Command Decisions
Command Decisions
Summary: Legacy and Komnenos have a discussion of the recent past and the possible future. Meanwhile, several other pilots find their way to Black berthings… and they've brought their drama with them.
Date: PHD106 (2 August 2009)
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The visitors have all moved out. While it wasn't Twain-level of inconvenience, there had been mutterings here and there. Thea's finally got her own bunk back and is currently making use of it. The curtain's open and she's propped up against the pillows, reading.

Thorn, for his part, is quite happy to see the interlopers out of his quarters; whoever it was from the Viper squadron that was hotbunking in his rack had this annoying habit of making his bed. With proper hospital corners and everything. Muttering to himself, he tosses his uniform top onto his bed before he realizes he's not alone. "Oh. Hey, Cat."

She didn't even really notice he was there. It would seem that the Raptor Captain was having an unguarded moment. When she looks up, there are lines at the corners of her eyes and a slightly haunted look in her eyes. But then the facade slips into place. "Evening Thorn," she says quietly, putting her finger in the book to keep her place.

Thorn is quiet for a moment, standing there as he lights a smoke and flips on his little fan, which quickly prevents a haze from gathering. He turns back around, examining the Captain thoughtfully. It seems there's something on his mind, although it takes a moment for him to speak. "You doing all right, sir?"

"I'm fine," she says with a small smile. "How about you?" Flipping the back cover open, she slides a bookmark out and in between the pages, closing the book. It gets put aside and she turns slightly to face the speaker.

"Been better… been worse." Thorn shrugs as he replies. He leans back against the bunk, but his eyes don't leave her face. Blue-gray eyes scan her features like icy searchlamps. For another long moment, silence endures… but then, with a short intake of breath, he commits himself. "T' be honest, Cat… you don't look fine." And, there it is. "I'm not ignorant, y' know. I do notice things."

Thea's lips quirk slightly at one corner. "I'm just tired Thorn," she says quietly. "Honestly. Torch…" There's a hesitation before she looks up at his face, lifting a shoulder delicately. "She was my best friend. It's just now hitting me that she's gone." Her head tilts slightly toward the chairs. "Want to pull up a seat? What's going on with you?"

Komnenos' eyes narrow ever so slightly, as though he's not sure if she's telling him the whole story. Evidently he doesn't want to push her any further, though, and simply nods. He retrieves a chair and pulls it up next to Thea's bunk, taking a seat. "I'm sorry about Torch," he volunteers quietly. "I never really knew her. Seemed solid, though." He hesitates briefly, offering a moment of silence before continuing. "Nothing new, personally. Paperwork, CAP, the fight…" He shrugs. "It's been pretty quiet since the… well." For some reason, he can't bring himself to say 'murder' or any of the other words that he'd thought of.

The woman seems rather comfortable where she is, curled up on her bunk. Yes, she's living up to her callsign and is curled up like, well, a cat. Her eyes study his face for a time, head tilting slightly. "What's on your mind, Thorn," she asks, voice low and quiet. She's more 'Thea' tonight, rather than the 'Captain.' It's bunks, after all. "You have that look on your face."

Thorn is stopped in his tracks for a moment; intent as he was to show how observant he could be, it seemed to escape him that others could read between the lines as well, and Thea's question catches him a bit off guard. "Ahm… well, right now, several things, actually…" he finally manages to get out. "But, mainly… well, t' be honest, I'm a little concerned." He tilts his head slightly. "Is Torch the only thing bothering you?"

She quirks a brow at him then smiles a touch wryly, though it's a bit of a tired smile. "You mean other than no longer having a man to screw me senseless and keep me happy," she murmurs. "Those two things and the end of the world seem to be about it, for now. Well, if you don't count the four bullet holes I've acquired in the past 4 months. Or the Raptor crash on Scorpia." Her lips twitch a little. The smile is relaxed - no, no devastation there. "What have you heard, Thorn? Spit it out."

