Couch Buddies
Couch Buddies
Summary: Ashe, Martin, and Jupiter torture people in the General Lounge. People flee.
Date: PHD141 (09-06-09)
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Despite being light duty, it's an off day for Martin which means that he can be found in the game room. However, he has one arm in a sling to rest it up for comfort which means that he is unfortunately not able to hold a video game controller with two hands. So he's opted, instead, to start watching old action movies. Sitting on the left side of the sofa with his arm propped up to support his head, he's watching an old 'gangs of scorpia' style movie with mild interest.

The only warning the man receives before Jules is upon him is some clomping of boots on deck plate. Clomp clomp clomp clomp clomp! Inside the room, she spots Martin, the movie being watched and an empty spot and hurls herself that way, jumping the furniture and landing with a satisfying PLOP in the right side of the couch. Striking up a gentle lean against the right side of the couch, she pretends not to be out of breath and says, "We meet again, Mr. Black."

Martin turns his head to look at Jules with a mild bit of humor in his eyes. Grinning, he pulls his shoulder back in a silent, huffing chuckle at the sight of her. "Runnin, smashin', jumpin over shit. You marines got it all dontcha, Juliette?" He replies, winking at her. "How you doin?"

"We have to be ready for anything," Jules admits and sits up, leaning against the back of the couch now as she regards Martin. She checks him out, presumably with an eye for his injuries and current state. Maybe also to check him out a little, who knows. Whatever she sees has her smiling and she says, "I'm feeling positively brimming with positive energy, so I thought I'd share some with people in need. How about you? How's the vid?"

"It's alright?" Martin says, actually more asking than telling. He doesn't seem to keen on it. "I came down to try to see if I could play a game but it's annoying keeping the controller up by my chest so I popped in the first one that caught my eye." Martin replies, making a face at her. Seems his day off's not going so well so far. Pulling out a pack of cigarettes, he one-handedly frees one from the pack and lights it. "I'm doing alright…dreading laundry later, but I'm definitely no worse for wear."

Jules blinks over at Martin and asks, "No one has offered to help you with the laundry and all that?" A beat later, she says, "Let me help. I'll do your laundry til you're back to one hundred percent." She seems fairly insistent. "There's this one vid, a romantic comedy from Caprica about this one girl who finds her true love at a pretzel shop, only to discover they're both adopted and brother and sister. They end up falling for each other's best friends in the end." Whoops. Putting her hand over her mouth, she says, "Oops. Well. It wasn't that great anyway." Looking away a moment, she ponders silently before coming back with, "We could watch some porn?"

THAT gets a laugh out of Martin. Eyes widenening, he lowers his head into his hand to cover his eyes while he just…laughs. Tension draining from his shoulders slowly, he shakes his head, not expecting to be blinded by Jules suggesting porn of all things. "You wouldn't believe the week I've had. Everything I do feels like someone else is doing it." He pauses for comedic timing. "Right handed, yanno?" He chuckles, turning a bit on the edge of the sofa to face her. "Wait…did the brother and sister hook up before finding out that they were brother and sister? That'd be all kinds of horrible but…at least watching it in a movie sense that'd be pretty frakkin hillarious…"

"What? I was being serious… I mean. It be educational for me. I don't… know how it works. I know how /bunnies/ do it and stuff, but not. Y'know. People." Jules blushes quite furiously and turns her face away and into one hand, hiding her shame as it were. "I'm left handed," she offers, thankful for the change in subject. "They didn't hook up at all. They found out mid-wedding."

"Who gets married before…?" Martin blinks, almost astonished at the idea of it. "Oh hell no…I couldn't. That's absolutely terrifying. I mean not to say that's where my brain goes immediately. I understand the concepts of true love and affection but those movies are not realistic." Martin laughs, blushing a little bit himself as he speaks with Jules. The two of them are on opposite ends of a sofa, while the screen in front of them is playing an old movie. Biting his lip, he tilts his head. "You're serious, right? I mean, it's cool there's nothing wrong at all with that, but you're not kidding about that?"

