Summary: A DH meeting full of proxies gets down to the business of planning and decision making.
Date: PH 201 (05 Nov 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Ward Room
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #201
OOC Time: Thu Nov 05 19:40:11 2009

This is another large room used for meetings between the Senior Officers as well as for holding reception dinners and other formal activities. A single long table of typical military issue for the Ward Room is set in the middle, while more are kept in a small closet to the side. High-backed chairs run the length of the table. Against the short length of the room at the Fore end is the line of Colonial flags in yellow brass bases, representing each colony at the same precise height. Running the unbroken wall on the longer side is a line of pictures of various men and women, all wearing either Colonel or Commanders' insignia. Below each photo is the name of each of the Kharon's commanding officers and their date of service aboard. Along the wall that falls Aft is a trio of screens that provide status reports from various departments on the ship.

Severe damage was taken to this room following what appears to be a bomb detonation. Several of the colonies' flags, including Libris, Gemenon and Caprica, have been badly burned, while others are singed from the explosion. Scorch marks cover the aft bulkhead wall and adjoining portions of port and starboard wall, and several of the chairs at the table that were destroyed, have been replaced. A new picture rests at the end of the line of photographs, depicting the late Commander Jack Sheridan.

Praxis is seated in the Ward Room, likely ahead of everyone because that's the kind of man he is - plus it would help tons due to the fact that he's next door in CIC…so all it takes is a little skedaddle and he's here. He's at the head of the table this time, a bunch of folders with sheafs of paper held within them, undoubtedly documents relating to the topics of discussion for this evening. He glances at his watch and rubs at his eyes…the waiting game being one of the things he's adept at.

The hatch opens, and it's an engineer, but it isn't Sen. Kappel, looking completely out of place in blues rather than work clothes, steps in carrying a black folder and giving a glance at his watch like the thing just offended him. And…ah shit, a Captain. Salute. "Sir. Captain Eos is unavailable. Technical problem. I have her reports."

Camille steps in herself, carrying a clip board from medical, in her scrubs and white coat, looking professional as ever but JUST out of shift. Or just going back to it, at least. She comes to a stiff attention. "Sirs! Major Pike is indisposed…I've been sent in her place also." She sees a few replacement faces, nodding quickly.

While normally a pretty punctual man, the CAG himself is a few minutes late— as the intercom message would attest to. He, however, has an ironclad reason: he just got in from CAP. In fact, he hasn't had time to change out of his flight gear, though he looks like he's done a token throwing of water on his face and hair, followed by an equally token toweling off. His lips twitch in a vague approximation of an apologetic smile as he strides in with a crunch crunch of his flight suit, a couple of folders tucked under one arm.

The S2 arrives late, after the others, by almost two minutes after the CAG. She has a single folder in one hand, and a cup of coffee in the other. She doesn't look particularly amused, but she doesn't usually when walking into a meeting such as this. She pulls the hatch closed behind herself after shoving the folder under her arm. No Major.

Praxis watches all of the stand-ins ener the room, to each of them the XO gesturing to a seat respectively. Kappel…fine. Camille…ugh. When Salazar comes in it's then Demitros loses his shit. "Unacceptable." he grumbles, shaking his head. Yet the show must go on, and Demitros starts opening folders. "All right. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen." he says half heartedly while he withdraws a pen and clicks it, putting it down against the page as he looks over each of the personnel in turn. "Before we begin the meeting, do any of you have concerns, suggestions, or anything else tertiary in regards to your departments?"

Kappel finds a seat once it's vaguely appropriate to do so, setting the stack of papers and crap on the table with a thump. His fingernails still have grease under them. "We do, sir. Captain Eos has sent along a full report on the recent FTL malfunction, as well as her concerns about its continued use without full drydock maintenance." He slides two of the reports out, identical and marked 'Cortez' and 'Demitros', and slides them across the table to the XO.

Camille lofts a brow in Praxis' direction as she hears that disgust in his voice which she knows… well, all too well. She frowns a moment, a brush of concern crossing her features, but it's not her place here so she simply crosses to the table and folds down into sitting there, resting her clip board in front of her. She adds quietly at the questions and concerns offer. "And I have a report on the levels of medical supplies…we're getting dangerously low on some items, as expected…" And she slides over her own folders.

Kai cuts a brief glance to Praxis, then one or two of the other 'stand ins' seated around the table. A crisp, though somewhat distracted salute is given the group at large, and he slides into the chair two down from Camille after setting his file folders down. Ziiip. A couple of inches worth of breathing room is sought, then he slides his pen out and lofts the end of it when ancillary concerns are asked for. He, however, waits to be called upon.

