Catherine Sinclair
Catherine Sinclair
Jordana Brewster
Jordana Brewster as Catherine Sinclair
Name: Catherine Sinclair
Alias: "Chip"
Age: 26
Hair & Eyes: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
Faction: Military
Position: Military Police
Colony: Sagittaron
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: Eastern

Biographical Info


From a young age, Catherine Sinclair knew that her family stood in a sharp contrast to others on Sagittaron. A child raised with her father's longing for the stars and the mysteries of the universe, she never had the traditional Sagittaron upbringing. In spite of their heritage and the social baggage that carries, the Sinclair family had always stood as staunch supporters of the Colonial Military. As part of the distrusted and unliked Colonial Military presence on Sagittaron, Catherine's father Nathaniel Sinclair served his whole life in a position he felt was necessary to the people, while at the same time endured the stigma placed upon his family for serving "against Sagittaron ways."

This familial stigma was compounded by Nathaniel's distance from his daughter, and his inability to properly raise her on his own. Darla Sinclair, Catherine's mother, passed away when she was too young to remember her face, and the stern but loving hand of a father incapable of showing his daughter the love he knew she deserved was the home in which she was raised. From a young age, the military was all that she had, from her father's comrades in arms, to their families they brought with them to Sagittaron. For this, Catherine was treated like a pariah by the local children of Sagittaron, as their parents clung to the old ways, distrustful of the Colonial Military's presence and activities. Unable to appease her peers, Catherine buried herself from youth into the one pursuit that could find her acceptance — the Colonial Marines.

Dreaming to stand by her father's side, Catherine struggled through her early life. A rough, thick-skinned tomboy of a girl that — despite her best face — was crushed repeatedly by the emotional trauma brought upon by her peers. Catherine was eager to leave behind her origins on Gemenon, feeling personally that she had no stake in the planet's history or culture, as evidence by her father's hardline military support. As soon as she was able to depart for Gemenon to begin her education she left Sagittaron, without the intention to ever return until she had joined the enlisted ranks of the CMC.

Catherine's time on Gemenon proved to do little to smooth off her rough edges. Much of her life on Sagittaron had molded her into a rough, abrasive and difficult young woman to handle. When she began her military training, it was obvious that her short temper and pride would make it difficult for her — despite her evident scholastic aptitude — to fit in properly.

Only a year into her higher education, things became progressively worse when Catherine was informed that her father was killed in a terrorist bombing of a government center on Sagittaron by local anti-government dissidents led by the revolutionary terrorist Tom Zarek. Unable and largely unwilling to return home to Sagittaron and face her father's funeral, Catherine found herself at an empasse. Everything she had built her life around, the appeasement of her father and the military life she had envisioned for herself was falling apart at the seams. Only by burying herself in academics and her eventual enlistment was she able to find some semblance of peace. Her history as a Sagittaron was kept quiet publicly, wishing to shed that unwanted part of her past from herself as she sought to try and fit in with the CMC.

Upon completion of basic training and due to her scholastic endeavors, Catherine was promoted upon appointment of active service to the rank of Private First Class, and was assigned to return to Sagittaron. Despite her abrasive personality and fitful temper, Catherine's marksmanship and physical fitness proved to be the backbone of her CMC career.

Assigned to Military police on Sagittaron, her duties involved the handling of civil uprisings in the wake of Tom Zarek's arrest and apprehension, which put her at odds with her own brethren, and the people from her youth she had given up for a new life.

While back on Sagittaron, Catherine fell in with the CMC crew, participating in Pyramid games among the other enlisted soldiers. A sport that, thankfully, served as an outlet for her frustrations and anger over the course of her stay. One particular soldier on Sagittaron, a woman by the name of Alis Bran was able to break throguh the hardened exterior of Catherine's personality, force her to open up and in all likeleyhood saved her from being discharged due to her temper. It was from Alis that Catherine found what might have been her calling had the life of a soldier not claimed her — music. On off-duty hours, Alis would instruct Catherine how to play the guitar, teaching her an alternative to venting her frustrations on the Pyramid court or drinking with the officers. Over time, Catherine's friendship with Alis might have helped her cope with her past and the difficulty of her present on Sagittaron, but years after their meeting, Alis was transferred out of Sagittaron to serve on the Battlestar Valkyrie, a request for transfer she had been waiting for since before she had met Catherine.