"No. I didn't even go on a date with somebody til we got back from the mission on Scorpia." The embarrassment in her voice is truly epic. Jules keeps looking away from Martin, mostly because her cheeks are a brilliant red. "It just… didn't really seem all that important, is all. I did a lot of studying and taking care of animals in my free time." She clears her throat and says, "I guess waiting for marriage isn't a horrible notion… A little strict sounding, though. Maybe they were Gemenese."

"Well it's not horrible." Martin replies, cringing a little bit. Bringing the cigarette to his lips, he leans out to give Jules a playful shove to get her attention. "I don't know, it's honestly not that important but where I come from that's old fashioned. Kinda cool, really, it just blows my mind…" Martin replies, brushing a hand through his hair. "So you take care of animals? What's the most exotic thing you've ever taken care of?"

The door to the game room opens up, and in steps a petite blonde woman in her offduties. She looks around quietly, noticing Jules and waving at her, then looking around once more for somewhere to sit. The cushion between Jules and Martin looks open, but she isn't sure if she wants to snag that or not. They seem to be busy.

Beshoved, Jules recovers some from her embarrassment. Sure her cheeks are a fine shade of pink, still, but she's capable of looking across the couch at Martin again at least. "I took care of a rhino once. They're actually not horribly— Selene!" Her attention slings over towards the new entrant and she raises a hand, waving to her. "Come and sit!" And then, like she didn't skip tracks at all, she says, "Rhinos aren't as mean as they look, I was going to say. They're actually kind of docile. You just don't want to walk in front or behind one, that's all."

"So what, you're supposed to hurdle over them like you do on the sofa?" Martin replies with a grin, turning his head to see Selene. Not knowing her personally, he offers a wave and scoots more fully towards the left arm of the sofa to make some room. Leaning over the sofa to ash his cigarette, he takes another drag and exhales skyward. "That's pretty damn cool, though. I always wondered what it'd be like to work for a zoo. I just never wanted to risk my sister coming to visit me near a gorilla cage."

Selene perks up as she hears Jules call to her, and turns around, making her way toward the couch and plopping down on the cushion next to the other woman. "Heya!" she offers, before introducing herself to the stranger puffing on a cancer stick. "Hi, I'm Selene."

"This is Martin. He's a Viper pilot… hence the smokey smokes," Jules offers helpfully. "He got banged up really bad in the last enemy contact, so. I try to track him down and harrass him whenever I can." She puts as much pride as she can into that statement. As Selene drops into a spot at the couch, she adds, "Was she really that bad when you were growing up?"

Raising his eyebrows in a hello to Selene, Martin maintains his perch on the left side of the sofa. In the middle, Selene has just made herself comfortable next to Jules on the right. The video screen is on, playing an old vintage war drama. Waving to Selene at the mention of his name, he takes another drag and exhales away from them. "Well…let's just say I'm lucky I was able to grow back my eyebrows. I wouldn't have put it past her to depants me and shove me into a penguin exhibit." He adds with a grin. "What do you do here, Selene?"

Selene nods a little at the introduction, then replies, "I'm a navigation tech in the CIC. I calculate jump coordinates and whatnot." Another CIC enlisted across the room apparently heard her introduction and replies, "Yeah, when she can find CIC!" Selene reaches into her pocket and chucks her pen at the offender, apparently not amused by that joke anymore.

The hatch kicks open and in walks one Jupiter "Fingers' Black, LtJG if we're keeping score. She's wearing sweats, per usual, and her hair is pulled up into a curly tail. She's only slightly sweaty, so it wasn't a long day in the gym. Her hands are still taped. Looks like she was giving a light beating to one of the punching bags up there. Who knows what's brought her down here.

Rather than tease Selene, Jules offers a, "Oh man. I'm glad I'm not the only navigationally challenged person on the ship… usually I'm not too bad, but sometimes I get so lost. One night, I slept in a cargo bay cos I couldn't find the way out." Then she cants her head over towards the hatch, eyes landing on Jupiter. "Kitten is scared."

