Civilian Uprising Quashed
Civilian Uprising Quashed
Summary: The Marines quash a would be civilian uprising in the cargo bay.
Date: May 31 2009
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CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Cargo Bay
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #42
Sun May 31 18:42:31 2009

This expansive room beneath Main Engineering has a ceiling hidden somewhere behind the masses of pipes high above. On the Port side, a large airlock door can be accessed with docking collar controls located from a small panel to the side. Other than that, this huge room is clean and empty for the moment.

Kharon's cargo bay is normally home to floor-to-ceiling boxes and crates of supplies, foodstuffs, and any large pieces of equipment that can't fit elsewhere. It's been appropriated in the past month, however, since war started against the colonies, to a makeshift refugee camp. The civilians have been sectioned off into an aft corner of the cavernous bay: mattresses that can't be more than four inches thick, covered in military-issue blankets are lined up in neat rows, with a station set up nearby where people can receive rationed food, and another station next to that where a brief — and not terribly private — shower can be had. This has become home to some thirty odd men, women and children.

It's currently bustling with quiet activity as a ration officer shows up carting a food trolley, with an armed marine in tow.

Normal duty roster shaken up a bit lately, the Sheriff has pulled duty himself down in Fugee Town along with two marines jerked into the duty roster to fill holes left by missing MPs. Gunny Steele looks about as bored as he feels, trying to watch the boring life of the civilians, his attention barely focused anywhere.

Ashe's attention is focused however, standing a few feet off from Steele. The focus granted isn't fully where it should be but rather on the antics of one of the children in the camp. "There… there he goes again. How many times can a kid pick his nose?"

Cygnus is not an unfamiliar face in these parts, stopping by whenever he can to help attend to the refugee's spiritual needs, and offering comfort when and how he can. A brief service had been given, and Mac had stopped to chat with one of the women for a brief time, which is exactly what he still appears to be doing when the food trolley arrives.

"Come an get it.." mutters the Sergeant as he is helping with the distribution of food, and goods. Seems to Dutch this is one of the more duller duties of the day, but that doesn't stop him from being alert or doing it. Frak, going to the head is dull as anything-but it still something that he participates in. Its always fun when the Corpsman gets pulled in for these things, its like people watching on a grander scale. Short laugh over to Ashe and there is a shrug. "I got money on twelve before he hits the line."

McTiernan shows up a short time later, adding herself to the duty roster. Making her way up to Steele, she pauses behind the Sheriff. "Evening, Gunney. If you want to start sending the troops out one by one for chow, I'll stand their watch. Don't need the boys getting all weak kneed from hunger." Her gaze is sharp as it moves around the civilian group.

There are a few children playing with a ball, kicking it around between them and making some kind of a game out of it. Children are pretty resilient, though. Their parents look considerably more threadbare and worn out about this whole ordeal, but for the most part? People are making do. The women start rolling out of bed to get in line for food, vouchers clutched tight in hand; the one speaking with Cygnus smiles, squeezes his hand, and starts pulling away to join them. A few men are huddled around a rickety little card table, playing cards, and watching the arriving military cautiously.

Since he's already here, Cygnus makes his way over to the trolley to inquire of the rations officer if he can be of any assistance, "Need any help." He's always felt for the people now residing here, it's definitely given him a new perpective on things. The Junior Officer's quarters are like a penthouse suite comparitively.

Steele turns as the Marine CO approaches and gives her a rough grin. "Sounds good, sir. I'll send the Sarge down first, rank hath its privileges and all. Uneventful detail down here, like watching an ant farm."
As McT shows up, Ashe glances over and straightens a little to try and look more attentive considering the assignment. He doesn't speak up at all but just stands there.

"Sir." said with a slight bit of straightening as Dutch notes the incoming Lieutenant. Eyes slide over to Steele for a moment, and he waits for the nod, before going down to grab chow, and come on back. Won't take him long to eat, he's got the whole basic chow routine down pat and hasn't broke from it since then. "Thank you kindly Sheriff.." comes the tauron twang as the Corpsman goes to get his vittles on.