If the S2 hears the utterance from the newly minted XO, there's no indication from her. She slides the folder open as she takes a seat, clicks a pen, and makes a few hasty notes. The handwriting is a little less neat than usual. She clicks the pen again, and then looks up.

Kappel riffles through some other pages, also pulling out a second set of copies. Joy! "Also, sir, a general report on persistent structural weakness. Repairing the Kharon back to optimal would also take approximately three weeks in drydock. Her situation isn't dire yet, but we are starting to see some performance problems. And we will see more." Those sheafs are sent across as well. Voice of doom done.

Praxis starts receiving each of the folders and makes a note on his own clipboard. Each of them will be dealt individually on his own time after the meeting, as everyone's time here is precious and can't be spent taking care of individual needs. As the folders begin to make a sizable stack on the table he looks at it, can't help but thinking that's what his job amounts to. More paperwork. Anyway, he shakes his head and continues as he has not received any more input from the other representatives. "Very well. I will follow up with you two at some point after the operation. For now we will proceed to what shall be the bulk of this congregation." Praxis then stands up, grabbing a folder for each of them, and begins to pass it around the table. "As some of you may be aware, communication with Scorpia was established on Post-Holocaust-Day one-hundred-ninety eight." The AAR for that mission is in the folder (+bbread 14/35) as well as some intelligence info ( "The Resistance requires the Kharon's assistance; we wish to undertake a joint strike on this facility - there are nearly four hundred human prisoners laboring under harsh, even fatal conditions." He then moves around the desk to jam on a projector, showing the overhead view of the facility. "As you can see, we've multiple SAM sites, watch towers, and other heavy Cylon fortifications. Needless to say, people - we require a plan."

Kai, of course, came prepared. As Praxis launches into the meat of the meeting, the CAG flips open one of his folders, and pulls out a few paperclipped sheets. The clip's removed, the papers turned around, and slid closer to the XO's spot at the table. "I've got numbers on what we've got available for deployment, Captain, as well as a rough sketch of the operation from the perspective of the wing. I'd like.. Ensign Nikos' input on the ground assault portion, of course." He adds, "I, uh, can give an overview of what I had in mind, if you like."

Camille's eyes go a bit wide hearing that, frowning quietly as she considers the possibilities…"We're talking an attack with… heavy losses… I'd like to hear the attack plans before we go into triage…" She admits gently, looking to Kai then, and back to Praxis, and even the S2 listening to the more martial ones in the room.

Not having a direct impact on the assault stage of things, Kappel is silent for now, taking notes for Sen to read later.

Salazar nods slightly as the CAG requests her input. "We're going to take heavy losses. The fortifications on that target are ridiculous. Whatever we do is going to have to be hard and fast." She smiles slightly, "Hopefully very showy, with a lot of explosions. I hope you saved some missiles, Captain." She clicks her pen again. "We're going to take heavy losses. The civilians will be as surprised as the machines. Herding under heavy fire is difficult. We'll be lucky if we come back with half of them." The smile is gone by the time she says that. When she says half, she means 1/4, but nobody wants to be the downer in the room.

"Lieutenant Kappel, I require you to ensure that the Kharon, despite the evident stresses - is combat ready. I require performance, temporary fix or not." Praxis regards the rest of the occupants of the room as they speak, nodding once at Camille. "Yes, Doctor - your hands are likely going to be more full than they have before…make sure your staff is prepared. Volunteer some tertiary staff if you must." Then the bulk of the military minds are regarded, Demitros considering mostly what Salazar had mentioned … knowing that this operation isn't going to be a fun one. "We have some ordinance availiable. Let us talk initial attack and deployment, first. I should also remind you two that we have the assets of the Resistance on our side as well - Ensign Nikos, if you need them to do anything specifically we can pass the word along." Eyes shift to the CAG. "Captain Marek, tell me how we're going to get our birds in there." A nod for him to speak.

Camille nods slowly as she hears that, frowning a bit, thinking back through the civilians in the cargo hold. "If some are willing, perhaps we can give basic first aid training to civilians who wish to serve. I'll bring it up to Pike." But they need supplies…. Supplies and people, not just bodies on the ground. Still, those words go unsaid other than the quiet worry in her eyes. She always wears her heart on her sleeve a bit too much.

"You got it, sir," Kappel says. He's writing very quickly, sketching out an attack plan for fortifying the Kharon. As Praxis turns the attention to Marines and Air Wing he glances up from under his brows, listening to their bits. How close the Kharon comes in after them affects engineering, after all.

