Cold Showers
Cold Showers
Summary: Tensions Rise, Hanky Panky, and a certain puppy dog pilot growls at the nice Priest
Date: PHD 33
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No one is quite up or around in the bunks right now save for Samantha Passi and Fenris… and those two look…well… They're standing outside of Martin's bunk. Fenris is holding ties in her hands, and there are a few others still tied to the rail inside the bunk. Samantha is wearing nothing but her sports bra and panties and she's flexing her wrists and feet like she's getting ready for something. "Yeah… suspect he did it after he woke up…"

Castor is coming back from a night of not flying due to administrative work and so he steps into the berthings a cheap cigar sets in his mouth, however, as he steps into the room to see what he sees the man stops and says in thick Aquarian tones, "Well, this warrants a moments consideration…." his tone is dry.

Ever assertive, apparantly Fen really likes being in control. The deadpan Lt. nods as Case gets the blood pumping again. A few beats pass, then, "Remember what I told you." she says quietly before turning to her laundry bag and the book atop it.

Samantha lofts a brow towards Fenris, "You've told me many things, Mud…" She calls after the woman, and then looks over to Castor. She could be embarrassed, try to explain… or she could just give him some sweet dreams. She smiles innocently and heads over to her locker, "Sorry. We were just cleaning up." She leaves him with, trying to hide the devil in her smile.

All Leda can muster is a simple but pleasantly confused, "Huh?"

Fenris, for her part, just looks over her shoulder with a, "Good evening." as Castor makes himself known and Sam makes their excuses. Likewise, she's shameless, then, "An excercise in control."

Samantha bites her lower lip, really trying not to burst out laughing now. "I…do think I've learned my lesson, I'll say." Sam manages to keep her voice from trembling with chuckles as she somberly slips into her sweat pants.

Castor says sardonically, "And this is in a lesson of who controlling who, sir?" He still hasn't moved out of the doorway, then again, he hasn't moved at all.

"That would be telling." Fenris replies blandly, picking up her book and shouldering the laundry bag. With a glance back over her shoulders, "Are you going to be alright, now?"

Samantha laughs a moment, finally busting out, a touch of moisture in her eyes…"Sorry, sorry, Castor…couldn't resist. Frakking Martin…played a bit of a joke on me…Fen was just getting me free. But… yeah. that was interesting timing. I'm fine, dollface…thank you for the help."

Castor finally moves into the room and shuts the door as he says, "Well, there goes all my hopes and dreams…look at them shattered like cheap glass." He then takes another drag from his cheap cigar before he looks over at the pair, "Just you know don't break the boy in your next meeting. I'd frakin' hate to see him broken." His tones are jokey.

"You're welcome, Case." Fenris answers, then to Castor as he closes the door, "I'm certain there are plenty of girls who are into that, if those urges are bothering you." Fen's tone is the same as ever, most of her variance is in volume.

Samantha shakes her head to Castor, "Oh, I won't break him. At least not physically. We need every pilot we can get." Sam states flatly, a touch of ruefulness in her husky voice as she finally pulls out her tanks and tugs them on over her head, clothed again, all the blood flowing back to her hands and feet.

Castor grins, "Maybe someday Eltee, I'm pretty vanilla." He takes a moment to sit at the table. "And, you know, nothing against the regs, sir." He then takes a moment, "However, sirs, just give me warning before you get your revenge so I can take pictures."

Fenris nods, "If I do revenge." she says softly, then starts to drift toward the hatch. "Vanilla is still a flavor." the Lt. observes his way with a little shrug, then, "Oh, Case?"

Samantha tilts her head, looking over in Fenris' direction, "Yeah, dollface?" Sam inquires casually, shutting her locker with her hip and now climbing up to sit on the edge of her own bunk. Apparently, she's not wanted for duty quite yet…

Castor looks at Fenris, "Vanilla is a flavor, indeed." He says to himself as he takes a moment to grin before taking another puff of his cigar. He turns to listen to what Fenris wants from Sam.

