Mark Cortez
COL Cortez
Laurence Fishburne
Laurence Fishburne as Mark Cortez
Name: Mark Cortez
Alias: Red
Age: 43
Hair & Eyes: Black hair, Brown eyes
Faction: Command
Position: Kharon CO
Colony: Aquaria
Play Times: NPC (as needed)
Timezone: Variable

Biographical Info

After the first war, which orphaned him, Mark spent the first dozen of his years bouncing around between foster homes. The only constant things in his life were his studies and education. Its here that Cortez, his chosen name, focused most of his life. Thanks to a government program, Mark was able to get a four year degree before he decided to enlist in the Navy. He scored high in a few key areas and was slotted in to fly Vipers. The XO spent 15 years in the cockpit, leaving his post as a CAG on board the Battlestar Phobos when offered the position of Executive Officer - a job he feels he was born to. The man wears his Senior Pilot pins with honor.

With the death of Commander Jack Sheridan, Cortez became the new CO.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

He's known as 'Red' for a reason. Despite his darker complexion, the man is known to turn a deep shade of red when he gets his temper riled. Its not often, but when it happens, its a full bluster. However, most of the time Colonel Cortez is a well-spoken man who takes honest pride in his conduction of duty and is openly (and deeply) religious - and is quite careful to keep the two separate. Mark does take his job as the XO very seriously and it might be suggested that he believes in his heart that the Gods destined him to command and lead.

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