Convictions, Civilians, and the Lounge
Convictions, Civilians, and the Lounge
Summary: A typical day in the lounge - sans hooch.
Date: PHD 146
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While other people meander about the lounge Castor sits quietly with a deck of triad cards, it doesn't look like he is playing a game as much as he is going through a series of flashy shuffles. In front of him is a tin cup with some kind of liquid in it - whatever it is it isn't booze. He then takes a moment to stop shuffling as he drops the cards on the table and he takes a sip from his tin cup.

Another person enters the lounge from the corridor, already packing a cup of coffee in one of the mess hall's mugs. Pausing for a moment, Harrison takes a few seconds to look around the interior, then meanders through the tables toward the back. "Looking for a game?" he asks when he's close enough to Castor's table to speak without shouting.

Castor looks over at the new face and he says, "I might be…I was just practicing since I've been doing shows for the kids in Messville." He then turns his head slightly as he says, "Though I don't believe I know you, my name is Jig Castor Leda, callsign Tinman and you are?" He asks curiously as he studies the features of the dark haired man,

"Jig Isaiah Harrison," the other man replies as he gestures at an open seat. "I've been in sickbay ever since everything went to hell, so I guess I can honestly say that I'm more or less new here." A beat. "Except to the nurses, that is."

Leda raises an eyebrow, "You've been here since the initial attack?" He blinks since he was re-assigned to the Kharon right before everything went to hell, "Frak me, they must have done a number on you. Were you….you know…out during all of this?" He asks curiously as he points to a seat near him at the table, "And please Isaiah, join me." He then takes a sip from whatever is in his cup, "And the nurses are cute."

Harrison settles at the table, allowing his cup to lead the way. "I don't really remember much. Whatever it was that they were giving me, it's been lights out and a lot of blurs for a long time. I've got to agree, though, about the nurses."

Castor studies Harrison for a moment before he asks, "Do you know what happened?" He says with a sense of compassion since the exact story of what happened is a bit…heavy for the first time. "I mean do you need me to tell you?" He asks in all seriousness as he folds his elbows onto the table so he can lean in - Leda it would seem is not about to break a fellow JiG.

"I know what happened, yeah," Isaiah replies quietly as he looks down into his mug. "My old man was on Armistice Station and my Mom was on Picon when the toasters attacked. I wasn't hurt, I…" he pauses, then looks up with a frown. "I lost it."

Castor nods slowly and he says, "I'm sorry to hear about your loss." He then says, "Listen, I'm no counselor but if you need someone to listen to you I'm here for you." He then adds, "And there is nothing wrong with getting banged up during wartime, hell, half the wing has been in there at some point." He then takes a sip from his mug and by now it is clear that he is drinking orange juice - an no it doesn't have vodka - damn it.

Harrison spreads his hands slightly, lips twisting into a darkling grin. "Hell, as long as the CAG will put me in a fighter and let me kill some Cylons, that'll be therapy enough. But thanks for the offer."

Leda grins, "So say we all." He then takes a sip of his tea, "A viper jock then. Excellent." He studies Harrison's arms for a moment, "How is your arm? Fighting that is?" He asks curiously, "Mostly because the Marines keep whipping our ass during the dance." This causes him to chuckle, "I suppose they are attempting to keep our giant pilot egos in check."

Harrison raises both of his eyebrows. "Probably not good enough to take on the ground pounders. I saw what they did to Black Cat my first night out — she had a hell of a shiner."

Leda chuckles and shakes his head, "You never know unless you try." He then adds, "And you know you can't let Captain Legacy take all of the punches." He then grins, "Besides, it is a great way to let out some steam." He then picks up the deck again as he begins another series of flashy shuffles and fans.

"True enough. I guess I'll have to do my best, using my face to stop their fists at least once." The fancy card shuffling catches his attention, though, and Harrison watches for a few moments. "Where'd you learn to do that?"

Leda says, "Well, the short version is I was a homeless kid who had to busk with his brother to earn money to live. I learned how to do a lot of sleight of hand trickery." He looks at the cards, "If I wanted to I could have made a living cheating at cards but instead I'm now doing two shows a day for the kids in Messville." He then says, "Though my teacher was a drunk guy that Pollux and I used to hang out with on the streets. Aparently he was once a really good magician but something happened. We'd find him passed out on the streets sometimes so we'd look after him. He taught me his tricks."

