor's words draw Cygnus' attention away from both his prayers, and the righting of the final Viper momentarily and he reaches into his pocket to pluck out the requested beads. They're carefully placed in the handkerchief, before his focus returns to the task at hand.

Legacy dips her head to Kassia as the woman moves away, then takes a few steps toward Ajax. She says nothing, merely rests a hand on his arm lightly, eyes still on Kai and the work being done there. It's clear that she wants to do something, anything - and can't.

As Jupiter's bird is finally righted, the Deck crew secures it as much as possible, given the condition of the body. Both sides have been pretty heavily damaged, and that was before the collision on the pad. Things bend, protest, metal and visor crack off when it's forced open. There's a long moment of bitching as a Crewman helps her off with the helmet, and others drag her bodily down from the cockpit. "… Watch the hands, monkeys!" If she's bitching, she must be ok, right? A trickle of blood wends down her cheek from somewhere under her hairline, but the dark haired pilot is conscious. She doesn't fight the med team, but one of them might take a boot to the head out of reflex. "Frak me," something's sore. The flight suit seems intact.

Castor carefully folds the hankerchief to keep the beads safe. He then places the hankerchief in one his flightsuit pockets. As Jupiter starts shouting Leda continues keeping count of each pilot. He then moves back to Vendas, "I'll deliver the beads later. sir. Any other orders."

Kai is hardly in a position to be shoving one person, let alone two off him. But he's in a bit of a state at the moment where strength is fueled by adrenaline. It ends up taking one to hold him down, the other to rip aside bloodied flight suit so that injuries can be taken stock of, and first aid applied. He's not in terrible shape, all things considered: some flesh wounds, some blood, as flesh wounds are wont to create. But nothing broken. He'll live. "Depends," he grunts at Samantha as one of them is briefly checking the gash in his head.

"Do not worry." is all Ajax can finally say when Legacy's arm is felt. Enough to pull him from Silent prayer, his eye keeping its focus on the Medical team and the greviously wounded pilot. "Right now, he needs the strength of all you, for he is in the gods hands, and in the hands of our capable medics and superb doctors. They will do their best to help him and heal him. If we act as if he is lost, he might as well be." says the Chaplain softly. "The Ensign is going to need all our prayers in these days, and the strength and resolve of his shipmates and close friends."

Samantha smirks, "Well, I'll say it anyway. YOu can write me up on orders later if you want. Lay down, let the frakking medics do their job, and damn you're lucky." And with that simple, not-entirely-permissed statement, she nods and steps away from Kai, over towards the finally free Jupiter. She gives the woman a worried once over of a look and, if there is room between medics, offers her hand…"Good flyin' with you, Fingers. nice work out there." She leans a bit closer to murmur something.

There's the barest hint of a smile at hearing Jupiter cussing at the deckhands. Indeed, its a good sign to the CAG. When Castor returns, she nods to him. "Aye, Lieutenant. Deliver those to the chapel and have them reassembled ASAP. Take personal charge to ensure that they are back in the hands of their owner by tomorrow morning. If they aren't, there will be trouble, Tin."

Now that Jupiter is accounted for, and well, if the cursing is any indication, Cygnus heads over towards his current CO, ready to join in the vigil of prayers. He isn't certain what, or how much, Ajax knows about Roubani, and he quietly tells the priest, "Apollo is his patron," which is exactly where Mac has been addressing his own petitions on the wounded Ensign's behalf.

Jupiter laughs at something Samantha says, then winces and reaches up to hold her head, though only one hand makes it due to the other currently being in the grasp of a medic or deck tech. She groans. Laughing hurts. Her head got jerked around in there. Like pinball, baby. "Whoever just touched my ass is gonna eat a boot when the room stops spinning!" Which would be quite the threat if she didn't promptly have to hold very still to keep from puking. Jupes allows herself to be eased into a reclined position. "Is Poet breathing?" Someone hushes her, and Jupiter's response is a profound and varied string of profanity that ends in something like having to do with a coffee maker being forcibly inserted into the body cavity of the first person to shush her again. But not in those words. And then she's dragged off. To somewhere with more medical stuff.

