Bucking Up & Bedpans
Bucking up and Bedpans
Summary: Major Pike spends some time with Steele and Castaine
Date: May 14
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Pike makes her way into the recovery ward, frowning at the paperwork on her clipboard, then meets eyes with Mia. "Not the place I thought I'd next see you, Sergeant," she says softly.

Steele wakes slowly at the sound of a new voice in the room. He parts his eyelids slowly, groaning while turning to his bad side to see better. "Good to see ya, Doc. Alwasy better to have the expert around."

Castaine has been using her shield of cotton (aka sheet) for a few days to keep the bad news at bay but now that the doc is here, the time is gone. With a small sigh, the medic nods. "Isn't where I wanted to end up, sir" she tells the Major.

Pike says to Steele, "Glad to be around, Gunny. How're you mending?" She glances briefly to Mia, as if to ask for a moment's pardon.

Castaine pulls her shield up to her chin, leaving only a mop of red hair and hazel eyes peeking out.

"Grumpy, grouchy and anxious to get back to work, Doc. Supposed to be another week in here? I ain't made for sittin' around doin' frak all." The Sheriff sighs, already running himself out of steam and falling to his side, to lay on his back again. "Anyway, when you get a chance. No rush. Ain't goin' anywhere."

Pike nods sagely to Steele, then turns back to Mia, grabbing a stool and pulling up a seat at her bedside. "From the look of things, it sounds like you're expecting the worst. It could be far worse than it is, Mia."

"I read the write up, Doc," Mia begins, the sadness in her voice transmitting through clearly. ".. lost my spleen. That means I can't hold my readiness status. That means I can't do missions. That means the Marines won't keep me." She pauses there to lick her lips nervously. "I've been trying to see the bright side of things, Doc and all I can say is that I'm glad the ship is ok and the crew is ok and we're not floating dead.. I'm grateful for all of that, truly." Now she sighs, "but the selfish part of me is screamin' 'now what, marine?' and .. I don't have an answer." Yup, she's had a few days laying here to go through this all in her head.

Pike nods once. "Well, that sums up much of what I had to say, except for one thing. However I have to swing it by the brass, I'd be happy to have you here in sickbay fulltime. We barely held it together after that last row with the Cylons, Mia, and quite frankly, I could use the help."

Castaine perks up a bit, "Really? Wow, thanks.." she asks as if she doesn't believe her ears. "Spider said he was going to talk to you about that and .. Oh.. Um.. I mentioned to him that Ensign Morales was flying that day when she'd been grounded and um.. well.. she was brought in today. She /says/ her pain meds didn't mix with the booze she was drinking but I don't think that's the whole story. Anyway, I think he wants to talk to you about all that." She shrugs then, lowering that shield some. "How long am I going to be stuck in this bed?"

Pike sighs. "Well, that's the bad news… you're looking at a little over a week till you're well enough to get off bedrest. You shouldn't have any complications, apart from the obvious. And thanks for the heads-up on Morales." A frown creases her features. "Some people apparently need to learn to wait till I can tell them they can leave."

Castaine wrinkles up her nose at hearing the Doc's words. "Got any medical texts I can read?" she asks hopefully.. something she can do to widdle away the time would help her out. Slowly and carefully she rolls to her back and sits upright, the shield falling to her lap.

"If we're done with career rehabilitation over there, I think my bed pan needs to be changed out. I'm chafin' something fierce." Steele hides a grin while looking over at the other bed where Pike is talking to Castaine.

Pike smiles and nods. "I'll wheel the lot of what we have in the library. Should be good for your stay here…" She then hears Steele then grins to Mia. "And now for the not so glamorous bits of the job." She rises and lifts Steele's bed sheet to get a good look. "Ohhhh yes. Needle's definitely on 'F.' Gods, who wrote your diet? Oh yeah, me." She changes Steele's bedpan for an empty one, the odor a bit more noticeable in the room. "Well, if you'll both excuse me, I've a date with a biohazard bin," she says to them both with a smile.

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