Cool Hand Leda
Cool Hand Leda
Summary: Leda is visited throughout the day by different people.
Date: July 31st (PHD #103)
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Samantha comes in about 45 minutes after Roubani, the first time she's actually visited since all this went down. She's in her BDUs, right arm still in a sling around her throat though it looks like the bulky brace is off. She might actually be near healed and back to duty. She's smoking, of course, endlessly bumming cigarettes off of whomever is generous enough to give. She says nothing, her eyes strangely cold as she studies him, not even picking up a phone. Just watching.

Castor Leda, the man, the possible traitor, is doing push ups at the time, he is sweaty and he seems to be full of breath, perhaps angry or perhaps from his workout as he huffs and puffs. He contines to work out one moment after another as he finally stands because he has been running sit ups and push ups for 45 minutes in an attempt to wear himself out before he tried to sleep. He then takes a breath as he looks around and there it is, he spots Samantha. He moves to the phone and picks it up hoping and praying to whatever he believes in that Sam will answer.

Samantha watches him take up the phone and she doesn't reach for it yet. She actually finishes her cigarette, which takes a good 2-3 minutes, as he's standing there. She's just studying him, watching in consideration, her lips pressing in a long, cool line, as if she were looking at something she didn't quite understand. Finally, she kills the cigarette's butt beneath the toe of her boot and steps forward, picking up the phone with her free left hand. No words. But she's listening.

Leda speaks into the phone as he says, "Sam, it is so good to see you here." He takes a breath as if to sigh and as if to welcome his best friend, "I've missed you." He then offers a warm smile to the woman even if he had to wait for her to finish her cigarette, "I mean this wasn't where I expected to be but I mean you and I both know I didn't do this." He says as he looks back at Sam, "And truth be told, you and I both know that I'd never do something like this." He says as smiles back at his friend from across the glass.

Samantha rolls her eyes, very quietly, "Then how the hell did it get in your locker? You give someone else your combination? You think one of the brass did it?" Her voice is low and quiet, but the accusation is clear in her tone. She watched it go down. She's been kicked out of her bed for two days now because of this, and she's not happy. She leans there, against the glass, still staring too hard at him, barely even blinking, as if she could see his guilt.

Castor looks at Samantha for a moment as he attempts to process her look before he says, "Wait, you think I did it? You think I'd give someone my combination?" He studies Sam for a moment before he says, "Sam, you are my best friend and I haven't given you my combination." He then takes a second to switch shoulders as he shifts the phone, "And seriously, do you think I'd hurt you? You above all people?" His voice studies Samantha as if to see if this is some sort of unammusing joke because Leda is confused at this moment. He then notices that she thinks he is guilty as he says, "Sam, frak, Sam, I didn't place any bomb in my frakking locker and you have to believe me."

Samantha tilts her head just a bit to the side, sighing as she tucks the phone between her shoulder and ear so her free hand can dig for another cigarette. Apparently, she needs to smoke for this conversation. "So…your telling me that you didn't give anyone your combination… but you didn't put that shit in your locker. You know what? That just doesn't frakking add up. I know you ain't been happy. I know since that girl left you… well…You're torn up. So you decide to get a bit of revenge… but I thought you were frakking BETTER than that." She growls those last words as she pulls out her lighter.

"Whoa, hey, Sam…" He studies his friend for a moment, "You know what, I believed in you when you saw Ajax on Scorpia. I believed in you when he took everything from you but a gun execept for one bullet." He then looks at Samantha, "And you don't believe in me? I accepted you and yet you can't accept me? Me the guy who has always believed in you, me the guy who has always stood beside you, me the guy who has told no one your secrets and yet you want to turn on me?" He takes a breath as he studies Samantha with a bit of confusion over the phone before he says, "I'm your friend Sam, maybe your best friend, and you want to shut me out for believing in you because of something someone else did against me?"

Samantha shakes her head slowly…"Then tell me who the hell got in your locker? How the hell that shit got in there? Because I'm trying to figure it out and it really just doesn't frakking add up. And the Marines must not be able to figure it out either or you wouldn't be held in here still." There is no twitch of gentleness of wavering doubt in her face. She seems to have very possibly made up her mind about this whole deal, returning to holding the phone with her hand now as her cigarette balances between her lips at the corner of her mouth.