"Can you be in the sim room tomorrow at Fifteen hundred? I'm going to be tinkering and Martin suggested I speak with you." Fenris says over her shoulder to Case. A book of philosophy, one from her personal stash most likely, in one hand, and her laundry bag slung over the other shoulder. With Castor's affirmation, she simply nods.

Sadly, all the fun is over now. Everyone's dressed, the rope is put away, and probably the only lingering affects are in Castor's brain. Either way, Sam's sitting in her bunk, in the process of lighting a cigarette as she looks down over the other two pilots in the room. "Sure, I should be able to do that, doll… might as well do something to keep my brain busy." She then looks back to Castor, "but a slightly boring one. You should try chili spice sometime."

There's a quiet knock on the door and the hatch opens, revealing an in-uniform Thea. Her hair's down, though - so she's likely off-duty.

Castor looks up at the door and says, "Enter at your own risk." He then looks over at the two women, "Duly noted sirs, I'll keep that in mind the next time I get to getting it on."

"Interesting choice." Fen replies, then turns back toward the door as it opens. She straightens, about halfway to arranging things to throw a salute, before she realizes that Thea's off duty, "Good evening, Captain." she offers, instead.

Samantha tilts her head towards the door and smiles…"Legs! Come in. We were just playing nice." Sam states, almost innocently, though that smile on her face is so chesire that she's clearly been up to something. Or at least eaten a canary or two.

Thea looks from Sam to Castor to Fenris then back again, eyes narrowing slightly. "I was checking to see if any of mine were in here, but I have the sneaking suspicion, Case, that if they were, you'd have eaten them. Tinleg, I don't want to even -think- about you getting it on with anything other than a Viper."

Castor looks over at Thea and says, "Cap, all the action I get comes from a Viper. I'm a pilot, oh-rah!" He then takes a puff of his cigar and says softly, "No, but seriously, there is no action for me, sir." He then pauses, "Seriously."

"I'm certain the deck crew would be more than a little disturbed if he was getting it on with a Viper." Fenris replies dryly. in all likelihood, the scene would warrant brain bleach all around, but, hey. A man's got needs, right?

Samantha lofts a brow…"With a viper might be hard… but -in- a viper…" Sam looks like she's getting -ideas-, still grinning, and yes, there are faint marks around her wrists from seemingly having been tied somewhere…if one looks closely, that is. "And in a viper wouldn't be vanilla, Castor. You'd at least make chocolate by then." She then looks to Thea and grins…"and I don't eat Raptor pilots, Legs…they give me heartburn."

Thea points a finger at Castor. "Keep it out of the console. If I even HEAR of you touching one of the birds inappropriately, I will castrate you using nothing more than a soldering iron and a pair of tweezers." She seems…serious? Kinda. Maybe. "Mud, how're you doing? Case…" Thea just stops dead and the words come tumbling out before she can stop them. "We know, Case. You only eat Viper pilots. Quite a bit, from what we've all heard." Then the grin goes ear to ear.

Castor looks at Thea for a moment and he says againa little sadly but comically, "Seriously." He then winces as he hears the zinger given to Samantha and he lets out an audible, "Ouch."

"I'm fine, Captain, thank you. How are you?" Fenris returns to Legs on her inquiry, leaving the other musings unspoken upon. She does look between the women for a moment, uncertain if this is 'banter' or 'prelude to war'.

Samantha chokes on her own laughter, sudden tears in her eyes…"Ahh, just one Viper pilot, Legs, but I know you're jealous so you can fantasize me with as MANY of them as you like. Gotta keep warm at night somehow, eh?" Sam banters right back, grinning wickedly.

Thea snorts delicately. "MARINES are the renewable resource, Case. Not Vipers. You break him, you bought him, and Marek will have your ass for wasting a perfectly good foreskin." Meow. Apparently Thea brought the six pack of rats tonight. She grins over at Fenris and dips her head. "Doing well, keeping out of trouble. No serious blood loss this week."

