Crabs and Sharks
Crabs and Sharks
Summary: Vendas tells two young Ensigns about the time she had crabs, and a pool game gets interrupted.
Date: PHD050
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Kharon - Game Room

The Games room at this time is fairly quiet a few people mingling around including one dark hair Raptor pilot sat on the floor rummaging through the computer games cabinet. She's already got half of them piled up next to her, no doublt the rejects as she tries to find what she's in the mood for. "It's time likes these I loath the fact, we don't get any regular supplies…So what's it to be Zombie nights XII or Quest for the Keys, XVII, choices, choices."

Vendas is in her off-duty garb and looking pretty relaxed when she walks through the hatch. She's talking to someone over her shoulder, stopping to the side to wait for them to walk in behind her. As Roubani enters, the Major ticks off a finger as if she's recounting something. "And that was the second time I had crabs." She looks like she misses it. Or them.

Roubani has been in conversation with Vendas for a while. Her context is abundantly clear to him, but that doesn't stop him from stating pristinely once they've walked in, "I do hope they didn't itch too badly, sir." He's carrying a notebook with him, though the top button of his drab fatigues is undone to clearly show 'off-duty'. The jacket is draped over his right shoulder, his casted and be-slinged arm underneath the loose fabric.

Kassia looks over her shoulders as their pairs conversation drifts to her ears, she tries not to pull a face but nope not strong enough. What can one really say when their CAG has just confessed to having grab not once but twice. So poor Kassia, just sits there, Zombie nights case in one hand and Keeper of the keys in the other, just stareing.

"Well they hurt more than anything." The Major nods her head a few times and leads him further in. "You just have to catch the problem early. If you don't, they can get everywhere. Luckily my parents had these giant bushells that we could keep the things in." She spots Kassia and gives a light wave as they head for the pool table. "Hey Ensign." There's a quick smile and she looks back to Roubani. "So we'd all go roll around on the sandbar and have fun and hope for crabs by days end. And I'll tell ya, when we got home? My dad was always hoping we'd have come home with the big ones. They'd go right into the pot first."

"They sound lovely," Roubani replies, apparently having decided to behave again. "I don't think I've ever seen one that wasn't already resigned to its plate." A-ha, bad pun. Naturally he delivers it straightfaced. He shifts the book in his arm, giving Kassia a slight nod. "Ensign Nevice. Is the console broken?" Since she seems to be just staring at the games.

Kassia blinks for a second, rather embaressed at coming to the wrong conclusion whole hearing the grab story she blushs and shakes her head. "Sorry I was ear dropping, I really shouldn't do that." She glances down at the console and shakes her head. "No, but I think I'm not in the mood for either game…" She then realizes that Vendas is just the person she wanted to see. "Major!" She says going to get to her feet. "I need a quick word." She glances at Roubani, not at all concerned he's there and says. "I think I have some explaining to do, about something Lieutenant Leda might have told you?"

Vendas shrugs. "You let 'em get out of control and they'll go anyplace. Jump from place to place faster than most people think. You just gotta let 'em know who's boss." She sighs. "I miss crabs. My sisters would always catch the best ones." Then there's a rank being called and she looks back to Kassia with a raised brow. "Oh? OH! You're talking about the conversation he and I had in laundry yesterday?"

Roubani gives Vendas a slight smile. His dark eyes shift to Kassia and he picks at the edge of his notebook, ready to drift out the hatch if it's indicated. For now, he just takes a polite step or two away, digging through a container of pencils on a table.

Kassia nods her head then glances to Roubani. "I'm sorry Ensign this won't take but a moment, I don't want to disturb leisure time." She looks now to the CAG "I just wanted you to know that I'm with the wing, no matter what my future wishs are and until such times that I get my transfer if it's possible I'm with you hundred percent and I'll perform my duties like wise." She says in an almost rushed breath. "I reamed Leda good, he had no right to tell you that. I'm sorry Sir, didn't want you to find out like that, it was my place not his."

