Summary: Following the Foxbat-3 group's reunion with their comrades, Komnenos and Thea talk before he gets some much needed rest.
Date: PHD075
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Barracks, Resistance Bunker, Scorpia

It's quiet in the barracks. There really aren't any people in here, save a couple asleep on the bunks at the front. Thea's at the far end, sitting on a bed, staring off into the distance.

With the wounded settled in and cared for, and his own wounds looked over, Thorn is finally out of the sickbay with a firm order for sleep from the doctor. This once, he's not inclined to argue as he slips quietly into the barracks. It's mostly empty, with a couple sleepers, and a figure sitting on one of the bunks. He's about to find a bunk of his own when he recognizes the captain; instead of laying down, then, he goes to her. "Captain," he announces himself quietly. "Have t' say you're a sight for sore eyes."

Legacy looks up, surprised - clearly surprised. She's in tanks and uniform pants, her flight suit folded nearby. Beneath the tanks, visible beneath the straps, is a large white bandage tinged slightly with blood. "Thorn," she says quietly, blinking at him as if he's a bit of a hallucination. "Thorn?" Yep, it's repeated. She rolls to her feet. "What the hells…I…you…" It takes her a minute to pull it together. "Thank the gods. When did you all get in?" Whoops. No one told her.

"I don't know, exactly, I… I spent about every second since we arrived in the sickbay," Thorn replies, a bit of confusion in his tone. Whatever the reaction he expected from her, this wasn't quite it. "You mean nobody told you we—" Well, that seems obvious, now, doesn't it? "We've been hiding out in Paros the last few days. We were stocking up and about t' start looking for the rest of you when the recon party found us." That's when he notices the bandage; his brow crinkles in concern. "What happened t' you? You alright?"

Thea rolls to her feet and heads over to the man, head tilting to the side as she looks him over, up and down, concern in her eyes. It's clear, absolute concern. "Thank the gods," she says softly, smiling for the first time, looking up at his face. "How is Ivory? Poet?" She's steeling herself for the answer. She doesn't address her injury yet - her first concern is Thorn.

"Poet's fine," he says quickly — too quickly. It has the sound of good news being delivered first to ease the blow of the bad. "A few scratches, bumps, bruises is all." His voice becomes hushed. "Ivory… not so much." Even the mention of the Raptor pilot makes him feel uneasy. "We had a few firefights in Paros. Ivory was leading a group t' distract a Cylon patrol while I took a group t' scavenge equipment from the Raptor… he did too good of a job grabbing their attention, it seems."

It's not like Thea had a whole lot of color to begin with. Whatever color she had left fades away at the news. But she holds it together, nodding once, sliding into professional mode. "Who all came back with you all," she asks quietly, moving from Thea to Captain in an easy step.

"Um." Komnenos tries to get his tired brain to work, but it's slow going at this point. "We lost a couple marines in the crash, I think. Nikos, Ozymandias, Pickens, and Dover all survived, as well as Chief Fenix and all three of the officers. Provided Ivory doesn't— " He cuts himself off, realizing what he was about to say and not wanting to even hear it. He scowls as he remembers something else. "We also picked up a straggler. Claims t' be a Viper pilot off the Pegasus, name of Lieutenant Nikolo."

Thea nods slowly at the information, absorbing it, then gestures to the bunk. "Grab a seat before you fall down, Thorn," she says softly. "Were you injured? Are you doing alright?" She sinks down to the edge of her bed. "If Doc has wounded in there, she won't want me in there for a bit."

Komnenos accepts the seat with a nod, and slumps down. He waves silently to the cuts on his face and the bandaged shoulder. "I'm all right, though, really," he says hastily. "I'm up and moving, which is more than can be said for some."

The woman perches for a moment, then moves to settle in next to Thorn, reaching a hand out to place it lightly on his forearm. She says nothing right now, merely watches his face, waiting. The concern is gently palpable.

For his part, Thorn is silent for a moment. He stiffens momentarily at the feel of her touch, but he doesn't move. His face is a mask as he sits. "Speaking of th' Raptor…" his voice is husky as he finally finds a thought to latch on to. "Fenix and I managed t' pull a communication drone out of it. It's still offline, but we were pretty close to finishing repairs when we were picked up. I'm not sure what's causing our com problems, but if the drone will help— " He finally loses momentum and trails off, falling back into silence.