Castor takes a puff of his cigar content not to be the Captain's target. He does however blow a series of smoke rings as he listens.

Fenris's brow arches, continuing to look between them, then, "Maintaining pressure is a good sign, Captain." What else does she say at this point?

Samantha coughs a bit, grinning widely…"Alright then. And I sadly suspect I already bought him, broken or not." She admits with a wiry, but in love smile. Yes, she really does love the man.

Legacy just groans quietly. "Well frak," she mutters. "Another one bites the dust. Mud, Tinleg, if he looks at another woman, please hit him. Otherwise she's going to kill him, then Marek's going to be even more pissed." She moves to lean against the table, relaxing. "So, what have I missed?"

Castor takes the cigar out of his mouth and rubs his jaw he will be in need of a long cold shower, as he hears the term Tinleg he snaps up to attention and says, "But, sir…" he pauses again and says quietly but comically, "Seriously?"

Fenris adjusts the sit of the laundry bag on her shoulder, looking one last time between the two women, then, "Yes, sir." is afforded Legacy.

Samantha smirks deeply at Legacy at the woman's words, shaking her head, "I can take care of myself and… martin and I got it worked out. Don't worry. Anyone gonna be hitting him, it'll be me. I can handle it." She states flatly before looking back to the other two…"But… you see anything hit-worthy, you don't sit on it, capiche?" She states, only half joking…

The hatch opens, as it does hundreds of times a day, and in walks Fingers. The fairer of the Jigs Black wanders in with a duffle over her shoulder, unwrapping her hands from reusable black sparring wraps. Her hair is pulled up into a tail, and a few sweaty ringlets have formed at the base of her hairline. Her cheeks are slightly flushed from the recent workout, and there's probably a marine somewhere on the boat walking with a limp.

Thea's leaning against the table, arms crossed over her chest. She points at Samantha. "No hit," she says in that firm tone of voice. "Got that, Case? No hit." Of course, it's also the same tone of voice someone would use with a finger-biting cat. "In the ring, gloves only. Otherwise you'll have my foot so far up your ass you'll be tasting shoe leather. Then you'll have Marek's foot so far down your throat you'll be shitting shoelaces." Well. Someone has a bit of a take on domestic violence.

You know when a day gets worse, it comes in frakking bucket loads. Right now the gods are smiling down and laughing as unbeknowst to what the hell is going on inside the door space right behind the rather flushed looking Pilot. Of course the timing of this arrival couldn't even be any more perfect as the Padre himself sports a little bit of a flush. But he's been drinking- just a little. Not enough for slurring but enough for him to have a flush. Ajax looks through his one eye at those assembled. And there is a cant of his head. Words fly and there is a pause. "I come at a bad time?"

Legacy, "Right, sir, cold showers for us all sir, all regular like."
Castor raises his eyebrow, "We are all well fraked and far from home." He says as he slumps a bit, "Only two people on this boat getting any regular fraking and I'm not either one of those people." He looks up at the Padre, "Yeah, you did." He says, though he notices the drunk Padre and his normal tone towards religious types changes. In fact he goes from being slightly sad to suddenly amused, "Well, this is something a drunken Priest. I thought you folk couldn't drink seeing as how it might lead to your Lords getting angry at you or some such." He then looks back at Legacy, "Right, sir, cold showers for us all sir, all regular like."

Samantha's expression, for the first time this evening, actually goes slightly serious…"Captain… I ain't gonna do anything like that, seriously. All jokin' aside. I love that man and wouldn't raise a proper hand against him for the worlds." Sam seems to have realized that she's tweaked some sort of button and the joking all falls away almost immediately. She doesn't say anything to the new entrant, though Jupiter gets a bit of a nod and the Chaplain a long look. She's been avoiding that man most of his career on the ship.

"There's a game of footies that one doesn't recover from anytime soon." Fenris notes before turning to the incoming padre. She bows her head respectfully, "Good evening." Castor's remark warrants a quick glance over her shoulder, before she doubletakes at the incoming Jig. She spares Case a long look in turn, letting her laundry bag slide down to the floor.