The Major gestures for Roubani to stay if he'd like to, giving the man a warm smile before looking back to Kassia. The idea of her tearing into Castor obviously amusing to her. When Ensigns Attack! "You're right. Leda had zero business discussing you or your career. I tried to be subtle about getting that to him but I fear I should just go back to being blunt. As for the transfer, that's one helluva case you'll have to make. Where I am concerned, I can't afford to lose anyone perminantly." She moves to reach for a pool cue and chalk. "Just be aware of that."

The notion of Castor having aired things that weren't his business doesn't seem to shock Roubani much. He plucks a pencil from the container and clicks the back to move up some lead, making a small correction on one of his papers that he'd no doubt been waiting to do for a while. How handy.

Kassia nods her head slowly towards the Major. "I think he means well, which perhaps gets him into a little trouble now and then." She glances at Roubani, then back to the Major. "I'm aware of what I have to do Sir, and it's just something I'm looking at nothing is set in stone, I have to talk to the chief medical officer first and see if I'm even qualified…" She then ducks her head and smiles sheepishly. "But please I've taken up enough of your time already." Kassia says stepping back and going to head towards the couch

"Something about the road to hell being paved a certain way. Officers should know better than that." Back to being blunt. Vendas chalks her cue. "Check with Pike if you like, but you also have to get permission from your squadron commander before I'll even consider it. I'm not entirely sure Captain Legacy will want to let go of a pilot." As Kassia steps away the Major turns to the pool table. "Either of you are welcome to play. Sorry, Nadiv. I didn't mean to drag you down here in a conversation but you're more than welcome to shoot a few rounds with me." Vendas drops to a crouch at the end of the table and begins pulling out the solids and stripes.

Kassia turns back at the sofa and leans against it. "Your really not happy about me doing this are you, Major I think perhaps that maybe it's something I should see about doing at a future date. I'm already a bit of a throw back don't need to get people even more angry at me." She sighs and rubs at her face, it's been the fortnight from hell. "Yeah, lets just forget it I think." She adds softly.

"Hmm?" Roubani was totally into this math, yo, rly. He looks up, after fixing something else quickly, and clicks the pencil lead back in. The utensil's stuck behind his ear, even though there's already a forgotten pen there. "Someone's angry at you, Ensign?" He sounds surprised at that much. A slight nod to Vendas. "If you'd like, sir. But only if you've got insurance, because I can't be held responsible for bodily injury."

Vendas laughs, grinning at Roubani. "That so? You think you're gonna give the CAG an ass-whoopin she won't soon forget?" She gives him a coy smile. "Grab a cue, buddy. Let's see what you're made-of." She finishes pulling out the rest of the balls and looks back to Kassia with a mildly confused expression. "Mad? Angry?" Her eyes do the whole >.> thing. "Ensign? I know I'm not mad. Someone else digging at you?" Her eyes settle back on Kassia once more.

Kassia shakes her head. "Oh noone, I'm fine just I'm being overly dramatic I guess everyone is allowed to have it now and then…right." She folds her arms and goes to watch the game. "I'd watch the Ensign, sir don't let him get a rule out he'll win you with maths."

Roubani flushes bright red at Vendas, looking stricken. "Er…more I think I'm going to give the CAG an accidental black eye with this cue." He ahems, setting his notebook down and reaching for a stick. Oh dear, oh dear. "Really, I'm not terribly good. Perhaps Ensign Nevice ought to play, and I'll…dust off the table."

"Everyone's entitled to it, Kassia. No sweat. Besides, we need each other more than ever. No telling how long we'll be stuck together on this boat. Might as well take our liberties while we can, right?" She cuts the Ensign a wink and looks to Roubani. "I think you're sandbagging, Poet. I think you should play. Besides, you never know how awful your opponent is, right? For all you know, I've never played pool in my life."

"Believe me, I'm not," Roubani tells Vendas drily, at the winked accusation of sandbagginess. "I've studied ergodic theory and dynamical systems for years, but I can hardly sink a ball when it comes down to it." He sounds like he finds it a little funny. "Besides, I think you're a pool shark." He smirks and nods to the table. "Like to break, sir?"