There's a slight flush to Thorn's face at Thea's first sentence, and he instinctively crosses his arms. "Well, nothing about that, certainly," he mumbles, still blushing a bit as he speaks. "But… I heard from a little bird that you'd been rather upset lately, and a point was made that things seem t' happen in waves. So… as you imagine, I'm concerned." He pauses, catching his breath and taking a drag. "If there's anything I can do t' help… I mean, any additional work you'd like someone else t' handle…" He spreads his arms, silently volunteering. "I was meaning t' talk t' you about the latter anyhow."

Thea's cheeks color a little and she coughs. "Sorry. It seems to have…come out about that. I was hoping to keep things a little quiet." A shoulder lifts delicately. "As far as extra work, not at the moment. I'm going to be back on the line tomorrow for CAP, and more than happy to do it. But what did you want to talk about?" She shifts slightly, sitting up a bit. Business-time, after all.

For the moment, Thorn chooses to ignore the comment about the man… whoever the lucky bastard happened to be. "As it happens, I had a rather interesting conversation the other day. Not just about your state of affairs…" Thorn trails off, wincing at his poor choice of words, but he rallies quickly, and abruptly arrives at his point. "If it's possible, sir, I'd like t' take on some additional responsibility." He'd been meaning to build up to that, but oh well. "It occurred t' me after Scorpia that I might finally be ready," he clarifies, "and I might not be as bad an officer as I once thought. I just thought I'd discuss the matter with you first before either of us were t' discuss it with the CAG."

A brow arches slightly as she studies him, consideringly. "What kind of responsibilities," she asks quietly, curiously. "Working with Ivory, as he's my second in command?" Clearly she's trying to get a feel for what he's asking/suggesting.

Thorn blinks. He doesn't seem to have expected that question. "Well, I had assumed that would be something you or the CAG would decide," he answers slowly. "But… yes, something like that, I suppose. Ivory and I seem t' work well together, anyway."

She considers that for a moment then nods, once. "Tell me what kinds of duties you'd like to be taking on," the Captain asks quietly. Thea's clearly stepped out. "So I know what to talk with the CAG about when it comes up."

"Well…" Komnenos considers his words before he speaks. "If it doesn't sound too immodest of me, Captain, I found command agrees with me. I don't perhaps understand the command structure of a squadron as well as I should, and I realize you already have a perfectly good second-in-command, but I was thinking of something that would put me in the line. A section command, or something along those lines." He exhales a line of smoke through his nostrils. "Also, I wouldn't be averse t' taking on my current administrative duties on a permanent basis, where it didn't interfere with my flight duties."

Thea mulls that for a time, leaning back against the pillows, simply watching him. "We don't have section heads, as such, in the Raptor squadron," she points out. "That's a Viper quality. But it's certainly something I can discuss with the CAG." She doesn't mention the administrative duties - as yet.

"Ah," is Thorn's simple reply, as his pale face pinches up in slight embarrassment; here he's asking for more responsibility and he doesn't even know his own squadron's command structure. Oops. "That's all I can ask, sir," he responds after a moment.

No quarter is given in Thea's expression. Business. In the bunks. Yep, she's all business at the moment. "Though, I am curious - why d you think you're ready for these new responsibilities all of a sudden," she asks quietly, folding her hands in her lap. "What have you done to warrent this change in status?"

Komnenos considers the question carefully — very carefully — before answering. "Scorpia," he responds simply. "After Ivory went down, I kept our group together until we were able t' meet up with Resistance forces. Then, at the bunker, I presented the communications plan and then carried it out successfully, as you may recall." He speaks matter-of-factly, doing his best to keep a note of arrogance from his voice. "And Captain, if I may, there's nothing sudden about this — it's something I've considered carefully since our return. I may not be the easiest person t' work with, or t' work for, but I don't fold under pressure and I can get the job done." His lips quirk in a not quite smile. "I once considered myself a bad officer, but then I realized I've not exactly given myself a chance t' be a good one."