"It's not so bad getting around if you just find your go-to places. I've got less business at the aft end of the ship unless I'm trying to find a place to hide. But the foredecks I've got down pretty well." Martin replies, grinning at the sudden bit of pen chucking. Following Jules' field of vision, however, he spots his sister and starts to rise from the sofa. "Hey Peanut…been trying to find you, where they been hidin' you?"

Selene looks over towards Jules, then towards the woman that just entered. She seems a little confused about the scared commnet, though the confused look vanishes when her coworker throws the pen back, probably so the nav tech won't get stuck without a pen. "I've never slept in a cargo bay. Usually I can find my way back to my quarters," she offers.

Jupes reaches down to shove her sweatshirt sleeves up her arms to the elbow. She glances over as her brother's voice catches her attention. "Boner." It's a quiet greeting. Her course alters slightly, and she makes her way for the younger Black. He'd have better chance of winning Miss Caprica than escaping the hug that his sister is about to lay on him.

Distracted by Jupiter moving closer, Jules nonetheless comments, "It was a little cold and there might have been a rat or two, but rats are actually pretty nice animals, as long as you don't try to step on them or hurt them. I named the one I met Skids on account of he was sitting on a box of Viper skids." She forcibly looks away from Jupiter at Selene, not wanting to draw the sweaty woman's ire. "Soooo. I wanted to apologize for what I said last night."

Turning his body slightly to the left so that the soft crush of impact is directed mostly towards his left shoulder, Martin crumbles into the hug. Wrapping his left arm around his sisters back, he drops his head to her shoulder in silence. "I missed you." He says very quietly, swallowing. Martin, the younger of the two goes silent, not yet pulling away from his sister's hug.

Selene blinks a little as she turns back to face Jules. "What you said last night? I'm not sure what you mean," she replies. "Though I probably owe that Mr. Gresham an apology. I was maybe a tad cranky last night."

Jupes' hug is not crushing, but if Marty's got any sore spots in her hugging range, it's going to be sore a bit longer. Her arms wrap around her brother, arms crossing behind his back. One hand rests on the back of his neck, and she murmurs, "So that to me again, and you won't get so far as glimpsing Elysium before I beat your ass. I get light duty, flight pulled, and you get shot. The frak." It's all spoken quietly, and it's really just Jupes way of expressing her concern. Honest.

"Well, I figured I said something that made you leave, so I'm apologizing, even though I don't know what I said to make you go." Jules nigh frollicks in her convoluted logic train. "I didn't think you were cranky. And Virgil was just hoping he didn't make you run away. He's a nice guy, you know. But sometimes he has word vomit." And then, "You missed an interesting conversation about angsty werewolf heroes, though.

Through the hatch into the game room comes Ashe, whistling an idle song at parts before shifting to lower pitched hums while he saunters through. Just a pair of steps in however his eyes cast around, brow furrowing at the people present.

Closing his eyes, Martin swallows and nods his head against his sister's shoulder. Clearing his throat, he maintains the squeeze on his sister. "I won't." He says in a hushed tone to her. "The raider just came from out of frakkin nowhere." He pauses again, flattening his lips. "Thought you forgot about me…"

Selene pauses a moment, then shakes her head. "It wasn't anything you said, trust me," she replies softly. "I just needed to go do some things." Tilting her head, she smiles towards Jules. "No worries, kay?"

"Don't be stupid, Boner." Jupiter stands over by the couch with her arms wrapped around her brother. Tight, long last hugs! She rubs her hands down his back, then pulls away to look him in the eye so she can ask, "Who was your wing?" Uh oh.

"Oh." Smiling at Selene, Jules lifts her chin up and says, "I'm glad it wasn't me then. Seriously. I was worried. I don't make new friends too often and I was having a two new friend day, which was pretty awesome." She finally let's herself a look over at Jupiter and Martin and their hug and beams, "Anybody for a hug party?"