"And the Marine XO didn't just turn on Torch? He didn't just kill her her in cold blood?" He says because he knows what is going on aboard the Kharon, "How do you know Drarelle didn't frame me in ways that I didin't know about?" He then says over the phone, "He turned on his fellow pilots and it was a bad scene but you know what he is with something greater than him and I pray whatever it is has mercy on him just as I pray it lifts torch." He then looks back at Sam as he takes in her anger because she is his friend, "And yeah, the evidence is sketchy because whoever framed me knew what they were doing, Sam. I'm not a traitor anymore than you are crazy…we are in this together. Sam, I believed in you and I hope you believe in me." He says in an imploring tone to Samantha.

Samantha shakes her head slowly. "I probably am crazy. It was a hallucination, nothing more. Maybe shit fell out of my bag. You shouldn't believe in things that ain't true, Castor, because that man is dead and there's no way nothing else happened. And that C4 was in -your- locker. You. Of all people. Ain't harmed a fly. Ain't the CO. Ain't a target for any reason I can think except it was your locker. Maybe Drarelle did plant it… but it certainly doesn't fit his method of operations otherwise." She shakes her head to him as he asks her to believe in him, a trace of sadness in her eyes. "i don't know what to believe in at all any more. We ain't got nothing left to believe in but ourselves."

Leda looks at Sam as if she were talking to him like he was crazy, "So, I listened to you when you…" He then takes a moment, "So, there it is then, I trust in you and you don't trust in me?" He frowns, "And you suddenly know the methods of a Drarelle because he didn't just snap and lose his mind?" He then studies Samantha, "Even Captain Marek and Captain Legacy belives in me." He takes a second to look at Samantha over the phone before he closes his eyes and he places it against the glass, "Samantha, I didn't place a bomb in my locker and never to my knowledge would I place a bomb in my locker." He shakes his head against the glass as he says, "I'd never harm a human being."

Samantha sighs and shrugs slightly, doubt still in her eyes. "…I guess we'll see what the investigation says. And…don't believe in me. Really. I ain't worth it." And with that, she moves to hang up the phone again. She shouldn't have ever come.

Castor says over the phone before Samantha hangs up, "I believe in you." Maybe she hears it or maybe not but there it is, Castor watches as she hangs up the phone because he is left alone in this moment he has felt a dagger at his heart because after all she is his best friend and he has been cut down and he doesn't know what to do at this moment in time. He finally looks at the phone that has been hung up and hangs up as he gives the worlds biggest hurt look to Samantha. He then moves to his bunk and pulls the itchy sheet close to him in order to sleep.

Samantha looks back, one last time, possibly going to say something, but she finally doesn't bother. she just walks out all the faster than before, not daring to let him see the doubt she's feeling, even if she is now.

<Later on that Evening>

For the moment the prisoner is resting on top of his bunk, counting holes in the ceiling, and generally thinking about when he will get out of here after all Papabear seemed to think that he would be out of the brig soon. He then looks over to check and see if he is still being watched by the guard on duty, check, the guard is still there. He then goes back to the holes, three thousand, two hundred, and…crap, lost his place, time to start over, one, two, three…

Salazar steps through the hatch, then pauses just inside, and has a quiet word with the duty guard. Salazar is still in her regular duty gear, and she nods to the guard as a soft question is asked. There's a pause, then she passes over a hot mug of coffee to the duty guard, and says something else quietly.

Leda looks over at the hatch as it opens and then he spots the woman who found the G-4 bomb in his locker. He takes a breath and notes the whispering, is this good news, is he getting out of the brig or will it be execution for being a traitor, or is it muffin day and she is telling the guard what flavor of muffin will be served. He simply watches because he isn't sure what will happen next and this is the most excitement he has had all day.

Nikos makes her way past the desk, to pick up a chair, and place it just in front of Castor's cell. The black haired marine takes a seat close to the bars, then tips back in her seat, crosses her legs, and watches the pilot. Maybe she's just bored.

Castor looks from the bed and he is no dummy since she is on his side of the glass which means no phone to speak into. He then asks, "Something I can help you with Seargent?" His tone is curious since he isn't sure what is going on here and he doesn't know Salazar so well. His eyes and face don't resonate with any real emotion other than curiousity.

The silence continues. The Sergeant watches Leda quietly. Her expression is fairly hard to read. Her dark eyes remain on the pilot. Finally, Salazar asks, "Are you smart enough to build a bomb?"

Leda considers how to answer that question because on one hand it is sort of like asking, 'Are you stupid?' but on the other hand it is like saying, 'Do you want to get out of here?' and so after a moment Leda simply answers, "I don't have demolitions training if that is what you are asking, I'm a pilot, setting bombs isn't in my job description." He says as his eyes now watch Nikos, ah, this is an interogation, well, that works.

The MP at the desk by the door remains silent, sipping his coffee. In fact, he doesn't even appear to be listening. He is, of course, he just doesn't appear so.