"And what about your mouth," Thea asks simply and, well, rather directly. "While yes, you did show some potential on Scorpia, I seem to remember a time or two when you did your level best to destroy any good impression anyone might have had of you." Well, she doesn't mince words - though, she never has.

"I realize that, sir. I've also been doing my level best t' control that aspect of my personality. In the short term, at least, I feel as though I've had some success in that regard," Anton replies levelly. He returns her scrutiny with no sign of shrinking. "I think I've experienced enough t' realize that such outbursts don't profit for me, and they reflect poorly on you and the CAG. Frankly, being a malcontent and an iconoclast has lost its novelty."

She nods slowly, clearly somewhat pleased with his answer. And then, finally, a smile breaks across her face. "And what about keeping your room clean, your toys picked up and your bed made," she asks, a touch teasingly, a touch archly. "If you're to be a leader in the squadron, you need to pick your toys up."

Thorn shrugs, his lips quirking in a not-quite-smile as he picks up on the ever-so-slight edge of humor that appears in her tone. "A small price t' pay." He puffs thoughtfully on his smoke, jauntily blowing a pair of smoke rings. "If I can handle the worst Scorpia can hand out, I'm not going t' let an unmade bed be an obstacle for me."

Legacy chuckles softly and nods. "I'll talk things over with the CAG," she tells him quietly. "But I want to see a bit more leadership out of you. Kissy's working with Rebound on some sims. Perhaps you can come up with something for the ECOs?" Is that a hint? A big, broad, written in neon hint that gets tattooed across his forehead, backwards, so he can see it in the mirror? "And I'm looking for ideas of what we can do together with the Red Squadron. We need to bond a bit more, to work together a bit more. And no, bunk sharing doesn't work for that." Her lips quirk at that. "If it did, I'd be well and truly bonded with Case. And Martin."

Komnenos raises a blocky eyebrow at the mention of the sims. "Hells, I could probably rewrite the bloody sims. Or at least write a few new programs; I cut my teeth on the code they used t' program those antiques." He pauses briefly. "Though I'll try not t' get ahead of myself, there," he continues with a half smile. There's a grimace at the mention of Sam and Martin, as if he could have gone without that particular image, but he doesn't answer that particular bit. "I'm not exactly an expert on bonding," Thorn says instead, "but I'll give the matter some thought."

Thea rests her head back. "This is their project," she tells him quietly. "But I'm certain they'd be happy for a bit of help." Yes, there's a tiny bit of warning there. Or maybe it's big sisterly advice. "What would YOU like to do with other squad members," she asks him, curiously. "Red and Black."

"Just saying I'd be willing t' help. I wouldn't think of hijacking Price's project," Thorn replies hastily, perhaps a bit defensively. He doesn't answer her question immediately, smoking thoughtfully as he mulls it over. "Well, we don't do much in th' way of joint training, or so I've noticed," he ventures. "Nor do we have much in the way of air-wing only social events. Hells, I barely know some of the Viper pilots, and I'm sure the reverse is true." Another plume of smoke escapes into the air. "Maybe we should have a game night, or even just a get drunk and socialize night, or something."

"Excellent," Thea says with a smile. It looks as though Thorn just painted himself into a corner. "I'll let the CAG know you're interested in planning something like that, a social event." Yep, the Captain is kind of tricksy that way. "I'm thinking of running another Triad game for the ship in the next few weeks."

Thorn smiles slightly as he realizes he's been had. He simply accepts it, though, with a graceful nod. "Very well. I'll see what I can come up with, then." His smile turns to a grin at the mention of a Triad game. "That was th' sort of thing I was thinking of, actually, but you seem t' have beaten me t' the punch." He tilts his head to the side. "Or perhaps you'd like me t' organize it? I… have some experience with such things from my last posting."

"Let me bring it to the CAG first," she tells him with a little smile. "He wants a list of ideas for things we can do together. I'm thinking of opening a contest to the Riders. Best suggestion gets a bottle of Ambrosia." When you can't beat 'em, give 'em booze. "Someone suggested strip Triad or Truth or Dare."