"Hey Thorn," Thea says softly. "It's alright. I promise. The important thing is that you're alive. That you're all alive. The Cylons are jamming us. McTiernan went out tonight with one of the Resistance folks and found out why. We'll have a briefing on it tomorrow, when I get all of the information." She slowly retracts her hand, folding it with the other in her lap. "We can work on the drone here. We pulled our data recorder from where we went down up in the mountains and just got it going here."

Well, there's another mystery solved. Even the satisfaction of that knowledge isn't enough to keep Thorn from flushing; he knows what he must look like. He suddenly stands and begins pacing — well, more like shuffling — around the bunk. "Had everything under control until they started t' bring the frakkin' wounded in," he mutters; it's not clear whether it was meant for Thea's ears or not, but it's legible. "Then I get back here and start looking like a kid whose bloody parents just died."

Thea remains where she is, for the moment, just watching him pace. "I dare say," she says softly. "I dare say that the past few days of stress have been a little much. It's a well documented fact that officers perform incredibly well under pressure, then have difficulty dealing when they're back in safety." Eyes study him as he moves, assessing. "You're allowed to have a few minutes of that. I promise."

"Doesn't make it any easier t' deal with." Thorn mutters bitterly. He paces again for a moment, then stops, leaning against a nearby wall. "Better t' go through it here than out there, though." A hand waves out towards the door before flopping back disgustedly at his side. A dozen self-recriminations rush through his head, but he dismisses them with a sigh. "Can't help but wish it was me on that bed instead of him." He's not specific, but anyone who knows Thorn would realize it's Ivory he's talking about.

The Raptor Captain remains where she is, hands folded in her lap - the only indication that she's struggling with something. "No," she says gently. "It doesn't make it any easier to deal with. But knowing that it's normal…" Her voice trails off as she watches him, studies him. "He needs you on your feet, Thorn. He needs to know that you're ok, that you're safe. That's what he'd want. You and I both know that. Ivory wouldn't want you beating yourself up over a twist of fate."

Well, of course he knows that, but that's not going to change the way Thorn is. "Right," he answers unconvincingly. "I just wish I knew how to deal with it better." And she is right, of course, and Thorn knows that tomorrow he'll wake up, put it behind him somehow and get back to work. That thought seems to help a bit, at least, and he sits back down on a bunk next to Legacy's.

There's a long moment of hesitation when he sits down, then she simply slides an arm around his shoulders, holding him gently - giving him more than enough space to pull away. "We'll get through it together," she says softly, quietly. "All of us. We're the Riders. We're family. But the first step is for you to get some rest. Have you eaten? They have some real venison stew." She keeps her voice low and quiet, for his ears only. "We can talk more about it later, too. Either here or when we get back on board ship."

A sickly smile tugs at Thorn's lips. It's not much, but it's the first time he's been able to work up a smile since arriving at the bunker. "Well, at least this way we know Ivory's going t' get some sleep," he manages. Humor and a smile, that's progress. "I'm not hungry," he answers a second later, "but rest sounds like a good idea." He lays down on his adopted bunk, unzipping his tattered flight suit before rolling over on his side to face Thea. "And thanks," he says softly, looking into her eyes.

Thea rests on the side of his bed for a moment before pushing to her feet, offering him a small smile. "You'll eat in the morning," she says, mothering him gently. "Rest well, Thorn. And if you need anything, I'll either be in my rack or in the medbay checking on people." Watching him for a time, she dips her head a bit. "There are fresh towels and soap in the head if you need them. They have some supplies here, though not many."

"Right." Thorn's all talked out, it seems, as only a monosyllabic reply escapes his lips before he rolls onto his back. The day's exhaustion seems to catch up to him all at once, and he's asleep almost before his eyes can close.

Thea waits for a moment, until he's asleep, before she reaches out to brush his hair back. She allows herself this one brief moment with him before whispering softly, "Sweet dreams." Then, well, then she's off to Sickbay, her own slumber postponed.

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