Casserole Day
Casserole Day
Summary: It's tuna casserole day in the mess hall… a source of joy for some, and despair for others. Of course, some pilots have other things to be happy about too, apparently.
Date: PHD162
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Roubani is here for lunch. Dinner. Whatever the hell shift it is. Sometimes it's useless to try and remember. In his blues, his hair's wet from a post-PT shower, and the clock's ticking till sims time. Enough to run in, grab a tray, and start picking. One plate with a respectable array of food and of course a mug of tea, brimming to the top. Then he starts combing through the place to find a table. Table, table, where are you.

Kitty notices several familiar faces and waves them over, moving her folders to somewhere else to free up the space they were taking to make room at the table for the newly arrived. "Thanks," she say while laughing, noticing that he chose something else but the tuna, a fact she's grateful for. "You totally rock, Dash. And I'm sorry but c'mon…how the frak can you eat the tuna? It's gross!"

With the civilians back in the cargo bay, the mess hall is a ghost town compared to what it was a couple weeks ago. Thorn manages to get through the line with a blissfully minimal amount of jostling, nudging, or pushing. His nose crinkles nevertheless; there's a look at the server with the tuna casserole as if to say 'are you serious'? He grabs a plate of what's probably supposed to be mac and cheese instead, along with a glass of water, as he steps away from the line and begins to look for a place to sit.

Roubani didn't touch the tuna. He's got the 'cheesy' pasta and some bread on his plate, already giving it the eye as he drifts through the table rows. "Dash, Katherine," A quick step to the side as someone goes barreling past him, avoiding getting shoulder-checked by about half an inch. Sheesh. "Do you mind?" The empty chair, that is. The other chairs in here are in scary places.

Matto has totally already come in here once today, and he looks none too pleased to be back, especially when the odor of tuna casserole hits his nostrils. But lunch will happen, will he or… nill he, so he takes up a tray and braves the sludge, finding something that doesn't look too offensive and taking a copious glass of ice water and another of juice.

"Tuna casserole vile I'll show you…" Martin grumbles under his breath. The server looks at Martin strangely, surprised to see him turning down the casserole. "NO!" Martin blurts. "Yes! Yes I want tuna casserole on this plate. On the other one load up on the maccaroni." Martin adds, heading down the line and collecting side dishes and glasses of ice water. Tray completed, he issues Matto and Roubani a broad grin as he sets the tray on the table with Kitty. "I'm still alive, who'da thought right?" He grins, sitting down. "…alright I got you the mac and cheese stuff instead, hope that's okay."

Nana nana nana nunu nana nana nana nunu NIP MAAN!! To those who'd heard the rumor but not seen the man, here he is in the flesh. Nearly six feet of muscled Marine in camo pants and a sagebrush athletic tee, the latter of that special water wicking material so tight that… well, that it's obvious where Panda gets his nickname from. "Aw frak yeah, tuna casserole! Pile it on, big man!"

"Well no one has to love everything that I do. But I and the Lord of Tuna Casserole are going to remember this. These things we never forget." Martin replies in a flirtatious tone. Looking up, he smiles brightly at Roubani. "Course not, have a seat man. Change the topic though because I'm emotionally hanging on by a thread and this railing against the tuna casserole's gonna give me a complex…" Martin pauses, whipping his head around to see Panda going nuts about the tuna casserole. He raises his fist in the air. It's a private, unspoken triumph. "Damn right Ajtai. Tuna Casserole day is the best!"

Matto drifts on after some combination of Nadiv and the direction of Kitty's beckoning, which thankfuly all lead him to the same place. "Hey, guys," he greets the whole lot of them with a bright smile. Having taken the earlier wave as invitation enough, he doesn't ask, as the Poet does, but just finds a spot to settle in. "How're things today?" Things here being a somewhat loaded word, but admitting for a less loaded answer if need be.

Roubani thins his lips into a slight smile at Martin, settling in as Matto does on the other side. What he would've asked next is probably what matto's already put out there, so he simply seconds it by glancing between Martin and Kitty as he picks up his fork. THINGS. Interpret as desired.

"Oh please join us, Nadiv. In fact, I insist that you do…" Kitty gives Poet a fond smile which she then gives to Matto. "That goes for you too, Mister Kissybearasaurus." She can't help but to beam, the smile then growing upon noticing her brother and Thorn. "You two better get your asses over here once your able to," she calls out to her fellow ECO and the Marine.