"Truth or Dare," Thorn repeats. "Playground game," he adds with a practiced patrician sniff, but it's accompanied by a teasing grin. He's quiet for a moment as the wheels turn in his mind. "Paintball," he suggests idly. "We could turn a storage closet or part of the cargo bay into a field, and let both sides have it out." He shrugs. "Pilots love t' shoot shit, and it'd be a training tool at the same time. Some of us could use the target practice, anyway."

"Mmmmm," Thea murmurs, nodding. "Paintball isn't a bad idea, not at all. We can borrow the guns from the Marines. I dare say they've got some." She grins after a moment, tilting her head at him. "You're just afraid you'll get a dare you don't want to do, or get asked questions you don't want to answer."

Thorn raises an eyebrow. "I plead the 23rd Article," he replies with a smirk. "Perhaps so… but that's for me t' know." He trades grins with Thea, looking a bit more comfortable now that the mood seems to have relaxed somewhat once again.

The Captain arches a brow ever so delicately, lips twitching. "Chicken," she murmurs, voice low, quiet.

"Well… actually, I was never able t' come up with good questions," Anton admits. There's a devilish look in his eye all of a sudden. "There's nothing you could ask me, or ask me t' do, that would scare me," he proclaims, with a confident smirk still plastered to his face.

Thea gets a look on her face. It's a look that usually has most people, well, quite scared. She's planning, plotting - maybe. "Mmmmm," she murmurs after a moment, the sound almost like a low purr. Perhaps she's planning to put that to a challenge at some point? "Well, we'll see if a game ever starts up again."

Thorn groans, but it's a good-natured sound. "Well, I think I recognize a challenge when I hear one," he replies. "I'll try not t' disappoint."

Thea's curled up in her bunk, leaning back against the pillows. Thorn is sitting in a chair, smoking a cigarette. "I…am not going to touch that one with a ten foot pole, Thorn," she murmurs, voice quiet, eyes twinkling a little. "About you and disappointing."

Thorn snorts at that, a cagey smile tugging at his lips. He waggles his eyebrows in amusement, taking a long pull off his cigarette and expelling a procession of his trademark smoke rings.

The Red Wing returns to the Black berthing, at least, part of it does. Mudguts steps in through the hatch with a hand lingering on the door as she looks about. She spies the pair easily enough, and there is a moment of consideration in her movement.

Thea glances past Thorn as the hatch opens and smiles warmly at who's there. "Heya, Mudguts," she calls quietly. "Come on in. We don't bite. Especially not now that you all are back in your own berthings."

Komnenos looks up as Thea addresses someone else. He turns his head as he hears the sound of the hatch opening, and offers a small wave to the new arrival. "Hey, Mudguts," he offers simply. "How goes?" A look back at Thea. "Well, most of us don't, at any rate." There's a mischevious glint in Thorn's eyes as he speaks.

"I have faith in our food reserves." Fenris says in that tone of hers as she steps fully inside, "We do appreciate the hopsitality you'd shown us. Thank you."

Thea cocks her head to the side and just looks at Thorn for a moment, lips quirked upward slightly. "One of these days someone's going to call you on that bravado," Thea tells the male ECO. "Come in and grab a seat, Mud. What's up with you this evening?"

"Perhaps… but not today," Thorn replies, a theatrical lilt in his voice. "Besides, like I said… I enjoy a challenge." He slides his chair over a bit, allowing Fenris space to join the group, should she choose.

Fenris notes the opening of space and takes it as an intvitation and continues on into the berth. She glances between the two and says, "At least now I know who to avoid when the food runs out."

The Captain gestures to the empty chairs. "Grab a seat," Thea offers Fenris with a smile. "We'll see how much you're up to the challenge I've already lain out for you," Thea teases Komnenos quietly.