"Sure," answers the young woman with the spurious honour of helping to hand out food. "Lieutenant Cygnus, right? You can pass it out, I'll check it off— one at a time, one at a time, ladies and gentlemen!" Dinner time is always a clamour of bodies and voices around here, like feeding hour at the zoo. Maybe locking these people up in such a small space for such a long time, took away some of their humanity.

The men over in the corner, sitting around their triad game, continue to watch the goings-on carefully. A few murmurings start, as the place begins to fill up with marines.

McTiernan just gives a curt nod in answer to Sheriff. As she passes Ashe, her hand lays on his shoulder very briefly, a silent message as she continues on past. When one older boy pushes his little brother down on the floor, the CO stops, helps the lad to his feet, dusts him off and steers him into the line for rations. She turns a look on the older boy, a look that could sour milk right in the cow. As Dutch leaves, McTiernan stops behind the Chaplain and the duty Lieutenant. "Good evening, gentlemen" she offers.

Steele moves away from the other marines towards the other side of the cargo bay, his rifle held loosely in his hands as he starts looking over the living area while the people are away getting food.

A nod is given to the rations officer and Cygnus begins to hand out the rations as she checks the names off one by one. Kind words are exchanged with each person as he does so, he's not impersonal about it. Some of the motion on the other side of the room catches Mac's attention for a moment. A lot of Marines, it would seem. Still, he's used to being surrounded by military so he doesn't note it as too odd.

Ashe remains primarily where he was, as it was a good vantage point, resuming watching the crowd and… that little kid picking his nose again.
Dutch comes to stand in line to get some of the chow that's being handed out. A look back towards one the group of men in the corner, before he is simply crossing his arms and waiting. Shouldn't take too long. a little meal and back on the watch. Seems good for him. "Hi." said to some young woman who comes and stands next to him. Still despite going to and waiting to grab food, he is keeping a tap on what is going on.

Most of the civilians seem pretty thankful for the food. It's better than starving in a ditch somewhere, anyway. The men in the back finally get to their feet, each a little after the other, and start filing into the line. The poor kid McTiernan stared down, grabs his food and skitters off with his tail between his legs.

The Marines can be an intimidating sight, especially in any type of numbers. Four like seems a lot to these poor folks. McTiernan is a watcher by nature and it's something that stands her in goof stewed now as her gaze swings to the men just now joining the line up. Carefully, casually, her look continues over the sectioned off area. A frown touches her features for a moment and then is gone.

Something seems just a bit off to the almost… ganglike coordination of the way the three men stand en masse and head towards the back of the line, and Mac keeps an eye in the direction. There's still a kind word for each person that comes to the line, his demeanor remaining completely calm.

Reaching to his pocket, Ashe pulls out a small coin that he looks at, both sides before sliding it back into said pocket. "What a festive day." He mutters under his breath before leaning back against the crate behind him.

As a few of the women move off with their children, already tucking food into their mouths, there are several sets of eyes turned back on the lineup. The air in here has shifted to one of subtle tension; a baby somewhere begins squalling noisily.

Eyes are still peeled on those getting their food, and he's gotten closer, but then those men are behind the girl, who is behind him. And so the Cropsman turns and keeps his tabs on the three. Chewing on his lip, and Dutch nods on to the person infront of him to move up to get their food. "Let's keep it movin' folks.."

Steele makes his way back over to the throngs getting their dinner. He still looks bored by the standing duty, but performs it as example and because it needs doing.

McTiernan shifts from booted foot to booted foot, a frown creasing her forehead once more. Turning her head, she sends a look back at Steele and then Ashe - a pointed look before turning back to face forward. Stepping forward, a hand reaches out to lay silently upon Cygnos' shoulder. Were he a Marine, he'd likely understand but since the woman has nothing more then a feeling at the moment, it's all the warning she can offer. Then she steps away, hands at her side, her gaze shifting down along the food line.

If Ashe caught the look from McT he doesn't seem to outwardly indicate it. Instead he just sighs and leans up off the crate seeming as casual as ever, starting to meander a bit now though, almost on a casual patrol.

There's a small scuffle after a few moments, somewhere in the middle of the line. It starts with a shove, and then a few irritated words exchanged. And then a harder shove; hard enough to send a woman stumbling and careening into McTiernan standing guard nearby. At roughly the same moment, one of the men who's reached the front of the line, and has been eyeing Dutch somewhat surreptitiously until now, tries to scramble over the table separating them and make a grab for his rifle. Several loud shouts go up— of both protest and encouragement.

