Charles Nguyen "Wiseguy" Bui
Chow Yun Fat
Chow Yun Fat as Charles Nguyen Bui
Name: Charles Nguyen Bui
Alias: Wiseguy
Age: 28
Hair & Eyes: Black, Brown
Faction: Military
Position: Tactical/Communications Officer/Lieutenant
Colony: Aerelon
Play Times: Monday, Wednesday, Sporadic
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time

Biographical Info



Ken Bui= Father, Deceased
Charlotte Nguyen= Mother, Deceased
Carla Nguyen Bui= Sister, 28
Phaeton Nguyen Bui= Brother, 25
David Nguen Bui= Brother, 24
Angela Nguyen Bu= Sister, 22
Samuel Nguyen Bui= Brother, 21


With his parents passing away and leaving him to take care of five brothers and sisters, Charles enjoyed a sporadic education at best. He attended the bare minimum of school days to pass on to the next grade, and while he demonstrated above-average intelligence, this was masked considerably by his truancy, his troubles with law enforcement (never charged, but often labeled as a delinquent and a good-for-nothing), and his perceived lack of interest in anything that did not result in timely benefit to his family. Charles developed and honed his social intelligence, however, and this combined with his intellect allowed him to avoid jail or being lured into the dark side of the criminal lifestyle, as opposed to skirting the gray edge.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

By the time he was 18, Charles was running out of options. He was dangerously close to crossing a point of no return as an offender, and he wanted to be a better example to his brothers and sisters, as well as the other children of the slums. With this in mind, he enlisted the moment he graduated from high school. He went through basic training as a marine, and while a competent (though constantly struggling) soldier, it was his skills as a negotiator and a peacemaker that won him the greatest measure of praise. There were better sharpshooters, better hands with a knife, but his natural charisma and ability to defuse conflict won him friends among enlisted and officer alike. After four years, glowing reviews describing his technical and interpersonal skills convinced his superiors to pay for a college scholarship. Majoring in Communications and Computer Science, he returned to the military, albeit in the guise of a communications officer.

Serving on the Kharon for the past two years, Charles is a constant presence over the wireless, presiding over every transmission from the most grave to the most lighthearted and congratulatory. He is an easy man to get along with, modest, and slow to anger. Although few know the extent of his transgressions as a youth, there is the occasional wild rumor that the Comms Officer is on first name terms with dangerous men of questionable profession, and that so long as it puts no one in danger, he is willing to procure items that regulations would not intend the lonely and sometimes bored sailor or marine to have. That he refuses to compromise his honesty by confirming or denying these rumors has lead to a measure of mystery about the fancifully-styled "Man in the Booth".

Distinguishing Features


He has never told a lie, merely distorted the truth. For a social chameleon like himself, this is a notable achievement.
He never wears short sleeves. The stated reason for this is that he is shy about the number of scars he received in basic training.
He is the younger of a set of fraternal twins.
About the same time he entered service on the Kharon, he received a bonsai tree from his twin sister. He has since tried to keep it alive and convince it to grow, with varying degrees of success.


Oration, argumentation, and debate: Both a function of his life on the street and his studies as a college student, Charles excels at speechcraft, getting his point across, and often convincing the other guy he is wrong. He has served as a mediator in minor disputes on the Kharon.
Horticulture: While he has never quite mastered the art, he is getting good enough to where he can notice what a plant needs to grow and thrive, the glaring exception being that infernal bonzai tree.
Mechanics and electronics: Even if he is better with his mouth, the hands are no slouch either. It is, after all, amazing how many times yourself talking while trying to jury-rig the latest system to go down.
Streetwise: Though he has walked away from his days of teenage delinquincy, the ability to recognize who has the power, who can give you what for how much, and how to keep more straight laced personell out of trouble with shady characters is one of his best, if not his favored, skill.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events


"Please do not tell me what a hotshot pilot you are, or how many men you can kill with your bare hands. The day will come when your pride and skill are to no avail, and no one will be sadder on that day than I."
"Good morning, space monkeys! This is your Wireless Wizard Lieutenant Nguyen Bui, wishing you a pleasant bleary blinking of the eye! If you were bad like Big Brother Charles was, here is hoping you didn't leave any evidence, and that you and your coconspirators are enjoying your last few moments of freedom before the great maw of the brig opens and swallows you up! For the good girls and boys, don't be discouraged, someone has to make sure the boat runs in some sense of order! This mornings breakfast will be…."


  • Children
  • Hard Workers
  • Gardening
  • Mechanics
  • Debate
  • Poetry
  • Expensive Liquor
  • Gambling


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