Matto trips over the raised lip of the hatch on his way into berthings. Usually he's a little bit more on the graceful side. But now his face is drawn and pale, as if he'd seen a ghost or potentially lost some quantity of blood. His eyes are blank, refusing to focus on much, and his gait is particularly numb as he approaches his locker.

"So we shall," Komnenos replies, his own voice slightly hushed. There's a certain resolute cast to his features, though; at least one of them doesn't seem to have any doubts. Thea's voice may have been teasing, but Thorn answers her with complete seriousness. The hatch clangs softly once again, and Thorn watches Kissy as he nearly falls on his way in. "Hey, Kiss," the ECO calls softly. "You okay, there?"

:nods with a quiet, "Thank you, captain." and closes a hand around the back of a chair as Legacy and Kom have a little bit of banter for her to puzzle out later. She starts to respond when she hears the sound of a tripping entrance and her attention turns that way, and she starts to approach as she's still on her feet, "Are you alright?"

Fenris nods with a quiet, "Thank you, captain." and closes a hand around the back of a chair as Legacy and Kom have a little bit of banter for her to puzzle out later. She starts to respond when she hears the sound of a tripping entrance and her attention turns that way, and she starts to approach as she's still on her feet, "Are you alright?"

Thea's smile grows when she sees it's Kissy, but then fades when she sees what state he's in. "Kissy," she calls quietly, worried.

The hatch swings open and one of those occasional visitors slips inside. The Ginger kind. It closes behind Wil before he even bothers to look who's partying down in Raptor-town.

Matto opens his locker and starts to get undressed, a usual bedtime type activity. He stares into his open locker and tosses his top into the dirty clothes sack, "Going to bed," he explains, unfastening his pants and shoving out of his boots.

Thorn's sitting in a chair adjacent to Legacy's bunk, while the Raptor captain relaxes in said bunk. As Fenris takes a seat nearby, Thorn casts one last concern-laden glance at Kissy before the hatch clangs open and shut once again. "Hey, Rebound," Komnenos greets the newest arrival. "Rest well, Kiss," he calls out as the other Raptor man gets ready for bed.

Fenris glances at Wil with a quiet, "Hello, rebound." The LT draws up, looking toward Kissy at his explanation for a moment, then she gives a nod as well, "Good night." She steps closer to the entering Viper jock and she says, "I'll need to speak with you at your convienience." but nothing more.

Thea's clearly worried about Kissy, but doesn't push it. "Night Kissy," she calls quietly, then looks to the other two - make that three. "Evening, Rebound. Come to join the party?"

Wil's pausing for a moment as he catches Thorn's greeting. He seemed to be in a hurry but stops long enough to catch the ECO's glance, and gathers a pleasant enough response. "'Lo Thorn. Captain." Since they're close together, Legs and Thorn get a combined look and greeting. He flashes them a quick smile but he's scanning, scanning, Fenris gets one too. He shoots the Lieutenant a sort of stiff look. "Lieutenant," he says, formally. A little coldly, too. He keeps looking, his head turning like the creepy oscillating eye of a Cylon, to repeatedly use an uncomfortable and tasteless metaphor. "Bear. Wait a sec?" He murmurs in Matto's direction. There's an uncharacteristic urgency, maybe a bit of anger(also uncharacteristic) and a certain lack of boundaries(somewhat more characteristic) defining his presence here. "Listen. That was bullshit. Whatever that was about, don't listen to her. I don't know what the frak crawled up her ass and died but it can go back down to Scorpia for all I care."

Matto rolls up his trousers and chucks them toward the back of his locker with an intense force not otherwise found in the Raptorbunny. Whether they make it into the bin, he doesn't seem to care. His head turns and he looks at Willem with a tired stare that turns into something faintly softer when he hears what the guy has to say, "Thanks, dude," he whispers. "I'm just… I need some sleep. Did the Poet—" he begins, some deeper anxiety working its way into his voice, even if he doesn't quite know what he wants to ask.