Steele gives a tiny nod to the CO, now all business and any vestige of his pervious bored expression is gone as his face and body becomes like unto his surname. He grips the rifle tightly in his hands.

Cygnus nods to McTiernan, he can sense it too. The shift of the energy around him to something far more tense. He's fairly certain he knows exactly where it's coming from as well. Of course, Mac doesn't have a sidearm on him at the moment, since it's not that usual for a priest to walk around armed as such. The best he can do is keep his guard up as he continues to help with the line.

Hands reach for his Rifle, and Dutch reacts quick, there's a shove of the but to that one's gut, before the three behind him move, and shove the girl aside. The Sergeant doesn't even see them coming, as all three wail into him The Marine manages to fight for a little bit, but four on one simply becomes too much, one lucky blow, and the Corpsman goes down like a sack of potatos.

McTiernan knew something was and knew the likely source would be the men that joined the line late. It's part of the reason she's so close to the line in question. She didn't see the attack begin, but she's close enough to to hear it happen. Her head snaps around without hesitation, she pulls her side arm and takes a few easy steps forward. "Back off!!" barks out her voice, made to carry. She's very careful where she points that weapon but at the moment her intention is to get her man away from the attacking men. A Marine AND a lawyer. Not the person to piss off.

This could get very ugly, very fast. He knows how the Marines are armed, and clearly these three particular gentlemen in question are bent on causing trouble. There's a wince that crosses his features when he sees his fellow Tauron go down, but he's going to follow his first instinct. There's military here to handle the problem, and there's a lot /more/ innocent women and children bystanders. Moving away from the trolley, Marius begins to gather up and usher as many of the women and children as he can, as far away as possible, doing his best to try and keep them calm.

Steele already has slung his rifle and is wading directly into the crowd of refugees, grabbing a hold of the man who got the lucky punch and swiftly putting him on his ass with a strange foot/leg and elbow combo of Aikido like grace. "Stay down! Anyone else?" A smile blossoms on the Gunny's face, his feet apart, shoulder width, hands down at his side non-threteningly, but after that takedown, there is no question to the Sheriff's efficiency.

As chaos begins to break out, Ashe moves forward and slides to the side, actually setting up a sort of corralling flank as he begins to move towards the chaos. Having caught sight of poor Dutch, he makes sure to keep anyone from getting the jump on him, and ideally anyone else on the team.

The uprising doesn't seem to get much steam under it's feet as the Marines wade in. Gunnery Steele has put one on the deck, the man curled up in a ball, unmoving. The other two have stopped short as they stare down the barrel of the gun being held on them by the female Marine. Slowly they back down, holding up their hands. It seems things are now under control.

McTiernan's hand is steady, her glare settled on those men. When they back up, she gives Ashe a nod towards Dutch's downed form. "Sheriff, place these three under arrest for attacking Sergeant Elder."

Steele reaches down with a plastic cuff and loops it over the man's wrists and gives the open length a hard jerk to secure the man's hands behind his back. "Come on, punk! Let's get moving!"

Ashe moves forward towards the downed Dutch, rifle lowered and as he approaches, he squats down and does a quick check to make sure nothing seems too bad off. "Gurney or carry, sir?"

For his part, Cygnus continues with his 'crowd control' of the women and children, offering reassurances where they're needed as both Ashe and Steele round up the three instigators.

Steele moves to the other two men, his face a mask of fury, testing them, begging them to resist. He growls deep in his throat, "Turn around, hands behind your backs, gennlemen! If I have to ask twice, you will join your friend on the deck! If you doubt me, try me!"

For the moment, things in the cargo bay seem to settle down. The two men both turn, hands behind their backs but one just has to press his luck. With a vicious kick, he attacks, slamming his boot into the side of the downed marine's head, making it bounce off the deck violently. "This aint the end of it!" the man snarls. "We got rights! We got the right to know what the frak is going on!" His boot pulls back again in preparation to send another kick forward.

McTiernan takes a quick two steps and sets the gun directly to the man's forehead. "I suggest you don't move," she tells him, her voice ice cold. "This isn't the way to get what you want," she tells him. Aside, to Ashe, she says, "Corporal, get Dutch out of here now. Make sure he gets to sickbay." Looks like Ashe is humping the Sarge out.

