Summary: Sen and Castor play the 'get to know you' game.
Date: PHD 141 (9/7/09)
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Mess Hall

Next to Hangar Bay One, this is probably the largest room on the ship in terms of available square footage. Its expanse has to feed the entire crew of the Kharon three times a day and still be able to offer snacks to those who need something between meals. The kitchen is almost constantly in operation to produce the next meal while huge coffee urns operate near the end of the room, fresh mugs ready to fulfill the needs of the masses.
The typically gray walls of the ship are broken up in here with a neutral shade of gull white that might be an attempt to shift atmosphere of the ship. Long tables span rows that go back through the room with a few circular tables at the rear which offer a more private setting. The serving counter is near the Fore end of the room, the long counter passing by numerous serving platters.

The Mess is cut in half, on one side there is Messville and on the other side there is the other half of the mess. A few coughs and the light sound of what might be a fiddle can be heard coming from Messville. On the other side Castor Leda sits quietly watching a group of civilians. There is a cup of coffee in his hand but he doesn't seem to be drinking from it, in fact, there is no heat or steam coming from it. It would seem Castor is just watching the Civilians as they come and go under escort.

"People watching, Lieutenant?" Comes Sen's voice from behind Castor. The ChEng is standing there with her own tray, a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee balanced on its surface. "They are people, afterall. Not an attraction in the zoo. May I?" She asks of the empty seat next to him.

Leda takes a second to break off as he looks over at Sen, he might be one of the few people on this ship who has no hangover from Willem's bachelor party, however, he has a ton of stories to share from it. As he comes back to reality he says, "Oh, no Captain, I'm just…remembering how lucky I am that I am here on this ship." He looks at the civilians again, "Some of these people have had it rough, rougher than anyone should have it." He then turns away to look over at the ChEng breaking his eye contact, "Though there are children with them." His eyes briefly flicker over to a brother and a sister peaking at the Viper pilot from behind a tear in a curtain, "Like those two over there…" He nods at the eyes of the children with his head, "I mean it is good to see kids on the ship and they are safe here but…what is their future going to be like?"

A smile touches her lips as she looks over at the peeking children, perhaps not much older then her own that she left on Picon. Sen sinks down in a chair gracefully, sliding her tray on the table in front of her. "It's going to be the best we can provide for them, considering the situation. And some are young enough that perhaps they won't remember any other life then this one. Those are the lucky ones. We have to finish those repairs soon. Get these people moved back someplace where they have a modicum more of privacy."

Castor looks at the kids peaking at him and he offers a small smile. He then reaches into his side pocket and he produces a small Viper Model and Raptor Model and he stands and moves to the curtain offer the toys in his hand, for sake of theatrics he turns around holding the two models in his hand which is cupped behind him as he turns and looks at Sen, "Yeah, Cap, I know." He then says, "It is the children I worry about the most." As two hands reach out and take the models he then says, "Whoa, my hand suddenly lost what it was holding….how did that happen?" He says in loud but teasing tones which causes two sets of giggles to come out from the other side of the curtain. Leda walks back to Sen and he says, "I mean…don't let anyone in on this but I remember what it was like to be a kid and to lose your home and to have your world turned upside down." He shakes his head, "Frak, Pollux and I lived on the streets after our parents died." He then says, "These children shouldn't suffer, not like this."

Sen picks up her spoon and bends over her oatmeal, stirring it a bit before she lifts the utensil for a bite. She never stops paying polite attention to Castor, however, absorbing all his words like a sponge. "Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of better options. Soon they'll join the others in the fortified bunker down on Scorpia. Better then up here where we're looking for trouble." Spoken like a true officer. "You were an orphan?"

Leda goes back to his cold coffee, aparently he has been sitting here a while, very sobe and yet not completely here as he watches the children go from time to time, "Yeah, I lost my parents when I was about twelve." He then says, "I barely remember them now. Funny, isn't? I mean I try to picture their faces and they don't come to me." He shrugs softly, "My twin brother and I were forced on to the streets and we lived their for years until this cop named Palmer found us." He then says, "and then it was off to change the lives of two teenage boys…I guess it worked since I am here now." He then looks down at his cold coffee as if realizing suddenly it is no longer warm and how much time has passed. "And I still think we should get the survivors into a fleet and get out of here so we can find a better place for these kids. Than some bunker." He then pauses as he remembers who he is talking to, "But that is my personal opinion, Captain, and in no way would I countermand an order from a superior in this regard."

Sen quirks a little bit of a grin around her spoon as he tacks on that disclaimer to the end. She's careful to finish her bite before she talks again. It's amazing how different her manners are up here as opposed to down in the trenches of engineering, where she's known to turn a wrench with one hand and eat a sandwich with the other. "What became of your twin?" She asks, wrapped up in his tale.

This causes Leda to turn a bit more inward before he says, "He was a flight instructor at the Athena Military College - aka Old Lady Maria. I took my time in my regular college life before officer and flight training. Pollux was always more driven than I was, I joined the fleet because he did." He then reaches to his hip for a flask that isn't there before he says, "I watched him die in a landing accident, it was a mechanical failure." He says, "See," he says darkly, "there was this prophecy about the two of us, one would live and the other would die. The one that lived would be some big hero and the one that died would be well, dead." He then shakes his head, he is still deailing with survivors guilt years later, "So, my brother died." He says this time with a bit of a sigh as he is speaking about old wounds.