Kai isn't much of a talker, so being put on the spot is an awkward thing for him at best. He scratches at the bridge of his nose while Praxis addresses the others, temporarily taking the pressure off of him and his.. ever so slightly shaking hand. Ahem. A curt nod's given when he's handed the floor again, and he reaches across to point things out on his proposal while he speaks. "I'd like to divide the operation up into two portions. Phase one will involve the dropoff of ammunition, weapons and armour requested by the Paros bunker resistance, and the pickup of all non combatant civilians. I'm estimating we'll need approximately four raptors to do it all in one haul. We jump the raptor right into Scorpia's atmo, and they'll get in and get out hopefully without attracting too much attention. I also have a contingency for if they run afoul of any enemy contacts— an idea one of my Lieutenants came up with. It's a bit of a crapshoot, Captain, but to be frank, they'll be going in without viper air support and I'd like to have the safety net." He pauses there for Praxis, and the others, to digest that much. This, after all, is only phase one.

"The CMC could do with a little hike before the mission." Salazar nods in agreement with that. "We can certainly come up with a way to use the Resistance forces in place. It's my understanding that there are several experienced combatants." Course to be an experienced combatant down there, all you have to do is survive 6 months. It's better than boot! Almost. "The Corps will drop with the marines, supervise the evac of the non coms, then get friendly with the armed Res on the hike. I have enough good men to get them up to speed during our stroll."

Being a tactical officer, Praxis HATES the word crapshoot. However, he's aware of what that particular plan entails, and in this case he's going along with it. Especially since it's phase one. "Unfortunately, that is the relatively simple half of the mission." he mentions with a dark tone in his voice. "Nevertheless, Doctor Locke. You're to be ready to receive the first wave of potential casualties as that point. Perhaps there are some medically-proficient individuals in the first evac." Eyes swing over to Kappel, then Kai, then Salazar. "For the second phase of the operation, I propose that immediately subsequent to the deployment of Air-wing from Kharon and Marine forces from Paros Bunker, Kharon deploys orbit-to-surface ordinance upon Glenhaven airbase, thus minimizing the amount of Raider and Heavy Raider forces responding to the attack on the slave facility… assuming the escort carrier itself is not under attack." Maybe that's why Praxis wanted Kappel to make sure everything was shiny. He gestures his hand to the rest of the room again, their plans and input required for this phase, now.

Camille nods curtly, "We'll make certain to send down a doctor and a field medical team with each evac so we can at least start treatment and triage on the ground. We'll start sectioning off into teams now. And…if the Marines would be possibly so kind to give some of my people ground training, it might be needed in this situation." Camille admits thoughtfully, the husky protectiveness in her voice coming out a bit more as she looks over the notes before her.

Assuming, right. Kappel scribbles a good deal of crap and then looks up from the notepad. "What is the range on those missiles, sir? How close are we looking at having to get to that base? Close enough that they'll come out and meet us to say hello first?"

Praxis listens to Kappel and is about to answer before he raises a hand up to his face and rubs at his visage, feeling a little bit absent minded. "I apologize, I appear to be in some fantasy world where the Peyton-class Escort Carrier has OTS missiles. Forget about that…and LT. Kappel, I want the Kharon spec sheet delivered to my office ASAP, please." He grinds his teeth together. Must be the stress. "Captain, Ensign, continue with your Phase II plans, please. Nikos, do you believe it would be beneficial to have medical personnel on the ground or remain on board, or both?"

"On the contrary, Captain," Marek counters, watching Praxis steadily throughout, "it's anything but simple." He holds off on detailing the second phase of the strategy however, as the XO veers into CIC territory. Deploying orbit-to-surface ordinance? "Nukes?" he starts to say, pen pausing mid-scribble. Then Praxis clarifies, and he nods slightly. Salazar's sent a brief glance as she's called upon, but he'll wait for her to finish before detailing the second portion.

"Combat medics on the ground, but franky, sir, we're going to need to move." Salazar's reply is simple. "Triage on the ground, tag, and treat on the ship. If combatants and civvies are too hurt to make it back to the vessel, we won't have a lot of time. Are we willing to risk the MDs shuttling up and down with the raptors in hostile air space?" And thusly the medical decision is bounced back to command. She does, however, sound as if she's on the 'nay' side.

Camille nods in agreement to Salazar's words, "The combat medics are bloody well trained for this exact thing. We can put doctors down there but… it's a big risk, and many of us aren't nearly so…Fit.. as the fine Marines who are trained for these situations. But yes, it might mean a life or two is lost because full surgical treatment couldn't be had in time. That's a decision that must be made.." Camille chimes in quietly, keeping her words guarded and factual.

