Checking In And Checking Out
Checking in and Checking Out
Summary: Red Squadron wierdness.
Date: PHD054
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Leda rolls out of bed, he rubs his eyes as his barefeet hit the cold metal floor, this causes him to wince slightly as he puts his feet back up into the bed sitting in a crisscross leg position, he takes a breath in as he looks around trying to gather his bearings. While the rest of the crew has been moving he is recovering from fourth watch.

Castor isn't the only one 'recovering'. The ninth bunk in the top row is occupied by a heap otherwise known as Captain Marek, currently down for the count. At least he doesn't snore, evidenced by the fact that he neglected to shut his curtain all the way, providing a glimpse of his comatose form.

Castor sits crosslegged in his bunk aparently having just woken up. He is listening to the sounds of the quiet berthings as he gets his head together. He lets out a soft, "Another day…another chance to keep living." He then rummages through his bunk where he finds a pair of slippers which he throws on the floor so that he can go brush his teeth and begin prepairing for the day, as he spots Marek's curtain slightly open the man hazards a moment to close it completely, why, because everyone should have privacy. He then begins to trundle off to the bathroom.

Kai's like a pet rock. He keeps riiiight on sleeping, apparently oblivious for the time being to the -snik- of the curtain being closed. Someone must have had a late night.

Trundling out of the bathroom with one of the usual thick shit eating grins is one rather tall and bulky Lieutenant wrapped up in his towel, dob kit in hand, and his hand smoothing over his cheeks where the razor has just been. A good day-had him a nice fine spar- a right good CAP and time in the sims. And so he's all clean an fresh as a-well something. There's gotta be a right little analogy for Hale's state o' mind.

Samantha doesn't wanna wake up. She -doesn't-. But, dammit, eventually she has to and some days it takes her an hour to be alert enough for CAP, so she's getting up now. She slips her legs out of Martin's bunk, leaving the sleeping form inside as she tugs the curtain shut. She's fully clothed, definitely not having been… naughty in there. Just slept, it seems. She stares at the room with that clueless and drowsy just woke up blinking.

Vendas is in her blues, strolling in from the hatchway. She looks like she hasn't slept much in the past few days, her face a little lighter than usual. She doesn't seem to pass much attention to the others in the room for the moment. Nope, the Major just heads for her locker and spins the combination on it. A few times. She shakes her head and eventually pops it open.

Castor gives a nod to Hale as he passes the man heading to the shower, as he hears the curtain to Martin's bunk open he stops and turns to see Sam get out this causes a soft and confused, "Huh?" to come out of his mouth. He then stolls into the head to brush his teeth and take the worlds fast shave and shower.

There's a rustle of blankets from Kai's bunk, and a bare foot makes an appearance from under the curtain, but not much else for the time being. He's used to sleeping through far noisier than this.

Hale glances over his shoulder-and raises a brow to the sound of another getting up and going. Tilt of the head towards Samantha before he's shrugging and opening up his locker. Towel's placed in, for favor of his ratty old old sweat pants and a light shirt. Just something to sleep in. Though he does look over to his left as the Major zips in and there is a brief pause for a moment. "How's you Major?" called out, before closing his own locker up. "Look bloody ridden out dry-' Horrible Leonisian expression which means, worn down to the bone.

Samantha continues rubbing at her eyes, looking over at Kai's foot and… grinning. Oh, it's so damned tempting to tickle. So tempting. It's RIGHT there. She shakes off the thought and, instead, pads over towards the coffee pot and leans down to scoop up one of the mugs from beneath. Please tell her there's coffee made…"mornin'…er…evenin'…whatever… if the Captain doesn't take his foot back soon I'm so goin' over there and tickling it. Or maybe you can, CAG."

Somewhere in the head Castor Leda is getting cleaned it shouldn't take him more than another minute or two.

Vendas glances up. Someone is talking to her. "Oh. Hey. Yeah, just haven't slept well. About to head to sickbay to grab something to help me sack out. You know how it goes." She gives Hale a faint smile and roots around in her locker, eventually producing a small black velvet bag with a white draw-string. She pockets it and shuts the locker, moving for her bunk. She glances to the indicated foot and shakes her head. "Oh I don't do feet. Sorry. Especially the unwashed."

