Summary: Kassia greets Salazar as she exits the Red Berths and Sal re-meets Brixius. Briefly.
Date: PH 107 (04 Aug 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 1, Fore, Hallway
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #107
OOC Time: Tue Aug 04 12:06:49 2009

The hallways of the CEC Kharon are a nondescript battleship grey, functional and plain. Dull white lighting is inset into each archway and runs along the ceiling in recessed holds, illuminating the steel painted interior, and the occasional oxygen scrubber along the walls. Storage crates, in a matching dark grey scheme, are located here and there along these corridors, containing items of use for various nearby departments.

Salazar is just stepping out of the Red Berthing, wearing duty blues, with a folder tucked under her arm. The black haired S2 may have been on business inside. Or perhaps not. She's just doing up the top button of her jacket.

Kassia stretches her lean body from head to toes and smacks her lips together, as she opens her eyes again she spots the unfamilar woman. "Hello." she says going to check over the woman's uniform this must be the new S2.. "Welcome onboard." She adds, with a friendly smile. "I'm Kassia Nevice, Raptor Driver." She offers a hand.

Brixius steps out of the Black squadron berthings, suited up in his flight suit minus helmet. He's checking the gloves and seals, and fiddling with the fasteners and such. He glances up toward Kassia and Salazar, not quite saying anything yet. A real mission tonight…

Salazar doesn't miss a beat as she slides a hand over to take Kassia's offered one. "Salazar Nikos. Security Officer." She's the one responsible for tossing the Red Berthings, no doubt. Since she just came from inside there, and appears no worse for wear, seems the viper jocks are taking it pretty well. "Pleasure. And thank you." Her grip is firm, hand a little rough. She's a marine, and a demo expert. A few months on the surface will do that. Her eyes meet Kassia's, a brown so dark they're almost black.

Kassia takes the hand into her own soft grip, she's not as rought or strong as the marine. "If there's anything you need let me know, I still got a few things us girls can't do without." She says, her eyes meeting the woman's she doesn't flinch back or avoid the contact, letting herself appear relaxed and confident to meet anyones gaze. Once the hand is let go she goes to snag an arm around her ECO drawing him over to Salazar. "This is my ECO, and friend for many years, we trained together." She then lets Brixius introduce himself.

Brix nods at Salazar. "Howdy, Sg… Ensign. A promotion. Way to go." He smiles, and looks over at Kassia. "She was on the surface." Scorpia again. He smiles slightly, but it's kind of a grim smile — the resistance is a hell of a way to know somebody.

The S2's eyes shift from Nevice to Brixius. She tips her head slightly to the man in greeting, and briefly runs her finger along the collar of her jacket to be sure the pins are straight. She ticks one just slightly to the side with a fingertip, and takes the folder from under her arm. "Good to see you under less bloody circumstances." She nods to both pilots. "Good hunting today."

Kassia nods her head over towards the newly minted Ensign. "And you." She says then hmms softly. "Do you know that, Damon in the brig?" She asks, quietly as if unsure she should be speaking of the man so freely.

"I do." There's a succinct nod from the marine. "I'm reviewing his file." She's only been S2 for 3 days, but she's pretty well into the paperwork. The folder under her arm is a fairly slim one. Must not be Damon's case file. She gives no details on the particulars of this review, or what the possible outcomes may be. There's nothing in her tone to suggest it's a taboo topic, however.

Kassia shakes her head slowly. "I'll catch you later about hum Ensign." She says. "I'm kinda curious about him but." She smiles. "I got to run." She adds.

"Good day, both of you," the S2 replies, nodding to each of the raptor riders before she turns to make her way down the corridor. There's a mountain of paperwork waiting.

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