Coming and Going
Coming and Going
Summary: Several Kharon crew converge on a Deck 3 intersection.
Date: PHD126
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Roubani is walking towards the stairwell from the direction of the lounge, tension in his shoulders and gait just a little bit stiff. His hands are in his pockets, making him all the better equipped to weave around any clumps of people moving the other way.

Thorn is doing the same, several steps ahead of Roubani, as he left slightly before the younger man did. A recently lit cigarette dangles from his mouth as he walks, humming a few bars of the Aerelon pyramid team's old song.

Thea comes wandering in, smiling. She's -smiling-. Is the world en…oh, wait. Been there, done that. A silver coin flips through her fingers as she walks. Back and forth, back and forth. "Evening gentlemen," Thea says as she approaches, looking to Thorn first, then back further to Roubani.

Roubani nods to Thea, arcing his path so it'll take him in a path around the two, in assumption Thorn will stop. "Sir. Thorn," gets murmured to the pair.

The sound of Thea's greeting snaps Thorn's attention back to the real world; there's a questioning glance behind him at the use of the plural, but his unspoken question is answered when he sees Roubani walking not far behind him. He does indeed stop, an amused tint in his eye as the social creature that is Poet moves to pass right on by. "Captain." His eyes flick from Thea to Roubani, smiling ever so slightly at the latter. "Poet."

Thea looks as though she's going to reach out for Poet's arm as he goes past, but she checks the movement at the last minute. "How are you two doing this evening," she asks, looking between the pair, head tilted to the side.

Roubani's head is somewhere that isn't this corridor. He barely registers Thorn's smile or Thea's question until he's nearly past them, steps pausing. He clears his throat as he turns back, giving Thorn a return smile that looks slightly forced. "Fine, sir," he answers Thea. "Yourself?"

"Feeling a little better, Captain," Thorn replies with a smile. He looks slightly more relaxed than he has lately, the permanent furrow that seems to have been stapled into his eyebrows in recent days not nearly as evident. Thorn leans back against the wall as he draws off the cigarette. "Yourself?"

The Captain smiles warmly at Thorn, eyeing his cigarette for a long moment, almost wistfully. "I'm doing well, thank you," she says quietly, looking between the two men. Yes, she's concerned about Roubani, but the woman isn't jumping on him to find out.

Roubani is also watching the cigarette. Man. He scratches the side of his neck, glancing back the way he'd come and then returning eyes towards Komnenos and Thea, "Would you have another one of those by chance, Thorn? I'll pay you back later."

Castor comes toward the group, a gym bag slung over his shoulder, he is in his sweats and his hands are already wrapped, yup, it would seem that he is prepped to bring the unholy hell of the ages that causes fear and isolation that begets gnashing of the teeth and lamentations from punching bags everywhere…or not maybe it is just another day in the gym. As he spots everyone he offers, "Captain, Lieutenants."

"Lieutenant," Thorn greets Castor curtly before nodding to Roubani. "'Course, Poet." The pack comes out again, and one of the slender white cancer sticks is handed to the other man. "Don't worry about it," he continues with a small, quirky smile.

The coin flips faster in Thea's fingers. Willpower vs cigarettes. Apparently she makes her saving throw against willpower. "Evening Lieutenant," she calls to Castor, glancing him over for a moment, consideringly. "Don't hurt the bag too badly, Tinleg," she finishes, eyes crinkling at the corners as she smiles. Attention goes back to Poet and Thorn and her head tilts a bit. "Shall we take this smoke to the Lounge rather than the hall, gents?"

Ever seen a man with damn near half a face steaming towards the gym as if he's suddenly decided a punching bag isn't enough so instead the bulkhead needs kicking out of place? Well, Sergeant Volker is concious, mostly coherent and doing just that, so now you have. There's enough anger in his brow to fuel the 'It's not fair's of every teenager that ever existed, which juxtaposes the now permanent smirk on the left side of his face quite well. "Captain. Lieutenants." It's exactly the same thing Castor said, but somehow incredibly different at the same time. He's also not stopping.

"Thank you." Roubani takes the offered death and pulls his own lighter from his pocket, setting it aflame. Eye contact isn't his strong suit this evening, his head turning Castor's way even if eyes stay somewhere that's not a face. "Lieutenant Leda, evening." To Thea he shakes his head. "Just come from there, sir. Lieutenant Hale was talking pyramid." Namedrop. Little warning about what to expect in there, maybe. "On my way upstairs, I think."