"Sir." Ashe confirms to McT and hauls up Dutch to get him out.

Now that things seem to have settled down, Cygnus heads back over to the trolley to check on the rations officer, making certain she's escaped relatively unscathed. The entire affair leaves him somewhat concerned.

Steele jerks the cuffs onto the last guy's wrists and pulls him after himself towards the door. He gives a shove and then goes back for another of the troublemakers.

Ashe continues to haul Dutch towards the exit, having slung an arm of the Medic's over his shoulders and guiding the man, well dragging more so, towards the exit.

Dutch groans starting to push himself up from Ashe when he comes to. One eye rolling open while the other squints shut. "Gods frakkin dammit.." growled out as he is helped out, he tries to move from Ashe, only to feel his head get all swimmy "Ahh frakkin great.." hand to his head, touching where he was knocked. "I think I got a gods damned concussion.."

Just when it seems everything is returning to normal, a small body bolts away from his mother and runs up the Priest. His small food grubby hand takes a hold on the mans pants and he tugs, big eyes swept up to look into the mans face as he tries to gain his attention. He tugs again, this time far more urgently. Meanwhile his older brother sees this and moves to grab the little fellow by the arm and jerk him away from the priest.

McTiernan watches as Steele takes the men into custody. Her side arm is stowed away and as she turns to speak to the masses, she spots the old boy and with a swift move, slides her arm around his waist and pulls him away from his little brother. "No," she tells him clearly, a low growl in her voice.

"Yeah, probably." Ashe comments towards Dutch. "Just take a moment, get your bearings and catch your breath. You took quite a little wallopin' back there." He continues to stand near enough to the Medic to provide a support if he needs it.

Steele has his hands full with the three already, with only two hands of his own. As he reaches the intercom on the wall, he calls to the Sec Hub for a security detail to come down and take the punks away.

The tug at his pants more than gets Cygnus' attention and a frown mars his features when his older sibling jerks him back. "What's the matter," He asks the younger child, his eyes scanning the area around them, in case something is the matter.

"Gods damned fugees.." the Tauron is already snarling, so I guess it does show that besides the ass kicking Dutch took, he is not completely worse for wear. Still he's moving with Ashe on to the sickbay. Get a check out so he can rest then get back to work. "Shoulda seen it comin.."

The small boy gestures to Mac, trying to get him to come close, close enough to whisper too. Already his eyes are filling with tears and he looks so scared and alone. "There is a secret," his low voice offers, the words floating up to Mac as his hand opens and closes on the Priests pantleg. His older brother, meanwhile, is fighting the CO's hold on him as he squirms and yells, demanding to be let go.

With a low growl, McTiernan sets the older boy down on a mattress and points to it. "Sit down!" she tells him firmly. She looks around to try and find the boys mother even as he sneers at her. "Where is this child's parents," she calls out to the population of the civilians.

"You going to make it ok?" Ashe asks towards the Medic, looking out at the sounds of stern voices and seeing that Steele is trying to rassle up 3 folks by himself.

The team makes their way into the cargo bay to take the prisoners off of the Sheriff's hands and up to the brig for the time being until they decide what to do with them. He speaks to the MP and nods his head a few times as he passes orders on and then turns to head back to McT and the others.

Dutch nods slightly as one hand moves to brace himself up on the bulkhead "Yea'll I get there." said simply enough not going to do something stupid and try to get on duty after having his skull cracked. He can just hear a ass chewing from his old drill instructor about getting jumped like that. Either Dutch is on his way to the Sickbay.

Cygnus' first concern is for the small boy, his eyes scanning the area around them once again. McTiernan seems to have a handle on the situation so he moves to one knee to lower himself closer to the young boy's level, so as to be less imposing. His voice is pitched low and calm, so as to hopefully help sooth the child, "You can tell me, if you want to."

The small boy shuffles closer to Cygnos, settles his dirty cheek against the Priests, cups his hand around his mouth and begins to whisper into the man's ear. He's so small, perhaps six or seven, and thin. Like he hasn't been eating very much. Seeing his brother taking to the Priest seems to really make the older boy angry. "NO!" he screams, bolting right past McTiernan and making for his smaller brother, his hands in fists. "Shut your frakking mouth, Joseph!" the boy screams as he approaches.