Harrison is parked at a table with Castor, watching him make with some fancy flourishes and shuffles with a deck of triad cards. "Hey, as long as it keeps the kiddies entertained, it's a good thing. Who doesn't like a good bit of magic, right?" He hefts his coffee mug into the air at that, offering a light grin. "But maybe I'll avoid playing triad with you, just in case.

A squeaky yawn announces Kitty's arrival, the ECO dressed in her off-duty clothing. If she notices anyone's here she doesn't let on to the fact that she does as she's making a beeline for the coffee maker. Her mug is filled and promptly drank from, this being when she waves to Harrison and Castor.

Castor looks at Harrison and laughs, "Nah, I keep games around here clean. First rule, never cheat when you are playing with people who have sidearms." He then grins, "Though if it is just for fun with no money I'd be tempted to cheat just a little." He then turns and looks at Kitty, "Kitty, have you met Isaiah?" The men are currently sitting at a table while Castor is practicing flashy card moves.

Harrison turns his attention toward Kitty before he clambers to his feet to offer a hand. "Isaiah Harrison."

Kitty shakes her head and then takes Isaiah's hand, smiling as she shakes it. "Kathering Atjai. Nice to meet you." Looking at Castor from around Harrison's side, she smiles and adds, "Just did. So what's up?"

Castor looks at Kitty and then to Harrison, "Not a damn thing, Kitters, not a damn thing." He then grins, "Which means we are alive and that is reason to celebrate." He then adds, "Isaiah is a viper jock." He then looks back at Harrison, "Kity is a ECO and a damn good one." He then says, "There we are all caught up to speed." He then looks at his orange juice, "Kitty, remind me again, why did I make the promise not to drink anymore?"

"That's a promise no one should have to make in times like these," Harrison observes as he returns to his chair.

"I don't know why you did, Castor. Don't think I got the full story of that. Maybe you could have a drink once in a while, hmmm?" Kitty smiles and lifts up her mug, indicating the coffee within it. "All in moderation, yes?" Isaiah's nodded to. "He's right, Leda."

Castor looks at Harrison, "Well, I made it to a friend…and I need to keep it…" Then again tales of Leda's drunkeness are almost legendary, only surpassed by tales of drunkeness of Samantha, "And I think I can have a drink…I'm just not allowed to get drunk." He then looks back Kitty, "I made a promise, Kitty." There is something in his tone which indicates the full story will not be disclosed, "Though, yeah, all things in moderation." He then adds with a grin, "Though I will say not drinking has helped me trade for things. Since I've been able to give up some booze."

Harrison drains the coffee from his mug before he grins. "Sticking to your convictions is admirable. Besides, if you're not drinking, it means more for the rest of us." He's keeping his tone light and airy.

Kitty nods. "I agree. On the convictions at least." She clears her throat and adds quietly, "I doubt that I will be drinking for a very long time." Castor will know why. "So you can promise but still partake once in a while, Castor. Like me and the coffee."

Castor looks at Kitty and Harrison, "Well, convictions aren't as much fun." He then looks at Kitty and he asks curiously, "Hey, Kitty, have you ever talked to Mimi you know…about that thing?" And Kitty will know what Castor means. He then winks, "And I think you staying away from the hooch is a very good idea." He then adds, "Marty on the other hand is cute when he is drunk." And then he says, "And coffee isn't nearly as bad as the hooch."

Harrison takes this moment to look lost, and then extends it to go refill his coffee mug.

Kitty sniffs a bit and then shrugs, not really having much to say about the subject of booze but she has to laugh and even blush a bit for some godsdamned reason. "I haven't spoken to her yet, no. I don't really get to talk to her alone but I'll put in a good word for you….and you, Isaiah. Do you have a woman you'd like me to talk to for you?"

