Colin Firth
Colin Firth as Ibrahim Cahen
Name: Ibrahim Cahen
Alias: Doctor
Age: 35
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair & Hazel eyes
Faction: Resistance
Position: Surgeon
Colony: Tauron
Play Times: Evenings PST, per usual
Timezone: US Arizona (no DST, PST-summer, MST-fall)

Biographical Info


Doctor Ibrahim Cahen is surgeon hailing originally from the Tauron city of Hypirem. His work brought him to Scorpia, where he was one of the fortunate few humans to survive the Cylon attacks on the Twelve Colonies. Since the bombs fell he has, miraculously, managed to survive – and continuing to survive is his only real plan for the moment.


Cahen was raised by a staunchly middle-class Tauron couple. His father was an accountant, his mother a some-time musical composer. He was their only child. During his surgical residency he met and married a dentist, Virgon native Naomi Kentrell. They had one daughter together (Hanna, eight years old as of Warday) but the marriage itself deteriorated and they divorced less than five years into it. All of his family was on Tauron at the time of the holocaust, and are now presumably dead.


A product of Tauron’s highly respectable public education system. After high school he attended one of his home colony’s larger universities, where he completed his pre-med class work, then went onto the university’s medical school.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Cahen has never served in the military.
  • Following graduation he entered a residency program run through the Colonial government that encouraged young doctors to work on "under-served" colonies, in exchange for partial debt forgiveness on their student loans. Cahen spent his internship and residency at a public hospital on Gemenon, where he did his first tour as a surgeon doing trauma work in the ER.
  • After completing that program he returned to Tauron, where he entered the less dramatic, albeit demanding and often emotionally trying, specialty of surgical oncology. His work was generally top-notch and he made a good reputation for himself in his field.
  • Through an old friend he was put into contact with a biomedical firm on Scorpia that, in addition to various other endeavors, was embarking on testing of new strains of doloxan therapy designed to make aggressive tumors more operable. His marriage had imploded by this time, so he was looking for an excuse to take a breather from Tauron. He was working on the clinical trials at a hospital in Paros on Scorpia when the Cylons attacked.

Distinguishing Features

  • Skilled hands
  • Stoic demeanor and often sardonic sense of humor
  • Surprisingly decent bedside manner with his patients, given the above
  • Lack of out-of-doors smarts (a lifelong urbanite, he is)


  • His given name, Ibrahim, is traditional Gemenese, an oddity against the staunchly Tauron surname (as well as the staunchly Tauron rest of him)


  • Cutting on people – in a purely medical context

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