Hm, the Viper jocks seem to have brought their own drama to the party, Thorn realizes, as he looks from Matto, to Willem, to Fenris. He's curious, but this doesn't seem like the best time to ask. Instead, he simply sits quietly, working thoughtfully on his cigarette with a slightly raised eyebrow.

Fenris nods and steps back from Wil, the message given. She steps back toward Thea as something is worked out between Matto and Willem, something she doesn't know anything about aside from the possibility Poet's involved as well.

Of course Thea doesn't have a damned clue what's going on and no, that does not sit well with the Raptor Captain. She remains wehre she is, though, lifting a shoulder as she looks between Thorn and Fenris. No, she doesn't have a clue, either.

"Since when do I have any answers? I'm just good at defining what I -don't- have answers to." Wil says, a little bit of the fire going out at Matto's reaction and his speech just soundly drops. Again, his head swivels and he gives Fenris a wary glance, not speaking. "Sorry. I'll shut up, now." And he does. With that, he edges away to give Fenris a wide berth to the exit, crossing his arms. Oh hey. Thorn and Legacy get a slightly tense smile indicating whatever he had to say has pretty much been said.

Matto gives Willem a quiet nod of gratitude and climbs up into his bunk in silence and his underclothes, drawing the curtain shut all the way— something else he doesn't do very often, preferring on the whole to sleep with the curtains open. Exhibitionist tendencies and all. Just not tonight.

Thorn isn't exactly sure what's going on, but he knows tension when he sees it, as he once again looks between Fenris and Willem. "Hey, Rebound," he calls to the retreating Viper pilot. "I need t' borrow you too, at some point," Komnenos explains. "Tomorrow's fine. Or whenever you've got a minute, actually."

Fenris settles into the seat initially offered by legacy, leaving the business, momentarily, as none of hers. Instead, she glances between Kom and Thea and quietly, "Is there anything left to drink aboard?"

"Grab something out of my locker, Mud," Thea tells Fenris quietly. "There should be a bottle on the top shelf." Her eyes, though, are on Willem, and no, she doesn't look entirely pleasant about it, either. Something's rubbed the Captain the wrong way.

"If it's important? I can -make- time, Thorn." Wil says now, a bit less awkwardly, regaining his composure as he scratches at his chin, giving one final glance to the retiring Matto. Unfinished business is now finished, apparently. For now, something of his usually more cheery disposition returns. He gives the Captain a little shake of his head as he catches her glance. "Sorry if that came out wrong. It was an expression of loyalty." -Now- he leaves it at that.

"No rush," Komnenos replies to Willem with a slight shake of his head. "I'll be hitting the rack here shortly, anyway. Just a heads up." He gets up to retrieve his ashtray from his bunk; it's glass, which marks it as a personal possession and not one of the mass produced military issue ashtrays found around the ship. He stamps out the cigarette in it and returns to his seat. "I'll catch you about it later."

Fenris nods and rises to her feet to commence her retrieval of same with another, "Thank you, captain." Once duly equipped, she turns and settles back down. The matter with Wil will sort itself out, or won't, at it's own pace.

Thea continues to watch Willem, a brow arched ever so slightly. "Is there anything else, Lieutenant," she asks, tone a touch on the cool side. Oh, yeah. The cat's definitely had her fur rubbed in the wrong direction.

A little twitch of Wil's lips and his forehead wrinkles in frustration. A study in the purest of intentions with less-than-pure reception. "Got it, Thorn." He nods again to the Lieutenant. Legacy's gaze is having the direct effect of enforcing the idea that right now, this is everywhere he doesn't want to be. "Excuse me." With that, he pads back towards the hatch. Mission…accomplished?

Thorn slowly rises, taking his chair back to the table. "I'm going t' retire, myself," he announces quietly as Willem exits. He tosses his boots off and hops up to his top bunk, settling in against his pillows. It doesn't look as though he plans to go to sleep right away, though, as his curtain remains open for the moment. "G'night, Cat, Mudguts."

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