Summary: On day 62, the Grifter Falls people decide to move out and raid a concession stand @ the Amusement Park.
Date: PH062 (29 Aug 2009) - Backscene
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It's about two months back, and supplies - particularly food - at the farmhouse are running low. They've decided to go back to the park area to scavenge. This is before they found the downed marine transport and associated weaponry, so the only guns they have are a shotgun that Ezo could spare, and Jo's pistol. They're trekking through the woods, approaching the park. Of course, without power all of the rides and such are turned off, so everything's eerily quiet.

Ollie is with the group, though she carries an empty back, ready to be stuffed with provisions. She has no weapon, save a crowbar picked up from somewhere or other. You never know when you'll need a crowbar, much like rope.

Andrew has a rucksack, the closest they could find to another empty bag back at the ranch. But he also has the shotgun. He follows his aunt's lead, not having said much of anything since they left the Ezo's place

His own pack empty, Lysander's got only partial what sparing ammo he had left for the oldhunting rifle he brought with him to the farm. Only a matter of time before that thing goes off in his face, or so he's been warned. All the same the priest moves along carefully with the group-nothing really said, but here's hoping for a nice quiet evening. Eyes flicking to those in the group, just barely, before he is keeping his eyes trained on the terrain before him.

Amusement Park, Main Gate
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #62 (Backscened)
OOC Time: Sat Aug 29 21:12:55 2009

The colored coded parking lot of what was deemed one of the happiest places on Scorpia, is now a clotted mess of burnt out hulls of cars. Their charred and blackened forms look as if they were in a rush for the exit during the time of the bombings, and got caught in a litany of strafing fire and secondary bombs. It seems a place where thousands of humans were gathered on Holocaust day was just too prime a target to resist.

The main gate of the park seems as cheerful as ever, though the turnstyles are unmanned and the ticket booths empty. Plant life has started to choke up, and the carefully tended beds are now beginning to grow wild. Past the front fence, the park opens up to deserted shops, disabled rides, and silent food vendors. Beyond, the twisted frames of destroyed rides hang like like the ruined tendrils of intricate spider's silk; the cart of Zeus' Thunder roller coaster dangling from one like a fly caught in the web, the metal creaking tenuously everytime the wind kicks up. Skeletal remains dangle from seat harnesses, one of the gruesome reminders that life was interrupted by the Cylons.

The park becomes visible through the trees as they thin out near the edge of the forest. Jo slows as they approach the clearing, pausing to take stock of the situation. The park looks quiet, deserted. "Anyone see anything in there?" Jo asks quietly.

Andrew shakes his head, not trusting himself to say anything once the smell of the bodies hits him. So he keeps his mouth shut, even as he tries to keep looking for some sort of movement.

No words for the smell, but still the Priest doesn't seem to Blanche. Instead he continues walking on as if he's not even thinking of breaking formation any time soon. There's a slight flick of his eyes back towards Joanna, and then a look down to the rifle in his hands. Its almost as if he was praying to not have to use it-Hell the thing was supposed to be replaced a year ago- but well..Jail time does not give one a chance to do such a thing. So far, no signs of any toaster, and so this is a good sign.

"Not yet." comes Lysander's gravelly voice. Breaking the silence, yes. "Can smell 'em enough.." a tightening of his jaw. "If you like I'll go an take a look before coming back here…" That way if it is a trap the rest of you all can run like the dickens

Joanna does her best to ignore the smell, but her face scrunches up with disgust nonetheless. She shakes her head to Lysander's offer. "We'll go in together. You and I first, Ollie and Andrew follow as soon as we reach the gate." She gives her nephew a brief glance that conveys an unspoken 'be careful'.

Andrew gives his aunt the nod, taking a step back to show he understands he's in the rear.

Lysander nods and the safety is flicked off with the click as his thumb pushes down hard. "Damned frakking old piece of shit.." The priest mutters before he is nodding back to Joanna. Following her lead. Spotter to his sniper rifle. Likewise he'll make sure she doesn't die. "I'll take point." given he has the bigger, albeit more unreliable gun.

"Still would rather have that than nothing," Jo comments wryly, glancing at the rifle. She has her pistol ready but pointed down as they move forward. She lnods to Lysander and falls in a short distance behind him, keeping alert as they move towards the gate. Still nothing seems to be moving anywhere around them.

