Alexander Gould
Alexander Gould as Jeremiah Cass
Name: Jeremiah Cass
Alias: Cass
Age: 10
Hair & Eyes: Brown, Brown
Faction: Civilian
Position: Awesome Little Kid
Colony: Aerelon
Play Times: NPC (Request)
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info



Not much is known (as of PH 122) about his family, though it's suspected his parents were both killed on the Idi Space Station somewhere around PH 115-117, though their bodies were never recovered. The disposition of all the people from the station, save the boy, are a mystery.

His parents and he were apparently civilian residents of the space station prior to the mysterious happenings there.


He was a proud member of the 5th grade.
His education was somewhat abruptly cut short by the invasion of Idi Station.


Cass is a quiet, observant child who does not speak, but clearly understands others. His spelling isn't the best, but he gets by.

Distinguishing Features

10 year old grenade toting lone survivor of the Idi Station.


  • Tried to blow up Epi and Dutch when he first came across them on the station, but he forgot to pull the pin.
  • On the grenade apparently given to him by his 'Pappy', a military man.
  • Epi is his favorite marine.
  • He is an aspiring artist, and adores crayons. He has his own sketchbook and everything.
  • Sweet tooth. His stash of dry ice cream is pretty awesome.


  • Drawing.
  • Hiding.
  • Suviving Bad Stuff <tm>.
  • Making friends.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events

Week before Warday: Bellerophon docks at Idi Station and Cass celebrates his 10th birthday. He receives a marine action figure and a dud grenade from Pappy.
Day 0: Woah.
Day 120: After a few days alone on the Idi Station, Cass meets Dutch and Epi when the marines board and blow their way in to an aft docking bay. He is transported to the CEC Kharon.
Day 121: Child's Play - Epi brings Cass some drawing supplies, and they 'talk' in his fort of bedpans, pillows, sheets, and plastic containers.



  • Sweets.
  • Crayons
  • Soldiers.
  • Spaceships.
  • Pappy.


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