Oh hell no, seems to be the look on McTiernan's face as she spins around as the boy bolts away. She's taller, long legged, so she catches up quickly. Reaching out, she grabs him up by the back of his shirt and calls out, "Sheriff, come get this child. Have an MP take him up the brig. Don't lock him up in a cell up keep him up there until we straighten this out." Oh no, she doesn't sound happy at all.

Steele growls and stomps over to grab the older boy by a grip on his upper arm and pulls him along towards the door. "I'm taking him there myself, sir. If you have this under control?"

Ashe overhears and looks, "A boy to the brig?" He whispers under his breath and opens his mouth but then stops and bites his lip. Checking to make sure Dutch is getting along ok, he moves towards the others to provide a presence.
:toss back, "I said to hold him in the brig room. I also said /not/ to lock him in a brig," she points out to Ashe.

McTiernan toss back, "I said to hold him in the brig room. I also said /not/ to lock him in a brig," she points out to Ashe.

Cygnus settles a hand on the boy's shoulder to give it a reassuring squeeze and murmurs something to the child that can't be heard beyond them. One of the thoughts that keeps rifling through the chaplain's thoughts is that the boy is far too thin for his age. No doubt he'll be speaking to his Superior about the conditions down here quite soon. The somewhat dehumanizing nature of it the state of the refugees. One doesn't have to work hard to guess at what might be driving this small revolt.

With a firmer kick than perhaps was necessary, the Sheriff trips the older boy to the floor and turns to run at one of them men who is reaching behind his back for something. The Sheriff moves with a fluid grace, his martial arts skills a blur of motion as he grabs the man's hand at his back and then jerks it hard up to the man's shoulderblades with one hand, the other reaching under the shirt.

Dutch sees nothing and with nothing called out, he is pushing off the bulkhead and walking slowly to the Hatch. The quicker he can get in and out of the sickbay the better.

"Hold it." Ashe's voice snaps out as he sees not just movement, but rather the exchange of pointed looks. His tone isn't directed towards the man Steele is going after but rather the woman. His rifle is still down but his tone is very stern when he calls her out, monitoring steadily and advancing.

Cygnus may not be one of the Marines, or in Dutch's chain of command, but when there comes a time for him to explain his reasoning for what he does next, he's fairly certain McTiernan will more than judge the action a good call. "Sargeant Elder? Could you please come get my young friend here, and take him up to sickbay with you, he might benefit from having a looking over by one of the doctors up there." That, and it will get him out of immediate harms' way. He tells the boy in a kindly voice, "You'll be safe with Dutch over there, my small friend, and I'll be along as soon as I can. I need to speak to the Lieutenant first." Another gentle squeeze is given to the boy's shoulder as he waits for Elder to hopefully come back to fetch the child, then sends a meaningful glance in McTiernan's direction. Clearly the pilot-priest knows something.

Dutch turns his head as he looks back over towards the Chaplain for a moment and there is a look back towards McTiernan, but there's a nod as he holds, eyes looking aorund the room, specially when Ashe calls for someone to hold it. Hand out for the small boy "Come here, runt." called out back to the boy. He'll hold, but not for long.

The small boy throws his arms around the Priest and hugs him tightly before letting go and toddling his way over to Dutch. Big eyes blink up at the Marine as he puts his small hand in the Marines larger one. "I'm ready," he tells him with a grubby little smile, his other hand clutching a threarbare teddy bear. His older brother is still on the deck where the Sheriff put him, crying. The woman freezes when Ashe calls out to her, that rifle more then enough to make her stop in her tracks. She puts her hands up and sits on the mattress. Steele's prisoner, however, has no desire to go easily. The man struggles, trying to pull his stolen knife free while trying to kick the Marine at the same time.

McTiernan turns a look on the Priest and whatever she seems in his face is enough for her to give Dutch the nod he's after. "What is it, Lieutenant?" she asks Cygnus. "Is there danger to the ship?" If there is, she needs to know about it right away.