It was obvious after this division from her life, that Catherine couldn't remain on Sagittaron any longer either. Requesting transfer off of her homeworld, Catherine found her filing took months to respond to. In this time, she was faced with the difficult task of handling the remainder of her father's estate, a home which she refused to return to and possessions of his that were handed down to her that she could not acknowledge, to do so would be to come to terms with Nathaniel's death and her own inability to life her dreams as she had imagined them.

Waiting on her transfer, however, Catherine eventually succumbed to the guilt of ignoring her own father's passing, and finally visited his resting place on Sagittaron and went through the process of handling the final affairs of his estate. Among the possessions that were entrusted to Catherine in her father's will, was a leather bracelet bound with three ceramic rings, of everything her father had left to her from his humble military career, this one thing was the item that confused and surprised Catherine the most.

It was her father's soma braid. A traditional Sagittaron token of healing associated with their strong, and proud faith. It was a symbol of everything her father had given up when he joined the CMC. Though it was only on seeing the bracelet that Catherine realized that he never gave up on Sagittaron, he sacrificed the ability to live a normal life there to protect a people and world he so dearly loved.

This realization gave Catherine a purpose, it allowed her to shift her focus from appeasing a father who had long since passed away, to continuing his dream of protecting his homeworld and people, whether he was appreciated for it or not. Despite years of trying to separate herself from her Sagittaron roots, Catherine took up her father's soma bracelet, and returned to duty a renewed spirit.

It was only then that her transfer papers were completed, and despite her newfound desire to stay on Sagittaron, Catherine was transferred to the Colonial Escort Carrier 'Kharon'.

And once again found herself as a stranger in a strange land.


Darla Sinclair (born Darla Lancaster) passed away at the age of 24, shortly after her daughter Catherine was born. Catherine's father, Nathaniel, told her that her mother passed away from complications following child birth.

Colonel Nathan Sinclair was a respected Sagittaron officer in the CMC who served his colony dutifully since a young age, until his life was cut short by a suicide bombing. News agencies covering the destruction of the government building he was in state that the revolutionary Tom Zarek claimed responsibility for these actions under the auspicies of "returning Sagittaron to its people."


Catherine Sinclair attended school at the Kobol Colleges on Gemenon to further her higher education before enlisting in the Colonial Marine Corps. Catherine trained for two years in the Colonial Marines before entering active duty as a member of the Military Police.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Ever since basic, Catherine has carried the reputation of an "angry Sagittaron." Wile the chip on her shoulder was considerably smaller at a young age, it was the death of her father Nicholas that pushed her away from her peers and into a self-imposed isolation. Due to her Colonial homeworld, Catherine is often viewed by her peers with a modicum of distrust, as most Sagittaron are seen as uneducated, backwards people who fear the CMC. She does little to counteract this notion, hiding her sharp intellect and innate talent behind a stoic curtain of resentment and puffed up "toughness."

Catherine's career is spotted with insubordination and disorderly conduct, the latter often stemming from sharp words said by crew mates that she lashed out at. Catherine's private recommendations and her earlier career out of basic is the only tenuous thread keeping her as an MP, though she is walking a thin line between maintaining service and being dishonorably discharged.

She earned her nickname "Chip" in her early years, named for the proverbial chip on her shoulder.


[Marksman]: Ever since basic training, Catherine has had a remarkable knack for firearms. Her accuracy and focus could have made her a Marine sharpshooter, had her poor attitude and mental exams precluded her from being able to apply for marksman training. Regardless of this, she has kept up with her small arms aptitude, practicing every other day at the firing range, more frequently if she feels the need to blow off steam.

[Athletic]: Ever since basic training, Catherine has excelled at athletic endeavors. She is a natural Pyramid player, and spends her alternate downtime (when not at the firing range) exercising in the gym. Since she's shrugged off a lot of the social interaction that Pyramid entails, Catherine has spent more time alone in off-hours at the gym than playing competitive sports, so she's a bit more rusty than she was on Sagittaron.

[Guitarist]: While she does not have one of her own, Catherine has a natural talent for the guitar, a skill picked up back on Sagittaron.

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