Clean Up
Clean Up
Summary: After the Talent Show Fenris, Nine, and Castor discuss boxing, raiders, and who has talent on the Kharon as they clean the lounge.
Date: PHD027 (15 May 2009)
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Fenris returns from the Head, sweeping a survey of the room and it's state of withdrawl. She pauses, then, to Castor, she says, "Good show."

Castor turns to face Fenris and says, "Well, I just set it up. Other people did all the work of enteraining the crew. I just hope it helped people relax for a while." He then takes a step forward, "I'm glad you could make it to the show and I'd really like to see you get up there and do somethng the next time we hold one of these."

Fenris holds her position, arms folding loosly at her midriff as she replies, "Such as?" in her normal tone. There is a little shrug, then, "I can't sing, or do magic."

Castor takes a moment to work on the other curtain turning his back to Fenris, "You could tell a joke, lead a funny cadence, read from a book, play, or poem.." he finally manages to get both curtains down, "The point of the show isn't being talented. It is about blowing off some steam and having a laugh."

"If I think of something." Fenris replies, turning to help sort out some of the tables and such that seem to be out of order. A chair pushed in there, a table moved there, and, "It's good for the crew."

Castor takes a breath, "Yeah, it is. I mean everyone has been so tense recently and they have a good reason to be but if we don't let off some steam…" he stops, "Sorry for preaching to the choir. Though this is good because not everyone wants to take part in the Dance you know."

Fenris's hands pause and she looks over her shoulder to ask, "There's a dance planned, too?" She isn't distressed or enthused as she asks, but she holds his gaze, as a matter of course.

Castor shakes his head as he picks up a bottle which he tosses into the trashcan. He then puts up his fist and throws a pretend punch. "It is what we called the crew boxing matches we had on the Orpheus." He then picks up an empty ration package. "Anyway, you should have see Nine she floored the crew when she did repairs in a straightjacket using her feet."

Fenris Spocks a moment, "That's impressive." she concedes in her typical tone, then resumes adjusting the table. Once it's in it's original position, she asks "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Castor shakes his head, "Hurt me, eltee?" He asks slightly confused, "When would you have hurt me?"

"The soiree last week." Fenris returns blandly, "I didn't think I'd hit you that hard, but it never hurts to be sure." That said, she starts adjusting another table.

Castor chuckles, "You gave me a solid smackdown, eltee. Though, if you run with the big dogs you can't pee like a puppy." He then adds, "By the way, you've got moves so if you ever need a sparring partner let me know." He then straightens a table himself. "So, I want to get some footage of the raiders." He says, "I want to study how they move see what I can figure out about them."

"I'll mention it to the Captain." Fenris returns as she begins putting chairs back into place, "There's been an understandable interest in the footage, lately, it may be some time."

Castor grins, "I got permission from the Captain, I just need to find out who has the footage. Maybe I should ask the Major?"

"You're getting footage of the Raiders?" Nine asks, having, in her usual fashion, appeared out of nowhere, still barefoot, but without her bag. "Can I see it?"

"It isn'y my decision to make." Fenris observes to the engineer, then back to Castor, "The Major should know, but keep the Captain in the loop."

Castor looks over at Nine having lost track of her earlier and now suddenly seeing her appear as if out of thin air, "What the eltee said, Nine, sorry." he does offer to Nine, "The new raider is different from what they taught us back in flight. Its sleek and shiny. It looks sort of like a metal bird with wings stretched out in front of its head." He looks back to Fenris, "Oh you bet, eltee I'm not taking chances with this but I gotta admit I find them fascinating in a beautiful 'shoot your Viper to death' kind of way."

Nine edges back as her inquiries are met with that ever-present wall of CoC. She nods her head as if she nderstands and then just drapes herself into a chair to listen to Castor describe the things, looking enraptured.

Fenris isn't any more deliberate about CoCblocking Nine than she is making sure her lungs are doing their thing. Just the way things are. She ammends Castor's description with, "Imagine the way a heraldic falcon's wings are drawn, now make the bird out of metal, with a long, rather cylindrical head, a heavy jaw and a red visor, and you more or less have it."

Nine closes her eyes at the description, oozing faintly off of her chair as she listens to them talk.
"I don't know their coding. They don't fight quite like the originals." Fenris replies, then, "It's not unheard of that they've had some practical experience in the intervening years. A decision making machine would be worthless if it couldn't learn, after all."

Castor rubs his chin, "If it can learn than can it feel?" He then takes a moment to say, "The old warhorses on the Orpheus told me that the cylons had emotions and mostly it was anger at us." He then picks up another piece of trash and tosses it into the garbage, "So, maybe these Raiders can think and feel too…or maybe there is some cylon piloting the thing."

Nine keeps her mouth wisely shut on this topic, since anytime she gives her opinion it ends up with someone mad at her. Instead she just curls backward until she slips underneath the chair, folding up neatly into the small space and listening to the conversation from underfoot.

Fenris doesn't get mad. Bonus! "It may be anger, or resentment, or fear. We built them. We turned them on themselves. We made them to follow orders to put themselves in jeapordy." Fenris notes. She straightens from her task and loks his way, "There is an old saying that the created inherit the traits of the maker. Perhaps it's true, but it doesn't take an emotional reaction to come to the conclusion 'better them than us'."

Castor nods his head, "I have a rule in life, if someone is shooting at you then you shoot at them back. We need to survive and the less cylons we me the better off we all are." He looks over a Nine for a moment, "You okay over there, Nine?"

Nine gazes up from underneath the chair as Fenris talks good sense and she briefly feels herself falling in love with her. No need to panic. She falls in love with every seventh person she comes across who happens to say or do something awesome. Or have pretty piercings or nice tits. She's a lovelorn creature, and it beats in her heart for Fenris until Castor calls to her, and she snaps out of it. "Hm? Mhm," she gives a quiet nod, too quickly.

Fenris was pierced at some point. She looks to Nine as Castor brings her back to the forefront of the conversation, then, back to Castor, "Ultimately. In either case, we'll likely have to either hide in a hole so deep they never find us until we've consolidated our strength, or we make them understand that it will cost them too much to keep pursuing us."

Castor says, "Well, I'm hoping for less conflict preferably no conflict I don't want to see anyone die." He then looks at the lounge which is now in tiptop shape, "Eltee, I gotta get moving for CAP." He looks back at Nine, "Take it easy superstar." With that, the eltee jig is off.

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