Ajax blinks for a moment, but it could be well and hard considered a wink. "I had a note for Ensign Roubani…" and then he is looking at himself, hand running to his face before looking to one of the others sharing the door space "Do I look drunk?" and he's doing a feel check of his cheeks "I am pretty sure I am not drunk, my son. It'll take more than Libations in the service to get me there.." He has a schedule to run, No need on getting drunk, but wine does heat the face up nice. A glance over Samantha and Legacy. Yes he is clueless as to what has transpired, and is slowly edging from the door. "Is everything, alright?" Ah yes, let the Padre stick his nose in it.

Jupiter stops. She stops before she quite gets to her bunk, and she shoots a look over at Samantha and Legacy. She slides her duffle off of her shoulder, and then resumes the few steps to take her to her bunk, more specifically the nearby locker. It's opened, the bag's shoved in, followed by the towel, and she kicks the whole mess closed. Perhaps a little harder than necessary.

Ever heard a cat growl right before it leaps onto unsuspecting prey then plays it to death? That's just about the sound Black Cat makes in the back of her throat. Of course it's very difficult to tell whether she's about to leap on Castor or Samantha. Saved by the Chaplain! She glances over at Ajax and Jupiter, nodding to both. "Padre, Fingers," she says quietly, then pauses. Given the other three already in the room, it's a good guess where her mind goes. One can just about hear her mind slamming into the cabinet doors as it tries to get traction on the kitchen floor. "Ahhhh, yes, everything's fine, Sir. We were just having a conversation about the mating habits of Viperus Regularus and what does and does not constitute appropriate mating behavior."

Castor says, "Well, I'd say drinking while condition two has been set on ship is a violation of the regs…unless of couse Dionysus some how gives you a loophole." It is a known fact that Castor never goes to Chapel services and he isn't a fan of the Lords in general, why would he, his entire family died before the attacks and it hs left him with a chip on his shoulder, "Unless of course Dionysus doesn't which would put you in violation of the regs." His tone isn't mean, it carries a matter of fact quality to it.

Samantha just stares at the Captain, half wondering what she said wrong this time. She really has the pissing people off gene these days. She reaches over, ashing her cigarette to the side and taking another puff to let everything cool off for a moment. She finally chuckles…"I been matin' for many years and I think I got the basics down, Captain…so don't worry." She leaves it there, hopefully, falling quiet to watch the Chaplain and the question of regs while boozing. Sam's stone sober and not because she enjoys it!

"Belay that." Fenris says calmly, without looking Castor's way. There's a beat of silence and Fen turns to look the berthing over, maybe wondering about the potential for someone to get the frakkin frak frakked out of them.
"Frak, someone plug all the stupidity leaks," Jupiter says, with rough move, pulling the rubberband from her hair to free it from the tail.

Well that is what he was going for, Cat, after all your soul and all is on the Chaplain's mind. All of you. Specially the elusive Samantha Case. Still there's a look as the piece of paper that is pulled from his jacket is taken over to Roubani's bunk before he is looking over to Castor. A raise of his brow for a moment. "Something on your mind, Lieutenant? Because, I think I have been doing this for a while now, and know where my duties lie within regulation." a bit of a bark in the Padre's throat, but then he used to be a marine, and it can show. Sometimes. You should hear him preach with the civilians, in order to be heard he's been known to call.

"Libations fall under the rites of Service, and its not boozing. All gods are given, and what little is allowed is mixed with water. Even under condition two status." a twitch of his jaw. "Anything else you want to note, Lieutenant?"

Legacy turns her attention to Castor and studies him for a very long moment. "Stand down, Tinman," she says in a very, very low voice. The teasing is gone. Replaced by a red-headed officer's order. It's not a request. "Padre, Roubani's not here, but I suspect I know where he is. Let's go take a look for him, hmm?" She dips her head to the others, though her gaze lingers a bit longer on Fenris, as if passing a message to the other woman. "Tinleg, I believe you've got a shower to get. Padre, we were just discussing whether or not the guy Case is making squeal like a piggy…well, not in mixed company. Mudguts has delicate ears."