Andrew slowly moves forward, perhaps a couple of feet every ten seconds, keeping well back of the two on point.

There's a step over a body lain face down in the ground. Charred is as much as what can explain. ONly bits of burnt clothing, and flesh clean to the brunt skeleton. And Lysander's jaw tightens harder. Right -there- A look back towards Jo, before he's making a motion, and moving a few steps forward. Closer, and closer to the gate. So far no signs of life. Metallic or human.

Joanna's expression is intent, focused on the task at hand. Whatever she's feeling about the bodies they pass is locked away somewhere, the only sign of it a slight narrowing of her eyes. Their small group moves further into the park, still seeing no signs of life. Only death. They reach the first concession stand, and after a brief check Jo sends Ollie inside to scavenge what she can. "We'll keep watch. I'll take the north side, Lysander south, Andrew you're on overwatch at that corner there." Watching the main thoroughfare.
Andrew nods again, turning to find his station to watch. He's determinedly ignoring the bodies here, keeping his eye level off the ground. But his grip on the shotgun is tight, a telltale sign.

"Whistle once, if you see something." Nikos adds, before he's nodding back towards Joanna. He'll find him a nice bit of rubble and dead people to hide behind in order to keep a good view on things and remain a little hidden. Though who knows how well that will go. Still there is already a round chambered in, which gives him about three more shots, should something come along.

Joanna stays close to the stand itself, presumably to guard Ollie, taking shelter in the cover of the doorway. They don't have to wait too long for trouble to rear its ugly head. Andrew sees a flash of movement darting between the duck-shaped cars on one of the kiddie rides just up the way. In the brief glimpse the figure appeared to be human, perhaps with something in his hand. It's hard to tell.

"Got something here," Andrew whispers hurriedly, turning the muzzle of the shotgun towards the movement he's seen. He's got the stiffness of someone who has never aimed a gun at a person before, but he seems to be holding steady for now.

Ollie is nothing if not a quick draw on the ransack. She shuffles through items fairly rapidly, ignoring what might be bad, and grabbing up things out of the fridge/freezer. You can bet your sweet ass at least two bags of cotton candy go into the pack as well. When Andrew speaks, she glances over her shoulder, then goes back to rummaging. A few park items might get mixed in. What, haven't you always wanted a big plastic cup with a giant cartoon of Aphrodite on the side?

Being on the south side the is heard by Lysander, even with his back to the group. The barrel hanging down as he waits to see if he catches any movement on his sector. A turn of his head and perhaps he saw something? Naw, couldn't be. Instead the priest simply waits for Ollie to get what they came for- or so it would appear "I didn't catch anything.." Lysander offers with his own hushed voice. Well this could be bad.

Joanna's pistol snaps up when she hears Andrew's whisper, eyes scanning the direction he's looking in. She can't see Andrew's target, who is still crouched down behind the ducky ride, but she does spot the man's partner, who's trying to sneak up along the tents in the same row as the concession stand with a knife in hand. Lysander sees the third amigo, coming up from the rear (Liz's direction), armed with a hunting rifle, settling into a firing position behind an overturned ice cream kiosk. None of them seem to be aware that they've been spotted. Andrew's guy pops his head up over the edge of the ducky ride, pistol clearly visible in his hands as he prepares to fire on the folks he intends to ambush.

And there, right across his line of sight, and so Lysander's rifle is barely rising up. Here's hoping he can bloody take this fool out and quick. However he's not going to give off his position just yet, rather as he hunkers there in bits of the wreckage the old Sniper's finger goes simply to lay on the trigger. ONe breathe in, and out. As he aim's. He'll wait for the muzzle flash of the other idiot- to see if he'll give himself away or if he'll jump from cover first. For it seems the baddy hasn't noticed him just-yet. Second breath. "Target spotted.." barely offered out for Joanna. "Confirmed.." old habits die hard.

Andrew swallows and targets the guy hiding behind the ducky ride. The shotgun is primed and ready to go, but he's not going to waste ammo on an obstructed shot…yet. But he's not stupid enough to make himself an easy target either. And, even though it seems obvious what their intent is, they haven't done anything yet.

Ollie snags up a huge jar of un-popped popcorn and shove it into the pack past. It might crush a few other things, but what the hey. She ties the pack up closed, and swings it up onto her shoulders, reaching down to curl her fingers around her crowbar. And… a pair of Flight of Hermes sunglasses with little wings on the side. Ahem. And then she ducks down behind the counter, and waits for order(s). Run, hide, cover. Her hand tightens on the crow bar and her eyes close for a moment. Breathe, breathe.

