Dr. Camille Locke
Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore as Camille Locke
Name: Camille Locke
Alias: Cam or Cammy
Age: 36
Hair & Eyes: Red hair, Blue eyes
Faction: Colonial Medical Corps
Position: Surgeon, Kharon
Colony: Sagittaron
Play Times: Late nights EST
Timezone: Eastern

Biographical Info


Born on Sagittaron, not too much is known about the quiet, gentle doctor named Camille. She seems to stick strictly to the Sagittaron's religion and, though a skilled surgeon, it's said she practices herbalism in her time off. Any who have traveled extensively on Sagittaron may have previously heard the Locke name. The women of the family were all known as healers to their town and were always a part of the established holistic tradition of medicine in a northern province of that colony.


Camille's mother was indeed a healer and herbalist of great note in their small, rather poor town in the northern province of Sagittaron. She trained from her mother, and her mother before that. The practices of herbal medicine, the healing of the Gods, and traditional beliefs were strongly handed down through the female line of Camille's family. Her father, however, was a fleet surgeon for many years. He met Moira Locke on a military expedition during some of the rougher early scuffles on the surface of Sagittaron. He said she was the first person to teach him anything about medicine in almost a decade and they soon fell in love. The relationship produced Camille before their differing beliefs on medicine and religion ended up tearing them apart. He returned to traveling service in the fleet and Camille was raised by her mother and grandmother for the rest of her early teenage years. Her mother passed when she was 16, leaving the mantle of healer to Camille until she turned 18.


At the age of 18, it seems Camille decided to follow in her father's footsteps after all. She left Sagittaron under slightly tense circumstances and enrolled in the Fleet Academy. Pledging herself to loans and several years of service, she studied pre-medical, intending on following in her father's footsteps. She struggled in her first few years, her paradigm shift from holistic medicine to modern practices difficult for the highly religious woman, but eventually she found a track which she enjoyed and in which she excelled — surgery. She graduated middle of her pre-medical class and went onto medical school on the fleet's bill.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Medical school served Camille far better, especially with her concentration in surgery, and she rose to the top ranks of her class. By the time she graduated, she had her pick of internships. She decided to go back home and serve the troops in the skirmishes on Sagittaron. Apparently, she was still homesick, or longed to be somewhere she could practice both herbal, traditional medicine and her modern training. On Sagittaron, she met a Marine by the name of Ajax Crydel. He'd lost an eye in the battles and she took over his case. She helped treat his pain using some of her Sagittaron trained techniques, and they found a common basis between religion and philosophy. They ended up dating for several months, but he went to seminary and she decided to serve in the stars, soon transferring off planet to a battlestar. She's now been giving the fleet nearly ten years of service, and has recently been transferred to the Kharon.

Distinguishing Features

Freckles, flaming red hair, ice blue eyes. She rarely wears something low cut, but occasionally a scar shows peeking out overtop of her collar. It seems to run down her sternum, but is hidden otherwise.


Camille has asked to keep a small hydroponics bay in the corner of a storage bay on Kharon. It's not much more than a few planters and a UV light, but she tends to it often.

She still practices the herbal medicine of Sagittaron, and while she administers modern medicine to all patients who need and wish it, it's said she's been known to refuse modern drugs herself.

A silver, braided circlet of a bracelet always rests around Camille's left wrist. To those who know the Sagittaron community, it is called a Soma bracelet, and is supposed to promote good health. They are often passed down through families, and Camille's is showing lots of tarnish.


Surgery with a specialty in cardiology. Herbalism, chemistry, singing, biology.

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"The Gods may have willed that you put those artificial, manufactured chemicals into your body. They may have even willed that those chemicals will save your life. But I walk a different path and I care not to pollute myself into well-being."


  • The Lords of Kobol
  • Her Soma bracelet
  • Mystery novels
  • Gardening
  • Singing


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