Martin looks at his sister's face, blinking his eyes as a means to buy himself time at answering the question. Deciding it's rare that him and his sister have a tender moment, he takes a drag off of his cigarette to think it over. "Tinman." Martin says, shaking his head. "It wasn't his fault, though, I was watching his tail and no one saw the thing coming. It was an unlucky bounce…" He protests quietly, trying to cover Tinman's ass a bit. He smiles quietly at Jules' request of a hug party. "Hug party? Hey Jupes, we were gonna break out and watch a movie or something, you wanna join us?" He looks to Jupiter and then to Jules, hoping desperately that he didn't sign Leda's death warrant in his need to be honest with his sibling.

Selene blinks a little at Jules' question. "A hug party?" she asks curiously. She doesn't seem to have heard of such a thing, though a hug is always welcome, at least in her eyes.

Eyes drift over to the hugging team and Ashe cannot help it, it's in his nature. A slight smile creeps to his lips and he calls out, "I believe tha'ts illegal on all colonies except for Picon. Wait, nevermind, carry on." Shake of head and he's moving to find a place to sit.

Jupiter's eyes narrow ever so slightly as Martin drops that bomb. "That explains his behavior in the laundry." When she was beating the crap out of a marine. "He barely made eye contact, and when I told him to be my laundry bitch, he didn't even try to protest." Oh yes, it all makes sense now. Jupiter draws back from the hug, nods to the ladies nearby. "Thanks, I'll pass." And then her eyes find Swift. "Come over here and say that to my face, jarhead." Her hand rests on Martin's shoulder for a moment before sliding off.

"But we're not -on- the Colonies now are we?" Jules singsongs at Ashe, tossing him a wink over her shoulder. "Come meet other non-Marine peoples, Swift. They don't bite… though, this movie sort of does." Looking Jupiter's way, she offers, "If you wanna sit next to your bro, Selene can scootch down closer to my end, sir."

Ashe stands up and takes about three steps towards Jupiter. "What I said, you piss poor excuse for a —" He trails off and glances over at Jules. After a moment, the other marine gets a smile and a sleight nod. "What I said, was it's good to see you two reunited." Turning, he heads towards where Jules is at. "I don't know, I kind of like it when they bite."

Selene giggles softly at Jules' singsonging, then looks over towards Jupiter and Martin. She nods a little, then scoots towards Jules, making room on the couch for the others to join them.

Martin smirks, lifting a middle finger in Ashe's direction. "You've been getting past your colony's loophole on dog-frakking for years, Swift." Martin retorts, presenting a unified Black front towards the man. Another drag from his cigarette is taken, and then he leans to the side to ash it. "Don't be too hard on Leda, Peanut. I guess he's feeling guilty about it, which explains why he didn't talk to me much in recovery. So movie, you in, or do you wanna take a walk?"

Jupiter regards Ashe for a long moment, blue eyes level. She doesn't even blink. Finally, she tips her head ever so slightly, and asks, "How's your head, Swift?" She glances over to Martin. "I need to check my laundry in a few. You leave that much lingerie unguarded for too long and it starts to disappear." Her eyes remain on the mouthy marine. She takes a seat on the end of the couch. "Tuck in Swift, there's plenty of room." That sounds like a 'sit next to me and see if I stab you' than what she actually said. She finally glances over to Martin, and nods to the couch for him to sit, she follows. "I'll do my best to refrain from breaking Leda."

Entrenching herself in her couch positioning, Jules lays her right arm on the arm rest and slings her left arm on the back of the couch just above the nav tech's shoulders. "Hey Martin, do you know who Dirk McBeefcake is there?" She points towards the vid screen at the square-jawed scowly Scorpian soldier currently fighting his way through some Cylon infantry. "I think I've seen him in something before. Can't quite place it, though…"

"If it's a porno film, Martin's probably able to identify him." Ashe comments dryly as he eyes the couch and then Jupiter. A soft bite on his lip as he contemplates the challenge then he's moving to plant himself in the space, making sure to drop his ass on Jupiter's leg first before squishing over. "Head's fine. The thing with concussions is they heal. That's why I feel so bad for you Jupiter. There's no treatment for ugly." Tilting his head he frowns, "Well I suppose a paper bag, or at least a dark room. Tell me, do men usually tell you to face away from them? That's the reason why y'know." Surprisingly there's no taunts sent towards Martin, only Jupiter. Apparently sickbay gets you a freebie.