Joanna mumbles a curse under her breath as she sees Thug1 pop up with a pistol. Though they haven't done anything yet, their intent seems clear enough to her, and she's not taking any chances. A quick survey deems Thug1 more of an immediate threat, so she shoots at him. To Ollie she says, "Guy coming up from the left with a knife."

Thug2 seems a bit surprised by the sudden gunfire. They thought THEY were doing the ambushing, and just freezes for a moment. Thug3 comes out from the ice cream thingy, hurrying to aid his buddy.

It's his Aunt's firing that sets Andrew off, even though he was waiting for the guy in his sights to fire. He pulls the trigger on the shotgun, keeping it steady. Maybe his expression, that unsure one, is visible briefly. But maybe it isn't.

Ollie hisses a quiet, "Yep." She slides a little closer to the edge of her hidey hole, and hefts her crowbar just in case.

Lysander grins, right there as his target breaks cover. And up he stands "Bingo." The trigger is squeezed, and the loud crack of the rifle can be heard as the ex marine marksman makes his presence known. Here's hoping he still has what it takes to raise down the house. Shot off, he is quickly working the bolt. All mechanics that never leave you.

The guy goes down. Andrew doesn't think about whether he hit him or someone else did. He just turns, scanning the area and looking for the next one. He catches sight of the second thug, and shifts in his stance, now aiming the shotgun at him.

Joanna fires at the thug by the ducky ride, a grimly satisfied expression on her face when she sees the hit. He falls back, blood gushing from his neck. She has just enough time for a worried look towards Andrew, seeing the shot in his direction, before Thug2 is upon the doorway. He's committed now, since if he runs he'll be open to fire from all sides. She can't get her pistol around in time, so falls back to hand to hand.

Thug3 is surprised by Lysander's sudden appearance. He scrambles to a halt in the middle of the row, bringing up his rifle to bear, but Liz has the drop on him.

Ollie scoots over to the left side of the stand, adjusting her grip to the very bottom of the bar, so she can whack a mole without having to lean out very far. Boing, surprise Ollie. Suh-wing battah battah.

"Shit." muttered as the bolt is slid back into position, and there's a quick aim, as he's firing off another round. Lysander is taking another step as the rifle is steadied. Come on son drop down.

As the second thug goes down, Andrew starts to move from his cover. In fact, he's hurrying to his aunt, to see if she's all right. Apparently the concern runs both ways in the family. "Jo…"

Joanna ducks under the knife swing by Thug2 then hits him with a solid punch in the chest. Combined with the hit from Ollie, the man goes down, wind knocked out of him and moaning in pain. "Knock him out," Jo says brusquely to Ollie as she moves to the other side of the stand to help Lysander.

Thug3 is more scared than hurt when the bullet creases across his torso. He yelps, squeezing off a wild shot back, and makes a run for it.

Ollie's swing connects, she feels it, but her eyes are mostly squeezed shut. Her hair falls across her face and then the blonde botanist leans forward to crack him again to be sure, then she ducks back behind the stand's side, but her crowbar gets hooked on the edge. She rattles it a little, then jerks it free back over the side, and takes out a hanging chip rack. Woops. Crinkle.

Andrew makes it over to the stand finally. "Ollie?" he questions, not quite seeing her right away. "You all right?" he calls quietly, having seen his aunt run off to help Lysander and so assuming she's doing just fine.

The fleeing thug takes a bullet in his lower back and crumples, clutching at his guts and moaning. Back in the real world it wouldn't have been so bad, but here in postwar Scorpia… well… let's just say it's good Lysander's a preacher.

Joanna glances back over her shoulder, an expression of relief visible when she sees and hears Andrew. She comes to the other side of the stand just in time to see Liz take down the other thug and asks him, "See any others?"

A soft, "Uh huh," comes from behind the striped wall of the concession stand. Ollie stays down there a moment more, until word from Joanna suggests they may have got them all, since she doesn't see more. The botanist rises. It's the guns. She's not over fond, you see. At least that's the way it plays. Slowly, she peers out, and then glances around. "I'm ok. Are you all ok?"

