Chawing the fat
Chawing the Fat
Summary: Hale and Eddie chew the fat over a game of pool. And by that, I mean they just talk.
Date: PHD 65 (June 23rd 2009)
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Hale is off Duty, and instead of taking a shower as he usually does after Cap it seems the Lieutenant has taken to just shooting pool. Cigarette in his mouth, Rabbit takes time to lazily line up his shot and then send the Stick along to knock the cue into the racked diamond for 9 ball. Perhaps trying to wind down, or simply hang out o his own there are no laughs, no greetings to anyone else. For once the Lieutenant is just keeping to himself.

Maybe Hale's shot would have been more effective had Eddie not sat her ass down on felt right infront of his cue ball right after he kissed it with the pole. "Ow." She says flatly as she gets tagged by the ball inveritably. "You wanted to see me, Sugar Britches? Well here I am." He probably didn't mean /quite/ like this.

Hale furrows his brows as he is no long staring at the cueball but pegged ass, for a moment. A look and a switch of his cigarette before he's rising up. "Well that one's new." he'll admit, but a half grin comes up. "Yeah, I did Ed. Though I figger this talk will be the least productive of the ones we usually have." A deep drag there for a second. "I gotta know something- Cause you're a friend. Or I like to think of you as that, even if I ride your ass in a less than fun way."

Eddie quirks a grin, then reaches out to snag his cigarette before he can complain, "All ass riding is fun. At least to one party. What's up?" Seems she's almost actually in a good mood tonight.

"Touche.. I hear in some circles, it can be fun for both.." A shake of his head as he is taking time to come and lean by where she is sitting-arms folded over his chest. "I'm just concerned, an you can tell me its none of my frakkin business- an t' go blow off somewhere, but-" And Rabbit seems to furrow his brows again " What is up with you and Dash? It doesn't take a rocket scientist t' see something.." A glance "I'm just trying to watch out for you-You can tell me t' frak off now."

Eddie tucks the stolen cigarette between her lips, only long enough to take deep drag off of it. She's the flipping it around, so the cherry is cupped in her palm and the filter is offered back to him. "What's with you and this Dash thing?" She asks, in a pinched voice while she holds the smoke in, then lets it out on the tail end of her statement.

"I think its more or less, I don't wanna see you get hurt- or see Case come up an deck you in th' jaw because some bloke hasn't been honest with you." says Hale. Cigarette is taken before another long drag. And of course its eased out slowly. "That's mainly it." well, really that's all there is. " Friendly concern."

Eddie is all to happy to keep sitting on the felt, disrupting his game, and keeping any one else from enjoying the pool table either. Because that's just how Eddie rolls. She only smirks at his assessment of things. "You run this little theory of yours past anyone else?"

"My little theory?" A laugh "Only person I've had a chat with is Kai, and he doesn't care t' hear who is frakking whom." said simply before he's shaking his head "I ain't passing rumors, or talking to the chatterboxes, if that's where you're going…" Abe adds with another drag before passing his cigarette over. "I got your back, Mooner."

Eddie's eye twitches slightly as he mentions Kai. "Yeah, I'm all for the Captain not being a part of my love life, unless I'm actually getting frakked by him, and even then it's debatable." Date rape drug, anyone? "I'd take it as a kindness if you didn't talk to him about who's nethers my nethers have been touching. He has a weak stomach and he spanks harder then my real daddy. As for Black, lemme ask you something. Am I a big girl?"

"You're fine- trust me." said simply before Hale's grinning still. "Yeah you are, Ensig. Its not you bein' a big girl that I am really worried about. An I figger you can carry your own, otherwise, you woulda pulled a padre by now, I suspect." Oooh cold right there, but for Hale, mourning period is over, and so there's new lingo. "However despite you bein' a big girl an all, you worth a lot more than some frak on the side." a shrug all the same.

Eddie rubs her bottom lip with her index finger and thumb, drawing them towards the center of her lip before she finally gives it a tug. "You and I haven't always seen eye to eye, Hale. Sometimes you can be a downright bastard, but I respect you. And for that simple reason am I going to tell you two things. First off? If I'm frakking anybody? It'd be as casual as the day is long. I don't have the heart for none of that love and babies nonsense. And two, Martin and I haven't done the horizontal tango in a long ass time, so it really doesn't matter, now does it?"

"Good." Hale says back to her, the cigarette still held out for her to have if she wants it or not. "I'm just looking out for you, because you're my wingman, and I surprisingly seem to care." A twitch of his lips. "But since we got that out of th' way, you got anything on your chest you wanna bust me about? Now is the time, so we can get those eyes somewhat level."

Eddie pulls the cigarette from his fingers, unabashedly sharing this as she does his liquor. Because you don't look a gift horse in the mouth, you just keep right on mooching. "Chest. Bust. What is it with you man, I'm starting to think you got some sort of fascination." Her smirk lifts up lopsidedly, one corner of her mouth lofting higher then the other as she sneaks a second drag then hands it back over.

Hale laughs at that. "Oi, just how I talk Ed." flash of teeth and he's moving his elbow to push at her side just so. "Give ya a year an you'll be able to translate me in a heartbeat." clicking of his tongue before he's reaching back to catch up the cue ball. Toss it up, and catch it, see this he can do a lot easier than hit with a stick. "Sides, I'd be payin more compliments if I was ever truly bedazzled."

Eddie hops down off her perch with a swing of her legs. "I'll keep that in mind, pumpkin." She says dryly, "If that's all you wanted, and your mind is now at ease, I'll let you get back to your game. I'm sure there's some trouble I can get into somewhere."

"Mainly it." Hale then leans back off his table and is going back to the game. "Oi Eddie." said as he looks back to her. ball put down. "I'm starting to like our chats an bonding. Minus this time. This time was horrid- an that's on my shoulders..But if you ever wanna catch a drink- or throw cards at a helmet?" needless to say you should know who to call. "An..You're improving in sims..It shows."

Eddie snorts. "You're going soft." Is all she has to say to that, and then she's reaching out to scatter his carefully racked balls, just to further mess with him. Because she can.

"And you're a bitch." Hale chuckles, its said with love, if that can be believed. And so he's left scratching his head, before he's going over to re rack and set his game. Beautiful, just frakking Beautiful.

Eddie is grinning when she walks out the hatch. Because bitch is ten times better then being called Dove.

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