"I'm sure you realize by now that our job descriptions and the things we know and do don't always line up." She falls silent again, for just a moment. "Have you ever been in the storage unit where the demolitions equipment is stored?"

Leda doesn't take much time in answering this question as he shakes his head, "Sir," he says formally since this is an interogation, "I have not been near the demolitions equipment. I'm sure you can check the logs and my name will never come up on any of those logs for demolitions equipment. "I'm not the sort of person who would knowingly hurt another human let alone pilots." He then takes a breath as he holds himself together, if anything these days the Tinman persona is almost completely destroyed and when he is scared or angry it begins to show, for now, his tones are more of a, 'I didn't do it' variety, steadfast, and strong. However, who knows what really happened - not even Leda knows what really happened.

The questions are fairly general, not hard ones. Salazar's eyes remain locked on the pilot, though the gaze doesn't appear to be particularly intense, just… watchful. "If the charge had gone off, it would have killed the CAG, Case, and probably that red haired one." Poor Willem, falling through the cracks again. "The others would have been lucky to escape with their lives. Including you." She pauses for a moment, then asks, "Do you wear a watch?"

Castor looks at Salazar as she mentions how many people would have died, according to Epi everyone in the berthings would have died and so this isn't new information to him, he does wince a bit because he doesn't want to see any of his friends dead, "No, sir. Most pilots normally do but I'm not a fan of them. I keep up with the time by clocks on the wall or by what time is indicated in my bird when I am flying. I do own a watch in case I am required to use one for a mission but I wasn't wearing one the night that bomb was found." He keeps answering the questions for now without showing much stress but he isn't exactly a fan of this either.

Salazar's crossed arms remain still as the rest of her. Her eyes flick away, briefly, to somewhere in the upper quadrant of the cell. She might be looking at one of the security cameras. Her expression reveals nothing. After he's finished speaking, she asks another question. "Do you have any reason to be suicidal?" Pause. "The short version, please."

Castor shakes his head and says simply as he gives the short version, "No, sir."

"Have you pissed anyone off recently?" Salazar drops another typical question, her eyes returning to the pilot. She regards him with those inscrutable dark eyes. Stare, stare.

Well, now that is a question for the books, he is a model pilot except for the moments where his mouth gets him in trouble. He has pissed some people off minorly but not majorly and so he says, "No, sir. Not to the point of wanting to do me in." He looks over at the guard who isn't 'listening' and then back to Salazar, as her eyes keep boring into him. No, sir, Castor does not enjoy this but if it gets him out he will go through it.

"The Master At Arms may revisit that. You may want to give him a list. Detailed." Salazar stands abruptly, and snags the back of her chair. "Don't call me sir, Lieutenant. I work for a living." She hefts the chair over to its usual spot. "This was just a social call." She finally smiles. "For what it's worth, I don't think you did it." She doesn't offer up a reason why. "Hang in there. Take up knitting or something. Helps pass the time."

Wait, this is over, "Thank you, Seargent." He says as he takes a breath, this isn't a fun thing but it is needed, sort of like the occasional root canal or a spinal tap. He nods his head, "Thank you for your vote of confidence, Seargent." He does pauses to ask a question, "If I may ask, what was the detonation device on the bomb? I mean was it a timer or was there a trigger device?"

"I don't think it would be wise to hand you information about a device you're still suspected up constructing," Salazar replies, as she turns from setting down the chair. "Do you?" There's a nod cast to the guard at the desk, then Salazar looks back to Castor. "Answer every question honestly and thoroughly. Do not embellish. You'll be fine." Probably.

Castor thinks about it and says, "Yeah, probably not." He shakes his head, "Though, there is one thing that bothers me in all of this and that is how it got in my locker since I haven't given my locker combo to anyone and if I can't see it my locker is always locked up." He frowns, "But yeah, I'll answer every question honestly and thoroughly and I don't plan on embellishing since I want to get out of here so I can start flying again."

"One thing at a time, Leda. You have to be interrogated, investigated, then be found innocent, get out before you can get back to your gear, before you can resume your flight status, before you can fly. Horse before the cart." Sal nods to the MP at the desk as she approaches, to have the hatch opened for her. Look how polite these marines are to one another! "Get some sleep. You may need it."

"Aye, Seargent." He then says, "And thank you for the advice." It would seem that Castor is willing to cooperate since he doesn't have anything to hide, well, so far as he knows he doesn't have anything to hide. He then looks back at the non-listening guard as he says, "And good shift to you."

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Salazar replies, instead of saying adieu. And then she's gone. And it's just Castor and his ceiling holes again.

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