Castor looks at Kitty and blushes slightly since it would appear that he is sweet on someone, a civilian soon to be in the air wing someone. He then looks at Kitty, "Well, if you do let me know since she seems to like you." He then grins, "And Kitty, thank you." He then stops with the fancy shuffles and he then moves to his pocket pulling out a coin. He then begins making the coin appear and disappear with the ease that someone else might breath however the coin keeps reappearing in different places each time. He then looks over at Harrison curious as to what he will say.

"Talk to about what?" Harrison asks as he returns to the table, new coffee smell wafting out of the mug in his hand. "I haven't had a chance to become popular with the ladies." His tone is still light and airy, but his smile brightens a bit. He's amused.

"I really do appreciate this," comes a voice from down the hall, along with the sounds of heavy footsteps. "I mean, I'm sure you're a very busy man. Soldier. I'm sure it's not very exciting, following me around and showing me around the ship, but it's really an honor for me to be - " A large, very bored looking marine enters the room and turns to the girl following behind him, cutting her off. "We're here, ma'am." Estrella tiptoes into the room, looking around with wide eyes. "Oh, my," she breathes, actually quiet for the first moment in ten minutes. The marine rolls his eyes, and steps out to stand outside the door.

Castor turns and looks as another civilian is let into the room. He then gets a twinkle in his eye since he is amused by this and he looks up at the Civilian as he stands, why, Leda is a nice guy, "Excuse me, would you like to join us, Miss?" He says indicating the table full of Air Wing types. He adds with a grin and an introduction, "I'm Lieutenant Junior Grade Castor Leda." Well, there he goes, cheerleader, friend, welcome wagon. He looks at the Marine, "Thank you, feel free to wait in here or outside." He then turns and looks at Kitty, "No but seriously, I need a good word with her." He then looks over at Harrison, "And you need to throw yourself out there, Isaiah."

Kitty shrugs. "We will have to change that," she quips easily to Harrison, smiling ever so sweetly as she does. "Castor, you better start introducing Isaiah to all your lady friends." When Estrella arrives she turns towards the door, a brow arching slightly as she does. "You don't need to sneak in," she calls out to Estrella….but is beaten to the greet-punch by Leda, prompting her to fall quiet, Castor given a shrug.

Harrison just smiles, remaining silent for the moment.

Estrella grins softly and comes farther into the room, beaming at pretty much everything around her. "Hey," she offers quietly with a hand outstretched in Castor's direction. "Thanks for inviting me in, I've been stuck in the mess hall for a few days now. I hate to make someone have to escort me everywhere, but I was going stir crazy! Is this the Lounge?" The more she talks, the more comfortable she gets. Nodding in response to Kitty and the others there, she transfers her weight between her feet in a nervous gesture and points to a chair. "Mind if I sit down?"

"Godsdamnit…" Kitty sighs and begins to rush to the door. "Forgot I got to meet Panda at the gym…" She waves to all, leaving the small group behind as she exits the lounge.

Castor says, "By all means, please, sit." He then adds, "The escort is a needed thing since it is for your security and ours." He then says, "Miss, may I ask your name?" Castor asks curiously, "And you are in good hands here." He then looks at Harrison and he gives a link, "I'll introduce you to all of my lady friends…but one, I've got my heart set on someone." He then looks over at Estrella as he waits for a response in the most patient of ways. He then looks over at Kitty, "Ouch, take care." He then watches as Kitty flies out.

Harrison nods to Estrella as well. "Please take a seat. It's not like we're doing anything but shooting the breeze anyway."

Estrella flops down into the chair, and raises her hands to rake her long red-brown hair out of her face. "I'm Estrella. I'm from the Elpsis, although I guess my marine friend gave that away." She smiles and shrugs, but as she glances in Castor's direction she frowns slightly and leans forward. "You look awfully familiar," she muses. "Where do I know you from?"

Castor looks over at Estrella, "Well, I told you my name but I have been doing magic shows for the kids in Messville." He then motions to the cards in front of him and a coin in his hand that keeps disappearing and reappearing in different places. He then looks over at Harrison, "We are not shooting anything since we need to save ammo." He says the last part with a wink.

Harrison grins outright at that. "True enough." To Estrella, he adds, "Welcome aboard."