"Concentrated protein without the kneeling, I'm all ABOUT that!" Panda announces, taking his tray and adding a little pudding cup (breakfast's gruel, but with some flavour pouches added) and water. "I'm coming, big sis, I'm coming," he calls out from the line; once he's approaching the table a grin is flashed at Matto. "What was those dances they did with the masks on a stick, anyone know?"

Thorn catches Kitty's jubilant exclamation just as he's heading away from the serving line. There's a look over at the table, and after a brief glance around the mess hall, he heads over to it. The tray with the cheese-pasta-stuff clanks down next to Roubani's as Komnenos pulls up a chair. A taciturn nod passes for a greeting to the others. Thorn slides down into the chair, his elbow knocking into Roubani's as he gets situated. "Oh, s'ry," he mutters as he takes a bite of the stuff. Well, it's not vile, anyway.

"Things are downright great." Martin replies to Matto and Roubani, flashing the two of them a bright smile. Something's definitely pulled him into a cheery mood. It's probably tuna casserole day. When Pandorian sits down, he wipes the smirk off of his face for a less beamy look. "Dances with masks on sticks? I thought that's how they trained you guys." Martin takes up his glass, offering to tap glasses with Panda. Yeap…Martin's sucking up. "Tuna casserole day like a motherfrak. Huah?"

Matto prods about at the macaroni and cheese, which, actually— looks mostly palatable. Okay. He shovels a forkful of the stuff into his mouth, then chews on it, first vigorously, then more slowly, a dubious look coming over his features as he swallows. Then eyes the rest, as though betrayed. He looks up at Pandorian, glad for hte distraction. "Um. You mean, like, choral dances?"

Roubani was in the middle of a bite of pasta as Thorn's elbow clips his, his fork tines making a loud sound against his teeth as the two clang together. Ow. "Good morning to you, too," He tells Thorn, after testing his poor tooth with the tip of his tongue. Fork's set down in favour of tea mug, weak herbal concoction washing away some of the taste of fake cheese. Another glance at Martin and Kissy which doesn't last long, content to let all that go without any details given at the dinner table, and offers Kitty a faint smile before glancing at Panda. Dance? Mask? Whut.

Panda can't turn down a glass-smack, that would be rude! Tink! With that done, he looks at the places by the table. Hrm. "Hey speakin' of training, you ain't prob'ly never done setup or teardown, bein' brass. Here, boss, uh, just move your chair back from the end here…" Panda reaches out to the next table, setting his tray on it and hugging the plank so as to bring it over. "(hrnf) two plus two, right?"

"Better plant a kiss right here, Pandorian Ajtai," Kitty quirps to her brother while tapping her cheek, the younger Marine's sister demanding a kiss that he better make good with. Of course he's allowed to alter their sitting situation, first. "Hey, Thorn. Haven't seen you much, is everything. How's Sam…?" She stops in mid-question, looking down, her finger falling away from the cheek she had pointed to.

"I've done setup and teardown. Long story there…" Martin replies, scooting his chair out of the way. Settling in next to Panda's sister, he leans away from Kitty to give Panda some room to kiss his sister. Looking to Thorn after Kitty's question, he raises his eyebrows. "Yeah, how have you been, man?"

Matto watches Pandorian quietly for a moment, but, receiving no answer, his attention moves across to Nadiv as he gets clunked, but, as he seems uninjured, he just lifts a glass in greeting to Toes, letting Kitty ask the— err— okay, not. He turns his head to look at Kitty, then down.

Has anyone on this ship ever actually seen Komnenos finish a meal? To be fair, at least half of his food is eaten before the plate is pushed aside and a cigarette is pulled out. Maybe he gets sustenance from nicotine, or something. "Hmf." A muted grunt is Thorn's only reply to Roubani as he flicks the wheel of his lighter. "I'm surviving, she seems t' be doing all right." There, obligatory courtesy out of the way for the moment. Smoke spills from his nose as he stares woodenly at Panda. "Officers have t' work too, y' know. Not like we don't know how t' use our frakkin' hands."

Roubani has nothing to say for the moment. This is nothing unusual for this particular pilot, whose attention is on the water in his mug as he sips from it, listening idly to the conversation.