Sen reaches out to delicately touch a hand to his shoulder in the noninvasive way of a stranger. She doesn't really know Castor that well, so she's not taking any liberties with a subordinate officer. "It's always hard to lose a loved one, I can't imagine the chasm left when it's your mirrored self." Fingers squeeze slightly before falling back to her coffee. "We're all heroes now." She says quietly, before taking a sip of the black tar liquid.

Leda turns to look at Sen only when touched which snaps him out of his past, "Well, I'm coming to terms with it, but it is going to be a long road." He then says, "He was my identical twin brother you know." He then says, "And yeah, we are all heros, of the biggest variety." He looks over at the two children who are peaking at him again and he pulls himself together for their behalf, "Sorry, Captain, didn't mean to get all dark on you there." He then looks at his cold coffee and takes a sip since back in the days before the fall people would pay big money for cold coffee.

Sen wraps both hands around her mug, warming her palms on the ceramic surface. "It's quite alright, Lieutenant. These are dark times with only little glimmers of light here and there. Speaking of which, I hear you have a squad mate who's getting married." The Captain tries to gently steer the conversation to more pleasant pursuits.

Ooooh distractions, the work on dogs, children, and aparently JiGs, "Yeah, there was a massive bachelor party last night. I caught the tail end of it." He then says, "I won't go into the details but I'm fairly sure nearly a hundred regs were broken, minor ones of course." He then says, "And yeah Fallout and Rebound are getting married." He then chuckles, "Who knows what the future has in store…Rabbit said you were sending your best wishes to the pair."

Sen drops her gaze a bit at the mention of Rabbit, and there might even be the touch of blush on the apples of her cheeks. "Of course. Only the best. Sorry I couldn't make the celebration, but it really is no place for a girl unless there are tassles involved." And there is no way any of those men would see her in such a state. Well. Maybe Hale. "I'm sure it was all in good fun, so I certainly won't tell about those infractions if you don't."

Leda looks over at Sen for a moment, "We had male and female strippers…you would have been fine." He then says, "And kudos to you for keeping things with Rabbit under the wraps, you two managed to fly under my radar and I pride myself by knowing what is going on all over this ship." He then says, "And the only reason I know is because Rabbit was three sheets to the wind. Possibly four or maybe five. We will see if he can drag himself up for CAP or not since he partied hard." He then smiles, "and I'll never tell a soul the fullness of what I saw there. However, there was no fraternization…although I did get accused of stealing panties." He looks at Sen, "Which I didn't, I might be able to find things people need but I am not a thief, opportunist, but never a thief. Everything I get is either traded, fast talked for, or given out of favor."

"And you've traded for panties?" Sen asks, a bit incredulously. She ponders that for a moment, before shaking her head and trying to dismiss what would make that necessary. "Lieutenant Hale and I don't have much opportunity to spend a great deal of time together. The pains of being Command." Running an entire department surely has to be time consuming. "As such, I suppose we haven't been spotted together enough to make a decent entry into the rumor mill. But come now, you're going to have to tell me who the male stripper was."

Leda looks at Sen, "Okay, funny story, the first time it was because Captain Legacy had information I wanted and her price was underwear. So I traded for matching sets of underwear for her. Then a civilian…" He thumbs to the curtain, "Who interests me and who is from Aquaria showed up from this group so I traded around and got her a box full of things including women's underwear." He then says, "I'm not a pervert, Captain, I am however trying to use my abilities to find things for good." He then responds to Sen as he says, "I'm sorry you two don't get a lot of alone time but then again you flew under my radar for that reason."

Sen works some more on her oatmeal, working to finish every morsel she was given as to not be wasteful given the times. "I suppose everything is a commodity to someone. You just have to match up the right item with the right consumer." Her spoon scrapes the bottom of the bowl for another bite. As the oatmeal cools, it's getting thicker, so she needs a swig of coffee to force down the cement. "Well, I hope my drunken dear had nothing but good things to say?"

Castor looks over at Sen, "Your sweetheart was a sweetheart." He then adds, "And I know that Rabbit likes you since he mentioned you when he was drunk beyond all logical reason." He then says, "And speaking as someone who has been drunk beyond all logical reason that means he likes you." Leda then says, "And Captain, Rabbit is a good man…hell he made full on eltee before me so he must be a good man." He then smiles softly, "and he wasn't a drunken ass but others sort of were."

"I know he's a good man, we wouldn't have made it this far in the relationship were he not. But I'm not too concerned about him being a drunken ass. Everyone deserves to let loose once in a while." Says the Captain matter of factly. "Me? I break loose with puzzles. Daring, I know." Sen adds with a bit of soft laughter.

Leda grins, "Well you have good taste in men because he wasn't a drunken ass." He then leans in, "Others, not so much." He then leans back, "Which begs the question Captan, how is it that you let loose?" He then adds, "and you don't have to tell me sir, I'm just asking because it is a curiousity to me."

Sen gives a slight little shrug. "Guess I really don't know anymore. It's been a while. I enjoy dancing? Not…the bump and grind sort of a younger generation but the more artful kind like in black and white movies where the women wear long flowing dresses and the men wear suits. I don't know, I'll have to think about it and get back to you."

Castor stands, "Captain, I agree with you. I miss the those days…though that was a different sort of time." He then says, "And, sir, it is also because you have a sense of class about you that others don't." He then looks at his cold coffee, "Sir, forgive me, I should be on my way out. I need to take care of some things." He bows his head softly and throws up a salute, "Take care sir and best of luck with Rabbit."

Sen lofts her coffee cup in silent salute and goodbye to the Lieutenant, and goes back to watching the children play with the new toys he's given them.

Castor looks at the Captain and smiles as he gives one last look to the children before steping away, "Take care, sir."

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