"Maybe that is why Tinman wasn't lookin' at you. Rumor has it he has a thing for diggin through laundry." Martin replies with a smirk, turning to sit back down on the couch. "When you head back down I'll go with you, Peanut, I've got some laundry I need to do unless Sunshine here was serious about her offer to be my new set of working hands." Easing back into the cushions slowly to favor his aching body, he looks to the screen and chuckles. "My rep gets around. That's Blake Pyta. He didn't do porn but after this he did a series of those heavily edited softcore flicks that were all over the idiot box when I was a kid." He grins. "You remember that fine-ass actress, Pamela Monroe, Swift? That guy was in Shadow of Night with her…"

Selene turns a bit red in the cheeks at all the talk about porn films. Not a good Gemenese angry red, but just an embarrassed red. She turns her head toward the screen, focusing on it intently. How she managed to survive this long in the military and still be embarrassed at the mention of what some people do with their rack time is… a good question.

"Frak me, Swift. The last time I kicked it, your ass wasn't that wide. You been eating babies again?" Jupiter shoves Ashe off her leg, and kicks her legs crossed at the knee. "Leda's under strict orders to stay out of my panties upon pain of violence upon his person, Boner." She leans over, shoves her arm around Swift's shoulders, and pulls him in none too gently to say into his ear, "From this proximity, I could remove your balls before you could twitch. Do you really want to feel that pain, Swift? I'd like to get my flight status back sometime this year, so let's just sit here and watch the nice movie." Nevermind her fingernails digging into Ashe's shoulder. Or the way she's completely restraining herself from elbowing him in the face. Who says you can't grow as a person? "Okay?" That was her best growing as a person voice, only it comes out through clenched teeth.

"Jupiter is pretty, though," Jules points out as Ashe jibes the lady pilot, clearly not getting the whole witty reparte thing they have going. And then to Martin, she says, "Of course I meant it. I'll totally help with your laundry til your boo boos are healed." And as her question is answered, she swallows a little tightly and says, "Oh. Right. That's going into a disturbing line of memories I don't want to remember so… how are you?" the question is directed to the red-faced Selene. "You aren't getting smooshed are you? This movie is so bad. Cylons didn't even look like that."

As Ashe is pulled closer to Jupiter, he leans back some and casually bends his arm at the elbow when she tugs at him. Yes, they're borderline wrestling on the overcrowded couch but he is just getting situated. The Marine is all smiles as he says to her, "From this proximity, all I have to do is bend my elbow and it's in your lung." Another smile, "And don't think I won't. I will punch you right in the ovary if you don't shut your yapper so I can enjoy the flick." Looking past to Martin, his eyes blink and he nods, "Yeah she was pretty hot if I remember, the dark curly hair, dark eyes right? Totally my type, that and red heads, but she was definately the sort you could club and drag back to the cave." Grinning towards Martin, Ashe leans back, letting his elbow twitch just to dig it at Jupiter.

Martin looks to Selene, taking note of the shade of red on her features. Trying his damnedest to get the current visions of his horrific near-death experience out of his mind, he does the thing he's known for: He replaces it with something else. Another drag from his cigarette his taken, and then he leans forward to stub it out. Scooting that he's firmly wedged against the arm of the sofa, he gets cozy beside his sister. "Peanut I love you but I don't want to hear about your panties. Keep it up and I'll start talking about my past sex-life." Martin snorts, planting his booted foot on the coffee table. "After this movie then, laundry it is. I'm healed, it's just really sore. Compound fracture and all. I'll spare you the details but part of my bone speared through my arm." Wait…he didn't just spare the details did he?

Selene scoots a little closer to Jules, shaking her head. "No, not too smooshed," she replies simply, trying to tune out the other ramblings, maybe trying to focus on the movie. "Yeah, it is pretty bad," the woman says with a shrug. "It's something to watch, though, even though I prefer books."

