Coffee Tea Or Beer
Coffee, Tea or Beer
Summary: Legacy and Castor talk about coping mechanisms which ends in laughter.
Date: PHD014
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It's a quiet morning in the Lounge. People have started coming out of their lethargy, slightly, so there's a bit more activity on the ship - which means people aren't crouching in one place for long. Well, except one woman. Captain Thea Legacy, in her off-duty sweats, is curled up on one of the sofas, a leg tucked beneath her, while she peruses some files, a cup of coffee steaming next to her on the arm of said sofa, balanced slightly precariously.

Castor walks into the lounge fresh off of vampire shift and he is now offically done for the day, well, unless there is an emegency of some kind. His hair is still a bit wet from the shower he just took and he is in his offduty clothes. He walks over to get a beer which he rubs on the back of his neck. Spotting Legacy he says, "Morning, sir." He then begins to walk toward Thea.

Thea looks up, blinking for a moment, a little owlishly. She studies the man for a long moment, as if trying to place him, then dips her head and offers a polite smile. "Good morning," she says, voice low and quiet. The woman looks tired, rather tired, truth be told, but what command officer doesn't?

Castor offers, "Names Leda, sir. Castor Leda, Viper Jock. I'm a Lieutenant Jr Grade." He then notices the tiredness and asks, "Getting ready for CAP, sir?" He the pops open his beer and takes a long slow tired sip. "I just came off of vampire shift. Everything was quiet, just the stars and us."

There's a brief flash of something in her eyes - shame, perhaps? But it's quickly hidden beneath that officer-ly demeanor they're so good at learning in school. "No, no CAP for me, Lieutenant," she says, voice low and quiet, still. "Captain Althea Legacy, Raptors. Black Cat. Care to have a seat?" She gestures to those around.

Castor nods and takes the seat. "Sir, may I ask a personal question about life on ship?" His tone is calm, respectful, and slightly curious. He takes a small sip of his beer and then he adjusts his weight now that he is seated as he leans back.

The folder gets closed, carefully, and Thea leans back in her seat, picking up the cup of coffee with both hands, cradling it. "Of course, Lieutenant," she says quietly. There's a hint of guardedness in her eyes, but there's also a somewhat approachable warmth.

Castor asks, "Is there anything I should know about life here, sir? It just feels different from the Orpheus. There is this strong sense of energy, like very chaotic energy." He pauses for a moment to reflect, "I mean, everything on duty goes by the books but it just feels so different is all." He then leans further back in his seat, "You know what…I'm sorry, sir, nevermind. The world is ending and I'm worried about everyone else on this ship." He then gives a small soft laugh.

Black Cat studies him for a time, then offers a small, wry little smile. "It's alright, Lieutenant," she says, voice soft and quiet. "You're right, it -is- different here. I noticed it myself when I came aboard a little over two months ago. It wasn't as pronounced then as it is now." She takes another sip of her coffee. "Life here moves at a pretty quick pace. There's usually something going on, something behind the scenes, bubbling up. It can be as simple as a boxing match or doing laundry, or as complex as, well, the world ending."

Castor studies two crewman eating breakfast in the lounge they are laughing about something. Castor's eyes fall on the two people. "You know, that is the thing its always bubbling up. Like last night I was invited to finger paint with another pilot. Fingerpainting. I mean it was oddly enjoyable but who finger paints on a ship like this or early last night laundry and the sheer energy in the room was almost overwhelming." He takes another sip from his beer. "Like look at these two, laughing, carrying on…" he indicates the breakfast eaters again, "Maybe, this is a good thing. Maybe it means that we aren't giving up just because the Colonies have been hit." He takes another sip of beer and smiles at the thought.

There's that shadow in her eyes again, but she nods, and offers a somewhat fainter smile. "People are dealing, coping, in their own way," she continues quietly. "Some are choosing laughter, choosing not to think about it. Others are choosing to drink or frak their cares away, to forget. Others have turned to the gods." A pause and her head tilts a little, eyes crinkling at the corners. "Or fingerpainting. Let me guess, two raptors - Matto and Poppy?"