Dutch nods once to the kid before he is moving, before anything else happens he'll get the kid out and to Sickbay. and so with boy in tow, Dutch departs. No need to see the rest of this happenin.

Cygnus makes his way over to McTiernan and in a low voice murmurs, "The old gentleman with the long hair and beard too. And have their pocket's searched." The rest, can wait until after the immediate threat of danger to them all is past.

Steele has had about enough of prisoners fighting back and pissing him off today and rather rudely, pushes the man into the bulkhead, bouncing his head off of it and knocking some fight out of him with a deep red gash along the man's forehead.

"Folks are just scared." Ashe comments loudly enough so others can hear him speaking. "That's it, just nervous and scared. Just gotta take a deep breath and calm down, and we'll all be ok." He doesn't lower his weapon, instead keeps it ready, an eye on the other conflict going on.

McTiernan nods and asks, "And what are we looking for, Lieutenant?" she asks him. Her gaze moves to Steele and she frowns. Raising her voice, she calls out to the civilians. "Alright folks. I seems we have an issue forming. In an effort to make this easier on all us, you're going to return to your beds. Corporal Swift, start at one end and work your way down the line. The Padre is going to tell us what we're looking for." To the Sheriff, she stays, "Bind his hands, bring me what he has on him and then get him some medical attention."

Again, Cygnus keeps his voice pitched low, directed at the Lieutenant, "The boy said that at least three of them had some sort of strange paper 'thing'," ah, children so descriptive, "in their pockets." After a moment, he raises his voice, addressing the crowd around them, perhaps to startle some sense back into them. After all, these people know him. Particularly from the spiritual standpoint. "Have you forgotten who you are my brothers and sisters?" Mac's eyes cut from the woman on the bed who's surrendered to the man the young boy had identified. "Have we come so far that you could /laugh/, and be amused when that boy's brother beat him and stole his food?" Oh, yes, things down here seem to be getting worse, that's for certain.

Steele nods to the LT and wraps this ones wrists too. He pulls the knife out of the waistband and hands it over to McTiernan before taking the man out of the bay and up to sickbay. "Need me to send a team down, Lieutenant?"

Ashe looks up at McT and nods, moving down the row of bunks to begin making his way down the line and start getting people into beds. He does it actually gently, using soft words and reassuring looks when he can, but being stern if he has to.

The people all shuffle to their beds, most looking contrite by the Priests words. Nothing seems to make the white heard man feel bad, however. Steele manages to get the man cuffed but he's still struggling in the Sheriffs grip. The woman in question bows her head and now that you can't see her face, it's hard to know what she's thinking. Most turn their eyes to Cygnus, listening to his words. Their conditions, while not the best, are far from horrible. "We want to know what's going on!" someone yells out.

The older boy who was on the floor finally makes it to his feet and with a hurried angry look around, he bolts for the hatch, hoping no one is watching him.

Steele shoves the man in frontof him and makes it to the boy before he can get too far to the hatch. Hands full with them both, he leaves to get them up to the brig.

Steele has left.

As the Ashe makes his way down the line, he gets people settled in and checks their pockets. Coming across one, suspicious looking to begin with, Swift produces a piece of paper from the pocket and holds it up with a gentle whistle going towards McT to get her attention that he's found something.

"If you tell me your concerns, I promise that I will make the Padre aware of them, so they can be passed along the chain of command," Cygnus tells the crowd. "Violence is certainly not a way to be heard." It's clear he's making his best effort to diffuse the sitation as best he can. The example he sets is one of calm.

McTiernan nods to Ashe when the paper is found. "Escort the gentleman up to the brig, Mister Swift. We'll have the Sheriff sort this out. Take the paper with you." Then she turns to address the crowd. "I would suggest you listen to the Lieutenant here. Violence isn't the way to solve any of these problems. Those of you who didn't receive your evening dinner, please for an orderly line and get your food. This is war, folks. We're all working to make things better. If you have a trade skill you think will be helpful to this ship or her crew - something will help - then let the Lieutenant know so we can all work towards a better future." With that, the quiet Marine turns and head for the hatch. She pauses to speak quietly with the MP and then she departs. Shortly after that, a few other MPs show up to assume their guard duties.

As the Marines leave, Cygnus stays behind to help distribute the rest of the rations and listen to the concerns of the refugees.

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