Amanda Righetti
Amanda Righetti as Mia Castaine
Name: Mia Castaine
Alias: Ember
Age: 24
Hair & Eyes: Red Hair & Hazel Eyes
Faction: Military
Position: Medic
Colony: Tauron/Gemenon
Play Times: Late Afternoon/Evening
Timezone: EPT

Biographical Info


Castaine was born on Tauron but grew up on Gemenon. She comes from a large family, filled with boys. Her 'Dad' is a Doctor, her mother a nurse. There is a rumor that she has a Father floating around out there who is an Outdoorsman. She doesn't talk about her family much though she carries pictures of them all.


Mother: Lillia Castaine — Presumed Dead.
Dad: Giddon Castaine — Presumed Dead.
Brothers: The five are simply called 'The Boys'. — Presumed Dead.
Father: Jace Corvella — Presumed Dead.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Castaine is known for being cool under fire and an absolute wiz at patching you up to get you home - That is until a Cylon attack on the Kharon resulted in the loss of she spleen, forcing her to leave the CMC behind and transfer to the Navy's Medical department as a Medic. Le-sigh.

New Family

Lieutenant JG Marius 'Prophet' Cygnus has been adopted by Castaine as her big brother and she will protect him fiercely.




  • People who go beyond the call simply because they can.
  • Challenges.
  • Honesty.


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