"Oh, did you find that textbook you mentioned?" Jules asks of Selene, before looking down at the other end of the couch. "My imminent violence sense is tingling." Specifically she seems to be watching Ashe and Jupiter. "Maybe you should sit down on this end, Swift?"

Jupiter doesn't even wince as the elbow digs into her ribs. "Boner. Seriously. Nobody wants to hear about your open fractures." She leans in a little to tell her brother, without releasing Ashe's shoulders, her elbow crooking at his throat to choke him a little as she leans away to address Marty. "Mine was only a hairline fracture. Have you been getting your vitamins?" Her arm tightens around Ashe's neck. "I don't want to hear anything more about Sam's crotch. I've seen it, I live next to it, and I heard you do it so many times I started having dreams about that little sound she makes when she comes. I may need therapy."

Ashe shakes his head, "You know, speaking of Sam's vag." He grunts a bit when Jupiter pulls him down, moving his arm again to elbow her. "You ever notice that like, everyone hates the smell of sex except the two people who are doing it? Ain't that weird?"

Selene blinks, paling a little at the 'conversation'. There's a reason she doesn't like to be around marines and pilots at the same time, and this is part of it. "Yeah, I found it," she replies to Jules, shifting a little. "Why don't I, um, go get it for you?" the woman offers, perhaps in an attempt to get the frak away from Ashe and Jupiter.

"That'd be awe—" Jules' attention is absolutely riveted in place on Jupiter as she speaks, eyes wide and jaw dropped open. Oh. My. Gawds. And then Ashe drops his nugget and she's turning a vibrant shade of pink. "I." Nope, still no words. "What." Maybe in another couple of settings. "I'll see you guys later!" And with that she's jumping up and over the couch, heading for the door with a purpose. FLEE. FLEE THIS CONVERSATION. "Must get away before spontaneous orgy, must get away before spontaneous orgy…" she mutters under her breath.

Martin blinks, slowly turning to look at Jupiter. Deciding it's probably not for the best to punch her knee in his wounded state, he presses his palm to his forehead. "Gods damn, Peanut…I can't know that you've heard, no I'm gonna have to find a table in a machine shop or something if I manage to find my ass another girl. Butcha gotta admit, Peanut…" Martin stops, blinks, and then clears his throat. "It's never forced me to leave your presence, Swift. You're my favorite little pu—" He starts, giving someone time to interrupt.

In her haste to flee, Jules' personal dradis completely misses the presence of a chair in her path and she goes sprawling over it, tumbling and then faceplanting into the floor HARD. Annnnd she's out cold.

Selene is standing up as soon as Jules hops up, and rushes towards her as she faceplants into the floor. "Eep! Jules, are you okay?" she squeaks in surprise, kneeling down next to the woman and trying to make sure she didn't break her neck or something. Not that she's very good with first aid.

Jupiter is on the couch, which was previously packed tight with five people, in this order: Jules, Selene, Ashe, Jupiter, Martin. Jules' spot's open on the couch, since she just went over the back of it a moment before. The little blonde marine is sprawled over the floor behind the couch, one foot still hooked on the chair she just fell over. She's unconscious. Jupiter has Ashe half pulled across her body, her legs crossed, an arm around his throat. Ashe's elbow is in her ribs, and she's wincing just a little. Martin, meanwhile, is slightly leaned against by Jupiter. Selene has the look of imminent flee. "It's called pheromones, dumbass. Stop talking about Case's coochie." She glances over at Martin, "And you, hooker, leave my panties out of this."

Hatch comes open and boots scuffle along as the Major steps right in. There's a slight brow raised to the scene that is currently unfolded on the couch, and then a glance with another step to the passed out marine along the back of the couch? And with that eyes are going to Ashe and then to Jupiter. A twitch of his mustache and there it comes. The Frown(tm) given to all in that vicinity, though its mainly angled right on the two that seem to be choking and wrestling. And Ezra's frown doesn't seem to cease, rather it just holds there for the longest of moments as eyes narrow. A turn of his head finally and the Major is stalking on by towards one of the nearby card tables.