Hale chuckles and nods once "Need ya at the top of your game sir. Hope th' Sickbay works." and so Hale's moving and clambering up to his bunk careful not to wake his probably sleeping bunkmate below. There's a side long glance back over to Sam when she mentions touching Kai's foot and the Lieutenant visibly shudders. "Touchin a man's foot is like double dipping in hummus. You'll bloody never know what you'll find there. At your own risk."
Tickling.. might be unwise, no matter how tempting. As to unwashed? Pff, it's clean. Kai showers before bed. This is his off time, while Samantha and Castor seem to be getting up and at 'em.

Samantha bites her lower lip, staring at that foot, but managing SOME aspect of self control. She settles down into one of the chairs at the big oak table, leaning back and crossing her legs as she rests there, looking back towards the rest of the room. She frowns up to the CAG…"Headaches, again? Just tell the doc…they'll fix ya up, no doubt… one of'em down there gotta be worth somethin', they put Poet back together." Apparently, Sam hasn't really spent much time at all in sickbay.

"Yeah well, I need you all at the top of your game. Fussing over me only makes me fuss over you all." Vendas is speaking from inside her bunk, a leg lifted behind her slightly for balance as she looks for something unseen behind the curtain. She's back out after a quick moment, something small clasped in her hand. The free hand reaches to steady herself on the bunk structure. "Yep. Already been down there. Gettin' myself squared away." The Major nods at the end to Sam. "Anyway, I'll see you all later." Eyes lift to the boards. "Leda, good hunting." A quick clear of her throat and she's moving for the hatch once more.

<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Three throughout the ship.

One clean and dry Leda appears from the head. As he steps out on to the berthings his slippers make a wet squishing sound as he walks over to his locker and begins changing. As he hears Sheridan speak on the intercom a smile moves across his face, ah yes, there will be booze later, lots of lovely hooch, yes, truth serum. As Vendas calls his name his eyes snap over to the major because when command calls you listen, "Thank you, sir." He then pauses, "So, anyone want to get a drink later."

It's the message over the intercom that finally seems to snap Captain Deadbeat out of his slumber. The foot vanishes behind curtain again, and there's a more prolonged rustle of blankets followed by the curtain being snapped open— all before Sheridan's even finished making the announcement. Enter one dazed and rumpled looking Kai. "Hallelujah," he mumbles, flopping his head back onto his pillow. Considering he doesn't drink, the thanks is probably more on behalf of the squadron— and his own sanity.

Samantha looks over to Kai and grins…"That foot keeps stickin' outta the bunk like that and some tempted pilot is going to be very, very hard pressed not to tickle it!" She giggles a bit to herself, sleep drunk and drowsy, before looking over the others. "got CAP or I'd drink right now. All I want is coffee…. is this fresh?"

Hale peers back up from where he has been quietly getting himself situated for bed, one of those moments where it seems Hale just seems to snap too before there's a grumble, and he is rolling over to look back to the others. A rub of his eyes for a moment and he fluffs his pillow. "Should be I put a filter in there not too long ago.." murmurs Rabbit before he's sleepily reaching for his curtain.

Castor looks over at his wingman, "I got CAP with you remember, eltee?" He then begins to throw his flightsuit on, as he adds, "And tickling the Cap's feet might be about as dangerous as trying to take on eight raiders by yourself." He is wide awake and it shows in his movements, "Anyway, drinks after CAP then…lovely drinks." He adds to Sam saying, "Sides I need to find a drinking buddy on account of Kas not liking me drinking so much when I am off duty." He chuckles, "You'll have to pry the bottle out of my cold dead hands." He then takes a moment to leave his flighsuit at his waist as something falls out o f his locker, a pair of dogtags, Leda scrambles for the tags and he picks them up to place them back where they were - anyone with good eyes or who is close enough can see the name, 'Leda, Pollux' written on them. "How long ago are we talking, eltee?" He asks in teasing tones to Hale.