"Looks like we're all okay," Andrew reports to Ollie. He even offers her a little smile and tries to change the subject. Let's not just talk about fighting with other scavengers for food. "Did you get anything good?" he asks hopefully.

The rifle lowered a little Lysander is moving considerably towards where the goon has dropped. "Slow death." a frown coming to his lips as it seems that will not too. Even if the man might be in too much shock to cry out now, he will later and that will not do. Next round chambered, but he's not going to waste it on that. A pause as he turns looking back to Joanna "Nothing." coast is clear. "Ollie bring me the crowbar, please?" And yes he is slinging it back over his shoulder.

Joanna watches Lysander move up to the fallen goon, nodding quickly to his report. "Good." She doesn't stay to watch what Lys is going to do with the man, turning her attention instead to Andrew. "You're all right?" Yes he just said so, and yes she heard him, but she's asking again. Worried aunt's prerogative. Out of habit, she kicks away the goon's knife, then reconsiders and picks it up.

Ollie is already moving toward Lysander before she thinks about why he wants the crowbar. She nods, and looks over to Andrew, trying not to look at the dying man. "Cotton candy, popcorn kernels, what looks like some kind of jerky, some candy. A lot of chips." She doesn't mention the giant novelty cup or the sunglasses. She hands the crowbar to Lysander.

"I'm fine, Jo," Andrew assures his aunt, spreading his arms as if to show off his lack of wounds.

"Thank you.." Crowbar taken, as Lysander marches over to the fallen. Boot coming as he kicks over the body. A faint groan barely given from the fallen goon, before the Crowbar is slamming down on the man's throat. And not lightly. Rather it just comes down in harsh manners as the man writhes and gasps out for a a few minutes..and then the body stills. Stepping back from the body, Lysander kneels and begins to whisper in the bloodied and dying's ear.

A sharp intake of breath on Ollie's part reveals exactly when she realizes what Lysander means to do, and yes, she averts her eyes. One hand flies to her mouth and she turns her body away.

Joanna is not normally one for open displays of affection, but she's also not normally in the position of watching people shoot at her only family. She goes to give Andrew a quick, relieved hug, ignorant of what's going on out in the 'street'.

"Now what…" Andrew's question is cut off his aunt's sudden hug. "Jo," he adds, embarrassed. "Nothing happed to me, I promise," he assures her once again, trying to pull out of the embrace after bearing it for a whole two seconds. "What are we going to do now?" he asks her, trying to get her back into the moment.

And after last rites are finished, the Priest is coming back over to pass the crowbar back towards Ollie "Thank you again.." Apparently he doesn't bother say that she should wipe it off or anything. Instead he simply just nods once the metal bar is taken from her. "We can either look around or beat ass out of here. Given the gunshots…Others might come looking.." Take it for what it is, but Lysander is waiting on Jo for the next order-so to speak.

Great, Jo's hugging Andrew and Lysander's going all street justice on the thug's windpipe. Ollie picked the right member of the little party to walk over to. She takes a few steps away, physically resisting the urge to cover her ears to block out the soft sounds of the man's futile struggle to use his crushed windpipe. The hell if she's taking that crowbar back. She crosses her arms and no eye contact happens. She heads off toward Jo and Drew instead.

Joanna lets go when Andrew pulls back, the brief moment of fear and worry quelled. Practicality takes over, and she hands Andrew the knife she pilfered from the unconscious goon. "Let's take their weapons and get the hell out of here. I don't want to stick around if anyone else comes looking." Ollie gets a briefly worried glance given the expression on her face, but Jo's back on mission now.

"Right," Andrew confirms her orders with a nod, then turns to head towards the first thug and gather the man's pistol and any ammunition he might have on him.

"Good." and so it seems that Lysander is moving on back for the body, to strip the runner of his rifle, and his ammo. Not much, but its more than her was carrying. Also whatever else he can take from the rest of the man's pockets is looted as well. Could be worse, he could have left the guy there to die slowly- but there is their own to look after.

Ollie's expression is soon to smooth mostly over. She clears her throat, gives her head a toss, and crosses her arms more tightly over her chest. "Ready when you are." There's a bit of a set to her jaw, a little tension, but they could be the gunplay recently over.

Joanna searches the unconscious thug in the stand, finding nothing else of value beyond his knife. She nods when the other two return and says, "Let's go." On guard even moreso than when they came in, the group heads back for the forest.

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