Ashe snickers a bit and then dips his shoulder to shove Jupiter a bit. Looking up and spotting Ezra, he offers a nod of 'sir' considering he's not really able to move. "Pheremones? You can't even spell that shit Black, don't try to pronounce it."

Martin's laughing so hard he's got tears streaming out of his eyes. Doubling over, he brings his hand down in a loud slap on Jupiter's knee. "Like…your sheets…aren't crustier than Ashe's upper lip on…" Laughter, laughter. "…C-Day. OFFICER ON DECK!" Martin suddenly barks out, flailing his limbs in a sudden fight or flight response to try to get off of the sofa. With one arm in a sling, that means he's only got three limbs to do it with. Lashing out, he plants his hand in Ashe's face and pushes with his feet, stumbling over the coffee table in a small shower of a spilled mug of water and an ashtray. Hitting the floor with a thud, he scrambles to his feet and goes into a tight, rigid salute. Trying hard to stop laughing, he sucks in a deep breath and puffs out his cheeks.

Not so much passed out as just completely out cold is Jules. She doesn't look too badly injured aside from the welt that is sure to graduate into a killer bruise on her forehead where she hit the deck. It takes a good half minute, but she starts to stir. Her first words, presumably to Selene, "Owwie."

Jupiter can't get up with Ashe pulled across her, and he can't get up unless she lets him go. For a moment, the two wiggle around, each trying to get up without disengaging the choke hold/elbow prod. Finally, the pilot releases the marine and shoves him off so she can get up off the couch. It takes her two tries to disentangle herself from a couch cushion, but she's on her feet a few after Martin calls out CO on deck. She stands at attention, though her sweats are a little rumpled, pants pulled low over one hip. No salutes from her.

Selene frowns a little as she kneels down next to Jules, a worried look on her face. "Are you alright? You bailed kinda hard off that chair," the woman whispers.

Thorn enters the room, and stops in his tracks at the scene in front of him, his eyes flicking to each person in turn. Shaking his head wryly, he pulls out a cigarette and his lighter, setting the cancerstick aflame in one swift motion. A particularly dubious look is shot in the direction of Jupiter and Ashe wriggling around on the floor, before the two finally disentangle themselves from each other. A snort, and Thorn starts walking again, stepping further into the den of insanity.

"Is that what that was? I thought it might have been someone trying to pull me back into the orgy," Jules says quietly, still a tad disoriented. Drawing herself up into a sitting position, she tenderly feels out her forehead, wincing when she gets to the reddened spot where she made first contact with the deck. "I probably should have been more orderly in my fleeing." She smiles at the petty officer and ducks her head some.

Hands reach for the card deck, which the Major begins shuffling right away. A faint raised brow towards Martin, and then there's a nod. "As you were." which means go a head and laugh, also feel free to finish your cunny stories. He's just here to play solitaire-or so it looks as he begins laying out the rows. "An you." a look back in the couch's direction-though now he can't really see Jupiter. "Don't kill the marine." simple all out in his own thick Aerelon accent. And with that he's starting to whistling softly as the cards are laid out. His grandkid's napping so he'll not be disturbing the sickbay anytime soon.

Free at last, Ashe gets up as wel now that he is no longer being imprisoned. Finally he looks around and nods properly and looks all attention at Ezra until he puts them as they were. As he singles out Jupiter, Swift looks at her and sticks his tongue out like a good petulant child would. "She couldn't kill me on her best day. Maybe irritate my hang nail."

Selene giggles softly and nods, responding quietly, "Maybe you should have. If you still want to flee, we can go get that textbook I promised you. I'll even show you some of the more interesting stuff."

Martin releases the laugh suddenly, stepping around the couch in the direction of Selene and Jules. Leaning down to try to help Jules up, he laughs quietly. "Orgy? What on earth gave you that idea? She's my sister, Jules…" He says quietly, rolling his eyes. Righting himself, he looks back to Jupiter and sticks his tongue out at her. "Lookat you gettin' me in trouble almost…"

Jupiter reaches over to smack the marine upside the back of the head. Whap! "Sir, no, sir." She hisses, under her breath, "Shut up, Swift. Don't you have someone to visit in Medical?" She gives him a shove toward the door. Finally, Jupes turns to Martin. "Gonna go check my laundry, Boner."