Roubani also gives an absent nod to the man passing by. "Sergeant."

"Right, what he said," Thorn replies to the Captain, a slight tilt to his head at the mention of Hale. He's distracted briefly by the passing Marine. "Evenin', Sergeant," he greets the man tersely. Then, his eyes are back on Thea. "Couple things t' do before I hit the rack, but I'm in no hurry," he explains.

Leda looks over at Roubani, "Oh, Pyramid huh?" He rolls his eyes becasuse he never kept up with sports outside of boxing and so yes, this game, this pyramid would be kryptonite to Leda. His eyes fall over to the angry looking marine, well, all marines look angry to Leda at this point and the S2 may or may not eat babies with the fear she causes. He then looks over at Roubani, "Good hunting." He offers to Roubani as he looks over at Thea and Thorn. As he spots the Seargent he says, "Seargent."

Thea dips her head to the Sergeant as he passes, eyes following him for just a moment. But Poet certainly knows how to draw her attention back. Flip, flip, flip. "Hmmm," she murmurs, then grins at her two companions, head cocking to the side. "New plan then, perhaps? Black Berthings for some tea and a smoke?" Oddly enough, the mention of Hale doesn't seem like it bothers her.

Judging by the fact he's carrying no equipment, Barnabas is aiming for a new record on the time gap between 'leaving the recovery ward' and 'being back in the recovery ward.' The anger is entirely unbecoming of a Ma-oh who are we kidding it's like he came out of a cookie-cutter. Half waves and nods are the responses given as he goes. Gym-ward ho! There's probably not one in there, but we can hope.

Roubani glances back towards the lounge for a second, then scratches the tip of his nose. To Thea: "Maybe I'll be by shortly. I should change." He's still got duty jacket on and signs that this is recently post-shift, dust and various spatters on his clothes.

Castor looks over at Thea for a moment, "Don't worry, Captain, I won't break the bag." He teases, "I'll try but I won't break it." He then looks over at the Marine, "Heading to the gym, Sarge?"

"If you like, Captain, I'll join you shortly," Thorn replies after a moment. He puffs thoughtfully on his cigarette. "I… have a stop or two t' make, first," he explains.

Thea looks between the two men and wrinkles her nose, laughing quietly. "Alright, alright," she says quietly, holding up a hand. "I'll be upstairs for a little while before bed. If I see you gentlemen, I'll see you." She sketches a little salute, waves to Castor, then turns for the steps.

"Damn right." Barnabas is a pretty simple guy. Gym is punching. Punching is good depending on situation. Air-wing person going to gym? Guy is alright. It's like a binary switch of like/dislike with the Sergeant right now. Of course, anything seen today probably shouldn't be taken as his usually personality considering he just broke out…. Was released from the medbay. He draws to a stop at the entryway to the room in question, taking a moment or two to stretch out his neck (with a few audible clicks as a bonus.) "You break the bag, You get a prize." See? He's a nice guy, really. Even despite the slight tinge in his voice that seems to quietly say 'If you don't break it you are a little girl.'

"Alright, sir," Roubani murmurs to Thea. His eyes flicker back towards the lounge, then he starts for the steps himself. Thorn is nearby, having also stopped to speak with Thea. Barnabas is on his way towards the gym, with Castor talking to him.

Matto jumps out of the lounge in an infrequently seen act of energy. Escape is had! Finally! A few paces out, he notices that the corridor is crowded. "Oh, hey," he tells… everyone…

Komnenos gives Legacy a half-wave, half-salute in return that would have earned him at least twenty pushups from any OCS instructor worth his salt. It isn't OCS, though, and Thea simply heads up the stairs without comment. He follows a few moments later, pausing only to turn and wave a greeting to Kissy before clanking his way up the stairs.

Castor says, "Take it easy, Captain." He then looks over at the Marine, "Well, then." He says with a smile, "Maybe you would like to spar?" Yes, that was most likely an invitation to whip Leda's ass but he is training to beat Marines come the next dance. He then looks over at Matto enters, "Kissy!" He then looks to Roubani, "Right, I'm on my way to the gym take care, eltees." He then begins to prepare himself for the ass whipping he is about to get.

Roubani lets Thorn go past, pausing to fiddle with a button or something that's distracting him. He gives Castor an absent nod of seeya.

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