"Define fresh," Kai contributes from his lofty bunk. His voice is somewhat muffled by hands dragging over his face, eyes rubbed at in an effort to force the sleep out of them. "You should ask the CAG about her stash, Leda. She's got some good stuff stocked away, though she won't tell the likes of me where it is."

"Like an hour ago.." mumbles Hale as he lays there in his bed. cozying up. Soon enough the curtain is forgotten as soft Leonisian snores follow. Not loud enough to really be a nuisance, but if you listen for them, you would be able to find Rabbit. And with that he shifts again, rolling so that his back is to the light, and finally-out. Only the military can produce such quick and hearty sleepers.

Samantha wrinkles her nose and takes a sip of the coffee…"it's totally passable, sir. Almost tastey." She winks to Hale a moment, stifling another yawn as she shoots back the rest of her coffee and stands drowsily. "…alright…shower…get dressed…CAp…stuff… gotta… do it." She mutters to herself, more than anything, and heads for the showers. Apparently, that was her to do list.

Castor takes a moment to look over at Sam as he closes his locker, "Do you need me to motivate you, sir?" He says teasingly, "I believe I could let out a strong speech about boots in the ass and moving." He then looks over at the coffee and he shakes his head, "None for me, I'll save the flush of water to my system for booze later." He looks over at Kai as he speaks about the CAG and her stash, "Wait, the Major has a stash?" He begins to calculate, "Sir, do you think she'd be willing to share or trade for some of it?" His mind is already working on ways just to see said stash to make a mental stock.

Kai is, meanwhile, shuffling around in his bunk so as to situate himself for climbing out. So much for getting some sleep. He swings down onto the ladder and scales it to the bottom, where his boots await. "I imagine it depends what you've got to offer," he answers Castor, starting to shove feet into boots, then dropping into a chair so he can lace them. Instead of tank tops, he's dressed in a rumpled t-shirt along with his fatigue trousers. Apparently it comprises his pajamas. "And no motivation needed, Leda. But thanks for the offer." Tug, tug. "We need to talk."

Castor looks at Captain Marek, "You did mention a while back that we need to talk." He moves over to the table and takes a seat, Leda is now offically waiting on his wingman so he has time to kill. "Something you need me to do for you, sir?" He asks in honest tones that have a hint of 'please don't let me be in trouble'.

Kai keeps his eyes down, and on the laces being knotted with his fingers. He doesn't appear in any particular hurry to chew the man out, if that is indeed what's coming. "Yeah, actually, you can grab me a cup of that shit they're calling coffee. How's CAP been, lately? Schedule working for you?" It's a neutral enough question.

Castor stands up and pours the coffee into a regulation mug, "Sugar or powdered dairy, sir?" He asks as he prepares to bring the coffee over, "Well, I enjoy working with Lieutenant Passi, she and I get along well together." He then brings the coffee over in the manner that it was ordered, "I do alright with the schedule, I typically am on fourth watch but, I really don't mind." His tones aren't neutral, they carry an honest ring to them. "CAPs have been quiet recently but that is a good thing to be honest, sir, every successful CAP where no one dies is a win in my book." He takes a seat back at the table and he slides the coffee over to Kai.

"Nope," is Kai's catchall answer to the question about sugar or whitener. Apparently he likes it black, and hot enough to scald. "You seem to work with most of the wing pretty well, which I appreciate," he adds. Blue eyes meet green for a few seconds, then lower again while he finishes with his boots. "I know we frakked with your schedule. Did the old one work better for you?"

Castor says, "Well says, it comes from being Aquarian, sir. When your on a ship on the seas you have to trust the people you are with, they become your family. Every man on this ship is my brother and every woman my sister. So, you listen to your older brothers and sisters and you help your younger brothers and sisters. There is no point in running around making trouble because it harms the entire ship and it hurts your family." He then takes a moment to consider all of this before he says, "Nah, I'm alright with whatever schedule you put me on - all - watches are the same, sir."

"Must be hell getting a date around here, with a policy like that," Kai points out drily. His coffee cup is reached for with a murmured 'thanks', and sipped from quickly so he doesn't burn his tongue. "Then again, maybe they had different rules on Aquaria." He relents, and offers a small smile.