"That's right!" Estrella exclaims, leaning back into her chair with a snap of her fingers. "I remember now. I knew your face looked familiar." Thanking Harrison for his welcome, she looks around once more and spots the magazines. "You guys have these here?" she says excitedly, running over to them. "You should put them somewhere special, instead of keeping them out like this. They're probably the last copies of them anywhere - I bet they're going to end up really valuable."

Castor looks at Estrella for a moment and he honestly considers her words before he says, "Well, I suppose we should be a bit more careful with these." He then looks at Harrison, "Should we tell her about the library?" He says it loud enough that Estrella can hear, "And it is nice to know that you were watching the show. I hope it helped." He then says, "We do have a library full of books, movies, and audio."

Harrison spreads his hands slightly. "I'd rather spend time in the library than the mess hall. Did you see the meatloaf last night?" He shakes his head before he turns his attention back to Estrella. "Could be — if there's a collector's market for that sort of thing after we kill off the toasters."

Offduty for a bit but uniform hasn't been removed just yet and Randy makes her way into the lounge, running fingers through her short hair and grumbling under her breath. S/he however may not be in a bad mood…this is the normal mood for Randy as she heads for a snack machine, getting her cheese doodles and moving to soda machine. A grunt though, is the general hello to those who might look in her direction.

Well, that's it. One less survivor from Elpsis, because Estrella is having a heart attack over here. "You…you have a library? A /real/ library?" She sputters for a few more moments before flopping back into the chair again. "Elpsis was a cruise ship," she says weakly. "All we had were exercise videos, scuba lessons, daytime soaps, and porn." She looks at the two men in shock. "Is…is there a librarian? Someone to catalogue it all?" She's too close to a literary orgasm to notice Randy coming in just yet.

Castor studies Estrella and he says, "Whoa…" He then shifts gears to answer the woman's questions, "We do have a library and there are people assigned to it." He then says, "We do have a catalouge since this is the military and we catalouge everything." He then looks at Harrison, "Don't get me started on the meatloaf last night." He then looks back at Randy and he throws up a hand and waves since this he is now on the other side of the bars talking to her. He then addresses Randy as he says, "Are you alright?"

Harrison drains his mug and stands. "Well, I imagine that I should go pretend to do some work or something like that. I'll catch you folks later on."

…Cheese Doodles, Soda snagged and Randy just turns to look to Castor, giving him a quick chin up before she makes her way over, replying in that gender neutral voice of hers, "Sir?" A pause as he peers at Estrella for a few moments then Harrison gets a chin-up as well in greeting as she stands there opening up her bag of snacks, holding it out and offering to Castor. "Help yourself." S/he rarely answers that 'are you alright' question as a general rule.

Castor looks at Randy, "Frak yeah I want one. Thank you." He then moves in and pulls out one cheese doodle, he isn't greedy but he takes what is offered as he looks over at Harrison, "Take care Isaiah." He then looks back at Estrella, "We also have a game room if you want to play some video games or watch a movie." He then looks over at Randy, "No, but seriously, are you alright?"

Gasp and shock, gasp and shock! Breathe in, breathe out. "I'm fine," she manages, sitting up in the chair with newfound reserves of strength. "Can I…can I see it? Am I allowed?" She smiles when she sees Randy and opens her mouth to greet her, but then Castor mentions video games, and it's all over. "Oh, my, gods…" she trails off, mouth going slack. "You. Have video games." She goes silent for a few moments, pausing to gather her thoughts, before she announces firmly, "I've got to find a way to stay on this ship."

Harrison waves as he wanders out.

Randy eyes Castor as he takes the doodles and moves to pull a chair out, turning it around to straddle it backwards, soda set on the table and she rests an arm around the back of the chair, bag of snacks set down beside the soda as well. Those cool ice blue eyes flick over to Estrella, studying her carefully and tilting her head to the side as she looks over to Castor and shrugs a shoulder. "As well as I can be sir…gonna introduce me or…?"