"Nothin' meant by it, Sir," Panda says carefully, looking between each of the men in question after setting the table down. Certainly more room, and he shifts his tray next to Martin since Kitty's already flanked. Speaking of, he slips behind Martin to press his lips against Kitty's cheek and give her a squeeze. "Talkin' to you gents out of politeness, not fraternization;" Panda asides, "I'm just here on account of family." To Matto's question he shakes his head, thinking while sitting down. "Not like the temple dances, no, I mean.. hrm…"

"Are you talking painted faces on sticks or actual faces on sticks?" Martin asks Panda. Pausing to take a sip of water, he looks to the tray of food and takes a few quick bites of the hot tuna casserole. Looking across the table to Thorn, he glances around the assembled faces and then back to Komnenos. "Good man, good to hear. Matto and I were talkin the other day about starting back up the Zombie killin' on the video game system. Everyone's invited if you can handle it."

Kitty sighs. "Frak the whole fraternization crap, guys. We're kind of all like family now. Can't we just forget about rank?" It's the fact that Panda hugged and pecked her and her good mood that she doesn't go off on a tangent and is in fact smiling. "Glad to hear you and Sam are alright, Thorn." Panda's smiled at and then she looks at Matto and Roubai, a brow arched as she giggles. "Poet, you're so quiet. Is something wrong?"

Matto chuckles at Kitty as she finds her voice again. "There's only one of us here that brought it up at all," he points out, giving Pandorian a teasing sort of smile and going back to trying to get down this cheesy gloop before he loses his nerve entirely.

Roubani times his next bite of pasta for when Thorn's arm isn't in danger of hitting his, spearing three (he counted) pieces of macaroni onto his fork and eating that. Then three more. This is a very precise operation. "Hmm?" His eyes lift from plate to Kitty, brow raised. "No, not at all. You're smiling rather brightly today, Katherine. Swallow a flashlight?" It could easily be sarcastic, but it isn't.

"I wasn't the one t' bring up rank." Thorn's never been that type of officer, really. He looks from one Ajtai to the other, for a moment. After a moment, though, he leans back in his chair, taking a drag and shrugging his shoulders, not saying anything further on the subject. Anton looks across at Martin. "Frak, I've barely played video games in years." Thorn empties his water glass in one quick gulp, then ashes into it. "Might take you up on that, though…"

"Just makin' sure we all got our asses covered," Panda says in a hushed tone, sitting down. "Don't want Jacobs or his REAL boss, 'She-who-must-not-be-named,' to have some reason to give any you all shit." As far as masks go, he doesn't bring them up again, crossing arms over his chest in supplication before digging in.

Martin looks up at Roubani's words. Biting the inside of his lip, he forceably refuses to turn and look at Kitty for a reaction. "Damn I love this stuff…" Martin suddenly interjects, starting to take large forkfulls of his tuna casserole into his mouth. Nudging Panda, he looks in the direction of the door as he chews. Swallowing, he looks back to the man. "She who must not be named? Damn, I get that. I won't say why but I get it, man."

Kitty had misunderstood what prompted Pandorian to mention it but now that it has been explained to her she nods, looking relieved. "Sorry." She takes a deep breath, calms down and then shrugs, looking a bit sheepish, playfully. "I must have," she answers to Nadiv with a chuckle. "Okay. No. I didn't. But I'll explain that later." The mention of video games and the resulting conversation between Thorn and Martin is listened to but she doesn't say anything, Kitty now addressing Kissy, instead. "I got something to tell you later."

Matto busily keeps his mouth full, the macaroni helpfully clumping. Gnawm. Soon enough the stuff's gone, and the juice half-gone after it. "Did they just pour that yellow glop in there with that stuff?" he has to wonder, wrinkling his nose, then, "Huh?" he asks the Babydoll. "Oh, sure. Whenever you need, Babydoll."

Roubani spears a couple more three-bit bites of pasta, consuming them. The pattern makes a nicely-crafted spiral in the lump on his plate until he seems to give up, pushing it away. Ugh. Tea again, his eyes flickering from Kitty to Martin and back once Kitty's answered. Then Matto. Then back. Then at his watch, free time steadily ticking down. Bleh.

Thorn's half eaten pasta remains untouched as he continues to smoke, light tendrils of smoke wrapping around his arms and inching towards the table. He yawns, still shaking some residual bleariness from his eyes. Said shake of the head leaves him looking at Roubani, and Thorn raises an eyebrow as he looks over at Poet. "Somewhere t' be?" he asks the younger man.