Castor looks over at Fenris and then over to Jupiter and then finally over to Legacy saying nothing. Normally Castor is all smiles and sunshine, he is the ships puppydog after all however at this moment he just stares at Ajax, his look isn't angry but it isn't welcoming. He acknowledges Fenris and Legacy, "Aye sir, I'll be taking my cold shower as soon as possible." His voice is that of an officer acceptaing a command.

Samantha grins a moment, wider again, that canary eating cat look back in her eyes…"Trust me, Mudguts ain't the delicate one here. Ask Tinman what he walked in on…" Sam chuckles again, stretching out on her side in her bunk, possibly going to lay down for some proper rest soon. "But Martin's sister is here AND a priest and I doubt either of them wanna hear any more about this so… Lips will remain zipped. Tongue tied. All innocence over here." She winks teasingly, rolling onto her back as she stifles a yawn.

"I knew getting drunk and puking on Aphrodite's altar was gonna bite me in the ass one day. Vengeful bitch." Jupiter mutters something else mure quietly, under her breath, before she turns to cross the berthing without looking, almost taking out the priest on her way. Sidestep, ex-marine!

Fenris watches Castor bristle for a moment, then turns and makes her way back to her locker. Laundry won't be happening just yet…. and her arm's getting tired.

Thea gently hipchecks the Padre out of Fingers' way. Apparently some things are sacred, and the Padre, right now, is one of them. "You might help Tinleg with that shower, Case," Thea comments quietly. "Tinleg, get some rest. I'm going to track you down tomorrow or the next day for some sim time. Padre, let's blow this pop stand. I think the Ensign's hiding in the laundry room. I suspect he's been wanting to check out the spin cycle and see what the fuss is about." Exeunt Raptor.

Castor is not Eddie or Jupiter, he isn't the smart mouthed pilot, he is the puppydog, however, his face clearly indicate he has much more to say to the Padre but he simply nods to Legacy, "Aye sir, shower. I don't need any help, lest it leads to more breaking of the regs." He says with his Aquarian accent. "I'll get some rest, sir, and I'll find you tomorrow for SIM time." He then breaks his eye contact and looks down at his cigar.

You could call his mother a Frakking whore, or insult the Padre about his eye or a number of things, but come at him for doing his job and performing his calling and one is likely to find the Chaplain will growl and bark all the same. The hip catches him offguard and he moves, as it seems the situation is diffused for a moment as Jupiter goes by without taking out the Padre it seems. A slight nod and his hand moves through his hair before he is moving towards the door behind the Raptor Captain. Stopping, for a moment as he turns and looks back into the room.

"Remember we have Chapel, in the morning after the Dog watch right before breakfast, and again after dinner. with last call right before lights..Or if you like we have midday service with the Civilians tomorrow." a pause as he is coughing and heading out behind Thea, only to peek his head back in. "Gods keep you all-wrap it up." Yes, the Padre did just say something about safe frakking.

Castor takes a long drag from his cheap cigar as he stands up slowly. He doesn't say anything and he doesn't look like he is in a pleasant mood. There is something in about the way that he moves that is different from his normal self.

Matto pokes his head in, red-cheeked, sweaty and shirtless. "Marty in here?"

Fenris glances around as it seems that the situation has drawn itself back from the depths. Maybe she'll get some laundry in, after all. She does, however look to Castor a moment, then back to her belongings. "Are you going to be alright?" she wonders of him before she turns her attention to Matto, "He was in the head the last I noticed him."
Matto's dark green eyes land on Fenris, and he gives a nod before his attention turns to Castor, his brow furrowing, and he steps inside. "Hey, guy. What's wrong?" he wonders, his attention having been diverted to Castor's distress by Fenris' question.