Castor looks Estrella, "Only one way to stay on this ship and that is joining the fleet. Though that is a choice you need to make since we aren't pressing anyone into service." He asks curiously, "Do you have any previous military experience or any skills we can use?" He then looks over at Randy, "I…this is Estrella something formerly of the Elpis, now a Civilian joining us on the Kharon and aparently she also wants to stay here on account of us having books, movies, and games…" He then pauses to think about it, "Then again I want to stay here for the same reason."

"It's nice to meet you," Estrella murmurs to Randy, her eyebrows furrowed in thought. "Well, I actually was a librarian before. And a cook. And a bartender. Well, bar owner. But I can fly, some. My f-father taught me." Her voice catches on the word father, but she fights to keep her face composed. "No personal military experience, though. Just in the family."

Randy mmhms softly, eyebrows raising as s/he continues to study Estrella quietly, listening and nodding a tad. "Well pleasure to meet you miss Estrella." She offers a hand in greeting across the table. "Lance Corporal Cedris." She hmms. "Seems like your department might be getting tasty food and drinks then sir…if she joins up that is."

Leda looks at Estrella and he smiles, "Well, then maybe you should talk to a recruiter about serving here." He then considers and looks at Randy, "The Lance Corporal helps keep pilots like me in line." He then looks over at Randy and winks, "If she joins up I'd kill for both." He then muses, "Though if you want to join the wing as a pilot we could use some of those too. If you haven't flown in combat situations I'd recomend Raptors."

"Hmm," Estrella muses. "What is the food here like, anyway? All I've really seen so far is the military rations. Is there actually a lot of cooking that's done? Or more open packet, mix with water, heat?" She hmm's again to herself, reaching over to accept Randy's handshake. "I've never really thought about it, to be honest."

Randy mmhms and may or may not offer a wink to Estrella. "I just handcuff 'em when they're naughty." Coughing she quickly turns her attention to her cheese doodles and soda, munching and sipping and listening and grimacing at the mention of food before just shrugging.

Leda answers the question, "The food here is not as good as what you are used to eating and why they have you eating rations is beyond me since the mess is clear for you." He then looks at at Randy, "Again, for the record, I was not naughty and I still don't know how that thing got in my locker and everyone else agrees." He then looks at Estrella, "Then again, it is three squares and sometimes we have breakfast for dinner which frankly I'm a huge fan of."

Estrella nods and reaches a hand up absentmindedly to tuck her hair behind her ear. "But there's real meat, and vegetables and everything? Are you growing your own, or do you stop at planets or moons and pick them up?" She laughs and shakes her head after a pause. "Sorry," she says, rolling her eyes at herself. "I'm getting carried away, and probably boring you to death. I was wondering, though…I know that the people from the Elpsis are going to be put on Scorpia. But what's the plan for you, here on the Kharon? The big, end goal plan? Are you looking for something, or just hiding where you can and trying to keep the human race alive?"

Randy just stares at Estrella and then looks over to Castor and then back to Estrella and then back to Castor. Yeah, she's just going to eat her cheese doodles and drink her soda.

Estrella nods slowly. "So, I guess that means it's confidential. It would just help, to know that there's a plan. I think it would help people stay hopeful. On the Elpsis, we thought the Bellerophon and us - that we were it, we were the last of humanity. And it was terrifying. People went crazy, saying we were going to have assigned mating, to keep the species alive." She coughs and looks down at her hands. "There's nothing like the rumor of enforced child bearing to boost morale."

Randy chokes on cheese doodles and soda and has to pat her own chest and then turn away for a few moments, coughing and clearing her throat before offering. "At least people would be getting laid." A tad grumpy, yes. But she coughs again. "I'm sorry ma'am…um, yeah, we're all pretty hopeful here. Kinda like…yeah." Cough cough.

Castor looks at Estrella, "The plan is to protect what is left of humanity because none of us want the metal creeping in." He then looks over at Randy, "Seriously, did you just mention getting laid in front of a guest?" He then shakes his head as he stands, "Miss Estrella, the plan is to do our best to protect humanity. We aren't giving up on anyone. Though as you can see our ship while courageous is also small. So we will do our best for humanity." He then gives a slight bow to Estrella and he looks at Randy, "Look after Miss Estrella please?" It isn't an order as much as it is a suggestion.

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