Ashe shakes his head and grumbles, heading towards the hatch after getting shoved. "I told you, after I beat your ass I'm not visiting you in the sickbay." He grumbles and heads for the hatch though, muttering something about a short stack.

"I seem to recall you're the last one who made a trip up to medical, bootie." Jupes nods to the marine, then glances back toward Jules. She has to be sure the girl is ok. They don't have a hate on for each other, after all. Once she's sure the little blonde is conscious again, and throws a shout out to Komnenos. "Thorn. Watch the couch. It's feisty today." And then she's off. Lingerie to guard, spin cycles to babysit.

"You all were talking about some ladies hoo hoo," Jules says as she takes Martin's hand up, pushing to her feet. "I panicked. Sorry." Surrounded by Cylons and fling brains on her, she's fine. Mention one lady's coochie and she flees in terror. Yeesh. "I think I'm gonna go with Selene. For that book and then maybe a shower. A cold one. For my head."

Thorn glances curiously over at the unfamiliar Major with the Aerelon accent. He steps aside as half the room starts to head for the door, a thin lipped expression on his face. Damn, missed all the excitement. "Hnh. Thanks for th' heads up, Fingers," he replies dryly. "Think I could tell already, though."

Selene stands up as well, then makes her way toward the door. She wasn't a big fan of the conversation going on either, but that had little to do with any dislike of coochies. "Okay, let's go get that book, then," she says with a smile.

"I'll be by in a bit, Peanut." Martin says to his sister, letting her leave. Grinning like a madman, he pats Jules on the back. "I didn't start it don't blame me. I'm the victim here, remember?" Martin adds, moving to lean against the back of the couch. "You guys take it easy, okay?"

Ezra looks up back towards the congregation as the word Orgy is mentioned. What? it's hard not the even not notice it as one is dealing his cards. A turn over of one, before he's setting the remainder to the side. A few cards are moved about before he's looking to the newer entrant-namely Komnenos. Another turn of a card and he's studying the board for a bit. The whistle dies down for a few seconds. "Hm.." movement and a few cards dealt, before the Major is watching the others "For those of you leaving, have a good day."

Jupes throws a wave as she heads through the hatch. It could be an acknowledgment of a couple people, or just a bubye!

Steady on her feet, Jules eyes the chair that tripped her ruefully and then nods to Martin. "I'll come by Red Berthings later and grab your laundry, okay?" She spots Ezra then and offers the man a nod before heading on after Selene. "If I run into any bulkheads, please don't laugh."

Selene giggles softly at Jules. "You can lean on my shoulder, if you need to," she offers helpfully, then leads her way out of the game room.

With the crowd starting to thin out, Komnenos can finally move around without fear of being bodyslammed or hipchecked by some random person or another. He watches the pair of enlisted women leave before he slumps down onto the couch with a sigh. There's a long drag of the cigarette, followed by a procession of smoke rings exhaled through pursed lips.

There's a look back towards Komnenos and there's another turn of a card as it sees something is freed up for a moment. A cough, and then, but its short lived as focus is back on the ECO, and there's a tilt of his head. "Where are y' from boy?" that gruff manner not even really toned down for something as simple as solitaire. After all one can pick out a native where-ever one goes. Curse or a boon being from that particular poor ass colony.

Komnenos turns his head towards the major, slightly startled by the out-of-the blue question. "Tarnock, sir," he replies after a moment, his accent a near carbon copy of the older man's. "Little town in Hawthorn, just north of the Tannerman Ocean."

Watching quietly as the room empties, Martin rubs the back of his head and makes a cringing face at Ezra. "Sorry sir, I've got to go get that laundry." He says with a slight wince of pain, moving stiffly towards the door. He couldn't have used that scrambling as a part of the healing process.

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