Castor looks at Fenris, "I'll be alright eltee, though I don't cater to the Lords or their mouthpieces, especially priests that get to drink when I can't. Though I guess that is what a bit of religion gets you, the ability to sidestep regs." His tone is becoming calmer and his movements are becoming more normal as the priest is now farther away from the berthings. He looks at Matto, "I just hate Priests is all, Kissy. Priests make promises about things that don't come true. Empty promises about how everything will be okay and it isn't." Yeah, something happened to him long ago, something with someone religious. "I'm not saying there isn't the possibilty for the Lords but their mouthpieces are either inaccurate or they are liars."

Mudguts nods with a quiet, "Fair enough." she shoulders her bag again, then looks back toward the other stick, "A man's faith and disposition of his soul are his responsibility alone. People believe, or they won't." There is a beat, then, "That said, I believe I understand your reasonings. They don't excuse a fight breaking out. I'm trusting you to keep it together, because we all depend on each other to get by. Do you understand?"

Castor looks at Fenris, "Aye sir, I'll treat him in a more civil manner and I'll do my best to keep my tempter down." He then takes a moment to get his towel.

Matto gives a bright, almost jovial grin in reply to Castor's condemnation of the clergy, reaching out a hand to pat him on the arm. "Tell me about it," he offers with that grin. "But yeah, like Muddy says, you can't let it get to you. Nobody's forcing you to go to chapel or even say hello to the guy if you don't want to."

Fenris nods with a simple, "Thank you." She doesn't spare matto's remarks another breath since, well, he hadn't, in her estimation, gotten antagonistic with the priest. Instead, "How have you been, Kisseus?"

Castor remains silent but gives a nod in acknowledgement as he gets more tolietries together for his cold shower. He doest turn to see how Kissy has been.

"Oh, y'know, well enough," Kissy replies, "We just had Topless Dance Stomp Insurrection down in the Lounge," he grins, pulling his arm briefly around Castor for a supportive half-hug before letting him go off to do the grooming thing. He's still shirtless, and seems comfortable as such; despite being decidedly less fit than the rest of the pilots, he's entirely okay with his body, pudge and all. "I was expecting Marty to show up after mess but he never came by."

Castor raises an eyebrow, "Wait, you had a wha?"
"Thanks, Muddy," Kissy grins warmly, before he looks back to Castor. "You know the game, right? Dance Stomp Insurrection? The video game? We played that. Topless."

Fenris vanishes into the Head. Hopefully not to meet the same fate as Martin.

Castor takes a moment to listen to all of this before he says to no one inparticular, "What is it with people taking their tops off tonight?" His tone is slightly confused but amused as well. He then looks at Martin, "Right, topless video games, you could sell tickets to that and make a fortune."

"It's much more fun topless. Unless you're a woman. That just looks… painful," Kissy winces slightly. "I mean, that can't possibly feel good. But it's a sight to see, I'll tell you that."
Castor responds, "See, that sight to see is why you would sell tickets." He then offers jokingly, "Then again command might not that, you know, to much action, hearts a flutter, and all."

"Oh, it's all in good fun," Kissy replies. "No groping, not… too much leering. Lots of offers of water bottles to help people cool down after a round," he laughs.

Castor takes a moment to think and says, "Hey do you think you could host one of these for the next talent show? With shirts on."

Matto leans back against a bunk, "What fun is that?" he wonders. "I mean, if people want to watch other people play video games, they can go to the lounge any night of the week."

Castor grins, "Well we could make it a competition or you could practice up and hit all perfects." He adds, "You'd gain a rep and show your skills."

Matto pffts. "Yeah, like I could do that. I'm not that great at the game, you know? It's just something fun to go do."

Castor shrugs as he throws a towel around his neck, "I'm just saying, it could be something for the show." He then adds, "Do you have any talents you could show off for the next show?" His tone is hopeful as he asks, ah, there we go, back to puppydog again.

"Sure, I could do something or other," Kissy waves a hand. "I'm teaching Poetryslam how to juggle, maybe we could do pins back and forth. Knock a cigarette out of someone's mouth or something equally thrilling."
Fenris emerges from the Head and shrugs, "He must have slipped out, somehow." she explains to the boys.