Castor says to Vendas, "Aye, sir. I'll have them fixed and I'll deliver them personally." Suddenly it would seem that the gravity of taking care of someone conflicts with the Tinman additionally seeing that everyone else is mostly alright the puppydog comes out again, "Well, it looks like the family is going to hold together, sir." He offers hopefully. He then begins looking around the hangar bay for some tools to fix the beads.
Legacy nods, once, to Ajax and offers a faint smile before drifting away, moving over toward the CAG. "I'm going down to Sickbay," she tells the Major, voice quiet. No, it's not a request for permission. Though, she DOES pause to see what Vendas has to say about it.

Sam whispers to Jupiter: "I think the women are the only people who have sense on this crew.""

Kai, too, exeunts to left stage with medics in tow. Or maybe that's him in tow. Either way, he's being carted out.

Samantha watches Jupiter go, giving one bit of a smile, but the question of Roubani makes that expression faulter. She nods slowly, looking towards Vendas…"Sir, permission to be dismissed? I…I'd like to wait in sickbay for news." Of course, she's still technically on duty, and the default boss is Torch, so she waits for the woman's word…

"Mother frakking son of a bitch," is all but snarled, the Chief's voice carrying a few moments ahead of the woman herself. She was off-duty, and judging by her state of dress, she didn't pause to properly adorn herself. A pair of off-duty fatigues on her lower half, and only the lower of the usual two tank-tops above. Feet bare, and black hair wild with recent sleep. "What the /frak/ happened here?" It would seem the frazzled deck hand went to fetch her, but the actual briefing didn't prepare her for… this.

Ajax looks over towards Cygnus for a moment. a funny small smile exchanged before the chuckle seems to come out of nowhere. But there is no wamrth to it, there is no heart in it. As if the body was just issuing it out like orders. "I know, Lieutenant. I know very well about the Ensign." A scratch of his jaw. "And Apollo remembers his children..I'll be in Sickbay, if a memo comes for me, just until he clears the line.." A look back to Cygnus for a moment. "Get some rest, they might need you more than I in the coming days, with this many wounded." And as the med team takes Roubani, Ajax turns to follow.

Vendas merely nods to Legacy. She knows. "I'll be along in a few." She then looks to Castor. "I said to the Chapel, Lieutenant. If you fix those with tools from the flight deck, I'll skin ya myself." Apparently she takes religion pretty seriously as well. When the Deck Chief appears, the Major nods to her. "Looks like the Raiders decided to get scrappy."

Samantha snaps off a salute before turning on the ball of her foot and heading off deck. She pauses in thought at the mention of the chapel, but dismisses it. It's not a place she should go… should even think about going.

Mac may be assigned to the Chaplain's Office, and may have even just been dismissed by his current Commander, but the pilot in Cygnus? The pilot has very different ideas, and rest is the furthest thing from his mind. No doubt he'll be headed to sickbay himself to sit vigil for his wounded fellows before long. It's who he is, and what he does. Before he thinks about doing so, however, he pauses to ask, "Is there anything I can do for you, Major?" Knowing just how much Vendas cares about the pilots under her command, his concern extends equally to her.

Castor finds what he needs and then he stops to check and see if anything is needed of him before he makes his way to have the beads repaired.

Vendas watches the Deck move, careful to stay out of the way. Its tough to read what's behind that masked face anymore. But she's thinking hard on something. When Cygnus approaches her, she looks to him. "Follow the orders of your department head and help the pilots any way they need. Especially Roubani and Captain Marek - if the latter even wants it."

Nine helps a few other deckhands unload the supplies from the Raptor, lifting them onto a cart.
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Cygnus acknowledges the Major's words with a sharp nod, "Of course, Sir, consider it done." The words go unsaid, that if there's anything that Vendas needs, Cygnus is there for her. The unspoken words, and offer, shows in his eyes, however, for a brief fleeting instant. A small salute is rendered before Mac heads out of the hangar for the sickbay.

Raiders. It's not really something Fenix can complain about… even if the following landing has left her deck in smoking chaos. A curt nod is given toward the CAG, acknowleding her words, before she's turning to begin the inevitable clean up. Shouting orders, and moving amongst the vipers to assess the damage.

Castor steps out of the Hangar bay, no time to get chummy with the Chief, he has to see to the repairs of a series of beads. The man seems to be taking the job seriously which is odd given his recent talks with Ajax, however, something in him is moving and besides it will give him an excuse to check on Roubani in the morning when he delivers the beads.

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