Cassiar Province

The Cassiar Province of Scorpia is located in the northern hemisphere of the planet, at around 60 degrees latitude. It is a fairly rural area, known for its majestic forests and mountains. There are only two major cities to speak of, and even those pale in comparison to the metropolises found elsewhere on the planet. A favorite of naturalists and outdoorsmen, the primary industry of the region is tourism.

Geography and Resources

In the center of the province is the lush Cassiar Provincial Forest, home to countless species of animals and centuries-old trees. Much of the forest had been declared a protected wilderness area by the government, with heavy restrictions on hunting and camping. Obvious exceptions were made in the zones surrounding the existing settlements, where humans had already left their mark.

Bracketing the central forest are two great mountain ranges - the Icarus Mountains in the west and the Corinthian Mountains in the east. Although the peaks in the Icarus are higher, the Corinthian range stretches all the way down to the southern latitudes.



The two major cities are Mycenae to the south (population approx 1 million) and Glenhaven in the northwest (pop 500,000). Mycenae was the capital as well as the main starport and waterport. Glenhaven was a secondary port city, its poorer weather making it less appealing than its compatriot in the south.

The twin cities of Tinos and Paros (pop approx 20,000 and 50,000 respectively) occupied the heart of the great forest. For more information about that region, see Paros Region.

The southeast part of the province is mostly open prairie, dotted with farms.

Smaller Towns

Towns with populations less than 10,000 (like Osprey) are not indicated on the map. There are many, scattered mostly in the areas around Glenhaven/Jonas and Mycenae/Grand Oaks. In the Tinos/Paros area there are about a half-dozen small communities like Osprey, sprung up around mines, road junctions, or other points of interest.

Military Facilities

The largest military base in the region is Ambrose Airbase, located in the east near the city of Fayette. Ambrose had close ties with the Martin-Falken Viper plant, getting newly-built Vipers ready for actual deployment. There was also a naval station (with marines and water navy ships) in Glenhaven, and a small marine training facility just outside Hamilton.


Being at a higher latitude, the weather runs chillier than in the more heavily populated areas of Scorpia. Winters can be very rough, with the mountain towns regularly getting socked in with snow. Rainfall is heavier than average as well.


Much of this information is not known ICly. It is provided for OOC reference only.
Mycenae was hit with multiple, large warheads, leveling the city and leaving massive fallout behind. Ambrose Airbase was hit by a smaller nuke, which toasted much of Fayette as well. Glenhaven was hit by a neutron bomb, which delivered an initially high dose of rads that quickly dissipated with only minimal fallout.

The map below shows the radiation fallout throughout the region. The following color key is used:

  • Red = Ground zero. Fatal dose within minutes. Rad meds will not help.
  • Orange = Heavy fallout. Fatal dose within hours. Rad meds may keep you from dying, but you're still going to be very sick.
  • Yellow = Moderate fallout. Fatal dose within a few months. Rad meds will keep you from getting sick.
  • Dark Green = Light fallout. Fatal dose within a few years. Rad meds will keep you from getting sick.
  • Light Green = Minimal fallout. Not directly fatal, but there may be long-term effects like increased cancer risk. Rad meds are unnecessary.
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