Demitros nods his head to Marek. "I didn't mean to imply that anything about this operation is simple - just that the first half is likely nowhere near as complicated as the second. However, I digress." A nod to Salazar. "They are a valuable commodity to be sure, Ensign." A look to Camille. "Combat medics on the surface only. If a Raptor is destroyed during ascent or descent, more people are going to die if a surgeon is on board." Placidity still dominates Praxis' features.

Kai seems to have his own opinion on putting doctors on the ground, and that opinion is, "I agree with Lieutenant Locke and Ensign Nikos. I don't think our medical personnel, outside of marine combat medics, have any business down there." His pen's flipped idly, skilfully, between his fingers while he waits for the war plans to reconvene.

Kappel continues writing while they discuss medics. Praxis' order for the spec sheets is noted near the top.

Camille nods curtly, falling quiet then as she takes down the last notes about where most of her staff is going to be assigned.

Demitros clears his throat and looks to the rest of the silent table. "If we could get the remainder of our tactical plans out of the way, we can continue to other topics of conversation so we can all go to bed tonight." he mutters.

Kai doesn't so much as flinch, when his pilots are discussed in terms of numbers and liabilities, and the precious cargo they've got aboard. His eyes remain lowered, expression inscrutable as he regards the notes he's made thus far. When the discussion comes back around to the assault, he clears his throat lightly and shuffles a few papers around until he reaches the relevant portion. It's flipped around again, and slid closer to the XO. "For phase two, I'm recommending we jump Kharon into orbit around Scorpia, and split the wing into two deployments: ten vipers, one raptor, plus all alert fighters will remain to guard Kharon's airspace." He indicates something on the page. "Ten vipers will provide close air support for the twelve raptors we can spare to pick up the civilians being held at the camp." He licks his lips briefly, and looks up at Praxis. "That's one hundred twenty survivors, maximum, that we can rescue, Captain. Assuming a single run." Still no real emotion from him. "I'd like the raptors deploying missiles in order to take out the SAM batteries here, here, and here. Then the vipers will come in and help clean up the towers.. here and here, while the raptors land and begin the evacuation process. Of course, we'll have support from our previously dropped marines, but they're going to have to really haul ass."

Camille's eyes go just a touch wide at the number…"120…and we think there are…400 down there?" Camille asks again, looking over her notes for the original figure.

"Under cover graciously provided by the Air Wing, we'll move in on the ground with the Resistance fighters in order to herd and move the civilians. The raptors should be dropping the towers to keep us from eating death from above to secure the facility." The S2 flips a page in her file, makes a few notes in the margin of the page, and glances over to the CAG. "We will, as the Captain asserts, haul ass," the air quotes aren't actually made, but they're obvious in her voice. That fades before she glances across the table to Camille. "… We'd be fortunate to manage to fill those raptors to capacity. What they have to look forward at present is a death after hard labor breaks down their bodies. The numbers seem shocking, but it's the choice we have. If I were down there, I would take it without hesitation."

Kappel doesn't seem in the least bit surprised at the low estimation. Or well, he might, but it seems to be more that the estimate's so high.

One hundred twenty survivors. Out of the four hundred, only two hundred according to Salazar's very generous estimation will survive, and 120 is sixty percent of that. "Ensign Nikos is correct. We will not be filling those Raptors up. There won't be enough people left. Or organized" Though he leaves it unsaid, they're probably better off dead than slaving for the Cylons. Demitros is very attentive when the two military heads go over their join plans. He nods his head. "It would sound like it is as decent a plan as I could have come up with. One last thing for Captain Marek before we proceed - you spoke of a contingency plan…would you like to clarify for the records?"

Camille nods slowly, quiet acceptance crossing her face, but she's now just silent as she swallows back those numbers. She's still listening, but her blue eyes stare down at her clip board where she's taking all the various information down this evening.

Kai relinquishes both phases of his plan, outlined as they are in his own handwriting, to the XO. He eases back in his chair, and slides out another sheet of paper— this one more hastily composed. "Lieutenant Nadiv Roubani, one of my viper pilots, proposed to me an idea that I think might help us in our initial supply run. Essentially, using a couple of the raptors' swallows to fool cylon sensors and make them believe there's another, bigger fish out there. As we speak, he's working with a couple of the other eggheads-" Karim's term for those jocks that tarnish the moniker. "-on a plan to modify the swallow's software, and fool their DRADIS as well. I'm expecting a full report on it later tonight, Captain."

There's a click of the pen Salazar holds, and a slight quirk of the corner of her mouth as she makes a note on her paperwork. She flips to the final page, and skims a finger down the text before she glances up again.

