Closing Arguments
Closing Arguments
Summary: Martin and Kitty get some closure
Date: PHD 187 (10/22/09)
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Sitting alone on a chair near the center of the room is Martin 'Dash' Black. On the ground beside him is an empty laundry sack and a second chair that's been strategically placed for him to rest his feet on. Facing the door, he's quietly reading from a novel while a dryer near him rumbles.

Kitty arrives, a bag of Castor's laundry in tow. She is lost in thought and at first doesn't notice Martin is here as she's busy sorting out the various clothing once the back is set down and opened. it takes a bit but the fac hat she's not alone is noticed and she turns to look at him. "Hello. How are you?"

Looking up from his book, Martin quietly watches Kitty for a moment before his eyes trail down to a bag of laundry containing clothes that appear too large for her. Raising an eyebrow, he shrugs softly. "I'm doing fine, all things considered." He pauses, closing his book. "How've you been?"

"Oh..okay. Got into trouble for snapping at Lieutenant Leda so am having to do his laundry for two weeks." The fact that it's not her uniforms she's washing should be obvious as they're a lot larger than her own. "Marty, I am wanting to talk to you…I want us to be friends. I would be heartbroken if we couldn't be. But I can't see you. It's not your fault. None of it is. It's nobody's fault. But like I said, I just can't defy my brother." Clearing her throat, she looks up and over as she adds, "I am truly sorry."

Martin blinks after her words, and in reply he sets his book aside and reaches to the thigh pocket of his pants to pull out a pack of cigarettes. Lighting one, he contemplates his reply as he takes his first drag. "There's the thing that I want to say, and the thing that I should say." Martin replies. Folding his left arm across his chest, he braces his right elbow against it to hold his cigarette and regard her. "Would you prefer a lie or the truth, Kitty?"

Kitty bites her lower lip and then sighs. "The truth would be nice." The washer's lid is closed after the soap is added and the knob is turned and pulled, it turing the washer on so the cycle can be started.

"I never called you and I off." Martin says simply, watching her face. "I don't know if you've heard or not but I had a hit of conscience before going to meet your brother in the gym that day. I realized that I felt like I was the only one pursuing the relationship. The moment I told you that I wasn't gonna break my word to the CAG to impress your brother, you just walked off. It was then that I knew it was done. You didn't fight for it." He pauses, bringing the cigarette to his lip for another drag. "But between you and I, and this comes from a guy who has a sibling on board as well? Your brother's a self centered ass-frak that would rather see his sister unhappy and under his control than to let her feel comfortable with freedom of choice." Martin says, nodding to Castor's bag of laundry. "I think that you should make what you want more important."

"I get that is how things might appear to people who do not know the dynamics that I share with my brother but I assure you that he -does- want my happiness. He just goes about it…" Kitty draws her gaze elsewhere now, her expression blank. "He is not an ass-frak. But you are entitled to your opinion just as everyone else is." Sniffing, she looks at the hatch and then down.

Taking another drag from his cigarette, Martin sighs out the smoke and scratches the side of his face. "Probably stronger than I meant to say it, but Kitty I see you doing so much to try to take care of everyone else. I don't really know whether or not you actually wanted the relationship with me or not, but that's moot now, you know?" He gives her a soft look. "He just goes about it in a way that makes you unhappy. In truth, I wanted to fight him to wrestle a little of that control away from him and get my foot in the door but that would just continue the dark cycle of control." He shakes his head. "It's moot at this point. I'm fine with being friends, Kitty, real fine. I guess the question is, after he was screaming like a mad dog at me underneath an MP when I walked away from the fight, do you think he'd let us be friends?" Martin looks up. "Or are we just going through a formality right now?"

Kitty shakes her head. "We can be friends, Martin." She takes a deep breath before hazarding a look at him, taking a moment to see what is going on with him before she peeks inside the machine. "Yeah. I'm sorry. I really am. I just…I really don't know what to say." She closes her eyes and braces herself against the washer, lookng rather tired.