Castor smiles, "Yes sir, Matto and Poppy." He adds, "Those two are like big kids." He then asks, "Me, I'm a drinker sir. Never before duty and never during but after…well, it's how I get by." He then pauses, "If it isn't to much to ask sir, how do you get through it all, sir?" His tone is still professional. He seems to be fully aware that he is speaking to a superior officer.

She can't help but laugh quietly at that last, shaking her head. "One day at a time, Lieutenant. I focus on work, I focus on my pilots and the example I need to set for them. It's a very delicate balance." Another sip goes down. "I…fear for the drinkers, though. But people do what they need to."

Castor looks at the beer in his hand, "Well, It works for me, sir. Then again I come from a long line of Aquarian fishers. They are all powered by rum, sir." He pauses and corrects himself, "They were powered by rum." He then takes a sip and attempts to change the tone to something lighter, "Are Poppy and Matto always so energetic, sir? They seem like good people."

Thea's lips twitch just a little. "Caprican pilot living on Gemenon for quite some time," she says, releasing a little information about herself - though not much. At the mention of her two pilots, the smile grows a bit more. "They are, believe it or not. I've often said we can power the raptors with just those two. They're good folk, excellent pilots. I'm lucky to have them in the wing."

Castor says wryly, "I believe it. Poppy beat me so frakin' severly at Monopoly that I might owe her a few cubits for real. I'm not entirely sure." He then lets off a small laugh. "Sorry if it seems I don't know everyone. I just mustered in two days before the attack, I was reassigned from the Battlestar Orpheus and well, I don't really know anyone here. So, I'm still getting used to new faces. It is a good challenge and it's kept me on my toes. Are there any other of your pilots I should look out for."

Legacy waves a hand delicately, chuckling. "No, no, don't worry about it," she says, seeming to relax a little now that things aren't quite so difficult to discuss. "There are quite a few pilots on the Viper side of the wing. Mudguts is an exceptional pilot. Yuuri's very good as well. Spider, your Captain, is, of course, one of the best. I've flown with him for years. I've got Jason and Kassia in Raptors as well, you might want to introduce yourself to them. Trip is…well. He lives up to his name."

Castor ask curiously, "Is Trip his name or his callsign?" He considers this for a moment before saying teasingly, "Because I'd hate to come in on a landing with a pilot with the callsign of Trip." he then gives a big goofy grin saying, "Then again my callsign is Tinman."

Legacy looks a touch amused and shakes her head. "Triple is his callsign. Russell A. Kale, the Third. Son of Admiral Russel A. Kale, the second. And I have to ask - how did you earn that name?"

Castor takes another sip of beer, "It came out of my time in Flight School. I worried about the other pilots, especially the ones who were struggling. So, I spent a lot of time out of class teaching them what to do. My instructors said I needed to act like I had no heart. Like that story the Witch of Oz." He gives a goofy grin, "Not so exciting really."

Her eyes crinkle again at the corners and she just shakes her head, laughing quietly. "Well, it could be worse. Rebound got his for bouncing his plane off the deck a few times and, well, bouncing himself off a few ladies."

Castor lets out a loud laugh, "There was this one guy on the Orpheus who had the call sign, "Shotdown" because every woman he hit on would shoot him down." He then adds, "Or Slo-J. This guy would get a drink or two in him and he would have a sudden loss of judgement. I once had to drag him back to his bunk because he had started to take his clothes off thinking the Commander wanted to.." he uses finger quotes, "meet" he ends the quotes, "him."

Legacy chokes and laughs, dipping her head as she unwinds just a little more. "I've seen quite a few who were rather…well, yes." She's actually smiling as she takes a sip of her drink. But then she catches sight of the time and sighs quietly. "Frak," she murmurs. "I hate to cut this short, Lieutenant, but I have a meeting I need to get to and get ready for." Pushing to her feet, she winces, just a little, as if something's tender, and gathers her files. "If there's anything you need, my door's always open as is Captain Marek's. While we foster friendly rivalries between Raptors and Vipers, we don't hold with the traditional biases."

Castor stands because an officer has stood. "Thank you, sir. I'm not one for biases either. Have a good day, sir." He then pauses, "And sir, take it easy on your feet."

Legacy dips her head, once, in acknowledgement of the man's words then starts for the door. She's limping just a bit, favoring her left side, but she's also clearly trying to look like she's not. Gotta love officers.

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