Summary: Ozymandias is Brigged for murder, Salazar interrogates her rather gently.
Date: PH184 (19 Oct 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Interrogation
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #184
OOC Time: Mon Oct 19 15:44:28 2009

The room where Jules has been seated is devoid of decoration or much furniture. There is one steel chair across the table from the heavy metal and ballistic glass doors which slide to seal closed. The wall is riveted behind the chair, and a large seam across the middle hints that this room isn't actually a room at all. One intimately familiar with the design of a spacefaring vessel would recognize this as a large cargo loading airlock. A brushed steel table has been bolted to the floor in the middle of the room. Another chair is set against the wall, but has no such bolts. For the moment, the room is empty of anything but the two chairs, the table, and a prisoner. It's been almost twenty minutes since the prisoner was moved to this room. No movement has been noted from outside for several minutes. A single MP stands guard, back to the door, rifle across her chest.

The quiet only lasts a few minutes before Jules breaks down and starts humming a tune, bobbing her head as she looks the room over. The tune is catchy if repetitive and it sounds annoyingly familiar. Hard to do more than sit and hum when one is shackled up. So she hums and she waits, eyes settling on the door once the room has lost her attentions.

Maybe the S2 is just habitually late. Eventually she steps into the bay outside the doors, and nods to the MP on duty. The doors slide open, and Salazar steps inside. She wears combat blacks without the armor or helmet, but with the sidearm. She pauses just inside the room, and reaches for the metal chair against the wall before she drags it across, noisily, to position it in front of, but not close to the table, backward. She slides into it, her arms folded over the back of the chair. "Rough day yesterday."

The whistling is quit immediately as the S2 appears at the door. "Ensign, sir." Juliette raises one hand, which becomes both on account of the shackles, in salute. "It was." Lowering her hands to the table once more, she quiets and cocks her head, unblinking as she looks at Salazar. Not so much with the offering up of things as she was yesterday.

Salazar does not return the salute. Her head tips slightly, dark eyes on the blue eyed blonde across the table from her. She remains quiet for a moment, then asks, "Not so talkative today. Is it the room? I understand it's a little cold in here, and the decor leaves something to be desired."

"It's a tad nippy, but the cold sharpens ones thoughts." Keeping her hands flat on the table in front of her, Jules lifts her chin and says, "Ask me whatever you need to. I'll answer. I know yesterday must have been confusing. Maybe I can help illuminate it for you." She smiles faintly and looks off over Salazar's left shoulder.

That's certainly one of the least uses responses heard in the interrogation room. Salazar nods, and continues to watch Jules directly. "Why did you attempt to kill the old man?"

"I'm pretty sure I did." Yes, Jules notes the subtle twist of words Salazar chose to use and offers her own twist next, "It was one of my mission objectives. I was on my way to the water tanks to sabotage them with the G4 and detonator you saw me holding. Another objective."

Salazar shakes her head slightly. "That's shoddy workmanship, Ozymandias." She smiles just a little, and it's gone shortly after. "Someone should have taken a closer look at your resume before 'tasking' you with that mission. Unless you're self employed, in which case you only have yourself to blame." She rests her chin on her crossed arms over the back of the chair. If not for the shackles and the uncomfortable furniture, this could be girl talk. "How do you feel about Eddie Morales?"

"It did the job. You are weaker for his loss and are growing weaker all the time." The blonde reaches up awkwardly and pulls a bang out of her eyes and over to her left ear. "Eddie Morales is an okay pilot, but her lack of self-control in almost every aspect of her life pretty much makes her just an idiot. And you can quote me on that." Jules smiles then and says, "/Please/ quote me on that."

"There's no one to quote you to, Ozymandias. Your opinion of Morales is fairly standard. She's a pilot." Salazar's delivery of that last bit is fairly deadpan. "Did you assault her during the blackout?"

"I might have. She was trying to steal the boy I was seeing," Jules says flippantly, shrugging her shoulders. "Don't tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing."

"I didn't ask you if you might have. I asked you if you did." Salazar's dark brows arch slightly. "You'll admit to attempting to kill the old man, but you won't come out and admit to assaulting a pilot?" She shakes her head. "How would you classify your relationship with PO Daiasu."

"Over." Jules replies.

"We don't do conjugal visits," Salazar replies. "That's probably wise."