Panda chuffs at Martin, shaking his head; don't want to know what trouble he's had with the woman. "So Zombie games, huh? I dunno, a bit too much like work for me. B'sides…" Behind Martin's back, he reaches over to drill a knuckle against Kitty's ribs. "Just another thing M'rines would win." The grin shows it's meant to get a reaction.

Leaning forward to avoid Panda's knuckling of Kitty, Martin looks towards Matto in a contemplative manner. "Sure thing, Ajtai, we'll add your name to the list, maybe you can teach us a few more MOUT tactics through the way we move in the game. Oh, and by the way, when you get a chance there's somethin I wanted to ask you about." Martin replies, and then quickly finishes his food. "Sorry folks I'm gonna have to hoof. I've got CAP prep in forty-five, I'm gonna get cleaned up before all that. I'll catch you guys around, alright?" He says, looking around the table. After that, he gets up and leaves.

Kitty gaks from around bite number three of her food, her eating paused so she can glare at her brother, fork still in mouth. "Dmf do fat," she says in warning, the words mumbled from around the tines. Once the bite is swallowed the fork is removed and used to poke at her brother, not physically doing it but then she's distracted by Martin. Blushing at him suddenly, she nods and smiles. "See you later, cute stuff."

Roubani nods to Thorn, setting his fork down and rubbing his temple with his ring finger. "I've got to get some sims time in. Come by if you like." He gathers his things on his tray, nodding to Martin and Panda and sparing the first small smile of the evening for Matto, as he stands up.

Matto probably shouldn't have eaten so fast. Especially when his mind creeps back to pondering the yellow meat glop that nearly made him ill the other morning. He takes a sip of water, then another one, slowly, as if that might help, then just folds arms over stomach and takes a few deep breaths. Not gonna barf, not gonna barf, not gonna barf. He looks up across the table and gives N a quiet smile. "See ya later," he calls quietly. Another sip of water. He's totally got this.

"Feh. We do Fight Night t' give you Marines something t' feel good about," Thorn says to Panda, but this time his words are accompanied by a smirk. He forces himself to down a few more bites of the admittedly not terrible mac and cheese, cigarette in his other hand the whole time. There's a slight nod to Roubani. "Sure, might drop in shortly," he replies.

Panda's tongue slips out at his sister, though there's immediately a guilty look left and right. "There's a thought," he begins to respond to Martin, but that cryptic little bit appended and followed by a rapid egress has his head spinning. "R-right, yeah, see ya' round…" His eyes drift to the other fliegers, one brow quirked up. They stop on Komnom. "You put three smokes down and find some neutral Fleet observer to make the rules, and you're on."

There's a sigh from Kitty as she watches Roubani go, her expression slightly puzzled, perhaps a bit hurt, even. "He's so difficult to get to know…" she mutters to herself before shaking off the momentary twinge of…whatever it was that she got hit by, her smiling returning. "Sorry…"

Matto is still busy recovering from the attack of the macaroni monster in his poor wretched gut. But he eventualy loses the pallid greenish hue he'd taken on for a moment, straightening his back and shoving away his tray in something between victory and disgust. "Oh, hey, Toes, have you heard any word of where Ivory's getting put while he's on the mend?"

"Rules? On? For what, exactly?" Thorn looks up at Panda with another crinkled eyebrow. Then, eyes shift over to Matto at the sound of Kissy's question. "Um. I'd assume they've still got him holed up in th' bloody recovery ward until Pike releases him t' light duty." He shrugs. "Don't know, though. Haven't seen him back in berthings yet, anyway."

"Rules for another challenge, your best four against our best four in that Zombie game," says Panda, his shoulders rolled back. If he had them, hackles would be raised. But not for long; with the space vacated, Pandorian can and does slide right next to his sister, giving Kitty a shoulder bump. "Sup?"

"Nuthin'," Kitty says with a laugh. He's given a kiss on the cheek once she leans closer but the smile slips when the other two talk about Timon. "I should go and see him. Been missing the old man." Like Matto, Kitty pushes her tray away, but unlike his tray hers is pretty much still full. "Did they ever figure out what happened?"