Castor gives a beaming grin, "Kissy that would be fantastic if you could both do that." He then looks back at Fenris, "Clever one he is, sir."

"I'm not promising," Kissy notes, lifting his hands. "I haven't even taught him how to use a second ball, yet. So don't be all 'Kissy said you'd…' to him when you see him, 'kay?" He looks to Muddy, then, "Do you have a bathroom window?"

Fenris says, "I hope not. It's pretty cold outside." fenris replies dryly, contiuing back to her laundry bag and her

"I hope not. It's pretty cold outside." fenris replies dryly, contiuing back to her laundry bag and her book. Since they're on the topic, "What about tumbling?"

Castor looks at Fenris, "For the talent show? Yeah, I'd love that. We could use a tumbler, I mean Petty Officer Nine did this thing where she made a repair in a latex straight jacket using her feet." He takes a moment to remember that before saying, "That was a sight to see, I still don't know why she has a latex straight jacket." He considers this for a moment before saying, "No, but really, why?"

"Don't look at me, I might be able to turn a somersault on a good day," Kissy notes, looking to Muddy with a smile, "Are you a secret gymnast?"

"There were a few clubs on Aegia that catered to that sort of thing." Fenris comments without a blink, picking up her laundry bag and book, "I don't make any secret of it."
Castor slaps his hands together, "Seriously…" forgetting where he is for a moment he adds, "That is fraking awesome. I mean, a good tumbling act could get a few smiles." He then realizes where he is and adds, "Sir."
"Gymnastics clubs?" Kissy wonders, thinking that a strange way to refer to a gym or a studio, features openly puzzled by the turn of phrase.

"Noted. I'll practice a little more fervently." Fenris replies with a little nod of her head. Then, to Kissy's questions, "Clubs where a latex straightjacket may have been the dress code."

Legacy steps in and pauses at the door, blinking. "Oh, gods. What have I walked into -now-," she asks the three present. "I just had to talk to our poor Padre about bondage and he knew more about it than I did!" Oh, yes. RED Raptor captain.

Matto's brain takes a detour through a gymnastics training club for fashion-impaired lunatics before it gets to— "Oh!"

Castor adds, "Well then, it looks like next show I've got a juggling act and a tumbling act." He then notices his cigar has gone out and so he cuts the burnt bit to save the cigar for later. He takes the towel from around his neck and looks at Legacy slightly amused at this news, "Well, this is a night full of suprises."

"Latex straightjackets, captain." is the answer Legacy gets from Fenris, stonefaced as ever, "And possible acts in the next talent show. Whever it would be." She looks to Matto as he seems to be catching the drift and she nods, "Oh."

Thea just looks among the three of them, head shaking very slowly. "Frakking replaces booze when we're at condition 2," she says, more to herself than to anyone else. "I…I'm…" Speechless? Blushing? "They should just forget about hot water and leave it all cold."

Matto doesn't seem all that embarrassed by the revelation on Mutguts' part, but he lifts a pair of fingers, "Objection? I'd like a hot shower. And there should be plenty of hot water left if everyone's taking cold today."

Castor says jokingly, "It has to be cold, we are all stuck on a ship where no one will be getting any action of any kind. So cold showers all the way around. Especially seeing as how some of us have been without for a long, long time." He then looks over at Matto, "You sir, must be a man with a steel resolve to want a hot shower in the midst of all of this non-debauchery." He then takes a moment to let off a chuckle, apparently the puppy dog amused himself.

"It would save power." A hand tucks her book in the crook of her other elbow and extends toward legacy's head, "Perhaps you should sit, sir, you seem a bit flushed." Fen's eyes turn to Matto as he voices his objection, then, to Castor as he elaborates on the state of Operation: Save the Species.
Thea settles into a chair and she just shakes her head. "Four years, tinleg. One time in four years. I've got you beat, most likely."