Praxis scratches his chin. "Once you receive the report, Captain - determine the feasibility of the plan and I'm going to make it your call whether or not you want to allocate the Raptors for the task." Demitros pushes his glasses further up his nose and turns the projector off. Subsequently, he gathers up all of his papers in an organized fashion to mull over, later. "I am leaving the floor open now for other topics of conversation."

Kai nods curtly to Praxis. Clear enough. "Captain," he offers formally, in lieu of the 'sir' he might normally have given.

"In regards to the occupancy in the Brig… Lieutenant Mimieux met with Ozymandias on my request to assess the depth of the prisoner's delusion. In her opinion, she needs more time, and has requested a full medical work up before all formal proceedings begin." In other words, the S2 would like more time for medical to have a look inside the cracked marine before they give her the firing squad. The proceedings are largely for looks. Killing a CO in a time of war is extra super maxi naughty. She goes into no other specifics aside from this: "My ultimate recommendation is a firing squad, but we could benefit from further interview in the mean time." Her eyes are on Praxis, and it's clear something or other goes unspoken.

Praxis' ears are keen as he listens to Salazar and each word that flows from her lips. His hands fold upon the table, and periodically the XO nods periodically to convey his acknowledgment and understanding. "It would turn out, Ensign, that I find myself in agreement with both points. First of all the ultimate fate of 'Sunshine' Ozymandias being the firing squad, and that further interview would perhaps prove lucrative. Your commanding officer also shares the same sentiment." The Captain drums his fingers on the table for a moment or two. "However, I must remind you that desire for justice is high according to Major Cass…so I suggest that further attempts to draw information from the subject are expedited, after the operation of course."

Kai keeps his head down, pen turned between his fingers as he pretends to examine his notes. Something about the tone of the conversation seems to be bothering him, and there are clearly things he wants to say, but his mouth stays shut for the nonce.

Kappel is also reading his chickenscratched notes. Or appears to be, anyway.

"I have no intention of keeping her Brigged for much longer, Captain." Nikos nods slightly, before she flips her folder closed. "The clock, as they say," She drops her pen on the folder. "Is ticking. I am very much aware, as is the prisoner, as is the Lieutenant. Then she becomes JAG's problem." Marines won't get involved again until the bullet part.

Praxis nods, intaking air slowly before exhaling it, palms settling face down on the table. "Very well. Thank you for attending - you are all dismissed. Ensign Nikos, I would like to speak with you later this evening at your convenience in my office. Lieutenant Kappel, Lieutenant Locke, your concerns will be addressed following the operation targeting the facility outside of Tinos." The XO stands up and dusts off his uniform. "Oh, and Captain Marek - do inform CIC what action you decide to take regarding Lieutenant JG Roubani's plan as soon as you make the decision. Godspeed, ladies and gentlemen." He starts picking up his folders.

Camille stands up smoothly, nodding respectfully to the man and giving a quick salute, "Sir." With that, she turns on the ball of her foot, moving for the door. Once she's more in the relaxed, dismissed body, she turns one last look back to Praxis that isn't entirely duty, but she says nothing as she moves for the door, clipboard clutched to her chest.

"Captain." Kappel stands up as he pronounces the word, angling salute to temple. He gathers his things up off the table and is off to talk Sen's ear off.

Kai clicks off his pen finally and tucks it away, features still inscrutable as he gathers up his papers and prepares to depart. "Will do, Captain," he answers Praxis crisply.

Salazar picks up her pen, slides it into her pocket, and gathers up the folder as she stands. She tucks that under her arm, then reaches for her cup of coffee to finish it off now that it's cold. "I have a few moments before I beat a marine in the Brig," the S2 notes after checking her watch. "What's your time frame, Captain?"

Having finished gathering his things, the CAG makes for an unobtrusive departure. There's a shower stall out there with his name on it, after all. Flight suit, ugh.

Praxis glances to his watch as well. "I require an hour to carry out duties in CIC and get reorganized. You can take care of any tasks you need to do in the meantime. After sixty minutes, I should be availiable indefinitely, barring any freak attacks on the vessel." His expression remains deadpan. "If you cannot make it, it can wait. This is a secondary concern, for now." All the papers under his arms (he looks like a pack mule), he starts heading out. Camille gets the look back, a subtle nod as she leaves and he does too.

"When you're finished, ring down to the Sec Hub? I should be available, though there are a few issue that cropped up last minute to take care of. Major Cass was thusly indisposed." Salazar holds the coffee cup at her side, hooked in the loop of her finger. "MPs always know where to find me." She nods to the XO. "Sir." With that, the S2 waits for the XO to clear the hatch before she takes her leave as well.

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