"He's been back," Kisseus murmurs, "I mean, he's out of the ward, at least. I haven't seen him in berthings, but—" Kissy shrugs. He might be about to say something else before the talk of the zombie challenge takes his mind off of it. "Oh, hey, that'd be fun," he tells Pandorian. "I heard something about a drone. Did we get an official report on that, Toes, or are they still looking at it?"

"Oh. Well, talk t' Black about that," Anton replies to Panda with a jerk of the head. "I don't know if I even want t' play just yet. Computers ceased t' be an entertainment device for me long ago." There's a confused look over at Matto. "Drone? What drone? Hadn't heard anything about that." He shrugs. "So, the answer t' th' question seems t' be no."

Panda nods in reply, taking it all in silently. What the flieger talk about sounds important and so he leaves them to it, listening only half focused. Before the food gets cold and unpalatable (id est, before it cools enough that you can tell just what it's made out of) he digs in, scarfing down the casserole in short order. He eyes Kitty's tray, then the woman herself, back and forth with a puppy-dog look.

Matto finishes off his water, and then, with his tray cleared, he shrugs a shoulder and stands. "I dunno, Toes. Like a drone from the downed Base Ship or some such," he guesses. "I don't think the official report's come out, yet. Anyhow, I'll see you guys a little later, 'kay?"

Kitty scoots the tray closer to him as she knows what that look means, Kitty having received that look more than once during her life. "Enjoy, brother mine." His nearest leg is clapped fondly while Kitty nods, her expression darkening. "It's probably something best left to talk to the CAG or Timon directly otherwise we risk startig rumors."

When Kissy says goodbye she stands and moves to quickly engulf him in a hug, Kitty smiling. "See you later, cutey pie."

Thorn snorts in Kitty's direction. "Oh my gods. Couldn't have that, now could we?" He rolls his eyes. "Because no one on this ship has ever started a bloody rumor before." The cigarette is brought to his lips as she rushes to hug the departing Kissybear. "What scandal."

Matto merks! And holds out his tray precariously in one hand, squeezing the Babydoll with his other. "Later, Dollface," he tells her, moving on down the list of word associations, then, to Thorn, both brows rise, "No, no, no. No scandal here. That's not a rumor we need going around." He pauses, then, for a moment, statue-still, one brow lofted and lips drawn together. "… Actually," he says, after a while, looking at Kitty speculatively. That could be a useful rumor, after all.

The way Komnenos rolls his eyes at her has Kitty rolling hers right back at him, snorting too. "I have said more than once that I do not want to be a part of any rumor starting and this is no different." She sticks her tongue out at him and then laughs. "Seriously, though. I'm sure we'll figure out what happened…Panda. Don't bolt your food like that."

Matto gives Kitty another squeeze. "Right. No rumors from this quarter. See you guys later," he peels away from her and heads to bus his tray on the way out.

"Huh?" Thorn looks at Matto, his features scrunched up in confusion as Matto gives Kitty that furtive look. "No, I meant — never mind." Sarcasmfail. Komnenos hmphs, folding his arms over his chest as he looks to Kitty. "Hnh. Well, good look with that." There's a smirk from the older of the ECOs as he, too, stands. "Right, then, I'm off t' find my own lovely lady."

Kitty turns and about ambushes Thorn in a hug…she almost stops herself to think better of it but then continues on, stopping only if she's made to. "Sorry. Misunderstood," she says with a laugh. "Alright. Will see you later. Don't do anything that I wouldn't do or would take more than one profolactic if you do. We're running low, from what I've heard. Gotta conserve!"

OMGWTFHUG. Hasn't this crew gotten the memo yet that Thorn is not a cuddly bunny? He stiffens slightly as Kitty throws her arms around him, but doesn't exactly do anything to stop her. There's an odd look at the woman at the mention of prophylactics. "Well, I don't really know what you wouldn't do, so I can't really answer that." The man clears his throat. "If that sort of thing was what I was looking for her for… and if I would tell you if it was." He doesn't stick his tongue out at the woman, but that twisted smirk on his face seems to serve the same purpose.

Kitty waggles a few fingers. "Yeah. Get out of here…" She makes like she's going to kick him in the ass and then she's sitting back down, Kom allowed to find Sam without no more assaults from her as she's busy watching her brother eat.

"Right then," Komnenos replies as he grabs tray and cigarette, pausing before he heads towards the front of the room. "Take it easy," he offers as a parting shot as he leaves the table, stopping to bus his tray before heading towards the hatch.

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