Vendas does her best to look innocent. "Me? A pool shark? Never." She snickers a few times and shakes her head. The white cue ball is rolled across the table to him. "You break. I'll watch." Moves to the end of the table and stakes her cue down to rest on the toe of her boot. "I know what you mean though. God I was -awful- in math class. I couldn't do much right and it was my worst subject. Bu the practical applications were no problem for me. Opposite issue, but yeah.. it sucks. But everyone starts someplace, Poet. Might as well start your sharking days now. Practice at night and nobody will ever know."

<FS3> Roubani rolls Pool *CASUAL*: Bad Failure.

Roubani gives her the stink eye when she passes off the break. Sigh. He takes a step back and ponders the pool table with a wry expression, then leans down to set his cue for the break. And what do you know, instead of the ball he hits the green velvet. THUNK. He pauses, then says mildly, "Does that count as my shot? Surely it's your turn now."

Vendas laughs, rolling her eyes. "Line up your shot first then just shoot the two. Imagine having you gun system up in front of your face and the cue ball is a Raider. The stick is your twenty millimeters. Just punch it." She leans a bit on the stick, still smiling at him.

<FS3> Roubani rolls Mathematics: Failure.

Roubani straightens up and eyes the table, likely putting together some angles in his head. Which don't do much for him. He shakes his head slightly, trying this again.

<FS3> Roubani rolls Pool *CASUAL*: Failure.


Kassia returns from the rest room a few moments later, looking more together and happier she wonders over towards the pool table and begins to watch the game at some distance to allow the players room to move around.

Vendas gives a reassuring nod to Kassia on her return. "So what else is new in the life of Raptors, Ensign?" Seeing Roubani Fail once more, the CAG shakes her head. "Stop playing headgames with the ball and just hit it. Put the stick behind it and shove it as hard as ya can."

Roubani glances over his shoulder at Vendas, raising an eyebrow. "Sir, really," he replies, utterly prim. "I didn't bring protection." But he does finally manage to get a shot off that breaks the triangle of balls. THWACK.

Kassia is about to answer Vendas when Roubani speaks and she can't help but giggle behind a quickly brought up hand, who knew Roubani could be so humorous. "I'm sorry Sir, and it's ok nothing new to be honest. Matto and Poppy still the perfect team, me and Jason seem to be doing about average." She shrugs. "And other then CAP's and the rare recon not much." She eyes Roubani again, perhaps waiting to see if he performs twice.

[Intercom] Cortez says, "Pass the word, repair crew to deck one, forward head."

"Its okay, Roubani. Women often have the be the one's prepared for anything." She gives her own snickering laugh and steps around as he breaks the pack. The woman nods a few times. "See! There ya go, Poet." The Major cuts him another smile and looks to Kassia. "Yeah, those two are a tight team. They've been flying together for years. But they occasionally get split. I think Captain Legacy flew the last mission with Matto.." The Intercom tones and she stops, looking to Roubani.

Roubani is about to say something, probably to regain a bit of his dignity, when the intercom goes off. A flickered glance to his watch. Still early for duty, but when you're the newbie you hustle anyway. He gives Vendas and kassia an apologetic smile, turning to hand the cue towards Kass. "Would you, Ensign? I've got to go, I'm sorry."

Kassia nods her head. "I won't deny I'm evious of them, to have a good working relationship like they do is rare, Ilike Jason but he'll never be to me what Matto is to Poppy." She shrugs and eyes the que, then Roubani, her hand goes out to take it and she nods her head. "It was good to see you, for more then I passing hello goodbye." She says remember he was her first friend after she woke, from her coma.

Vendas dips her head to Roubani. "Be safe, Ensign." She then looks back to Kassia. "No, probably not. But its entirely possible. You never know what you might pick up and bonds you might create flying missions. Some of my best friends were made over really trying experiences, not dinners and clothesracks."

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