"Not that it's going to help her case? But she didn't know. No one did." Jules makes direct eye contact with Salazar and says, "Except maybe Kai." And then, "Yes, I assaulted Eddie Morales. She got in my way."

"I understand the urge. I've had it. Not with Morales, not on this ship." Salazar's expression doesn't so much as shift as Jules implicates Karim. "Cute." She regards the woman for a moment more before she asks, "Is there any particular reason you began carrying on with the petty officer, other than the access it may have granted you to CIC?"

"She was a nice person. And she was a Nav Tech and I was interested in the jump drive system." The blonde's expression stays pretty much the same throughout, a slight smile on her face. "It seemed logical at the time."

"Did you at any time get whimsical with the panels in the CIC? Or is amateur computing not your thing?" Salazar's tone remains conversational, but the S2's watchfulness never quite relaxes.

"I've never set foot in CIC. Guarded it from the outside, though." The little Marine answers firmly, relaxed in the presence of the pointy mistress of her (potentially) airlocked doom. "And no, computers aren't really my thing. Which is kind of ironic, given the givens."

"Since you brought it up yesterday, would you like to discuss your…" Salazar smiles just a little, "Relationship with the cylons?" Her tone is just faintly derisive.

"I told you yesterday. I am one. We look like you now." Jules cocks her head to the side just a little. "We're humanity's children. Can you blame us for wanting to be human?"

There's a long pause. Salazar seems to be particularly receptive to this suggestion. She pauses a moment, then asks, "You're a bunny loving marine private sent to infiltrate the ship, tasked with dispatching the old man." She clicks a pen, and slides a little notebook out of her back pocket. "Your other objectives?"

"Find my frakking bunnies." There's a grin on Jules face as she admits that and then more chastely ducks her head. Sobering a little, she adds, "Hopefully not get airlocked or shot for what I've done. But I'll understand, if that's what you decide to do." A little throat clearing there. "There wasn't anything after removing Sheridan from the picture."

"Previous to your attempt on the CO's life?" Salazar scribbles a few things on the pad of paper. The writing's too small to read upside down.

"I was to keep tabs on the Kharon, make sure that it didn't just vanish without a trace," Jules offers up. "I didn't know about the Colonies' destruction until you all did." That last little bit seems earnest. Curious to a fault, she leans forward a little, trying to make out some of what Salazar is writing.

Salazar's writing doesn't appear to be in standard, or any direct version of any other language. She may just be scribbling for appearances. "Did you plant a bomb in Leda's locker?" That tone is almost amused.

Hm. Jules leans back in her seat, brows lifted in curiousity about the writing, but not asking about it. "Yes. He was convenient. And kind of a tool, according to the rumor mill. Frakking panty thief."

"I'd heard that myself." Salazar's notes are flipped to a new page with a light crinkle of paper. She clicks the pen closed, then clicks it open again. "Tell me about these human looking cylons. You said there were more. How many more?"

"More than just me." Taking a deep breath, Jules clucks her tongue a few times before she admits, "There are many models and many copies of each model." She quiets then and doesn't add anything more.

Salazar makes a few notes, though she doesn't glance up right away as she asks, "How many models?" Her pen moves over the paper lightly scritching away.

"Momma said not to give everything away on a first date…" Jules pauses, considering the woman in front of her and asks, "Would you mind if I stood up to stretch my legs?"

"Are there any more aboard this vessel?" The S2's notes a brief after that question. She flips the small notebook closed, and clicks the pen closed. She tucks that into a pocket. "You can stretch your legs on the escort back to your cell." Salazar rises, and pulls her chair away from the table to stow it.

There is no consideration of her answer this time. Jules answers without hesitation, "Yes." And then, she too is pushing to her feet. "Thank you."

"We'll talk again tomorrow." Salazar's approach is fairly relaxed on the first date. Maybe she's not sure how she feels about blondes. "Try not to hang yourself in your cell." She enters the code to open the doors, and steps out as the double doors slide open. The MP just outside, and the other across the way both step closer, and turn their eyes to the prisoner. "Back to the cell."

Shuffle shuffle shuffle. Jules does the prisoner shuffle behind Salazar, sure not to come too close while the woman is still inside the cell. At the mention of potentially hanging herself, she scrunches up her face with distaste. "Suicide is a sin," she adds in parting to Salazar, "See you tomorrow, Ensign, sir."

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