Summary: Leda speaks with Marek regarding his recent actions and gets a new callsign.
Date: IC Date (OOC Date)
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Kai is seated at one of the free weight benches, with a bottle of water and his duffle bag ditched nearby. He's in his fatigue trousers, combat boots and a N A V Y tshirt; the latter's dappled with sweat, and he's currently rolling his shoulders out between sets.

Leda makes his way into the gym, he is up late and he can't sleep, so the workout might be good for him. He moves in as quietly as he can and given the door to the room and the loud sound that it makes that would mean he is as obvious as an elephant walking down the street in Caprica City. He moves to a corner not making eye contact with anyone or anything as he begins to wrap his hands as it would appear that he is planning on beating the heavy bag.

Kai looks up briefly as the hatch bangs shut, and spots Castor trying to creep through. A blind man wouldn't miss that. "Lieutenant," he greets somewhat curtly. There's a little more weight behind the word, than a simple 'hello'.

Leda looks over at Kai and he winces slightly, SHIT, this is not good, abort. abort, abort, wait no ejection seat…frak…all right Leda pull it together, "Sir." Leda says responding to the greeting. He continues to tape his hands as he says, "I need to speak with you, sir." He then says knowing full well that Kai knows what he is about to say. Leda for his part sounds sorry but then again the man has been hiding from people for the past few days because beyond CAP and other duty specific tasks he has been hiding as much as he can manage on a boat like this.

Kai is clearly just finishing off his workout, as evidenced by the slight flush to his skin, elevated breathing, and the sweat he has to swipe off his upper lip with the back of his hand. "Sure as shit, you do," he murmurs, reaching for his bag and pushing to his feet slowly. The knee's been getting worse rather than better, and it causes him to wince ever so slightly as he moves. "So talk."

Leda says, "Sir, while my actions were not appropriate I did them out of love for the wing and for a fellow pilot. I felt that Lance Corporal Ajtai calling out Black for a fight over the Lance Corporal's sister was a bridge to far and it would lead to deadly consequences for Black. So, the first moment I had to discuss this with Ajtai I took it. In hindsight that was not an appropriate action either, sir." He takes a breath, "Captain Legacy found me and pulled me in for a long discussion and after listening to her sage council I have now come to the understanding that I should let people frak up spectacularly because Lieutenants aren't to act as a hall monitor they are to kill the enemy, sir." His tone has a bit of sorrow but this puppydogs tail isn't between his legs, that happened with Legacy, for now he is trying to admit what he did and suffer the consequences for it. "Sir, if you need me to I can resign my post and go on a support mission to do laundry for the wing."

Kai is on his feet, and begins ambling closer to the taller Lieutenant as he tells his story. His thumb remains hooked under the strap of his bag, and his booted feet come to a halt some short distance away. "Leda, at this point, I frankly don't give a frak. You made an ass of yourself, and you made an ass of me. You're going to apologise to the Lance Corporal in the presence of myself and his commanding officer. And your callsign is hereby revoked. If Black hadn't already earned himself 'dumb as shit', I'd sure as frak give it to you, Leda. But I think 'Bubbles' will do for now." He'll let the pilot puzzle that one out on his own.

Leda looks at Kai for a moment and he begins to think that 'Bubbles' that is worse than 'Scout' but Leda doesn't turn from it since he earned it and he will own up to his mistakes. He looks at Kai for a moment and he opens his mouth and then promptly closes it since there is nothing that he can say at this moment that would help him. He then says, "Sir, yes, sir." He then says, "Do you want me to put this meeting together, sir?"

Kai gazes right back at Castor when he opens his mouth to say something. Daring him, maybe? When he doesn't, the CAG nods a fraction. "I do." He pauses a moment, and releases a heavy breath. "Your heart's in the right place, Castor. But your head's up your ass, and I don't know how many ways I can beat that into your thick skull without taking you off the flight line. And I need you there." He starts to back off, raking his fingers through his sweaty hair. "Figure it out. All right?"

Castor looks back at Kai and he simply says, "I will, sir." Wait, wha, no verbage trying to explain himself, no big answer, something smal and simple. He then waits for further orders because he isn't going to speak right about now and probably not for a wee bit yet since anything he can say will just incriminate him.

The Captain doesn't seem to have anything further to say. He looks incredibly weary; it isn't even particularly well hidden today. The lines creasing his forehead and at the corners of his eyes add years to his already middle-aged self. "Enjoy your workout then, Leda," he murmurs, saluting briefly before turning and trudging off for the hatch.

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