Changing Stances
Changing Stances
Summary: Kai and Castor discuss Castor's plans to look at Raider footage
Date: PHD030
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The firing range is empty this evening, which stands to reason, since it's past midnight and most personnel are asleep in their racks. Aside from those unlucky pilots up on graveyard shift CAP. Kai, dressed in his blues, is just in the process of holstering his sidearm and heading out. The scent of gunpowder lingers in the air, his target a testament to that fact: the head is riddled with bullet holes.

Castor walks in as he is on graveyard shift and for once wasn't put on flight but instead he was asked to do some paper work and file some reports. Having finished the paperwork Castor seems to be ready to shoot things, because, paper works would make any one shoot things. He moves to his locker and he pulls out his pistol after signing in. He glances over at the target, "That is one dead piece of paper, sir." He says in tones that indicate that he is wide awake, most likely because he is usually on vampire shift.

Kai looks up when he hears the familiar voice of one of his pilots, and gives the man a wry little smile. It's gone again in a heartbeat. "Just getting some practice in, in case we're ever attacked by sheets of cardboard, Lieutenant." His hand falls away from the 'dragon' at his hip. "Besides, it's quite cathartic. How was paperwork?"

Castor moves into position, "Well, Cap, it has put me in the mood to put holes through sheets of paper." He says in a dry tones, "However everything has been caught up on and so we are ship shape." He rattles of a shot that manages to hit the neck of the target. He lowers his pistol and adds, "Ah, now this is cathartic." He then takes a moment to say, "I'm still trying to find the CAG, sir, to see where I can get that guncam footage."

Kai slides his hands into his trouser pockets, blue eyes shifting now to watch Castor take aim at his target. His attention is quiet and discerning. "Not bad. And good luck catching the CAG. I'm consideri

Castor has a stance that reveals he has been trained as a professional soldier and his treatment of his pistol shows both fear and respect for the killing device in his hand. Uniquely, he doesn't seem to be aiming by sight by by feel. He fires off another round and this one hits close to the heart. "I recomend leaving a trail of chocolates or some other delicatable for her to follow. This way we can lead the Major into a room and seal her off. It should work, I saw it in a movie once." He says in joking tones as he lowers his firearm.

That might get a chuckle, or at least a smile out of a normal man. Kai? Just a tiny twitch of his lips that probably isn't even spotted, in the reflective glass. "I'll keep that in mind. Remind me again what you needed the tapes for?"

Castor lines up another shot, "Well, the thing is sir." He takes a breath in, "I'd really like to see the footage I'd like to see if I can learn anything from the footage about these new raiders. I want to learn what I can from the footage to see if I can find a way to help save some pilots." He breaths out and then the trigger is lightly squeezed not pulled. There is a solid hit again right at the neck, maybe an inch above the old one mark.

Kai is watching Castor more closely than the shots he's making at the moment, as if assessing something about the man while he has his back turned and his attention elsewhere. "While I appreciate the enthusiasm, Lieutenant, I already have Case working on the footage from the tapes. Though if I manage to pin down the CAG, I'll mention you're interested in seeing them. Until then, you might check the library for any books on the first war, and extrapolate from that."

Castor takes a moment to check his pistol, "Alright Cap, I'll check in with the archive footage. I might be able to see if I can find any difference between the old Raiders between what I have observed in the field about the new ones." He then takes a moment to line up another shot and he this time he hits close to the heart again. He takes a step back to check the pistol before he lowers the pistol.

"You might try relaxing your stance a little," the Captain offers casually, after watching that last shot go off. His hands remain in his pockets; no attempt is made to demonstrate. "And you're welcome to do as much study as you like, so long as it doesn't impact your flying. That's what we pay you for, Tinman." Except, y'know, they don't.

Castor follows Kai's advice and relaxes his stance a bit, this time he raises up and his stance looks better the shot is solid and he hits the targets head. He turns the safety on his pistol and places it in his holster on the counter to remove some casings that haven't been cleaned. "Cap, that would be good, it would give me something to do after shift."

Kai shifts his stance slightly, though doesn't step any closer to the other pilot. His sidearm remains firmly secured in its holster, blue eyes flicking from Castor, to his perforated target. "Most people favour hobbies in their spare time, that are as far removed from work as possible. What interests you about raider tactics, Leda?"

Castor kneels down and picks up some empty casings and he tosses the casings into a box so that they can be recycled, "Well, to be honest sir, they are sort of fascinating machines I mean they are sleek, fast, and deadly. Right now we are relying on skill in our older Vipers and so anything we can do to keep pilots alive is a step forward for the squad. So, I reckon I want to study raider tactics so I can keep us all alive."

Kai twitches a smile at that, and rubs the back of his hand briefly across his nose, as if to stifle an itch. "They're machines that want to destroy us. Don't mistake them for anything else. I'll see what I can do about finding you a project for your spare time. Until then, you fly your ass off and do your job out there. Anything else, is above your paygrade and I don't want you worrying your pretty head about it. Understood?"

Castor takes a moment to look at Kai, he said the wrong thing and now he knows it. He then says, "Understood Cap, I'll stick with the flying and I'll remeber they're machines." He scratches his head, "And I'll give up on the research." He takes a moment to add, "And I'll always fly my ass off out there." This time he doesn't sound like a hotshot but rather he carries the tone of a serious fleet pilot, "I have to sir because that is what I joined the fleet to do."

Kai doesn't give any indication, either way, that Castor said the wrong thing or the right thing. He's a difficult man to read though, with an expression that rarely seems either pleased or displeased, almost always some vague place in between. "I'm not telling you to give up on anything, Tinman." His brows beetle together slightly, then smooth. "Like I said, I appreciate the enthusiasm. You want to help me out? Find a way to channel it into your flying. That's what I need right now. Good pilots."

Castor is funny in his own way, he is only inexpressive when the situation becomes tense, and at this moment his face looks slightly guilty and yet he is a trained pilot who says, "I'll put extra practice in the with the SIMs."

"Good. I'm counting on you." There's a subtle weight behind those words, and Kai keeps his eyes on the jig for a few moments before turning to depart. "Have a good evening, Leda. And don't forget to get some rack."

Castor throws up a salute, "Aye sir. Rest well."

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