Matto doesn't really know what's going on as to the state of debauchery or no, but— it doesn't much matter to him one way or the other, after all. "I like a hot shower. Makes you feel clean. And it's not like the engines don't produce enough heat to heat all of our water at zero energy cost just running the cooling valves past the tanks."
Castor says to Thea, "Seven years." He does look back at Matto, "I'm teasing Kissy hot showers are a good thing, though with all the regs, no one will be getting any action any time soon." His eyes drift over to a certain bunk before he says, "Well, almost no one." He then grins, "As for me, I'd settle for a bath. A nice long soak with a bottle of Aquarian rum. I can't understand why showers are popular. On Aquaria the only way to bathe is in a bath."

If it's going to be -that- kind of contest, "Fourteen years, five months, twelve days." Fenris intones as she plucks her book out of her laundry-bag arm. To Castor, she replies, "Showers are faster, most of us come from busy cities."

"Detachable showerheads," Thea says, again, without thinking. Whoops. Cue blush. "Alright, Tin. You and Mud win. We're pilots. We're -supposed- to be drinking and frakking. What do we do? We play cards."

Castor looks at Fenris and gives a suprised, "Huh?" He looks at Thea, "Seriously, I signed up for the hope of drinking, frakking, and flying. Well, two out of three ain't bad." He then considers before saying, "If we had the space we could start a bowling league." He takes a moment to look back at Thea and responds, "Ah, curse women and their feminine…" he stops dead in his tracks before he changes direction and says, "On second thought if there is a sign of something bigger than us it has to be women." He adds after having forgotten where he was for the second time tonight, "Sir."

Matto is somewhat lost, still, but he's been lost before, and Poppy's always made sure he gets found again. Maybe he's just tired from jumping around like a monkey on pixie sticks lined with crack. In any case he has nothing in particular to add, at this juncture, but a yawn.

It seems a part of the Red Wing standard operating kit includes whips for the ladies and shovels for the males. Mud's eyes are unwavering as Castor's sudden bout of digging comes to am abrupt end, though, she offers, "I'm sure as things go on there will be more of us impersonating rabbits in all the hidden nooks of the ship." as though nothing was wrong. Then, of legacy, she asks, perhaps her attempt to lighten the mood, "Is that what I've been doing wrong?"

Thea looks at Castor first, then Fenris, and finally Matto. With a very soft sound of pain at the back of her throat, she drops her head onto her folded arms on the table. "I'm locked in a flying tin can with several hundred sexually repressed people," she mutters, voice muffled. "And the TWO people who make rabbits look like chaste religious."

The Captain's show of despair finally breaks it for Kissy, who obviously missed -something- this evening while otherwise occupied, since her outburst makes little to no sense whatsoever to him. "Cat?" he asks her, brows quirking upward. "What's the problem?"

Castor takes a moment to look at Fenris and says responds to Thea saying, "I'm not sexually repressed..distressed maybe…but not repressed." However the chaste religious rabbits cause Castor to set his eyes on the bunks of a certain two pilots known for their rabbitness, "Yeah." He says sligihtly jealously before he turns back to look at
Matto and then back to Thea and he shuts his mouth to listen.

Fenris nods, then, "There's always someone who's repressed." she offers, then, "I should be getting this done, while there's still machines unclaimed. Good evening, boys, Captain."

Legacy looks up, finally, laughing. "Nothing's wrong, Kiss," she hastens to reassure the poor Raptor. "I promise. It's…it's just been a long night and I think I have to get to bed. Trying to explain bondage games to a Padre who already knows the concept…" That just sets her off laughing harder and she rolls to her feet. "Night, before I embarass myself further." And then, then she flees.

Matto just shakes his head, giving a soft laugh, "You people are crazy," he laughs at the lot of them. "You'll have to have your own straitjackets, soon, latex or no."

"I've heard that, before." Fen comments softly, then, "It doesn't need to be a cold shower, things seem to have cooled on their own." With that said, she begins to finally make her way out.

Castor looks at Matto, "If you can scrounge up any bunny stickers let me know." The Aquarian leaves to go get his shower.

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