Castor shakes his head, "No, sir, I'm seeing Ensign Nevice in the Black Squadron, the CAG knows about us and she is supportive about our relationship." He says softly, "Which is a good thing sir, I've been having these urges…it is like I've turned into a teenager again." He says, "I'm trying to schedule a meeting with Major Pike in fact, sir."

Kai pauses a moment, then sips again from his weak excuse for coffee. "I was teasing you, Leda. I know you're seeing Nevice; I may be old, but I'm not blind yet." Well, duh. Kai lives, breathes, and sleeps his squadron. There's probably little that passes his notice, where they're concerned. "Urges like what? Something a racy magazine and some engine grease won't take care of?" Kai. Is sometimes so tactless.

Castor chuckles softly and says, "No, I mean, like yeah, racy magazine and engine grease will take care of it and then it happens all over again…it is constant sir. I don't know it all started a while back, I had to deliver some request forms to a Petty Officer who was in the chapel and ever since then I have just been….like a teenager. I mean, I'm in control and I won't do anything that would get us in trouble but it isn't normal, not for a thirty year old man."

"Pretty soon it'll be dentures and a cane for you, Tinman," Kai concurs blithely. Then, "Maybe you just need something a little more vigorous." Yep, he just comes right out and says it. Poor Castor. He doesn't even sound like he's mocking the man, it's just his way of weighing in. There's another slurp of coffee.

Castor says bluntly, "Sir, I've been getting it fairly regularly, at least once a day." He says, "To be fair, I think I'd tire Kas out." He says honestly.

Kai clears his throat a little. He keeps his eyes on his coffee cup, or somewhere in the vicinity of it. "I wasn't referring to quantity so much as quality. Not that I doubt Ensign Nevice's enthusiasm, mind you." This has got to go on record as the strangest conversation he's had to have with a pilot.

Leda says, "Oh, no the quality isn't the problem either…" He just stops. "Sorry Cap, I should be sharing my sudden and wierd need for constant frakking." He takes a moment to add, "I'll save it for the Major, sir."

Kai grunts softly into his coffee, eyes flicking up for a second. After it's set down, and the back of his hand drawn across his mouth, "If you want, sure. Though I try not to bother her unless it's something major." A ha ha. Major. He even cracks a lopsided smile at his own bad joke. "I'm no expert, but I'll certainly listen."

Castor crack a grin at t he joke and says, "Anyway, sir, CAP is going well and I've been hitting both the Viper and Raptor sims fairly hard…helps keep my mind off the need for constant sexing." He then says, "Also, I've been doing what I can to help morale out here, sir. I managed to score some paper for Willem, writting helps keep him sane."

"You let your flying slip on the airframe you're rated for, and you'll be pulled from both," the squad leader points out flatly. "Raptors are for your spare time, and your spare time only." The coffee's finished off in a long swallow, then, "What keeps you sane?"

Castor nods his head, "Aye, sir. I'm Red Squad to the bone and I intend to keep it that way. Raptors are a backseat thing." He then takes a long moment to consider this question before he finally says, "Helping the rest of the crew, sir. Like I said they are family. So, taking care of them gives me something to do. Also, when I can get away with it a nice stiff drink helps." He then adds, "And Kas helps…I mean we are in a relationship which brings a sense of comfort to me."

The answer seems to suffice, by the little smile Kai gets at the corners of his eyes. It's a bittersweet thing, really. "That's good." He scrapes his fingers through his hair, and starts pushing back to his feet. "I've got a bottle of Virgonese rum in my locker. Since you've got CAP tonight, I'll hunt it down for you in the morning." He claps the Lieutenant's shoulder, and starts back for his bunk. So much for the caffeine. "Good hunting out there, Tinman."

Castor takes a momen to say, "Seriously?" A gift of booze is a good way to get Leda's admiration which Marek already had anyway, "Thank you, sir. If there is anything you need let me know, I have a knack for finding things." He notices the bittersweet style but he isn't sure what would have caused it. "Good hunting to you, sir."

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