"Say what you want to say, Kitty." Martin replies, lowering his eyes to her feet. Extending his arm to hover his wrist over an ashtray, he taps his cigarette. A small cylinder of ash breaks off of the cigarette and drops into the ceramic tray. "I'm a grown-ass man, Katherine. I'm not some overbearing sibling and I'm sure as hell not your commanding officer. If there's something you want to say to me, now's the time to say it more than ever."

Kitty shakes her head. "Not yet. Not until I finish sorting out my thoughts." She smiles. "And yes. I know you're a grown-ass man." She watches him agan and the stops, the smile almost fading. "Yeah, anyhow. I wish you the best. Martin. I am sure you'll find a woman that is righ for you, someday."

Martin keeps his eyes on Kitty's, holding her gaze for a moment as he deciphers her words. Blinking softly, one of his brows raises for just a moment as he regards her. Frowning, he nods softly and takes another drag from his cigarette. "The world keeps turning, Katherine, whether we're ready for it or not." Martin says, glancing towards the hatch and then back to her. "I wish you the best too, Kitty. I really do. Just take care of yourself, okay?"

Kitty nods and then steps over to him, leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek and a hug if she's allowed to. "Yeah. You too." Not knowing what to say now, Kitty takes a seat on a table, lapsing into silence.

Reaching up into the hug, Martin squeezes Kitty softly and lowers his head as she pulls away. The uncomfortable silence settles in, and he folds his arms across his chest to bathe within it at a loss for words. Gazing at a small metal tag on the dryer that indicates its brand name, he bites the side of his lip. "You got a chance to head to Solon?"

"Yeah, I went down..uh, the day the explosions happened." It's a subject she doesn't like talking about, Kitty discomforted by the memory of the events just after she was there and it shows in how she presses her lips tightly together. It takes a moment but she eventually whispers, "I wish I understoodd what happened."

"I wish I did too." Martin replies, flattening his lips in a slight scowl. "I was up here when it happened but I was in the berthings, nowhere near CIC." He pauses, letting his emotions about the issue settle in nice and thick. "This is the second time we've lost lives from an inside source and so help me if it doesn't stop…"

The washer evetually buzzes, prompting Kitty back onto her feet so she can put the wet clothes into the dryer. "It'd be nice but no one can promise it won't happen any more." Dryer now going, she peers inside, comforted by the sight of the different colors blurring together. "Maybe someday the killing will stop and we can find a place to call home but that won't be for a very long time, I am afraid."

With his own dryer buzzing, Martin stands and opens the door. Using the top of the dryer as a folding surface, he goes through the process of folding his boxers, tanks, and pants. "I'm optimistic." Martin replies quietly. "Right now I'm alive which means there's something I can do about the problem. I'm just interested to see where the investigation's going. If there's still someone plotting onboard if it is sabotage, we'll get em. If we're lucky it's just…insanity."

Kitty is not convinced. "Insanity on a ship like this is dangerous. Deadly. We can't afford to have our comrades plotting against us." Sighing, she shakes her head. "There are times I just want to get the frak off of this ship and take my chances with the Cylons on whatever rock I get dropped off on."

"Well don't take any of my speculation at face value, Katherine. I've seen a bit of insanity first hand on board and yeah, it's frakked up, but we should make sure we're not too afraid to report things when we should, even when it's socially awkward. At this point it could save a lot of trouble." Martin replies, turning back to his laundry. "Here we have family, Kitty. We have family and friends to help us get through it."

Kitty looks at the dryer and sighs. "Yeah, you're right…hey, look. I need to get some of this nervous energy out of my system so am going to go for a walk. See you later?" The bag she brought Castor's clothes in is tucked away for now since she'll be back in a while.

"Yeah…I'm gonna get out of here after I finish folding." Martin says, glancing back to her. Nodding softly, he turns back to his clothes and traces the logo of the Kharon on his sweatshirt's front as he folds it over.

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